Side-Line stops with printed magazine

Posted on 11/01/08

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Side-Line stops with printed magazine
Only one headline today. Victim of a viral cardiac attack in December 2007, Seba Dolimont, publisher of the cult Belgian-based indie music magazine Side-Line, has officially announced that he is stopping publishing the magazine with immediate effect. Since 1989 already, the English-written quarterly magazine Side-Line has released some 60 issues, and has also established itself as the leading information website (and forum community) for underground music on .

The end of the printed magazine however does NOT mean the end of the website at (online since 1999) at all. The site is going strong and daily welcomes thousands of visitors who are looking for information on the dark scene. So promos can still be sent to our NEW headquarters address (see below), they will be reviewed as usual on .

In a reaction Dolimont says:

    "My body has sent me a sign, I can no longer remain a 'super-busy bee' for years any more. So I am forced to make choices in my activities for my health's sake. Music is my sole 'mega' passion, no doubt, but I also have a very demanding full time job with huge responsibilities, a family life with two young sons and I am running a record label next to it all. (...)"

The magazine will not be sold so Dolimont stresses:
    "I consider Side-Line as a baby, and selling it to some stranger or leaving it in other hands is not an option for me. So after a long talk with the 2 chief editors who have been running the mag for the last 7 years, we decided to cancel printing the magazine, and only focus our information duties on and expand its content in the near future."

Chief Editor Bernard Van Isacker further explains the decision:
    "It may sound strange to stop a magazine that has such a reputation as Side-Line on our 'niche' scene, that has a strong subscription fanbase with a minimum steady increase of 3% per quarter for years & years, over 6000 sold units per published issue and that has no financial problems at all. "

    "However I think it is also a way to anticipate our mid-term future: today our dynamic website with daily news and tons of reviews and interviews is already read by at least 20 times more people than the print version. Plus we see the number of people visiting our site going up every day and this will not change in the future, on the contrary. Also, internet offers more flexibility and faster information dispatching."

    "Although I was shocked by the news at first, I think that Seba is right stopping it all on a 'good' note. (...) You know, his health situation also makes that some key-persons from the magazine today will have much more work to do for his Alfa Matrix label tomorrow, making it just impossible for the printed magazine to continue offering the quality work Side-Line is renown for. But be assured that will stay for my part my personal top priority whatever my other activities might be...".

The decision to stop the printed magazine has forced the staff to start earlier than originally planned with the complete relaunch of the site to give bands and labels a maximum visibility. In the next week and months this new approach will be implemented including a re-design and the launch of new advertising methods. "The future looks bright and we wish Seba a speedy recovery, we miss him already", so Van Isacker concludes.

F.A.Q. regarding the end of Side-Line print magazine
  • Will you still release the announced issue #61 in February 2007?
    No! Issue #60, released at the end of 2007 with The Birthday Massacre on the cover is the last issue of Side-Line print magazine.
  • What happens to my subscription money?
    Seba has contacted every active subscriber to tell them how many issues were still due and offer them a compensation for the non received magazines.
  • Will you publish the reviews/interviews planned for 2008 on the website then?
    Yes, the website's lay-out and architecture will be progressively adapted in the next weeks and months and every CD received at Side-Line will continue being reviewed on which is today the most visited website in its genre on our music scene any way. Now that we have no more printed version of the mag, we will try to give more visibility to the CD reviews, etc. on the website and offer more advertisement opportunities to labels via the net.
  • Will you still be publishing new reviews ?
    Yes, continues to publish daily news and will even publish the new reviews much faster than ever before. The same goes for the interviews which will now be posted much quicker as well.
  • Where do I send my promos ?
    All promo material should be sent to: Stephane Froidcoeur, Leuvenselaan 251, 3300 Tienen
  • Can I still purchase the previous magazines ?
    Yes, we will keep the shop online and will ship orders just like we did before.

Feel free leaving a comment below.

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Posted by: Normotone on Jan 13, 08 | 11:04 pm

Je te souhaite de tout coeur un prompt rétablissement, tes décisions sont sages. Et puis,moins actif ne signifie pas moins passionné ! ;-)



Posted by: dj drln nki on Jan 13, 08 | 10:01 pm

Very sad, but a wise decision... take care of yourself and know that those of us in this scene appreciate all that you have done!

Posted by: baza on Jan 13, 08 | 7:59 pm

Best Wishes for a speedy recovery. Congrats on the enormous success of the magazine. It's sad to see it go, but as I truly understand, family and health comes first.


Posted by: Hungry Lucy on Jan 13, 08 | 12:57 pm

We wish Seba a speed recovery and thank Seba, Bernard and Side Line for helping to launch Hungry Lucy. We seriously could not have gotten to this point without you!!

Big Love.

War-N & CB
Hungry Lucy

Posted by: deadivo on Jan 12, 08 | 10:49 pm

Séba merci pour ton activisme dans la scène, prends bien le temps de te remettre. Nous te souhaitons bonne route et plein de passion musicale et beaucoup moins de pression.

Sur le web donc nous irons avec allant.

De la part de toute l'équipe du zine/webzine Trinity le meilleur pour toi et tes proches.


Posted by: tommyt on Jan 12, 08 | 9:17 pm

So sorry to hear about the zine, and even more so about Seba's health.WE appreciate all Side-Line has done for the scene and for us and all the other great musicians out there.DSBP wishes Seba a healthy recovery and all the best for the future.There will never be another Zine nearly as good as Side-Line.cheers guys! well done!

Posted by: ClausLarsen on Jan 11, 08 | 11:37 pm

Dear Side-Line staff

I want to give my warmest thanks, for all the good Side-Line has done for the scene over the years. Artists and readers has always been treated with fairness and respect. Thats maybe one reason that you've been here for so long. We owe you a lot. I am sure you will be just as strong online. Thanks!!!
Health and family comes first. Get well Seba.
Hugs Claus

Posted by: mauri on Jan 11, 08 | 8:57 pm

I hope that you'll get well really soon, Seba.
Meanwhile I'd like to wish the best of luck to the new Side Line's life.
All the best
Maurizio /

Posted by: paulojorge on Jan 11, 08 | 8:31 pm

side-line has been in my life for many years.. i feel sad that this era is over..
but i'm a father as well so i understand that a family comes first.
side-line will alay have a special place in my heart.
good luck in the future!

Posted by: Marc on Jan 11, 08 | 3:25 pm

First and most important: get well, Seba.

That's a hard and painful decision since a lot of sweat and efforts stands behind to run a magazine, and I guess I know what I'm talking about. Side-Line was and is still the No. 1 when it comes to filtrate valuablbe information on the scene. But your health condition with respect to your family requires that you can find some phases of silence to take a deep breathe.

All the best


Posted by: ghostman on Jan 11, 08 | 2:48 pm

wishing you full and speedy recovery, Seba.
Hope you will get back on track soon.

Warm greetings from Israel

Posted by: killthedj on Jan 11, 08 | 2:36 pm

Support from France !

Posted by: luciano aka dj_null on Jan 11, 08 | 1:29 pm

Seba, I wish you all the best!!
Side-Line has been -IMO- the best printed magazine for the scene!

best regards from Argentina

Posted by: Happiest on Jan 11, 08 | 1:20 pm

Put your health first. Nothing is worth losing your health over. I really enjoyed having Side-Line magazine through my mailbox, thanks for giving me that opportunity! The magazine will be sorely missed...

Take care!


Posted by: nvcameron on Jan 11, 08 | 11:48 am

Best wishes Seba & thanks for a great magazine. It will be missed.

Posted by: REV24 on Jan 11, 08 | 10:17 am

Sad news indeed. I´ve learnt to appreciate and admire the work of Seba and the SL team since its very beginning and is with deep regret that i see the early demise of this otherwise fine magazine. Seba, tout le meilleur pour toi... Un grand merci!

Posted by: M_Alex on Jan 11, 08 | 8:59 am

Sad news indeed.
Seba - get back to health soon!

Posted by: maschinetheist on Jan 11, 08 | 8:07 am

Get well man!

Posted by: zauber on Jan 11, 08 | 7:57 am

I wish a quick recovery to Séba.I Understand your decision.
Greetings from france.

Posted by: enigma808 on Jan 11, 08 | 4:13 am


Séba, my thoughts are with you and your family. May you have a very speedy full recovery!

All my best to the great people @ Side-Line! Thank you all.


Posted by: Uberman. The Lion King. on Jan 11, 08 | 3:54 am

Regards to Seba. I hope he recovers and can continue to enjoy what he does.

Posted by: Red Sekta on Jan 11, 08 | 2:44 am

Very sorry to hear about your recent serious health issue Seba, I really hope you make a complete recovery old friend.

Posted by: Schizoid on Jan 11, 08 | 1:18 am

All the best from Canada, us at D-TRASH are wishing you the best and much health!

Posted by: yluko on Jan 11, 08 | 12:38 am

I wish you the best Seba and if anything I am sure the sight will flourish so much more with the extra time put into it. Sides magazines are so 20th century. :)

Posted by: mindphazor on Jan 11, 08 | 12:22 am

Sad news, but your health and family come first......thanks for everything and good luck with all that is going on....

best wishes

Posted by: DarkVince on Jan 10, 08 | 11:37 pm

First of all I wish a very quick recovery to Séba and I completely understand his decision.
Just want to congratulate him for the work done over the years with the Side-Line magazine and also for his personal devotion to the indie industrial scene.
Prends soin de toi Séba!

Posted by: Sigsaly Transmissions on Jan 10, 08 | 10:57 pm

Sad news indeed! Get well Seba!

Posted by: Z303 on Jan 10, 08 | 10:17 pm

Totally understand the decision, hope you have a safe and speedy recovery, Seba.

And good luck with whatever you do next.

Posted by: MaReSQue on Jan 10, 08 | 10:15 pm

Seba, I wish you a 100% recovery...Like everyone said before, this is a sad day.

All the best from Portugal...

Posted by: AirCrashBureau on Jan 10, 08 | 10:08 pm

Hope you will make a speedy recovery Seba. You've made the right decision, even though we all will miss the very well informed printed version of Side-Line. Family and health are much more important then paper.

Posted by: Spectraliquid Records on Jan 10, 08 | 9:53 pm

Fuck, these are awfully bad news.
Get back well soon mate!

Best regards and wishes from Greece.

Posted by: psychopomp on Jan 10, 08 | 9:53 pm

Get well soon Seb!

Posted by: DJ Fabi on Jan 10, 08 | 9:46 pm

I am saddened by this news... I make to Seba my best wishes for a future as healthy as possible ! It's a pity for the magazine but people count more than paper...
Cheers from Italy

Posted by: TheRef101 on Jan 10, 08 | 9:27 pm

My regards to Seba, and best wishes.

Posted by: cyb0burnt on Jan 10, 08 | 9:21 pm

Wishing you the best of health and quick recovery Seba. It is sad to see the printed magazine go, may the power of Side-Line continue on this site forever.

Posted by: necrotek on Jan 10, 08 | 9:14 pm

so sorry to hear about your health troubles, and the demise of the *best* magazine covering the genres of electronic music that i love. side-line has always been the *only* magazine i ever liked in these genres!

best wishes for a full recovery and future health! looking forward to the continuation of and alfa-matrix!

side-line print magazine R.I.P.!

Posted by: davidxxx on Jan 10, 08 | 8:58 pm

Mais stoppe donc Actel et viens travailler au Crédit Foncier... ;-)
Bon rétablissement, Seb

Posted by: ScaryLadySarah on Jan 10, 08 | 8:51 pm

Thank you for all your hard work over the years, Seba and wishing you the best in health and happiness! Cheers to all the Side-Line staff.

Posted by: NastyByte on Jan 10, 08 | 8:30 pm

Above all things, wishing Seba a 100% recovery.

Side-Line Magazine was a beautiful, elegant, insightful publication and I am proud to have been associated with it.

Get well Seba!

Posted by: Endif on Jan 10, 08 | 8:22 pm

Holy shit! Terrible news! =[

Know that Seba is in our thoughts, and that we wish him a full and speedy recovery.

Posted by: galvaoRod on Jan 10, 08 | 8:09 pm

you have made a good decision, in my experience, people that insist going the same road after this kind of warning tend to get serious problems, and i mean serious in a most definitive way.

Posted by: silikonanswer on Jan 10, 08 | 7:45 pm

Seba, a big hug from here. Although I was not suscribed to the magazine now, in the past I was, it was brilliant, probably the best one. I visit everyday the site many times and I will continue for sure. I think you've made the right decision and I am sure we will meet here with other electro-heads in the forum. Take time to recover.

Best wishes

Posted by: Lthrboots on Jan 10, 08 | 7:43 pm

I wish you the very best Seba, and hope your health recovers and you are able to carry on without as much stress. you and your team have given me countless hours of informative reading, and I have been exposed to quite a large number of amazing bands and artists through your magazine. Although I hate to see the printed magazine go, it would be worse to see you please take care of yourself and continue to give us all the best you have to offer through your website. I am a huge fan of the Side-Line, and I will continue to be a fan of your website from here on out. All my best...

Posted by: emperor on Jan 10, 08 | 7:22 pm

I am so sorry and can't believe it. You are a young man in the middle of thirty like me. Hope you're recovering completely and no worries about your decision. Everybody would turn down a gear...

All the best, Dennis

Posted by: quewhy on Jan 10, 08 | 7:12 pm

Wishing you a safe and fast recovery.

I just want to say a huge Thank You, to you and your crew for all their hard work over the years. It was a pleasure working with you and i can only hope things get better and brighter soon:)

Thanks again for everything.
all best -- kim // dj k-y

Posted by: Seraphin on Jan 10, 08 | 7:04 pm

I wish you all the best with your health Seba and loved the magazine. But a family and health definately comes first and you are making a positive decision!

Posted by: that asshole from haujobb... on Jan 10, 08 | 7:01 pm

All the best from germany as well!! And good luck with the Labelwork! D

Posted by: His Holiness, Pope Pathogen XPVIII on Jan 10, 08 | 6:55 pm

wow, I had no idea about the heart attack. Hope his recovery goes well.

Posted by: Caustic... on Jan 10, 08 | 6:48 pm


Good luck with your health, Seba. I'm sure this wasn't an easy decision to make.

Being around for your kids for a long time is much more important than this mag:)

Posted by: Cleaver62 on Jan 10, 08 | 6:30 pm

It is a sad day. Side-Line has been my Industrial Music Bible for many many years. I am disappointed because I carried the magazine with me everywhere and read it when I had some down time. The information, reviews, interviews, everything about it will be impossible to replace. What will every replace your wonderful magazine...

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