Cazzette first band to launch career exclusively on Spotify - interview

Posted on 09/11/12

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Cazzette first band to launch career exclusively on Spotify - interview

While some indie labels (and bands) are still sorting out if they will or not not have their content injected in Spotify, others are already thinking far ahead. The Swedish EDM duo Cazzette (Sebastian Furrer & Alexander Björklund) is one of those bands that is seizing the opportunity with both hands. The band will be the first ever to launch their career exclusively on Spotify, utilizing the service's social discovery features and tools to supercharge their career. On November 13th they will drop the first of 3 content sets, led by "Eject."'s debut single and video, "Beam Me Up" which you can see after the jump.

The content sets will be promoted with a robust, cross-platform marketing campaign across Spotify's owned and operated properties, 3rd party media and Spotify's and the artist's social channels. Additional sets will be released in December and first quarter 2013.

To support the album, Cazzette will kick off a series of live shows in the US on November 9th at Finale in New York followed by performances in Boston, Chicago, Las Vegas and other markets.

Note that Cazzette is currently not signed to a major record label and is managed by Ash Pournouri from At Night Management, who was responsible for the meteoric rise of that other EDM act Avicii. Formed in the summer of 2011, Cazzette took the dance world by storm with official remixes of Avicii's "Sweet Dreams" and Swedish House Mafia's "Save the World" plus Adele's "Set Fire to the Rain". EDM luminaries like David Guetta, Tiësto, Thomas Gold and Martin Solveig have lined up to give their support to the dub house duo.

Side-Line had a talk with both band members and also with Will Hope, Spotify's Director of Label Relations.

SL: Whose idea was it to launch the band via Spotify?
Alexander: It was the idea of our management (At Night Management). We wanted to try out some new stuff, and wanted to be part of something that hadn't been done before.

SL: There will be an exclusive Cazzette app as well inside Spotify, what's the idea there?
Alexander: Our own app will be connected to Twitter and Facebook and will contain lots of extra material like artwork. We might also add extra content in there such as live sets. Today we leave for New York for a couple of live sets and we are going to play most of our new songs. Some live shows might be recorded to release later. All in all it's more convenient using Spotify for this than putting it out on iTunes. Here we can stay active and can add tracks all the time. It's so convenient to be on there, you can create your own playlists and share, get inspiration, … We have a certain amount of tracks done, so we never know what we will end up with. We can grow with the album.

SL: In the past you also did a Beatport exclusive compilation…
Alexander: That compilation was indeed just for Beatport. But the plan now is to be a Spotify exclusive worldwide. And being the first, we will raise enough attention as well. The whole concept is unique and so different compared to what other artists do. You have to try out stuff like this. You have to be unique in order to stand out. Spotify is the future and they believe in us.

SL: Is their a target you put forward?
Alexander: The only target we set ourselves has been to keep the whole project flowing and ongoing and keep the attention for it.

SL: Sebastian, do you still buy records or have you too switched completely to streaming?
Sebastian: I still buy records, but usually we get these for free since we DJ. But otherwise we usually buy the tracks at iTunes and Beatport. Spotify to me is more about the discovery with the difference than you can add it to your track list once you discovered it and enjoy it instantly.

SL: A lot of indie labels and bands still fear this streaming model.
Sebastian: I understand their fear but I don't see it like that. They don't think they will earn money on it, but today people consume music differently. People don't buy music anymore, they download it illegally. Especially where I come from, Sweden, things have shifted. Spotify earns you money and promotes your music in an efficient way. Also, I prefer Spotify to other tools because it's a social network first of all.

SL: So what does it take to make it on Spotify according to you then?
Sebastian: I don't think that you need a major label. A smaller label can get your music out there as well. In the end it's about good music or not. Mainstream labels release like 99% shit. The pop songs are not good anymore.

SL: Will, what do I have to understand under a 'cross-platform marketing campaign across Spotify's owned and operated properties' ? Banners? Or also a push from the Spotify editorial staff ?
Will: We basically collaborated with the band, using all the functionalities that Spotify offers. The social functionality allows them to communicate and get their content spread more. They can easily drop in new tracks in their playlists and via the special app they can create a forum to communicate even further. The album is presented in an innovating way, it's the first time we actually launched an artist. It will be a really interesting endeavor and we will everything to grow them an audience inside Spotify. I know, we also offer the possibility to buy banner space, but the marketing tools we offer at Spotify go beyond just the banners, we also offer a distribution vehicle for websites that can add our play buttons for instance.

SL: Talking about social networks, Facebook has recently been in a storm regarding the drop in engagement and reach from pages. Does Spotify feel anything?
Will: No, Facebook is an important partner of for us and engagement is as high as ever.

SL: The band has an app ready to launch. Now, obviously it will work out since this is a combined effort with Spotify, but is this the way to go for other labels and especially indie labels who more often than not seem to have a very hesitant behavior when it comes to Spotify. Why should a label start with an app?
Will: The apps make the service better and make people use the service even more. Labels are curators in their own right. Look at the UK based label Domino. They have an editorial influence on their followers. We won't start a own white label app, no. Instead we opened it up to 3rd party developers to create the best possible added value.

SL: Spotify is available in a lot of markets, but so far Russia has been a no-go zone. Are there plans to launch in that huge market as well?
Will: I can't announce you any specific plans on new markets, but know that it is our intention to be available worldwide. In every country that is.

SL: Any tips you can give to labels in order to get their presence increased on Spotify?
Will: Well, they have to pay attention to their existing fan base, and get them involved as much as possible. They also should add content own or other via playlists and build an audience inside Spotify.

Here's some of the remix work Cazzette did:

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