Selftitled album for UK's Inertia

Posted on 02/04/07

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Selftitled album for UK's InertiaAfter 3 years in the studio and following last year's "Best of" collection, Inertia will be releasing a brand new album. The album will be self titled "Inertia". This album sees Inertia expanding their Industrial horizons with elements of the traditional Inertia sound mixed with harsh guitars and pure electro soundscapes. Inertia consists of Reza Udhin (Killing Joke), Alexys B (Circus of Horrors), Andrew Trail (Knifeladder) and Bob Malkowski (The Modern), with special guest appearances from Kneill Brown (Killing Joke), Client E (Client) and Phill Good (Libitina). The band will embark on an extensive touring schedule this year, starting with a 5 week USA tour together with Armageddon Dildos from Germany. Expect the new album on Cryonica by April 30th, 2007.
image Inertia - "Inertia" CD

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