Portion Control to release 'Pure Form' CD next week - listen to the preview

Posted on 12/04/12

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Portion Control to release 'Pure Form' CD next week - listen to the preview
Out via Other Sounds on April 18th is the brand new album "Pure Form" from the UK hard electronic outfit Portion Control. The album holds 14 tracks which you can all preview right here or after the jump.


  1. Blows
  2. Deadstar
  3. Terex Pure
  4. Point Blank
  5. Skins
  6. Wreckage
  7. Chosen Seed
  8. Slow Release
  9. Something Fierce
  10. Katsu
  11. In Dark Places
  12. Last of the Breed
  13. Elite
  14. Chrono Form

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