Psy'Aviah launch urban sharing project in Antwerp - parcels spread allover town

Posted on 12/05/12

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Psy'Aviah launch urban sharing project in Antwerp - parcels spread allover town
Experimenting and Psy'Aviah, it's quite a natural symbiosis so it seems (even if it results in having their video banned on YouTube). The band has just launched a project, "Urban Sharing" they call it. So what is it all about? The belgian electro act has spread tens of parcels allover the Belgian city of Antwerp (over 500.000 inhabitants) which have a very cryptic message on them and which include a CD plus a thank you note.

The idea behind this 'urban sharing' project is simple: wake up people from their daily routine and thank those who take the risk to open the parcels.

Says Yves Schelpe from Psy'Aviah: "Life is over in no time, and things can quickly turn into a colorless routine. With this project we want people to realize this. Another motivation was an episode of illusionist Derren Brown. He tested if people who felt happy actually also had more happiness in their life. It seemed that those people actually seized more opportunities to become happy and also see the potential around them."

Psy'Aviah is currently completing this guerrilla project in Antwerp but will possibly extend it to other Flemish cities, so keep an eye open if you live in Flanders ! Here is a video which explains the project.

Psy'Aviah launch urban sharing project in Antwerp - parcels spread allover town

Psy'Aviah launch urban sharing project in Antwerp - parcels spread allover town

Psy'Aviah launch urban sharing project in Antwerp - parcels spread allover town

The band recently released the DJ EP "Ok/Virtual Gods" on iTunes (direct link) and Beatport with tracks taken from their 4th studio album "Introspection / Extrospection" remixed by M.I.K.E. (PUSH, PLASTIC BOY), JAN VERVLOET (FIOCCO, SCOOP), MASAMUNE, NUDE, RADICAL G, METROLAND, GHOST & WRITER etc.

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