Nine Inch Nails release brand new song 'Discipline' as free download

Posted on 24/04/08

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Nine Inch Nails release brand new song 'Discipline' as free download
Nine Inch Nails definitely seems to be the only major band which is succeeding in and understanding how to use the Internet at its full strength. After the very mediatized release of the "Ghosts I - IV" in various formats including a full free high quality download of the first 9 album tracks, the band released the brand new song "Discipline" as a free download on April 22nd. To get hold of the song, go right here. Next to this free download, the band also offers multi track files for the new single. More info at .

The action is, again, a clear statement towards bands such as Radiohead (and some readers will as usual have problems accepting this *sigh*) who are 'using' the net but without really exploiting or understanding all of its possibilities. Let's remind you all that Radiohead charged its fans to get hold of the remix kit of their "Nude" single.

In other news, the band is considering a real-time live web cast of Trent Reznor signing 2,500 copies of the just-arrived, super-ultra-mega-deluxe "Ghost" edition all day Thursday, April 24th. More news will be coming your way in the next days, May 5 to be precise, including extra tour info and something which Reznor describes as "some other info about something else, too".

In the meantime, enjoy one of the many fan submitted videos for "Ghost" below.

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Posted by: yarsrevenge on Apr 27, 08 | 1:00 am

NIN have such a massive following that they are able to do something like this & be successful. In the near future, what other big bands will follow NIN & Radiohead? Anyone know Depeche Mode's record label status with Mute & Reprise? Could they be the next band?

Posted by: mimic on Apr 26, 08 | 4:52 pm

while i do see that NIN did say something negative about radiohead before and are doing the whole net release thing a lot better than radiohead were, i think it's a bit OTT to assume that every release by NIN is an attack on another band.

Posted by: BABYLAND on Apr 25, 08 | 12:29 am

Still, releasing you product for free is a personal decision made by the artist. It is not even remotely safe to assume that a creative/business decision by one artist is a pointed attack on another artist.

If NIN releasing this single for free online was indeed a reaction towards Radiohead and their business model, let's let NIN state that before it is implied by you and your staff in your 'news' section; Don't editorialize your news.

And remember, Radiohead's model is working quite well, both financially and promotionally:

Posted by: IH8ToRegister on Apr 25, 08 | 12:15 am

PS - Until Side-Line/Alfa Matrix starts using the 'net' as a tool for their music, you should just drink a large glass of STFU.

Posted by: IH8ToRegister on Apr 25, 08 | 12:15 am

PS - I am not a fan of Radiohead, but they did beat NIN to the punch..... They released their album for free first. If anything Radiohead's model was a revolution to Trent.

Posted by: IH8ToRegister on Apr 25, 08 | 12:03 am

LOL. Too bad NIN didn't call the single "Radiohead is the Suxzor LOLZ", if that happened Bernard would have had an embolism.

Posted by: Side-Line on Apr 24, 08 | 9:59 pm

Radiohead releases a single and a remix kit and people have to pay for both versus
NIN releases a single and a remixkit for free ... if you fail to see the message... especially after Trent's criticism towards Radiohead.

Posted by: BABYLAND on Apr 24, 08 | 8:07 pm

"...The action is, again, a clear statement towards bands such as Radiohead (and some readers will as usual have problems accepting this *sigh*)..."

Really? NIN releasing a single online is a statement towards Radiohead?!


Posted by: Side-Line on Apr 24, 08 | 7:03 pm

Just as a reminder, it's Radiohead who said they would revolutionize how we perceived music and its distribution. But so far they have been a letdown compared to NIN both regarding audio quality and distribuion models...

Posted by: IH8ToRegister on Apr 24, 08 | 6:57 pm

I don't understand what Side-Line expects from Radiohead. Radiohead releases music for free: it's a failure. NIN releases music for free: it's a success.

Side-Line, please move your editorials to your BLOG section - because it's getting lame.

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