80sObscurities present: Endgames - 'Waiting For Another Chance'

Posted on 21/01/13

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80sObscurities present: Endgames - 'Waiting For Another Chance'

This 80sObscurities was founded by DJ Rexx Arkana to showcase old, often unknown or forgotten acts and tracks from the decade when electronic music was truly the new wave. Rexx Arkana has been a club/radio DJ and promoter since the mid-80s and headlined festivals on several continents and currently holds a residency at DEFCON, NYC's current longest-running weekly scene party. He is also the founder and lyricist of Brudershaft and one half of harsh electro act FGFC820.

Since I'll be heading there myself in a couple of months, for today's 80sObscurities selection, we transport ourselves to Scotland to look back on synth pop showmen Endgames and their hit "Waiting for Another Chance."

The band was formed by bassist David Rudden (ex-Berlin Blondes) in 1980 and featured contributing members David Murdoch, Douglas Muirden and Paul Wishart (a former touring member of Simple Minds). Their early singles ("We Feel Good" and "First, Last, For Everything") brought the band some success on dance floors in Europe and North America and led to the release of their debut album, "Building Beauty," produced by Colin Campsie and George McFalane of The Quick. The record contained the group's most popular tracks, today's "Waiting…" (a Top 25 hit in Germany) and its follow up, "Love Cares". Rudden and crew embarked on several subsequent European tours, opening for such artists as Howard Jones, Eurythmics and Depeche Mode. A second album, 1985's "Natural", would mark the end of this act, but they would carry on in a sample of their song "Ecstasy" used by rap artist Heavy D in his 1994 hit "Nuttin' But Love."

While the pairing of Scottish soul pop and street rhythms from the Bronx might seem unexpected, in fact Rudden has subsequently gone on to become well
respected in the hip-hop community under his new moniker "G42" and remains today an in-demand remixer in the house music scene.

If you've got a favorite musical memory from the 80s that you'd like to share, email Rexx your requests at rexxarkana@gmail.com . Rexx Arkana's 80sObscurities previous playlists are also available on Facebook and YouTube.

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