Depeche Mode ticket give away for Antwerp show

Posted on 23/01/06

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Side-Line magazine has no less than 5 duo tickets to give away for the sold out January 29 concert of Depeche Mode in Antwerp, Belgium. Depeche Mode have just started the European leg of the current "Touring the angel" tour which already led them via an almost completely sold out US tour. The value of the 10 tickets is estimated at roughly 2.500 EUR considering the amount paid on eBay at the moment for the tickets for the Antwerp show. The only thing you have to do is enter the reason why you should be given these tickets in the comment field below. Only 1 comment per member will be accepted, multiple posts will count as one. The winners will be informed privately 2 days before the concert. Tickets will be given at the concert itself to prevent re-sale of the tickets via the net. Note: Side-Line is NOT responsible for travel costs when you win a duo ticket. The band's current album is widely considered as their true comeback album after the rather disappointing "Exciter" CD. Powered by several singles such as "Precious", "A pain that I am used to" two more singles will be lifted from the release, starting with "Suffer well" to be released next month, and "John the revelator" expected by April. Later this year, starting in March, the band will be re-releasing its back catalogue in SACD format (including bonus material, though it is still not sure what exactly, though remastered remixes being the most obvious choice) followed by a live DVD later this year as we informed already. Add to this yet another Best Of CD that will hit the X-mas shop shelves by December 2006. Pre-sales for the back catalogue will start very soon via Side-Line. (picture by Indigo)
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Buy Depeche Mode CDs at Storming The Base (worldwide shipping!)


Posted by: Side-Line on Jan 28, 06 | 10:05 pm

And the 5 happy winners are:

- Barbara Vander Maelen, Gentbrugge (BE)
- Peter Loteling, ? (NL)
- Dominique Denis, Brussel (BE)
- Dries Sommens, Hasselt (BE)

and the 5th winner called in via e-mail with a 4 page letter begging us for the tickets:
- Jean-Francois Vierset, Lille (FR)

Please be at the place where you will be handed over the tickets as requested in the mail sent to you.

Have fun!

Posted by: Side-Line on Jan 28, 06 | 6:55 pm

The 5 winners will be contacted at 4 PM this afternoon, a bit later than expected, but we received some mails outside this comment field as well including one that really touched us. The names will be announced today as well.

Posted by: Michael Hulet on Jan 28, 06 | 6:34 pm

I'd like to sleep happy (or not so, but sleep -- not like this last night!) tonight :) Have the winners been informed?

Posted by: djshunt on Jan 27, 06 | 11:50 pm

I'll be more than happy to visit Belgium because of that concert!

Posted by: on Jan 27, 06 | 9:50 pm

I like dpeche mode, i wan't those tikets right now or i will kill you all!!!!!they rock that's enough for me

Posted by: el rnmtr on Jan 27, 06 | 4:49 am

Depeche Mode ... the name sounds familiar ... Oh, yes !!! Now I remember !!! I'm really curious to see how they managed Vince Clarke's departure ...

Posted by: phoenix242 on Jan 26, 06 | 9:16 pm

No tears in my case, i just happen to have given my wife my vest with the tickets in, she washed the vest and the tickets and it's only when I started scratching in the vest that i noticed some cluttered paper... bye bye tickets.

Posted by: dreops on Jan 26, 06 | 5:25 pm

damned, i think i have been bidding against you as well then. This really sucks. You know, Side-Line, even if I do not win those tickets, I want to thank you guys a lot for the time and money you invest in keeping this site up and running for free. See ya!

Posted by: babsvdr on Jan 26, 06 | 5:00 pm

ik heb zonet mijn ultieme bod op twee kaartjes op e-bay geplaats en ben al overtroeft, voor de zoveelste keer. Ook ik betaal jullie graag de tickets terug als ik kan gaan. Groetjes,


Posted by: Michael Hulet on Jan 26, 06 | 4:40 pm

Hi guys, nice idea. I hope my story will help...

I bought 5 tickets on the 17/06/2005 (see my order). 3 for a friend, 2 for me and my girlfriend. I received the tickets, put them on my car, went to my friend's home and gave him the 3 tickets. We were enjoying the moment, that might be the most beautiful day of 2005...

On my way back home, I took a hitch-hiker with me. I don't know what happend but then I didn't find my tickets back. Is it the hitch-hiker? Is it me? I don't know. But I cried all my tears on the next evening, after having checked the whole road from my friend's home to mine (20 km) by foot, seeking for my tickets that might have slipped away from my car. And sure, I had no money for buying new tickets. What a bad day, really.

Since that day, I don't take hitch-hiker anymore. I didn't ordered concert tickets anymore, trying to forget about what happend. But my girlfriend has a pleasure to tell it back to me everyday before sleeping. That was (and that is still) a very bad period for us.

Winning these tickets would be like winning a paradise entry. I don't want to see my girlfriend crying on this Sunday. I want to kick the hitch-hiker ass if he is on the arena (I promise I will not take any gun with me). I want to recover my girlfriend's love. I want to live this concert and continue dreaming about DM...

Posted by: twagdnsg on Jan 26, 06 | 3:49 pm

I was so stupid giving my tickets to a friend and afterwards I could not get any other. Even if i have to pay you guys back the price you paid for them, I'll gladly do so!

Posted by: absolutcute on Jan 25, 06 | 10:51 pm

Whaaaaaaa, Depeche Mode kaartjes!!!!!!! Kunnen die mijn kant op komen??! Ik ben sinds een half jaar helemaal Depeche Mode fan, maar dat was te laat om nog aan kaartjes te komen..... Ik ben naar de Depeche Mode fan party in de katacombe geweest en met uit gaan vraag ik ook altijd DM aan. Nu wil ik ze live zien!!!!!!

Posted by: RoD on Jan 25, 06 | 4:16 pm

I´d like to win the tickets. Seen Depeche some days ago and that´s not enough. They are so great!!!

Posted by: ArnenrA on Jan 25, 06 | 3:23 pm

Ah, ik had er niet opgelet dat het over duo-tickets ging. Nog beter, dan kan ik mijn vrouw over haar teleurstelling helpen. Ze had graag 'Dave' Grohl gezien in Vorst die avond. Welnu met plezier zal ik haar voorstellen aan die ander 'Dave' in het Sportpaleis.

Posted by: BRZOZEKK on Jan 25, 06 | 6:43 am


Posted by: Little 15 on Jan 25, 06 | 12:01 am

Sinds 15 jaar ben ik een grote DM fan. 1 keertje heb ik ze live gezien tijdens de world violation tour en dat was geweldig, de hele avond leek een droom. Ik heb een vriend sinds iets meer dan eenn half jaar die nu ook een groot fan is, maar hij heeft ze nog nooit live in concert gezien. Toen ik hoorde van deze tour heb ik gelijk kaartjes besteld als verjaardagscadeautje voor hem en om een 'black celebration' met hem samen te beleven en hem ' the world in my eyes' te laten zien. Tijdens het telefonisch bestellen is me niet verteld dat ik de kaartjes binnen een week moest af halen, waardoor ik 1 dag te laat bij het postkantoor stond en de kaartjes weg waren en het concert uitverkocht... Als ik via deze weg aan 2 kaartjes zou kunnen komen zou dat fantastisch zijn! Thnx

Posted by: Ratoncillo on Jan 24, 06 | 8:11 pm

Zat in het buitenland toen de verkoop begon en ben dus niet aan tickets geraakt. Zou het fantastisch vinden om via deze weg toch nog de kans te krijgen om een van mijn all time favourites te kunnen zien. Het geluk staat aan mijn kant dit jaar, dus de tickets zijn zeker al onderweg?

Posted by: front242 on Jan 24, 06 | 7:43 pm

Gewoonweg omdat ik dan depeche mode voor de eerste keer eens aan het werk kan zien, en omdat ik die woekerprijzen op ebay niet kan betalen

Posted by: ANTMANIAC on Jan 24, 06 | 3:31 pm


Posted by: darkprinz on Jan 24, 06 | 5:49 am

send me the tickets ; omdat Antwerpen nog net niet te ver is vanwege medische redenen van mijn dochter.en mijn vrouwke verdient eens een verassing , en heb ze nog nooit live gezien :(

Posted by: DaveG on Jan 24, 06 | 5:05 am

25 years of Pain And Suffering In Various Tempos, 25 years part of my life, 25 years more please!!! Hope this tour will not be a Black Day, a Black Celebration in not getting any tickets at all for this tour, thanks for giving me a few days of hope Side-Line.... :-)

Posted by: RANKOR on Jan 24, 06 | 3:55 am

I'd be very glad if you could give the tickets to some fans who are dying to see their favorite band live at least once in a lifetime, or I'd be very glad if you could give them to me and my girl..

Posted by: CharlesMartel on Jan 24, 06 | 2:26 am

Please send me a ticket asap because I am the only syphylus ridden, homeless, drugged out groupie that is not ASHAMED to be spotted backstage with these grumpy old dinosaurs!!! And I don't charge them afterwards (-;

Posted by: Circent on Jan 24, 06 | 2:20 am

I'd deserve the tickets because I've litteraly been raised with Depeche Mode. The Only thing I found annoying is that my wife, the mother of my children never saw them live... what a shame. This has to be fixed. And why not via my favourite Music media ?

Posted by: Henkie on Jan 23, 06 | 10:36 pm

I would deserve to receive the ticktes. Depeche did not perform in Holland for a couple of tours and i had to go to Denmark and England to see them. I was suprised that they are performing in Holland this time, but now I miss my Depeche trip abroad!

Posted by: DelecEvil on Jan 23, 06 | 10:09 pm

What’s better than a trip to Side Line’s country ??? Here are my plans for January, 29th : in the morning walking on a beach in the area of Ostende. Lunch time : let’s taste the local gastronomy (“Moules/Frites” with a Trappist Bier). 2.00 pm : let’s go to Gent to visit 2 or 3 record shops around the Vooruit. 4.00pm : let’s go to Antwerpen. 5.00 pm : waiting in front of the Sportpaleis with other fans and talking about DM’s history, past shows… 9.00 pm : GOOD EVENING ANTWERPEN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My wife is pragnet… please let our son/daughter attend his/her first DM’s concert :)

Posted by: PixelJunkie on Jan 23, 06 | 9:24 pm

ik heb lang genoeg van de 'silence' mogen 'enjoy-en' en ik ben klaar voor een nieuw muziekje

Posted by: on Jan 23, 06 | 8:41 pm

I deserve tickets because I want them! ;)

Posted by: zebra on Jan 23, 06 | 8:28 pm

I'm not playing the angel, but, although it's a pain that I'm used to, I suffer well if I don't get these precious tickets. And of course, you want to prevent damaged people on your forum. Nothing's impossible. I want it all! :)

Posted by: RuleAnt on Jan 23, 06 | 7:39 pm

Ik zou gaarne de combikaartjes ontvangen omdat ik namelijk opnieuw verslaafd ben geraakt aan Depeche Mode sinds hun comeback.

Als ik Depeche Mode niet ga zien dan zal ik gaan huilen en ben ik genoodzaakt om de Depeche Mode cd's op zolder te laten verstoffen, simpelweg omdat ik een mogelijke confrontatie met het gemiste optreden niet zou kunnen verdragen.

Posted by: TPM on Jan 23, 06 | 6:51 pm

I would like to take my girlfriend since she's a huge DM fan
and it's her birthday in Feb. Me buying flight tickets to the
concert would be the best birthday gift she could get :)

Posted by: run_paint_run on Jan 23, 06 | 5:33 pm

Badcatsam and I lost our tickets for the DM concert, we had seats in the bar area (best place to see DM according to my girlfriend).
We tried to get new tickets at eBay, but the tickets are to expensive now the concert is sold-out.
It would have been my first DM concert, and now it looks like I'm stil not going to see them live :(
Side-Line magazine is our last hope!

Posted by: ArnenrA on Jan 23, 06 | 4:01 pm

Nadat ik ze enkele jaren geleden zag in het Sportpaleis had ik me voorgenomen ze zeker ooit nog eens aan het werk te zien. Ik was een leek toen en kende enkel de nummers uit de 90'er jaren. Onder de indruk door hun optreden ben ik al hun songs uit de jaren tachtig gaan beluisteren en gegroeid tot een fan. Na de split-geruchten dacht ik ze nooit nog live te zien.
Side-Line, willen jullie me (na maandenlang zoeken naar een betaalbaar ticket) nog eens laten genieten van DM?

Posted by: Inch101dm on Jan 23, 06 | 3:13 pm

Cheers from Estonia. The reason to give tickets to me is that Belgium is simply so nice country to see DM live performance in. And I havn't been to Antwerp yet.

Posted by: AirCrashBureau on Jan 23, 06 | 7:10 am

Natuurlijk behoren mij die kaartjes toe te komen. Krijg ik eindelijk een keer een vriendin die Depeche Mode leuk vindt, heeft ze geen kaartje voor Antwerpen. Dat zal ze mij nooit vergeven als ik geen kaartje voor haar regel....

Posted by: softblackstars on Jan 23, 06 | 3:43 am

Het moge duidelijk zijn dat de kaartjes mij toekomen, want dat ligt namelijk in de aard van de prijsvraag besloten: het is precies de inzet en beweegreden om dit in te vullen; als die kaartjes mij niet toe zouden komen dan was er geen beweegreden geweest om dit in te zenden. Dat het op die gronden alle anderen ook toekomt is natuurlijk vanzelfsprekend, maar dan hadden zij deze aard ook maar moeten noemen.

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