New double album by Pankow: 'And Shun The Cure They Most Desire'

Posted on 01/02/13

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New double album by Pankow: 'And Shun The Cure They Most Desire'

Out on March 1st is the brand new (double) album by Pankow: "And Shun The Cure They Most Desire". The first edition will be a limited digipak one. The album will be their first all new album in 6 years.

The new album sees them reunited with original vocalist and Alex Spalck who lends his voice to 3 songs (next to new singer Bram Declercq, ex-NTRSN) and wrote most of the lyrics. Also back on board is Paolo Favati, active in the band from 1986-1996.

As a special bonus "And Shun The Cure They Most Desire" contains the bonus disc "+", a collection of completely new and exclusive remixes from bands like Rabia Sorda, Tying Tiffany, and many more, as well as re-and deconstructions of classic songs by the band. CD1 further features a video clip for the album track "Dirty Old Men" from director / video artist Isabella Panero.


    Tracks CD1:
  1. Great Minds Against Themselves Conspire
  2. Dirty Old Men
  3. Logophobia
  4. Crash and Burn
  5. Mortality
  6. Escape from Beige Land < MMXII >
  7. Regenerated Degenerated
  8. Radikal
  9. Kein Entkommen
  10. Don't Follow
  11. No More Sleep
  12. Suffocate
  13. Mortality (Paolo Favati remix)
    + Video ‘Dirty Old Men’
    Tracks Bonus Disc “+”:
  1. Das Wodkachaos *
  2. Deny Everything *
  3. Sickness Taking Over (Rabia Sorda Remix)
  4. Crash and Burn (Paolo Favati Remix)
  5. Me And My Ding Dong (Tying Tiffany Remix)
  6. Suffocate (Ambassador 21 Remix)
  7. Das Wodkachaos (Schwefelgelb Remix)
  8. Sickness Taking Over (Paolo Favati Remix)
  9. No More Sleep (Ritualz Remix)
  10. Extreme *
  11. Gimme More < Much More > *
  12. A Wine Called Anarchy *
  13. Sickness Taking Over *
  14. Don't *
  15. Me And My Ding Dong *
  16. Das Wodkachaos (Binary Park Remix)
    * = new 2012 re-recordings by fm with singer Bram Declerq


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