80sObscurities presents: Indochine - L'Aventurier

Posted on 09/01/13

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80sObscurities presents: Indochine - L'Aventurier

This 80sObscurities was founded by DJ Rexx Arkana to showcase old, often unknown or forgotten acts and tracks from the decade when electronic music was truly the new wave. Rexx Arkana has been a club/radio DJ and promoter since the mid-80s and headlined festivals on several continents and currently holds a residency at DEFCON, NYC's current longest-running weekly scene party. He is also the founder and lyricist of Brudershaft and one half of harsh electro act FGFC820.

Today’s 80sObscurities selection is another request from one of our Side-Line listeners, Frenchman Pierre-Francois Yernaux, that ties in very nicely with the point I was making yesterday about the concept of obscurity – the very thing upon which this whole endeavor of mine is based.

Pierre wanted to hear a little Indochine, a Parisian new wave band that, according to him, is: “so famous in France that everybody knows their first song ("L'aventurier", today’s pick) by heart…and even 30 years later you’ll find 50,000 fans in a stadium singing that tune with tears in their eyes.” Ironically, this band had just come up in a discussion the other day with Melissa-Ann over the same point of how “obscurity” is relative to one’s personal experiences and the period, country and culture in which he was raised.

Indochine, formed in 1981 by Nicola Sirkis and Dominique Nicolas, has nearly twenty full-length albums to their credit and have sold in excess of *ten million* records, making them the best-selling French band of *all time.* Not very underground, by anyone’s definition. So, I decided to take a quick, informal poll. I asked about two dozen people I know from many different countries – most of whom are involved somehow in our music scene as DJs, artists or journalists – if they were familiar with the band. Only four (less than 20%) responded in the affirmative. I’m pretty sure one of them Googled it and one of the others was Canadian, which is, like, half-French, so their vote doesn’t count. This just reaffirms my thesis and inspires me further to keep digging for these daily musical ditties for you all. Oh, and speaking of “obscure” French acts, I’m excited to say that 80sObscurities will soon be interviewing and profiling Eric Fettweis from Partenaire Particulier, so stay tuned for that – and a couple of other cool interviews with forgotten acts – in the coming weeks. Enjoy…and thanks again to Pierre for his request and taking us on today’s adventure.

Note from the Side-Line staff: We were literally raised with Indochine on Club Dorothée in Belgium (even in Flanders), Luxembourg, France and Monaco. And we are pretty sure Gareth Jones knows them as well :). Watch his Twitter account in the next minutes.

Download 'Matrix Downloaded 02'

If you've got a favorite musical memory from the 80s that you'd like to share, email Rexx your requests at rexxarkana@gmail.com . Rexx Arkana's 80sObscurities previous playlists are also available on Facebook and YouTube.

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