Recoil contest: 10 FREE copies "subHuman" CD to win + interview with Alan Wilder and Joe Richardson !

Posted on 02/07/07

Buy Recoil CDs at Storming The Base (worldwide shipping!)

In collaboration with EMI Belgium, Side-Line gives away 10 copies of "subHuman", the newest album by Recoil, the soloproject of ex-Depeche Mode member Alan Wilder. How can you win one of these? Simple, click the video above and follow the instructions Alan Wilder is giving you! And that's not all, you can now read an extensive and exclusive interview with both Alan Wilder and main guestvocalist Joe Richardson at Side-Line. Don't forget, tonight at 7PM (GMT) you can chat with Alan Wilder and join an exclusive listening session of the complete album at Shunt. In order to be part of this chat session, sign up here. Alan Wilder will be on hand providing video commentary between tracks as well as answering questions about the album. Be there !
imageRecoil - "Prey" 7"
imageRecoil - "subHuman" CD
imageRecoil - "subHuman" Limited Edition CD + DVD
imageRecoil - "subHuman" 2LP Vinyl Version presented in a Gatefold Sleeve

Download 'Matrix Downloaded 02'

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Buy Recoil CDs at Storming The Base (worldwide shipping!)


Posted by: Tanathos on Jul 09, 07 | 12:55 pm

I deserve the free copy because Alan doesn't deserve my money!!! uhuhuhuh!
actually, I'm really really curious....I did like the blues tracks in the past albums and how Alan gives the blues treatment...

Posted by: Ozzy_synth on Jul 06, 07 | 5:37 pm

Why I deserve the free copy?
I do not like blues. Recoil's electre-blues however is fantastic, emotional, evocative, deep, musically interesting and edgy. It touches my heart and mind instantly.

Posted by: Sean on Jul 06, 07 | 4:25 pm

Um, how unedifying. Still, I'm not proud so let the pleading commence:

I deserve to win a copy of this album because I have never sent Alan an email asking him why left Depeche Mode or if would consider going back.

And if I don't win, I may very well start.

Posted by: wolfgang on Jul 06, 07 | 3:20 pm

i just realised i insulted most of alan's fans thus, didnt help myself persuade side-line. haha (laughing at myself), i am so sorry.

you might think i dont deserve the album for my last comment about the fans. well could you please at least send me an ep or single instead or maybe a tapped version or something. haha

when i said "unlike most fans" i meant "some fans" with brown noses. only some

forgive me, my flaw.

sorry fans of recoil.

Posted by: Stef7 on Jul 06, 07 | 3:05 pm

I deserve to win a copy of SubHuman because I hate Fletch as much as you do !!!

Posted by: wolfgang on Jul 06, 07 | 3:04 pm

i think i should win a copy of the album because i am a hardcore alan wilder fan, i have like a shrine devoted to him and i made dolls of him too. dont worry i hate depeche mode, so that makes me a genuine fan. if i dont win i will go insane and will replace the shrine with that of martin l gore.

i'm kidding, i'm kidding.

seriously recoil has inspired me into the music industry, i appreciate that disturbing yet attractive sound created by alan wilder, i have all videos and nearly all the tracks. unlike most fans what drew me to recoil is the atmosphere produced by this projects, the variety of vocals giving each tracks different moods, giving me blissful mood swings. i find each of the vocalists and others who work with alan, equally interesting and it has pushed me to create some similar but DIFFERENT tracks of my own. i listen for the weird uplifting feeling i get, and i eagerly await the new album. its all about the music, and all i can do is thank alan and other involved for producing it. i do like a bit of escapism and this album of alan's is another outlet of a different kind. if idont win, i will just buy it. but i believe i deserve it for inspirational purposes and the succulent bitter sweet honey of emotion curves that i deserve, i admire other artists aswell as alan as i actually like experimental music, music which explores new paths, but this album is extremely attractive and alan is good at what he does and is an explorer. i am a new fan, but you got to start somewhere right? help produce artists as experimental as alan, thus send me a copy...please ;)

Posted by: Treasure on Jul 05, 07 | 10:55 pm

I would deserve a copy of 'subHuman' because I think that only who identifies up music with life learns to know the real works of art.
Records by Alan C. Wilder are works of art.
Thank You, guys...
Yeah! I know the winner...

Posted by: Side-Line on Jul 05, 07 | 9:14 pm

winners will be contacted by Side-Line close to the releasedate of the album.

Posted by: Alpha on Jul 05, 07 | 9:07 pm


when and how will be winners be announced..

Posted by: violator dot it on Jul 04, 07 | 6:18 pm

Uhmm....really hard to find a reason...why me?
I'm a 38, almost 39 years old DM Fan...I've bought EVERY type of vinyl, cd or dvd from Depeche Mode to Recoil...and I've not EVER win anything...and my birthady is so close...6 of August...
So? I'll better pray boy pray...

Posted by: jonscenguy on Jul 03, 07 | 6:20 pm

Why do I deserve to win? Because:
A) I represent in New York City
B) I think if they played Recoil (perhaps that ambient version of subHuman we've been hearing about) in the last scene of The Sopranos, the ending would have been much clearer.
C) I, like everyone here, think his Recoil work is absolutely extroardinary.
D) I'm grumpy cause my friends lil sister heard "Personal Jesus" on the radio and asked me 'who's covering that Manson song?'
....goths these days... yeeeuch!!!

Posted by: dmangel14 on Jul 03, 07 | 4:56 pm

Do I deserve to win a copy of new Recoil CD? I think all your fans deserve it!
First of all, I'm so happy that you're back Alan, it took so long but now, here we are. I'm a very big fan of Depeche Mode, since many many years now! And when Alan left the band, I was sad and disapointed, but I still a big fan of the band. It was a very good thing that Alan left the band to get back to his first passion, Recoil, and what a great album you did!!! The only regret I'd have is, the fact that there is no chance for me or the Parisians to see Alan back on stage for a concert! I'd love it so much... Please Alan, if ever you plan to get back on stage, let us know!!!
If I win the CD, I'd be Really HAPPY, but if not, I hope I could find it in shop to buy it. Anyway, I'll buy the new album of RECOIL, that's for sure!
Maybe I'll have the chance again to meet you in the future like I did years ago in Paris...
Thanks again for being back and as we say here Bonne Chance et longue vie ā Recoil!!!

Posted by: on Jul 03, 07 | 10:11 am

Do I deserve to win a copy of new Recoil CD if I sing 'The Lumberjack Song'?
Or that lovely DM masterpiece 'Fools'? :-)
Anyway, Unsound Methods is my favourite Recoil album, and I belive that 'Intruders' will be my all time favourite Recoil track after listening to it on subHuman Listening Party. Dynamic and catchy melody. It has a recoilish depth. Looking forward to listening to it again. I would be happy to win a copy!

Posted by: silikonanswer on Jul 03, 07 | 8:15 am

I think you don't need to refer to Depeche Mode when talking about the work of Alan Wilder, he is a FIGURE by himself, listen to his solo works, awesome stuff. Like others said Depeche Mode is not the same without him.

Posted by: iSeb on Jul 03, 07 | 8:05 am

I can give you 3 reasons;

1. Alan Wilder/Recoil is a dying breed of innovative and still fresh sounding musicians/bands out there. Thumbs and toes up for that fact alone.

2. Depeche Mode is a 3 wheel car without Alan, still a good band but less magic musical trickery ;)

3. If I dont win it I will download it!! Now how's that for a reason ;). [joking of course, but a good reason though;:]


Posted by: Marissa on Jul 03, 07 | 3:22 am

I deserve to win a copy of subHuman because I am a luscious apparatus...

Recoil creates new depths to electronic music - the songs are not just dance tunes or cookie cutter verse-chrous-verse songs - Alan Wilder takes time to create a true masterpiece in each song he crafts. For these reasons, I have a great love and respect of Recoil and Mr. Wilder; therefore, I would be quite happy to win a copy of subHuman, and that in itself is reason enough to deserve one. :)

Thanks for this wonderful opportunity!

Posted by: monghi on Jul 02, 07 | 11:02 pm

Why do I think to deserve to win a copy of new Recoilīs album?

Itīs simple. Because iīm a longtime fan of Recoilīs project and iīm from Slovakia. Can you imagine how expensive are original cdīs in our music shop? No? Try to work in our country and after first pay day go to shop and you will see how many cdīs you can buy.

Hahaha... funny answer isnīt it? Win or not... i will by cd and single of new Alanīs albume like everytime before...

Posted by: bigsteve on Jul 02, 07 | 10:23 pm

Having worked as an engineer in the studio with Joe Richardson, I can attest to his musical genius. I would also consider him to be a good friend, and the finest blues musician, vocalist, guitarist, harpist, that I know.
I am highly anticipating the result of this brilliant collaboration.

Posted by: DJ-Chuck_G on Jul 02, 07 | 10:14 pm

Why do I deserve to win? I don't. But I hope to be chosen as a winner. If not, I'm sure I'll procure a copy of my very own sometime after the release.

Welcome back Mr. Wilder.

Posted by: bugsstar on Jul 02, 07 | 9:29 pm

I have no idea if i have every copy of recoil, i have every album. But recoil is one of my all time fav. projects ! From hydrology to Liquid , what alan has done with sound is beyond what most bands bring. If no one wins, everybody should atleast check out the works of recoil. I have never heard such a complete story telling as in the recoil project. Winning is not important, i will go and get it anyway. I just hope there is a way to bring out the recoil stories to the masses. alan + pk cheers - k.

Posted by: VilleRLZ on Jul 02, 07 | 8:54 pm

I should win because I haven't heard anything by Recoil since Faith Healer.
Maybe this album is as good as the reviews say and I can become a fan :)

Posted by: themightyquynh on Jul 02, 07 | 8:11 pm

While Alan said, "May the best MAN win," I'm sure he won't mind that I curled my hair, put on lipstick, and slipped on a slinky dress for the Recoil "subHuman" Listening Party.

Posted by: Gannon on Jul 02, 07 | 7:39 pm

Posted by: Gannon on Jul 02, 07 | 1:33 pm
I think I deserve the the new album subhuman because I am a really big fan for one thing. I also think recoil and Alan Wilder is something people should know about if they are interested hearing new and creative music. Alan Wilder is in my opinion a true creative artist. Music has become a very important thing for me in my life. I search for new music all the time. I am definitly not a top 40 music listner. Music has always appealed to me as being something that constantly changes all the time. It's like a never ending circle that just keeps going around and around. And I find Alan Wilder to be doing that with his music. He is really a true artist and one of a kind musician. And I think Subhuman is going to be one of the best albums to come out in a few years. I have been looking foward to this album ever since I heard about it. So I really would like to hear the album and be one of the ten people to win.

Posted by: Alpha on Jul 02, 07 | 7:27 pm

Hi Sideline team and Mr. Wilder,

I think that Alan was the most creative person in Depeche Mode, also his own Recoil project is cool. I also like th evid on You Tube, where Alan demonstrates his sampler (quite old one)..

Also Sideline is one of the best music mags in the world !

Hope that was enough a.. kissing to win :p

Frank/Underground Sounds Germany

Posted by: ziroks on Jul 02, 07 | 4:55 pm

the real reason i would deserve a copy of the new recoil album is that i am stuck in the US with no good music! if i don't get a copy of the new album, i will be forced to change my music habits and purchase the new bon jovi album instead...

but really, i've been a recoil fan since the hydrology days and waiting for the new album for quite some time.

also, thanks for releasing the 7" single! it's nice to keep some vinyl in my life...

Posted by: human machine on Jul 02, 07 | 3:50 pm

Hmm well everyone wants to win but no one deserves to win.

I absolutely love alan's music and his voice is really good too
not alot of artist can be unique and manage to sound good at the same time
but recoil is a perfect example of something unique and very appealing to the ear :)

love alan wilder and his music

thats why i "want" it!

Posted by: subhuman on Jul 02, 07 | 2:26 pm

I've been wating for subHuman for 7 years. I'm not sure if it's enough to win, but at least I try. Thanks for coming back, Mr Wilder.

Posted by: silikonanswer on Jul 02, 07 | 8:14 am

The answer is clear, Alan Wilder is one of my favouroite artists. I own every Recoil release, in vinyl and CD and I will sure buy the new one if I don't win. Hugs to Mr Alan Wilder. And also I got a little funny story relating Mr Alan Wilder.

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