Babylonia returns with new album 'Tales Of Loving Hearts', 1 year after death member

Posted on 03/12/12

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Babylonia returns with new album 'Tales Of Loving Hearts', 1 year after death member

On 29 June 2011, Babylonia's Robbie Rox passed away. He was widely respected and one of the best electropop songwriters to come from Italy. His death left a deep impact on his musical partner Max Giunta who since then started writing songs as a way for me to keep his spirits up and be closer to him. The result is "Tales Of Loving Hearts".

Babylonia returns with new album 'Tales Of Loving Hearts', 1 year after death member

Musically the album is quite varied, from the band's typical electropop to a minimal acoustic style approach consisting of voice, piano and cello. Says Max: "Each song on this album has a special meaning for me and Robbie and I wanted to share these emotions with everyone and at the same time remember the great person and sophisticated artist that Robbie was." The material was mixed by Marco Barusso (Modà, Eros Ramazzotti, Lacuna Coil) and Stefano Mariani (D. Silvestri, PFM, Afterhours).

Robbie being a big animal lover, all proceeds of the album will be donated to the “Cane Amico” dog’s home in Misilmeri, near Palermo. The shelter is run by Anna Maria Cirafici, who has devoted her whole life to animals in difficulty that really need help.

The CD will only be available by contacting the band at the email address

Recommended release! You can read a description of every track after the jump.

"This is a very special song for Babylonia, not only because it’s our first one in Italian, but also because the great Italian singer Alice kindly agreed to appear on it. This heartrending ballad was a previously unreleased track on The Ethereal Collection, the limited edition vinyl compilation of all our singles that was released at the end of 2011, as a tribute to Robbie. The version here features a piano and cello to bring out the track’s poetry and beauty."

"In 2008 a French radio station asked us to take part in a tribute to Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark and cover one of their tracks. Robbie was a big fan of the British band and suggested I work on this song: we immediately realised it was very reminiscent of our own musical style. It’s a soft, moody track that reminds me of a beautiful Spring dawn. The version on this special new album was mixed by Marco Barusso, who added an extraordinary fresh touch to the track."

"In the summer of 1996 Robbie and I were in Spain, and as usual we were looking for new music to inspire us. A record store owner recommended OBK to us, an electropop band that was famous in Spain who we were then lucky enough to meet when we opened for them in Madrid in 2011. I fell in love with Dias De Lluvia straightaway and knew that sooner or later we’d do our own version of it. The lyrics have quite a bitter feel to them and they took on a very special meaning for me."

"This song is a genuine experiment. We recorded it very quickly and naturally, just letting our creativity flow freely, and this made it a totally unique piece for us, as we are generally quite slow and spend quite a few hours getting an individual sound just right. The structure of the track is unusual too: in the first half Robbie reads some verses in French written in one go just before recording, and in the second half the track’s electronic soul takes over with a robotic bass sound and quite an elaborate rhythm."

"This track has an extraordinary melody and is quite something emotionally too. I remember that Robbie was struck by this track when someone performed it on a famous talent show on TV a few years ago. Our acoustic version is quite different from the original that Rita Pavone did way back in 1966, especially given the slightly decadent use of just piano and cello that makes the track subtly melancholic."

BEAUTIFUL LOSERS (xmas acustic)
"We have always been particularly fond of this track and over time it has become a real anthem for our fans. I think that perhaps it has become Babylonia’s calling card. The original version appeared on the 2010 album Motel La Solitude. Here it comes in a gentle, previously unreleased acoustic version on CD that we used in a Christmas video that features lots of our fans."

"This track is a kind of electro “divertissement” that originally appeared as a B-side on our debut single “Without Asking me”. The mood and the title itself pay a personal tribute to the Camargue, a place that Robbie and I have always been particularly fond of and that reminds me of precious moments that will forever have a place in my heart."

"I recently rediscovered this wonderful track by Giuni Russo when I met Maria Antonietta Sisini, a person who was always close to Giuni. I already knew the track, but listening to it with Maria Antonietta was really special and put me in touch with the unique spirit of Giuni Russo, who was also one of Robbie’s favourite artists. The lyrics of this song are a poetic and tender declaration of love that goes beyond time, space and form."

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