L'Ame Immortelle returns to Trisol for 'Namenlos' 2CD

Posted on 03/12/07

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L'Ame Immortelle returns to Trisol for 'Namenlos' 2CD
Out on January 25th is the newest L'Ame Immortelle album "Namenlos". The release comes in a regular edition in double-CD/Jewel-Case with a 20 pages booklet next to a special digibook 2CD-box. With this release the band has come back home to the label where everything began. The new album offers, according to the label, "a mixture of hard but melodic electro sounds with aggressive and distorted male vocals and emotional melodies with Sonja's crystal-clear hymn-like voice." Small detail, "Namenlos" refers to a graveyard in Vienna where unidentified drowned bodies were buried. The second CD holds the following tracks, notice the various cover versions:

  1. Erneuerung
  2. When the sun has ceased to shine
  3. Love is lost (cover version by Anthoni Jones)
  4. When the sun has ceased to shine (cover version by Spiritual Front)
  5. Es tut mir leid (cover version by Steinkind)
  6. Niemals (cover version by Sieben)
  7. Requiem (cover version by Whispers in the Shadow)
  8. Erinnerung (an essay by Thomas Sabottka)
The special limited box holds the following items:
  • Double-CD in digibook in a precious linen-bound box with special black hotfoil debossing
  • 28-pages booklet, semi matte artprint on selected high-quality including all lyrics and illustrations by Oliver Schlemmer
  • Glassine paper cover sheet with L'Ame Immortelle logo
  • Each box includes a unique, individual photo from the production of this album
  • Strictly limited to 2,000 copies world-wide
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