April 2015
Out now! Volume 7 in the massively popular 'Endzeit Bunkertracks' 4CD boxset series
New Metroland 3CD album 'Triadic ballet' out today! Get your copy now!
Spetsnaz members launch debut album side-project Destin Fragile
Engram release single from upcoming album: 'Karl Marx c/w Highgate (Part I)'
The Last Dance breaks decade long silence with May release 'Ruins' album
Remix album for Juno Reactor's 'The Golden Sun Of The Great East'
Acylum album 'Pest' out now on CD/2CD and as HQ download
Out now, brand new Essence Of Minds album 'The break up!' with exclusive CD extras (not available on the download)
Side-Line presents: Coalescaremonium Festival (BE) - April 11, 2015
New experimental Apoptygma Berzerk 'Videodrome' vinyl on pre-order now!
Camouflage gets exclusive Record Store Day vinyl release: 'Shine' (feat. 6 exclusive tracks)
Polaroid Kiss releases 'Youth' album in various versions
Mono Inc. release 'Terlingua' album trailer - watch it here
a-ha vinyl reissues 'Hunting High and Low' and 'Scoundrel Days' scheduled for release on 25th May
TourDeForce to release 'Kebab Trauma' download single
This Morn' Omina replaces The Bellwether Syndicate on Eurorock
Over and out for Ad Inferna
Out now, the brand new Venal Flesh 8-track download EP 'Sacrament To The Scalpel'
Marsheaux releases special deluxe 2CD set of 'A Broken Frame' Depeche Mode tribute - order now
Anneli Drecker launches first single 'Circulating Light' from new album + release concert in Oslo on April 21
John Fryer launches debut EP for new project Muricidae
Superband created with members of The Mission, Faderhead and And One: My Ego
Goblin's 'The murder collection' available on vinyl
Legendary Pink Dots & Ketvector go vinyl on 'The shock exchange'
Dependent Records offers an insight on its catalogue via 'Dependence 2015' compilation
Terence Fixmer hits back with 'Depth charged' album
Legendary Japanese EBM band DRP returns with 'Peace offensive' album

March 2015
Massive Genesis vinyl boxset '1983 - 1998' to be released in May - order now!
Cynical Existence's 3rd album 'We are the violence' out now featuring Preemptive Strike 0.1 and Rave The Reqviem collaboration
Jonteknik releases 'Structural' album with custom 3D printed CD case
Out now, the new Star Industry album 'The Renegade' - available on CD/2CD and as HQ download
New Martin Gore video for 'Europa Hymn' hits the web - watch now on Side-Line
Cocksure gets the boot from Laibach tour for being... industrial
Tolchock is back with what might be their final album ever
Hooverphonic looses singer (again)
Venal Flesh sign with Alfa Matrix and release first EP 'Sacrament To The Scalpel'
New VNV Nation album 'Resonance' available for pre-order now as 6x 10 inch vinyl set + CD!
a-ha announce new 'Cast In Steel' album + tour for 2016
Kid Moxie '1888' album gets the vinyl treatment
'Themes' boxset by Psychic TV re-released and expanded to 7CD set
Volt 9000 sees new 'Timeshift' album released on vinyl only
Skinny Puppy's Cevin Key sees first solo album 'Music For Cats' released as double vinyl
Aesthetic Perfection release 'Big Bad Wolf' ft. Tim Skold live video taken from upcoming 'Imperfect' CD/DVD
Already 70% of the tickets sold for Eurorock
a-ha reunion to be announced on Wednesday March 25th
Front Line Assembly gets mega 6 vinyl boxset to celebrate the 20th birthday of 'Hard Wired' - 300 copies only!
New Anneli Drecker album 'Rocks & Straws' will be out in April on Rune Grammofon
Former The Cure drummer featured on new Jenn Vix single
An electro tribute to Abba - out now
Encephalon to release 2CD boxset of 'Psychogenesis' album
Black Sun productions' 'OperettAmorale' featuring Coil's Johnn Balance, Lydia Lunch etc. featuring HR Giger artwork out on 2LP vinyl
X Marks The Pedwalk new album 'The House Of Rain' is in the pipeline
Wumpscut's 'Blut Spuker Tavern' gets vinyl + boxset treatment - order your copy now
Brand new video for Sacha Korn: 'Ausnahmezustand'
SPK sees all 3 official SPK live-CDs re-released as a ultra-limited 6 vinyl boxset
Alfa Matrix launches new CD e-shop with killer prices worldwide!
Stendal Blast returns with farewell best of 'Wir ergeben uns das Beste zum Schluss'
Cleopatra Records announces signing Of Norwegian industrial act Magenta
Implant does soundtrack for iOS Pallina game
Russian WANT/ed joins forces with German !distain on latest single
Special release a-ha's 'Take On Me' 7inch single for Record Store Day on April 18
VNV Nation completes final mix new album 'Resonance'
Kraftwerk gadget gets slammed with lawsuit from the real Kraftwerk
Listen to a specially created DJ mix from Vince Clarke ahead of Festival Mute Mexico 2015
Hocico preps April release for 'In the name of violence' Maxi CD
Marsheaux launch extra Depeche Mode tribute: 'Monument' EP (limited edition - order yours now)
Aeverium causes Out Of Line to go modern-metal
Cardinal Noire pops self titled debut end of March
Wumpscut returns with DJ Dwarf number 15 announcing the new album 'Blutspuker Tavern'
Frozen Plasma goes 'Dekadenz' in April
Motorhead to release 9 classic albums on vinyl
Acylum launches 'Pest' on CD/2CD and as HQ download
The Psychic Force returns with a brand new album, first track to appear on 'Endzeit Bunkertracks 7' 4CD Boxset
Alfa Matrix launches pre-sales for volume 7 in the massively popular 'Endzeit Bunkertracks' 4CD boxset series
Essence Of Minds returns with 'The break up!' album with exclusive CD extras (not available on the download)
Martin Gore (Depeche Mode) to release instrumental album 'MG' on Mute

February 2015
Metroland to launch massive 3CD album: 'Triadic ballet' - pre-orders accepted now
à;GRUMH... member Phillippe Genion not representative enough for city of Charleroi according to mayor Paul Magnette (PS)
Testing 1,2,3: Sporting Events Best Musical Performances
Essence Of Mind launches trailer for upcoming album 'The Break Up!'
Freakangel hits the road with 'The Ones To Fall Tour - Part 2'
Sopor Aeternus & The Ensemble Of Shadows see double vinyl release for 'Like a corpse standing in desperation' album
EBM day today! Everything goes for only 2,42 Euro!
Neuroticfish return with new album 'A sign of life' - watch the 'Silence' video now
Ministry announces huge final world tour
Side-Line Exclusive : Cronos Titan album missing for 17 years, found again and now to be released February 27th
Elektron Music Machines launch record label Elektron Grammofon
The Neon Judgement call it quits - announce Farewell tour
Azar Swan's debut album to be released on vinyl via Toronto's Artoffact Records
Qntal to release 'Qntal VII' album with bonus tracks in USA
Haxby Swango preps 'Banana Songs' debut EP, offers '5Deep' video
a-ha's 'Live in South America' concert video finally to be made available for the first time on DVD
John Fryer project Silver Ghost Shimmer launches 'She Keeps Me Hoping' video
Steve Strange from Visage fame dies of heart failure
Imminent release new Terence Fixmer album 'Depth Charged' - video teaser available now
Preemptive Strike 0.1 and Rave The Reqviem join Cynical Existence for 3rd album 'We are the violence'
Star Industry announces March release for 5th album 'The Renegade' - available on CD/2CD and as HQ download
Spotify cancels launch in Russia due to the poor political and economic climate in the country
Metroland back with double download EP 'Zeppelin'
Vinyl release for Selofan's 'Tristesse' album
Agent Side Grinder's 'Alkimia' album gets the vinyl treatment
5 duo-tickets to win for New Wave Club Class-X party in Aarschot (BE) (Saturday March 28th 2015)
Bella Lune releases new album as free download, name your price or as digipack
Eureka Machines project by Sisters Of Mercy guitarist Chris Catalyst announce 4th album
John Fryer launches first video from forthcoming Silver Ghost Shimmer album 'Soft Landing'
Side-Line presents 2nd free exclusive download from Sacha Korn: 'Funkenflug' - 100 downloads only!
New Beat veteran project Tragic Error launches 'Der Terrorist' under Tragic (T)error flag
God's Bow is back with brand new album 'Tranquilizer' - vinyl version available now
Dani'el presents new single 'To Dare' incl. remix by Psyche
Apoptygma Berzerk's 'Imagine there's no Lennon' gets the 2LP vinyl treatment
Avarice In Audio land 'The Cassandra Complex' EP for immediate download
Etienne Daho tribute compilation ready for ordering!
Camouflage returns with 'Greyscale' in vinyl/CD package - orders accepted now
Wumpscut returns with 'BlutSpukerTavern' - order your copy now
Anneli Drecker (Bel Canto) to return with new solo album
Side-Line launches follow-up to the free mega-compilation 'Face The Beat 1' - send your submissions now for 'Face The Beat 2' !
Apoptygma Berserk reissue 'Unicorn' on 3 different vinyls - order now!
Acylum drop 'Zigeunerjunge' download EP - available now !

January 2015
Marsheaux re-record Depeche Mode classic album 'A Broken Frame', track by track - available on vinyl here
Side-Line presents free exclusive download from Sacha Korn - 100 downloads only!
Best of compilation for Suicidal Romance including Blutengel remix and featuring guest vocals by Felix Marc (Diorama, Frozen Plasma) - order now
Embers releases 12 inch vinyl on Enfant Terrible productions
Fields Of The Nephilim playing at Eurorock 2015
Sam Rosenthal from Black Tape For A Blue Girl announces Patreon page
The Force Dimension's debut reissued on vinyl and CD
Erasure announce new single 'Sacred' featuring Chris Cox remix
Tangerine Dream founder Edgar Froese dies, 70 years old
D.A.F. calls it quits and announces farewell-tour
The Frozen Autumn launch new EP 'Lie in wait' as picture vinyl - order here
Here's what the vinyl 'comeback' really looks like
Orders accepted now for new Energy Rekords compilation 'Anarchy in the E.Y. – Eletronically Up Yours'
March release for new Prager Handgriff album 'Roburit' - get yours now
Lebanon Hanover to launch 'Besides the abyss' vinyl in mid-March - order your copy now
Laibach announce Digi Deluxe / Remix albums and tour dates
Leaether Strip releases tribute to Alan Wilder (Depeche Mode)
Energy Rekords returns from the dead with new Sista Mannen Pa Jorden EP and a wave punk rock cover compilation
Cult Italian act Alio Die & Lorenzo Montana launch 'Holographic Codex' album on Projekt Records
Alien Hand Syndrome launch video for the song 'A New Day'
Blutengel returns with 'Omen' album in 3 formats - order yours now!
Covenant sees 'Europa' album re-issued as picture vinyl - order now
Die Krupps to launch new 'Robo Sapien' single as 12 inch vinyl - order now
All female act Dark Poem launch video for 'Euphoria'
Neon Electronics to release new album, 'NE'
Ataraxia reissues for 2015 + new album
Watch the first videoclip for neofolk act Har Belex
Rammstein keyboardist to release autobiography
Dir En Grey to release 9th album 'Arche' by early March - order now
Spark! returns with 'Spektrum' album by the end of February - order now
Blancmange to release new album 'Semi Detached' on 23rd March via Cherry Red Records
The Incredible Impact of Music On Young Minds
Rome sees 'A passage to Rhodesia' reissued as digipak
March release for new Mantus 2CD album 'Melancholia'
The Electropop series back with jubilee edition: 'Electropop.10'
Ex-Swans singer Jarboe and doom cellist Helen Money announce new collaborative EP to be released 16 February
EKP label welcomes Cardinal Noire and release self titled album
Attrition compiled on new 30 track compilation
Ethan Fawkes launches 'From The Chaos Night' EP
Black day for artists worldwide as freedom of speech ends in bloodbath at French office Charlie Hebdo
Mega-limited 5 vinyl boxset for The Legendary Pink Dots - order now
3rd volume In Strict Confidence's 'Lifelines' available from mid-March on
New single for Blutengel: 'Sing'
Desireless & Operation of the sun to release Pink Floyd cover
Rammstein frontman Till Lindemann launches Lindemann project with Pain/Hypocrisy's Peter Taegtgren
2nd album for Dave Gahan (Depeche Mode) and Soulsavers
mind.in.a.box back with 'Memories' album, expected for late March - order now
Angels & Agony return with 'Monument' album mixed by John Fryer - order now
The best 20 EBM tracks from 2014 are...

December 2014
Praga Khan needs new drummer and releases new album in 2015
The best 20 electropop tracks from 2014 are...
Plastic Noise Experience offers free track when signing up to the band's newsletter
Boxing Day sales at Storming The Base
Russian electropop band Radiomun releases double single for Xmas
Swedish Synth-duo Optic launch 2 videos for double sided debut single 'Believe'/'Need'
Did you order your copy of the Marilyn Manson CD 'The Pale Emperor'?
Ex machina releases 'Eternity' video
New Mondtraume single out now - one more contender for best electropop single for 2014
Sisters Of Mercy guitarist Chris Sheehan has lost battle against cancer
Seeming 'Silent discovery' single issued as an 8-track tape
Marilyn Manson announces videoclip for 'Deep Six' + 'The Hell Not Halleluja' tour dates
Funker Vogt issues statement regarding yesterday's Out Of Line drama
New single from Russian act WANT/ed, now with a Swedish singer
Out Of Line not happy with choice for new Funker Vogt singer Sacha Korn
Silent Wave debutes single featuring production work by Paul Kendall - interview
Essence Of Mind launch 'Wrong' video
Essence Of Mind present new song 'Wrong' on brand new single
Mondträume returns with 'Still Beating' single featuring remixes Rotersand and more
Merzbow returns with picture vinyl and CD: 'Nezumimochi'
Picture vinyl for Coil/Nine Inch Nails 'Recoiled'
Brand new Black Lung remix album out now
Tom De Weerdt, founder Belgian Lowlands label dead
a-ha return to Rock In Rio for a very special 30th anniversary concert
New a-ha album releases to celebrate the band's 30th anniversary + more!
M.O.D. present video for new single 'Broken Machinery'
GivingTuesday with Projekt Records !
Laibach sees limited picture vinyl for 'Neu Konservatiw' released - order here
Desireless & Operation Of The Sun release 'Un seul peuple' - not safe for work!
Stahlnebel & Black Selket return with 'We Break The Silence' 3CD album including 'We Feel United' EP and 'We Are United' maxi
Sara Noxx remix contest
Swedish electropop band Futuro releases EP 'Supersize Everything'
Glis' Shaun Frandsen wins Seattle men's marathon
Visage releases stems for 'Fade To Grey' to coincide with the newly recorded orchestral version of 'Fade To Grey'
Eurorock announces day line-up + starts sales day tickets
Paul Kendall at Cinecity for film set installation for imaginary screen version of Ann Quin debut novel 'Berg'
Cosmic Armchair launch special sand art video for new single 'I don't belong here'
Einstuerzende Neubauten cancel gig in Istanbul due to injury Blixa

November 2014
'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' official teaser has been launched. Do you like it? #StarWars
Massive Black Friday (and Grey Thursday) sales at Storming The Base starting from $0.00 !
Side-Line Poll 2014 - participate now!
Deviant and Orgy get tour gear stolen in Newcastle - tour continues
Eurorock announces extra names: Kant Kino, Lescure 13, Alien Vampires, ... + last days to get your tickets at early bird prices!
New Junksista album finally out incl. a 3CD version not available in regular shops
Brand new Celluloide album 'Art Plastique' available - order now
Avarice In Audio launch debut 'Shine & Burn' on Alfa Matrix - out now!
Leaether Strip launches cover CD: 'Aeppreciation'
Death In June reissues remastered albums on vinyl - get them here
Desireless & Operation of the sun return with brand new EP: 'Un Seul Peuple' - watch the video!
Norwegian comedians Ylvis turn radio joke into interstellar sex education Kraftwerk homage aka dicks in space
Alison Moyet live album to hit shops in January: 'Minutes and seconds live'
Download sees OST 'Charlie's Family' released on vinyl - order now!
New XMH download single 'The Blind' out now + video for new single 'The Blind'
Rest In Peace Ric Laciak, you lost the battle with cancer, but you won many people's hearts
Növö returns with 5-track single 'Zeitgeist' - out now
Star Industry announces new album with 'Eilyne' 4-track single
Blutengel launches new video 'Asche zu Asche' - order your vinyl
The Knife returns with 'Shake-up versions' on vinyl - order here
Tregenza of Goteki/Visage releases debut album, free for a limited time.
Brand new London After Midnight and Lore pictures pop up online
New Inertia single, 'Dark Valentine' out now
Within Temptation launch 'Let us burn Elements & Hydra live in concert' on 2CDn DVD and Blu-ray - order now
Culture Club cancels US tour due to health issues Boy George
YouTube launches monetized subscription service music as well - Taylor Swift keeps quiet after Spotify reveals earnings
Marilyn Manson pre-orders for new album 'The Pale Emperor' available now - order now
Alfa Matrix accepts submissions for newest Endzeit Bunkertracks 4CD box compilation - act now!
Olivia Louvel to record BBC South radio session & more
Dean Garcia (Curve) returns with new release for female fronted project SPC ECO - listen here
Zombie Girl returns with cover of The Cure hit 'Fascination street'
Apoptygma Berzerk's first album Soli Deo Gloria re-released on cassette holding 23 tracks - order now
Best electropop single for this year might be Cosmic Armchair's newest single 'I Don't Belong Here' - listen here
Pre-sales new Depeche Mode album 'Live in Berlin' have started - order now
Dark Entries announces Psychic TV remix EP 'Alien Be-In'
Die Krupps releases new video and single called 'Robo Sapien'
Romanian IDM/electro-pop/ambient project LeVant launches new single, 'L'extase' - listen here
Novo hits back with vintage analogue synth 'Zeitgeist' single - early Front 242 fans will adore this!
Star Industry return with 'Eilyne' EP
Mute creates synth and sequencer in collaboration with Dirty Electronics + compilation
New RASP album from Matt Howden & Jo Quail written, performed and recorded in 2 days
Static-X frontman Wayne Static dead after drug overdose
Eurorock announces first names: Front 242, The Orb, Peter Hook, etc.

October 2014
John Fryer launches new project Silver Ghost Shimmer - listen/download now!
Crowdfunding campaign for 'Iron Sky The Coming Race', follow-up to popular nazi-flik 'Iron Sky'
The cult electro/industrial festival Eurorock returns !
Are you ready for Halloween? Here are our 20 favorite Halloween tracks!
Parralox to re-release debut album as 'Electricity (Expanded)' by end of October on Conzoom Records!
Mechanimal release 2nd album 'Secret Science'
R.E.M. announce 7 inch singles collection covering 1983-1988
Winterkalte sees 'Maschinenfest Tracks 1999 – 2014' album out on 2LP vinyl + CD
Hard style duo Clockartz steals Psy'Aviah track 'Virtual Gods' for 'Vile Nature' track
Marilyn Manson releases new single - listen here
a-ha will see more albums remastered after first 2 LPs
Late November release for new Rabia Sorda EP 'Animales Salvages'
New EP by Dani'el: 'The Book Pt. II: Redemption + first new video hits YouTube
Has music on its own become irrelevant ?
Roterand reissues debut under 'Truth is fanatic again' title including guests - order now
Psy'Aviah launch video for 'Before I die' and enter official Spotify playlist
Chandeen returns with new album 'Forever And Ever' by end of November
Information Society releases cassette on Artoffact Records - order now
Agent Side Grinder to release 'This is us' vinyl on 300 copies only - order here
QNTAL return with new album 'VII'
Billie Ray Martin returns with new single 'Off The Rails' featuring Hercules and Love Affair singer
The Monochrome Set sign to Hamburg-based independent label Tapete Records
Tympanik Audio to release 5th volume in 'Emerging Organisms' series
C-Lekktor remixed on 'Rewind 10x'
First new album in 9 years for French electronic act Mlada Fronta
Alfa Matrix launches 2nd wave sales, adding 4CD's for only 29,99 EUR (instead of 68,00 EUR)
Totem Obscura hits back with 'Nachtwache' 4-track single
New 'Time' video Junksista hits internet + pussy count has started!
Elektrostat 2014 revisited by Side-Line
New single and video clip from Holm/Mirland: 'In My Mind'
Blutengel returns with vinyl/CD single 'Asche zu Asch'
Massive sales action at Storming The Base with over 1500 titles!
Mark Bell of LFO dead from complications after an operation
I:Scintilla launches 'The War to Win' 1-track download single to support UN Women programs - available now
Miss FD releases new goth-rock single 'Unraveling' produced by Robert Dante
Alphaville 12 inch versions and remixes boxed on 'SO80S' (curated by Blank & Jones)
Einstuerzende Neubauten's Alexander Hacke releases soundtrack for 'The Cut' on vinyl
Siouxsie & The Banshees albums remastered - order now
Tracklist Depeche Mode 'Live in Berlin' CD/DVD/Blu-ray confirmed + 'Delta Machine' 5.1 Audio
Psy'Aviah airs video teaser new 'The Xenogamous Endeavour' album
Sonar returns with 'Shadow Dancers' - order now
Yann Tiersen releases live album, 'Live in London'
Unheilig calls it quits with their 9th album
AAIMON new exclusive color vinyl available - your last chance to order!
'Wolves' video from Mari & The Ghost hits the net
Aengeldust returns with 'Meth Face' download EP - order now
Avarice In Audio launch teaser video for upcoming debut album
New Celluloide single out on BOREDOMproduct feat. cover of Erik Satie track
Conjecture debutes with 'Ursa' videoclip
Enfant Terrible releases Solitude FX and new Gooiland compilation
Russian band WANT/ed returns with new single and new singer
Wulfband to release self-titled album on vinyl
Swedish electropop band Futuro releases 'Some Boys'
Necro Facility to release 'The Black Paintings' album on vinyl - order now
Massive 6 disc edition for classic Tears For Fears album 'Songs From The Big Chair'
Morten Harket back in the studio

September 2014
Next weekend is Elektrostat time in Oslo (NO)! - October 3rd and 4th 2014
17 underground bands play the music of Desireless
Details new Junksista album finally revealed incl. a 3CD version which will not be available in the shops
A Different Drum stops
Metroland 'Thalys' EP out today + 3 different geographical download versions
Alles debutes with 'Post' vinyl on Mecanica Records
NZ returns with 'Aggressions' EP limited to 500 Copies
'Iron Sky The Coming Race' script sent out to over 1000 fans for feedback
Swedish label Dodsdans Rekordsreturns with 2 vinyl releases from Pelotone and Tres
Stockholm based Valhall signs with Artoffact Records + announce debut album
New Mr Kitty album 'Time' to be released by end October
Former Cruxshadows member re-launches Spider Lilies project
Shadow Biosphere duo launch debut 'Parallel Evolution'
Ego Likeness member launches solo project Stoneburner
[:SITD:] announce 'Dunkelziffer' album for October release - on vinyl!
Apple to launch music streaming into iTunes (with U2 again)? + Beats Music as a brand disappears
All a-ha albums finally available worldwide, via Spotify
Cygnets to launch 'Sleepwalkers' album in December
The Ad Inferna/Erotic Elk powered project My Love Kills launches first song: 'Love Undone'
New Pink Floyd album to be released: 'The Endless River'
Fear Factory signs to Nuclear Blast and announces new Rhys Fulber (Front Line Assembly) produced album!
Noisey to live-stream Nick Cave solo performance
Official Johnny Rotten bio to be released in 3 weeks + new PiL album in the making
3-track vinyl for Orphx
Studio-X vs. Simon Carter strike back with 'Angels Of The Dark' download EP
Did you get this one? 'Recoiled' vinyl, the Trent Reznor commissioned Nine Inch Nails material by Coil
Mari and The Ghost release their first single, 'Wolves'
Skinny Puppy's 2007 album 'Mythmaker' re-released on vinyl - order now
Clock DVA issues 'The Future Begins / Clock 2' USB - order now
Cult electro act The Psychic Force remix Aesthetische for new 'Colder Lights' 4-track single - order now via Bandcamp
Tyske Ludder side-project Harmjoy debuts with 'Silver Lining of the Mushroom Cloud'
Former Primal Scream gitarist Robert Young dead at 49
'V' star Jane Badler sings on newly released Junksista single 'Live A little'
Simon Fisher Turner remixes Olivia Louvel
a-ha fans campaign to get more remastered deluxes edition CDs
Massive The Cure tribute CD to be unleashed on Alfa Matrix - Bandcamp users get 2 extra tracks!
The Cure cover the Beatles - their first new recording for 6 years
New Desireless video comes password protected - we give you that password!
L'Ame Imortelle returns with 'Drahtseilakt' in December - order the limited edition now
Diarmaid O Meara & Daniel Munkelberg join for 'Extra Fine' EP - out now
Fraulein Z returns with new single featuring Horrorist remix + video
Metal press and fans NOT amused by Rational Youth / Psyche AC/DC cover - Rational Youth reacts to cyberbullying
Celldweller releases title track 'End of an Empire' from new album
Fatal Casualties release new album 'Psalm'
Kraftwerk to play 8 nights at the Paradiso in Amsterdam
Limited edition vinyl version for Birthday Massacre's new album 'Superstition'
Suicide Tribute including Front 242, DAF, Die Krupps, etc members
Daily Planet returns with 'Two' after 18 years of silence
Rational Youth & Psyche cover AC/DC classic 'Thunderstruck' on 7 inch
Estonian Industrial rockers Evestus release new video + free album
Psy'Aviah to launch 'The Xenogamous Endeavour' album in October - listen + order now
New Order sign with Mute
Electro Spectre back with new album 'Bullets & Desert Blooms'
Oil 10 releases 'Human Decision Required' video
Diffuzion member launches final release for solo project Eff Dst
Double vinyl release for Iris' 'Radiant' album

August 2014
Pre-orders available now for new Lovelorn Dolls album!
Aphex Twin announce new album - order your vinyl now
Founder BLC Productions dies after losing battle with lung cancer
The Knife break up
Godflesh launch teaser for new album 'A World Lit Only By Fire'
Solitary Experiments remix battle
Aidan Casserly releases ebook 'A place for the Skulls'
T-shirt blow-out at Storming The Base
New Sol Invictus on CD & vinyl - order now
Paul Kendall to release 'Family value pack' in September - order now
Alfa Matrix announces massive CD sales action
Infest 2014 charity auction
A truly unique electronic music festival this weekend: Infest 2014
Morcheeba announces new single 'Make believer'
New C-lekktor project: Circuito Cerrado
Save the Dancing Ferret CD shop from closing - act NOW via Indiegogo!
Split single for Seabound & Iris - order here
2nd single from latest Interpol album hits videoland
Dutch industrial / EBM act Evil Goat Riders plan new album, first videoclip out now
Vinyl release for new Youth Code album 'A place to stand' - order now
D-Pulse debut with 'Consequenced' album in Fall 2014
New Lisa Gerrard album 'Twilight Kingdom' out now
77tm release debut EP 'Spam' as a limited 12inch
Previously extremely limited Ljungblut tribute album goes crowdfunding for proper release
Odium Records/Sonic Hell Rec announce new EP PreEmtpive Strike 0.1
Keller Kinder launch new music video 'House of Glass'
Friends of Alice Ivy announce the release of 'The Golden Cage and its Mirrored Maze'
Russian electronic avant-garde band Otto Dix presents 'Old Clock' video
Goldfrapp release 'Laurel' video
Chrysalide return with 'Personal Revolution' album - order here
Wayne Hussey (The Mission) returns with new single 'Wither on the vine' - listen here
Classic Zoth Ommog albums by Mentallo & The Fixer remastered and re-released in 3CD boxset / download 'Zothera'
16volt call it quits
Sebastian Komor launches 'Vikings, Thrones & Dragonbones' download album
Oil 10 returns with 'Modularium' - order now
Empire State Human sign to Werkstatt Recordings for new album 'The Dark'
Did Morrissey try to hire a killer to get rid of fansite admin?
Information Society to release first new album in 20 years feat. original lineup on CD and vinyl - order now !
Alt-Fest officially canceled
New Olivia Louvel release ready for pre-ordering with a touch of Recoil added - order now
Metroland returns with vinyl single 'Thalys' including a remix by Paul Kendall, Northern Kind etc. - order now

July 2014
Paul Kendall previews upcoming new album on Soundcloud
Ataraxia back with new album 'Wind at Mount Elo'
Your Bunny Rot goes 'For the fallen ones' including covers of R.E.M. and Apoptygma Berzerk
Nolongerhuman go into 'Withdrawal'
Rammstein guitarist to release new album under Emigrate moniker
Combichrist kicks out support act Blood On The Dance Floor after band member is accused of being a pedophile
KMFDM launch vinyl version of new 'Our time will come' album - order now
Vinyl for new Electric Six album 'Human Zoo'
Bella Morte releases 'Exorcisms' album on CD and limited edition white vinyl
And One to release 'Magnet' album in 1 and 3CD version
Side-Line presents: Suikerrock Festival 2014
Clint Carney from System Syn, Imperative Reaction and God Module starts fundraiser for new indie film
Hocico release 'Die Hoelle Ueber Berlin' DVD+CD
The Mobile Homes release 25th anniversary album 'Today is Your Lucky Day' on vinyl
New Swedish minimal synth vinyl compilation: 'Elektronik Och Skrammeldisko'
Depeche Mode to release yet another live DVD
Andy Bell to launch new solo album/book 'Torsten the Bareback Saint' - order now
Massive vinyl reissues of Front Line Assembly's 'Improvised Electronic Device' album - get yours now!
Alfa Matrix extends 50% reduction code on Bandcamp with one week - use it now
BOREDOMproduct launch Bastille Day! Sales for just one day !
August release for 2nd Nitronoise 2CD album 'No cure for apocalypse'
Interpol return with first new single from upcoming album 'El Pintor' - listen here
Black Lung returns with 'The Great Golden Goal'
#366: A life lived announce 2 remix albums
TourDeForce launch new album 'Jadem Das Seine' and video - watch it now
Cynical Existence go on US tour + make OST for short film 'Timewars'
Swoon launches strong 3-track EP on Cut label - listen now
Vinyl release for Birthday Massacre's 2004 single 'Violet'
Deluxe vinyl for new Die Form album 'Rayon X'
Side-Line iOS/Android app hits the deadpool
Sadman release 'Drama' video
German-American electro-synth duo Harm Joy release 2nd EP: 'Pain Decay'
Kevorkian Death Cycle to release a new single
Finally available to a bigger audience: the female-fronted synthpop compilation 'Electronically Yours Vol 1'
Do you already have your industrial pins from Storming The Base ?
Annik Honoré, former lover of Joy Division singer Ian Curtis, is no more
Novo return with new EP: 'Let it be known today' - out now !
Dublin's 'Night of the Machines VI' on July 10th
Fields Of The Nephilim back in the studio
KMFDM launch live album in September
Ooberfuse launch 'Different Drum' video
Memento Materia announce 'Drama' EP from Sadman
Erasure go calavera Mexicana on cover artwork new album

June 2014
Cocksure (feat. Front 242's Richard 23) announce CD and Vinyl release
Pride and Fall return with 'Turn the lights on' EP
Marco Defcode (Decoded Feedback) and Claus Larsen (Leaether Strip/Klutae) form new project: Sequential Access
Deine Lakaien return with new EP, new album and live album and lots of vinyl - order now!
Lacrimosa 'Live in Mexico City' 2CD+DVD set announced for August
AD Inferna's 7th album out now on Advoxya Records
Noisuf-X releases limited 2CD version of new album
Grendel and Ludovico Technique to Tour North America
Black Tape for a Blue Girl offers of 4 hours of material for free download
Depeche Mode's David Gahan featured on new album UK chamber folk act SixToes
Depeche Mode fans - time to update your Depeche Mode knowledge database with Vienna 4CD boxset (make that a 5CD boxset) featuring lost Mute album...
Yet another reissue of older Raison D'être material as an expanded edition: 'The Empty Hollow Unfolds' with bonus tracks
Lovelorn Dolls lands brand new single 'The Thrill' - listen here!
Funker Vogt issues expanded edition of 'Survivor'
BOREDOMproduct prepare a tribute to French pop singer Etienne Daho
2 Esplendor Geometrico albums to be released for the very first time on vinyl
Junkista return with 'Vu d'en face' single after internationally acclaimed 'Life is unfair (and love is a bitch)' clubhit
New Soldout video 'To the ocean' hits the net
Vinyl version Front Line Assembly album 'Echoes' close to being sold out - last copies!
Alfa Matrix launches new massive free Bandcamp compilation 'Matrix Downloaded 003' + gives away 50% discount code 'amsummermadness' for Bandcamp
Severe Illusion new album 'Deliberate Prefrontal Leucotomy' available as vinyl
More Download reissues on vinyl: 'FiXer' and 'Helicopter + Wookie Wall'
Limited vinyl release 'This Desolation' + competition from Ireland's KuBo
Vinyl for Norwegian romantic folk act Eliwagar + project on hold + label closed down
New Snuttock video for 'Spitting Into the Wind'
Apoptygma Berzerk's 'Welcome to earth' re-issued with a huge number of bonus tracks on cassette
A-ha songwriter Magne Furuholmen offers free song download
Ladytron launch new Brazil inspired side-project Tamoios, right on time for Football World Cup 2014
Studio-X vs. Simon Carter return with 'Frozen' download single
Jules Verne Theory release 'Exposure' EP
Morrissey cuts US tour short, and blames support act for miraculous allergy attack - what a surprise...
Hanzel und Gretyl announce new album and tour
Ministry to release 'Live in Paris' album on 4 formats - order yours now
Exclusive details on new Celluloide album 'Art Plastique' - out in Fall 2014
Avarice In Audio launch debut dance electro EP
New track by Mikela Jay & Fat Benjamin (Andy Callaby)
Cinemascope finally sees long awaited debut released
New single and music video from Electro Spectre: 'You Push for the World'
808 State see re-issues 'Ninety' and 'Ex:el' albums on cassette via ArtOfFact label
Cosmic Armchair to release debut single for Alfa Matrix tomorrow
In Slaughter Natives sign with Cyclic Law and announce new album
Interpol release announce pre-orders 'El Pintor' on CD and vinyl
Mute announce new album for Plastikman: 'EX' (Recorded live at the Guggenheim, NYC)
Simi Nah announce new 'Be my Guest' with a load of Belgian guest vocalists (The Neon Judgement, Vive la Fête, Snowy Red, Lords of Acid, The Wolf Banes, The Klinik and Luc Van Acker)
Marcel Vanthilt (Arbeid Adelt!) returns with new EP
Power Rangers go electro or is it Psyborg Corp. releasing 'The frozen shrines of Obsydyana'?
Siva Six release new live video + play WGT + work on new album
Ministry to tour again
Mexican act Red Industries returns
Alfa Matrix announces 6 new singles for download via their Bandcamp page

May 2014
The Klinik 8CD boxset 'Box (1984-1991)'
Noir release 'My Dear' video
Rammstein back in schlagerland with Roland Kaiser
Junksista release officially sanctioned Garbage cover of 'Queer'
Vinyl single release for Haujobb featuring Front 242 singer Jean-Luc De Meyer on vocals + remix by The Horrorist - order now
Erasure announce new album 'The Violet Flame' & worldwide tour
Avarice In Audio debuts with 6-track single 'Frostbite'
Inertia's Reza Udhin launches Black Volition project
Miss FD Returns with a music video for 'The Grand Version'
Former Alphaville keyboardist Martin Lister dies
New Assemblage 23 side-project Surveillance releases 'Oceania' CD - order now !
Attrition release live 1992 album 'Pushing Against The Wire'
Pixies announce exclusive Spotify session
Godflesh to release new EP, 'Decline And Fall' this June
Out now, the debut album from the electro breatbeat trance project Studio-X vs. Simon Carter
R.I.P. Moi dix Mois member K
Liv Kristine prepares new solo album
Coil fans, attention! New Electric Sewer Age album 'Bad white corpuscle' - order now
Raison D'être re-release 'Requiem 'for Abandoned Souls' with extra material
Pink Floyd to release 20th anniversary box set of 'The Division Bell'
Heimataerde goes Bruderschaft on new single
Xenturion Prime to launch debut album 'Mecha Rising' in July - order now
Vinyl release for Borghesia's 'And man created God' - order now
New Freakangel single 'Into The Fire' out now
Out now: Studio-X vs. Simon Carter album 'Breaking the void' in 2 versions
Side-Line presents: X. Amphi Festival 2014
xotox releases 'redux' vinyl - get it here
Kent Odessa's synthy electro-pop Single 'Physical Genius' out now
Christian Death commence European 'Catastrophe Ballet' tour + ballerinas wanted
Painter, sculptor, architect and Alien designer H.R. Giger dies at 74
Dani'el launches brand new video 'Algabal'
Aaimon's 'Aaimon & Aemixes' vinyl out now
Neue Deutsche Welle re-compiled by ZYX
Ralph Jones' 'The Slumber Party Massacre' OST re-released as neon pink & green vinyl
The Mission release limited double 7 inch vinyl 4-track EP - order now
Tamtrum launch teaser video for 'ATVFM (allez tous vous faire mettre)' CD/DVD
Vinyl release for Lydia Lunch & Cypress Grove album 'A Fistful of Desert Blues'
New Saltillo album sees vinyl release too - order now before it's sold out
In Strict Confidence to issue 2nd volume 'Lifelines' series: '(1998-2004): The extended Versions'
Harmjoy launch debut EP 'Inside Out' - order now
Marc Houle returns with full-length album 'Cola Party' on own Items & Things imprint
Melotron re-records hits for 'Werkschau' album / compilation, in 2 versions - order now
Kinetik is dead, long live the Aftermath Music festival
Dubhfest Festival: Side-Line gives away 3 tickets!
Freakangel returns with 'Into The Fire' download single
Cult futurepop act Angels & Agony featured on new album Schwarzblut
Agent Side Grinder & Dirk Ivens (Klinik) 12 inch vinyl collaboration
For the Marsheaux fans: Fotonovela's 'A ton of love' by the Marsheaux producers and featuring Marsheaux (that's 4 times Marsheaux in one title)
Alfa Matrix launches reduction code for Bandcamp and announces free CD compilation 'Sounds from the matrix 015'
Cyberogre release debut album 'Routine'
Aesthetic Perfection releases 'Til Death' in 3 different vinyl colors - order now
New Click Click album + limited edition containing novel by Adrian Smith announced for June - order now

April 2014
Schwarzblut push the boundaries with the excellent 'Gebeyn aller Verdammten' album in 2 versions
Marsheaux release wave with rarities compilation, 7 inch vinyls and much more
FTANNG! is giving away new 'Happiness' single
Apoptygma Berzerk sees '7' re-issued on cassette as a 26-track album
Here's your chance to be on the next Junksista album !
Belanger creates kick-ass remix of Phantogram's 'Fall In Love'
Debut album Spanish electropop sensation Mondträume out now!
Marsheaux goes gold with a gold version of the 'Inhale' double-vinyl
Umbra et Imago announce 'Sex statt Krieg Tour 2014'
My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult announce 'Spooky Tricks' album & tour
The Awakening compiled on 'Anthology XV'
Rational Youth announce first European shows in 15+ years + exclusive tour shirt (get it now - only 50 are being made)
4th videoclip from Noblesse Oblige - 'Voices In My Head' - out now
New 'Love & Hate' single by Gothenburg based Selected Area
New Aesthetische album 'Hybridcore' out now in 2 versions - Front 242 fans wil dig this one for sure!
Wax Trax! returns with new single from Cocksure
New Die Form single 'Schaulust' to be released on May 2nd
Norwegian indie synth rockers The Pussyclub launch Apop produced single
Last Juno Reactor album 'The golden sun of the great east' gets vinyl treatment by Metropolis
Re-issues for Slick Idiot feat. En Esch
Download release 'LingAM' album on vinyl in 3 different versions
Reissue for Grendel's 'Soilbleed Redux V2' EP
Tiamat singer quits via Facebook update
New Morten Harket album 'Brother' out now in Germany, the UK and Scandinavia
Front Line Assembly album 'Echoes' to be released as vinyl 2LP (in 4 versions!)
Orphan Swords release 5-track EP 'Raum'
More info on the Machinista debut album 'Xenoglossy'
New Dani'el EP 'The Book: Revision' out tomorrow
Reissue of Soma Holiday's cult classic 'Shake Your Molecules'
Artoffact signs LA's 3teeth and plans vinyl and USB tooth - last chance to get yours
Rome to release 'A passage to Rhodesia' 2CD+DVD+book boxset this summer - order now
Seabound to kick off 'Speak In Storms' tour with label mates Iris
10 vinyl set including book for Muslimgauze
7th edition of Coil 'Porto' live bootleg album
XMH lands new album 'In Your Face' in 2 versions - out now
Finally also in North America: Cabaret Voltaire's 'Drinking Gasoline' CD/LP/DVD
The New Division back with 'Together We Shine' - and you better get it
Do you want to remix Paul Waaktaar's (A-ha) 'Manmade Lake' ? A fruit basket is awaiting you!
Plastic Noise Experience lands 'Therapy' in 3 formats
Music Non Stop starts 'closing down sale'
New Lovelorn Dolls album being produced by Helalyn Flowers' Max
Vaniish (ex-Veil Veil Vanish) to launch debut album Memory Work on CD and vinyl
ZTT Records compile 80s on 'SO80S (So Eighties) presents ZTT' 2CD
RIP 'The Godfather of House' Frankie Knuckles (59)
Electronic music festival 10 Days Off calls it quits
Moebius Neumeier Engler back after 17 years of silence with 'Another Other Places' - order now
Norwegian band Electro Spectre signs record deal and releases new single
Out now: debut album Acylum side project Aengeldust
Facebook to charge users to like posts
Rational Youth 5LP boxset collects 1981-84 recordings - order now
New Borghesia album 'And Man Created God' - order now
David Lynch 'In Conversation' with Moby and Hans Zimmer 'In Conversation' with Junkie Xl at IMS Engage LA
Re-issue Marsheaux' 'Inhale' as 2CD set
Russian electronic/avant-garde band Otto Dix to unleash 'Anima' album
Inertia hits the road with Ayria in the UK
Pixies Announce art contest for new album
More details 3rd volume 4CD boxset Electronic Saviors: Remission
Leaether Strip launches 'Strong Boys' video

March 2014
You think your organic Facebook page reached an all-time low? Facebook disagrees and plans to slash it down to 1-2% (Alternative title : Zuckerberg, just go fuck yourself.)
Acylum side project Aengeldust launches 'Freakshow' LP tomorrow
Mondtraume launch brand new trailer for their upcoming album
New single and video for The Protagonist: 'Atom from the sun'
Conzoom launches mega-sales : 5 EUR for (almost) each release
Trent Reznor commissioned Nine Inch Nails material by Coil to be released as 'Recoiled' - last chance to get your copy on vinyl
Infacted returns with 'Classics' series after a near-2-year break
Frontal EBMs away on 'Lass uns tanzen'
Desire reissues the 2 classic French synth-wave acts OTO and Candidate
Cinemascape release 'Nuclear Skies' EP + video
Pixies to release first new studio album ('Indie Cindy') in over 20 years
Twitter shuts down #Music on April 18
Laura Carbone debuts with 'Stigmatized' EP
Interface remix contest
Empire State Human return with instrumental album 'Futura'
Eisbrecher reissues debut with extra DVD as bonus
Double vinyl + CD version new Combichrist album
Ex-members Neuroactive and This Empty Flow powered Huminoida project launch new 10 inch vinyl - order now
Front Line Assembly remix album 'Echoes' out in May - pre-order now
Gothminister see 4 albums reissued
NZ release very first MCD: 'Raw and Pure'
Swedish band Futuro releases new single 'Automaton'
The Eternal Afflict return with 'Perish!' EP on Prussia Records - audio preview
Debut album 35 years in the making for Naked Lunch
Junksista start Junk Galore project for devoted fans
Psyclon Nine Kickstarter campaign to be fulfilled at the end of March
Music Non Stop closes at the end of April
UK electronic act Lyronian to release new album in March
Attrition offer 'Monkey in a bin : The 30th anniversary edition'
My Empire Of Sound stream new album for free until releasedate
Some vinyl releases to check out: Laibach, Apoptygma Berzerk, Edward Ka-Spel, Phil Western, ...
This Morn' Omina back on the road with new line-up + new album in the making
Cult act Desireless releases new album: 'Noun'
Chrysta Bell tours Europe in support re-release David Lynch produced 'This Train' album
Schwarzblut push out 'Bis aufs Blut' single as appetizer for new album to be released in April
Studio-X vs. Simon carter to launch 'Breaking the void' album in May
Tamtrum ends on a high note with 'ATVFM (allez tous vous faire mettre)' CD+DVD set
Seeming launch teaser upcoming debut - and you better check it out
Joakim Montelius (Covenant) launches new project - listen to a first preview!
Jean-Luc De Meyer (Front 242) doing 2 conferences in Belgium
Spotify to launch in Russia
Helalyn Flowers frontwoman launches ToXic Visions Design
Steve Roach sees 'Structures from Silence' released as a 30th anniversary 3CD remastered edition
Inkubus Sukkubus return with 'Love Poltergeist' album
Erotic Elk returns with 'Burning down your house' digital single
One A-ha member records music for the upcoming "Beatles" movie...
... another A-ha member announces more details on upcoming solo album
Saltillo to release 'Ganglion' on vinyl in 3 versions
Too Dead to Die debuts with 'Murder On The Dance Floor'
Ex-members Abscess and Girls Under Glass start new project: Bhambhamhara
RIP Co-founder cultlabel N.E.W.S.
Megaherz join Napalm Records
Vomito Negro returns with 'Death Sun' - audiopreview album
Infinite Fog releases all new 'Spasms' album by Ataraxia in a mega limited 2CD version
Negative Gain Productions to Release Mr.Kitty's album 'Life' in North America + remix contest
Pixies reveal brand new video for 'Greens and blues'
Mondtraume prep for April album 'Empty' in 2 versions
Vinyl release for Portion Control rarities album 'Unrest in the grime'
Client return with 'Authority' album

February 2014
Spray compiled on 'The Difficult Third Album'
Swedish synth pop duo Daily Planet returns with 'Trust' / 'Fragile' single
Seabound announce European Tour with Iris and Architect + enter Media Control charts
Lassigue Bendthaus reissues 'Master' debut with bonus 7 inch
Klaus Schulze to release (final) 15th release in 'La Vie Electronique' series
Rare Numb material compiled on vinyl album
Electropop act Sadman are prepping a new video and EP
Ayria joins Project Pitchfork on upcoming German tour plus announces further UK dates
Members of Sol Invictus and Seventh Harmonic release benefit compilation 'No Red Seas II: Dead Seas'
Regulator debuts with self-titled album
Founder Vancouver-based label Eternal Drive Recordings debuts with dark techno release 'Bulldozer'
Brian Eno and Karl Hyde (Underworld) join again for first album 'Someday World'
Marty Thau dies from complications due to a recent heart attack
Ukraine uproar causes Depeche Mode to cancel concert
Aesthetische return with club oriented 'Hybridcore' album in 2 formats
Eternal Soul label closes its doors
Diary Of Dreams preps 11th studio album 'Elegies in Darkness' - order now
The Exploited singer suffers heart attack on stage and cancels remainder of tour (video)
Syrian re-release 'Supernova' with Marian Gold from Alphaville on vocals
Post-Revco project Cocksure launches 'KKEP' single
Freakangel return with brand new video after successful IndieGoGo funding campaign
Essence Of Mind release 'Hate' single just in time for Apoptygma Berzerk support slot
Vanguard to release new EP 'Let Us Fall'
Angelspit releases new album in 2 formats
New Assemblage 23 side-project: Surveillance
Junksista land remix for popular indie/rock/electropop act Uh Huh Her
Bob Casale of Devo is no more
Sold-out debut Youth Code repressed on vinyl - limited edition!
Wumpscut returns with new album 'Bulwark Bazooka' in various formats + lots more!
First preview from 'Stop Feeding The Beast' EP + mini-tour and more from Apoptygma Berzerk
Alien Vampires strike back with brand new EP: 'Harsh Drugs & BDSM'
Ex-Nightwish singer, Anette Olzon, to release debut solo LP via earMusic
Meet the fan (who Marilyn Manson probably wished he never had)
Swedish tape label Belaten presents 3 new releases
Maggie Estep dies from complications following a heart attack
Psyche reworks classic hit & releases Dwayne Goettel (Skinny Puppy) remembrance vinyl and more
Tongue in cheek video from Desireless and Antoine Aureche
Acylum re-releases sold out 'Mental Disorder' album as 29-track download (incl. 14 bonus tracks)
Infest announces Juno reactor for their 2014 edition
Orange Sector release 'Geile Zeit' video
Combichrist returns to roots with new single 'From My Cold Dead Hands'
Summer Darkness Festival takes a sabbatical
Paul Waaktaar-Savoy (A-ha) debuted new project Waaktaar with 'Manmade Lake'
Plastic Noise Experience returns with 'Therapy' including a 3CD set (only available via Alfa Matrix webshop)
Zillo Music Magazine offices go up into flames - also the March issue is now canceled
Cold Meat Industry label closes the doors
Future of Alan Wilder project Recoil unsure
Skinny Puppy sues Pentagon for $666,000 for using its music on Guantanamo Bay
Neil Tennant from Pet Shop Boys in critical condition in German hospital? Probably a hoax UPDATE
First live DVD for Von Magnet: 'Performances 1985-2013'
Former Hooverphonic singer joins up with Psy'Aviah for 'Our Common Future' EP / video
Combichrist, Satyricon, Peter Murphy and more join Alt-Fest line-up
Magne Furuholmen (A-ha) launches Beatles inspired 'Norwegian Wood Remix' exhibition
Free Plastic Noise Experience jingle accompanies newest 'Matrix Revelations 5' download
Juggernaut Music Group to release new charity compilation, 'Beat:Cancer V2'
Blutengel symphonically compiled on 'Black Symphonies - An Orchestral Journey' in 3 formats
The Cure to release a series of live concert DVDs and new album

January 2014
Black Lung video 'The Business of Selling' out now
Preview album from Detroit Diesel side-project Berlin Babylon
In Strict Confidence sees extended versions compiled on 'Lifelines Vol.1 (1991-1998) - The Extended Versions'
Swans announce new 2CD studio album in May and sign with Mute outside North America
Leaether Strip returns with new album + reissue self-released 'Untold stories'
Apoptygma Berzerk launches new experimental electronic instrumental EP 'Stop Feeding The Beast'
Xian Amatory & DJ Elbow release first dark wave track: 'Shadow Of Doubt'
This is how a Trent Reznor song is composed...
The world's biggest 80s festival Rewind announces 3 UK festival line-ups
Al Jourgensen (Ministry) enters rehab
Trent Reznor is pissed off at the Grammys
Tying Tiffany releases new single 'Spin Around' from new album 'Drop'
Hans Zimmer looking for new collaborators via remix contest
Fabrika Records, a (new) vinyl label from Athens, Greece
New album for Hanin Elias' (Atari Teenage Riot) project Fantome
German gothic rock act Still Patient? gets retrospective release on Dark Dimensions
Black Lung returns with 'The Business of Selling' 12 inch
Angelspit invites Helalyn Flowers to appear as guests on new album 'The Product'
Dawn of Ashes announce 'Enter the Vortex 2014' as a farewell tour
Essence Of Mind supporting Apoptygma Berzerk in Germany
Rentip issues new remix EP 'Routine Remixes'
Gabi DelGado (DAF) to launch solo album '1' - listen to the 18 minute plus trailer!
Morten Harket presents new 'Brother' single during Spellemann Awards
M:O:T:U launch 20-minute-long (!!) music video 'Space Riders' to promote new new 2CD album
Well: Erdball return with 'Tanzmusik fuer Roboter' on Synthetic Symphony
Vince Clarke (Erasure) remixes Polly Scattergood
And One preps 3 new albums
Video trailer for 2014 edition Familientreffen pops up featuring music by Plastic Noise Experience
Re-release Victrola's 'Maritime Tatami' 12inch on Dark Entries Records
New Seabound album 'Speak In Storms' to be released in 3 formats
Namnambulu says 'Sorry'
Bruderschaft reaches nr1 position in the DAC
English edition Depeche Mode bio/discography 'Monument' give-away time !
The Rabid Whole prepare new album for a Spring release
Moby announces shortlist 'Almost Home' video contest
Nachtmahr offers first preview from new album 'Feindbild ' - listen now
OST+FRONT return with 2 versions of new 'Olympia' album
Eurythmics reunion for Beatles tribute - no new material in sight
More details on upcoming Laibach album 'Spectre'
Projekt Records finally announces album for Paulina Cassidy
Adrien Viot hits back with 'Mort a Vegas' 12 inch
Machinista launch first EP 'Arizona Lights' on Juggernaut Services
You are all paedophiles according to Morrissey (if you eat meat that is)
Massive CD sales at Alfa Matrix !
The Cult announced as Alt-Fest final main stage headliner + Gary Numan also confirmed
VV303 sees 'Dunkles Berlin' EP landing on I-Traxx Recordings
Pixies announce second EP, 'EP-2' with 4 new songs

December 2013
Andy Oppenheimer (Oppenheimer Analysis) interview pops online
First EP new Douglas J McCarthy project with Cyrusrex, DJMREX, out now
Pittersplatter preps label debut for Juggernaut Music Group with re-release 2012 album
Boxing Day Sale on Storming The Base - order now!
Die Krupps launch 'Nazis Auf Speed' video
Marsheaux remix Junksista track 'Department Store' gets video treatment
Marilyn Manson announced as Alt-Fest (UK) headliner
Free download The Glove's 'Mouth to Mouth' by Jenn Vix
New dark noisepop project from Caustic/Unwoman
The Department releases free download
Controlled Collapse returns with new EP, 'Ruins After Babel'
Tycho Brahe return to dark synth pop with new EP series
Pussy Riot members all set free
God Module announce False Face Tour details
Debut single dance electro project Studio-X vs. Simon Carter predicts a bright future
Alfa Matrix releases geo-map of 'Matrix Downloaded 02' compilation after reaching 5000 downloads
Helalyn Flowers unleash 'Videodope' EP holding previously unreleased songs
Is this art? According to Rammstein singer Till Lindemann it is
Do you want to be part of the next Komor Kommando album?
Olivia Louvel featured on 'Pussy Riot Freedom' compilation
Underground Alliance Records offers underground electronics from former Yugoslavia
Forget Doktor Avalanche, BeatBuddy surpasses all expectations on IndieGoGo
#366: A Live Lived plan 2nd album for Janyary 2014
Monno drops 'Cheval Ouvert' on Idiosyncratics label
80sObscurities: Exclusive video interview and live show with A Split Second
Line-up complete for E-tropolis Festival 2014 edition
XMH signs to Alfa Matrix and release first 4-track single 'The Business' + video
Swedish electro vol 2 out now
Xenturion Prime (ex-Code 64) debuts with 'Rise' EP
IIOIOIOII video for 'Goodbye' out now
Synthpop/electro act Melodies In Mono offer free download new 'Touch Me' single
New Client single out early next year
'A Synthesizer for Christmas' animated Hyperbubble video
Drummer Joey Jordison leaves Slipknot
New Johnny Cash album 'Out Among the Stars' will be released in March holding 'lost' material from 1980s
Live videos of Morten Harket performing at Night of the proms
Famous LA Industrial-Club Das Bunker stops weekly dance event
Növö debutes on Alfa Matrix with new single 'I Flee' - Front 242 and Trisomie 21 fans rejoice!
ZTT celebrates 30th anniversary with 3 news albums for 2014
Alfa Matrix launches 2nd volume massive FREE download compilation 'Matrix Downloaded' + offers 50% discount code on label catalogue on Bandcamp for a limited time only
New project from one half of Holm/Mirland
Free Empire State Human single 'Christmas Long Gone' up for grabs
Pixies enlist Paz Lenchantin as new bass player and launch video for 'Another Toe In The Ocean'
New video from Current 93 collaborator Pantaleimon
London based neoclassical band Seventh Harmonic have just released a download single
Spotify to launch limited free mobile access next week
Komor Kommando hits back with 'Hail the rhythm' single
Electropop act Mondträume launches first single
UCNX launch remix/cover album and offer Nine Inch Nails cover for free
Seja Records to release Fatal Casualties' 'SITM Remixes' EP
Lilies On Mars release first single 'Dream Of Bees' from forthcoming 'Dot to Dot' album
Free MRDTC track for download
New single and video from Shatoo!
Swedish shop Kollaps Records presents its first year anniversary with a festival
Massive Attack co-writer and producer Davidge announces debut album and premieres title track, plus video
Celldweller releases OST and eBook 'Blackstar Act One: Purified'
Russian synthpop band WANT/ed returns with new album and digital distribution
4 new signings and 5 new download EP's for Alfa Matrix
Minimal Trend Records launch with 'Minimal Milan' compilation
Brand new John Foxx DVD 'In The Glow Madrid 1983' out later this month
Croatian electro act Dani'el debuts with 'The Book'
Anne Clark + Herr B. release 'Fairytales from the Underground' on vinyl

November 2013
Aesthetic Perfection announce new album & European tour for February 2014
First 2 albums Modern Cubism re-released featuring bonus tracks
New book on Kraftwerk, DAF, Liaisons Dangereuses, etc. written by Rudiger Esch (Die Krupps)
Black Tape For A Blue Girl album 'Remnants of a Deeper Purity' gets kickstarted on vinyl
Clan Of Xymox return with brand new album 'Matters of Mind, Body and Soul' in 2014
Ireland's synth revival
Insane Records add the promising act Scarred Abscess to their label roster
Stin Scatzor returns with new album after 6 years of silence
New video and single for Otto Dix
Stream exclusive track from debut San Francisco-based witchhouse duo AAIMON now on Side-Line.com
Lostprophets singer Ian Watkins 'determined and committed pedophile'
Irrelevant lands double sided vinyl including a Compa remix
New Greek dark ambient project Conjecture preps first CD
Einstuerzende Neubauten compose new piece for Fall of Diksmuide (Flanders) commemoration
Covenant robbed on German motorway, and the chase continues via Apple's retrieval software
Film on The Residents being crowdfunded via IndieGoGo
Delaykliniken launch 'Air' single and video
Depeche Mode records new live DVD in Berlin
First new Morten Harket (A-ha) track appears online
New label I-Traxx launches
Update on first new Die Form album in 4 years
Peter Hook And The Light to play 'Unknown Pleasures' in full + fan's top choices at Alt-Fest 2014
Felix Da Housecat launches weekly radio show and announces 13th album feat. Nile Rodgers
Funker Vogt splits up, frontman Jens Kaestel leaves band
New single for Neutral Lies: 'Glitter Ball' (get the title track for free)
Sensuous Enemy join Nilaihah Records and release label debut 'Voyager'
Alkemic Generator launch new video, 'Voices of Devotion'
Cynical Existence hits back with 'Erase, Evolve and Rebuild'
Nine Inch Nails announce European tourdates 2014
New Fantome project unites member of Die Krupps and ex-ATR
Essence Of Mind remix Linkin Park - you can now vote for them
TourdeForce to release new album 'Jedem Das Seine' on Space Race Records
Die Krupps announce dates 'The Machinists Of Joy' tour
Parody on Depeche Mode's 'Personal Jesus' hits the net as 'Personal Trainer'
Front 242 announce German club tour for 2014
Ex-Re/Move member launches And Finally project and debutes with 'Heartbreak Empire' LP
Cold Spring prepares 3 new live Psychic TV releases
Scott Mitchell Putesky, aka Daisy Berkowitz (ex-Marilyn Manson), battling cancer
Seabound deliver the finishing touches to their new album 'Speak In Storms'
Creative 'Major Tom'-video from Apoptygma Berzerk fan
A-ha's Morten Harket plans new solo tour for May 2014
Skinny Puppy present 'illisiT' video
'I Dream of Wires: Hardcore Edition' to hit stores on DVD and Blu-ray in early December
Pouppee Fabrikk return with brand new single, 'H8 U'
Kant Kino present new video for 'Ich Liebe Katarina Witt' and launch new single
Diffuzion hits back with 5-track 'Insomnia' EP
Soleilmoon Records releases 6th album Ostara: 'Paradise down South'
M83 scores soundtrack for 'You And The Night' film
First video for dark electro project Ryan hits the net: 'Get Back'
ErilaZ synth player quits, looking for new members
Little Jinder returns with 'Shh' single
Decoded Feedback present new video: 'Another Loss'
Equitant documents past 5 years on 'Retrospekt 2008/2013'
80sObscurities presents: Workforce - 'Is It Safe?'
MRDTC return with '#3 (We Travel)' LP in December
German newcomer Franky Demon launches 'Blood Diamonds' album on NRT-Records
Junksista launch new album featuring hit single 'Life Is Unfair (And Love Is A Bitch)' in a packed Paris club
Lovelorn Dolls release video for latest single 'After Dark'
Pride and Fall discuss making of new album 'Of Lust And Desire' in video-interview - watch it here
Vanguard returns with new single 'On My Own'
First Japanese avant-garde silent vampire movie ever, 'Sanguivorous', finally out
Tolchock launch video for 'Down in the hole' - Side-Line exclusive video premiere
Spotify entering the Russian market? Their app indicates so
Android Lust kickstarts vinyl 10th anniversary edition 'The Dividing'
Old live recording from :zoviet*france: live in Paris 2011 released as free download
Techniques announces new single 'Switch' via Ktisune
Ataraxia return with 'Spasm (Sous la Coupole spleenetique du Ciel)'
Rentip releases first complete solo LP 'Daily Routines' on the Toronto-based label Crime League
Framework returns 11 years after debut to launch 2nd album 'Untold Stories'
Nachtmahr presents cover artwork for 5th album 'Feindbild' - and all hell breaks loose
Alt-Fest adds Cradle Of Filth to growing line-up 2014 fest
Listen to the complete Erasure album
80sObscurities presents: The Valley Forge - 'The World Is Going Round'
Tracklist new Erasure album 'Snow Globe'
Diverje returns with full album 'Hate stimulation'
Hypnoskull's Patrick Stevens starts acting career with German WW1 soldier role for CANVAS
Brand new Junksista video for 'Life Is Unfair (And Love Is A Bitch)' out now
Ethan Gold releases 'Bela Lugosi's Dead' cover and video
Royksopp present new single 'Running To The Sea'
Calva Y Nada album 'Dias Felizes' re-released in 3 different versions
1st music video from new album from Pantaleimon (ex-Current 93)

October 2013
Distorted World offers demo version new track from upcoming 2014 album
Nordic Giants launch smashing video for 'Violent Lights (Ft Alex Hedley)'
IIOIOIOII goes old school synth pop on 'Sun' LP
Hungry Lucy and Diet Audio members form new project, That, That Revolves
Alfa Matrix announces extra 3rd disc for label debut Junksista
Watch the new Erasure video for 'Gaudete'
Moby announces video contest for next single 'Almost Home'
Skinny Puppy announce 'Shapes For Arms' tour 2014
Marilyn Manson featured on new Avril Lavigne song 'Bad Girl'
80sObscurities presents: Glamatron - 'Photographs'
Freakangel launch new 'The Ones To Fall' video - get banned on YouTube - relaunch uncensored version on Vimeo
Erasure launch smashing new single 'Gaudete'
Lou Reed dies aged 71 after years of excessive drugs and alchohol use
New Ex Machina video for Drifting
Facebook bans the Snog cock sucking clip apparently
Supermale launch debut album Supermale yourself
Wynardtage return with full-lengh remix album, Close II Death
Vomito Negro to release Death Sun album in 2014
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds release Live from KCRW album
80sObscurities presents: Sean Heyden - Party Boy
New Klute album 'Draft' out now
Mute tribute album 'MuteResponse'
Totem Obscura vs. Acylum to launch debut album 'Forgotten Time'
'Darkside ' play based on Pink Floyd's 'The Dark Side of the Moon' hits CD stores in November
Rational Youth return with 3CD rarities and announce live shows
:zoviet*france: soundtrack to 'Designer Body' released on 'The Tables Are Turning'
Mesh announce 2nd single release: 'Adjust Your Set'
Pride And Fall launch remix contest
Rare Gitane Demone footage unearthed on 'Life after Death' 2DVD/CD including Rozz Williams live duets
Patenbrigade: Wolff returns with 'Freunde der Technik' MCD feat. Stefan Leuckert
Principe Valiente release new single 'She Never Returned' in a production by Niklas Bjorklund and Ed Buller (Node, The Psychedelic Furs, Spiritualized, Suede) + exclusive stream
3CD Alphaville tribute 'We heard the call - Vol. 2' out now
Miss FD releases new music video for 'Wanting Is Not Enough'
Spiritual Front return with a new album 'Black hearts in black suits'
New doc on The Stone Roses to be released on DVD and Blu-ray
A-ha wins BMI award for 4 million radio performances of 'Take On Me' on the US airwaves (Updated with interview)
Primitive Race (feat. Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson and other personel) releases first teaser
SNOG announces new single & video 'The New Cocksucker Blues'
Virgins O.R Pigeons launch long awaited new album 'Gotta get mad'
Infest 2014 announces early bird tickets and announces APB UK show in April
A Split-Second plays in NYC on December 7 2013 with Crash Course in Science opening
Unreleased Rozz Williams tracks out on 'Sleeping Dogs'
Laibach release 4-track download EP 'S' (available for 1 week only)
Love? launches 'Electronically Yours' album featuring Depeche Mode cover on bonus disc
Black Tape For A Blue Girl launch 'What does the cat say' 9-track download
80sObscurities presents: Voice of the Beehive - 'I Say Nothing'
Space Pirate Captain Harlock aka Albator film launched
Peter Murphy (Bauhaus) sentenced to 3 years of probation for hit-and-run
Junksista reveal details 'Bad case of fabulous' album
My Empire Of Sound release new single 'In A Perfect World'
Norwegian sung acapella cover of Depeche Mode's 'Enjoy The Silence'
Eight Bit Machine launch first single '80s Child'
Watch new Gary Numan video for 'Love Hurt Bleed'
Morcheeba launch video and 'Head Up High' album minimix
Ministry releases comic book series
Yann Tiersen to curate special Fantomas Halloween event in Paris
Bruderschaft returns with full album featuring members of Assemblage 23, Haujobb, Beborn Beton, Aesthetic Perfection and more
Dave Gahan (Depeche Mode) joins UK outfit SixToes
Zeromancer going underground!
Live DVD Klaus Schulze & Lisa Gerrard: 'Big in Europe Vol.1: Warsaw'
80sObscurities presents: Peter Godwin Interview (Part 5 of 5)
The Synthetic Dream Foundation announces brand new music video
Freakangel reach IndieGoGo goal & offer free extra EP to all supporters
Hold the presses! Steve Naghavi broke a leg !
VNV Nation to release album as single vinyl, not as a double vinyl

September 2013
More details and first new track previews revealed on new Technoir album 'We fall apart'
Vancouver's Ohm releases debut on ArtOfFact Records
Within Temptation returns with new single, 'Paradise (what about us?)'
Douglas J McCarthy (Nitzer Ebb) to premiere new project DJMREX
80sObscurities presents: Peter Godwin Interview (Part 4 of 5)
Die Krupps return with brand new album: 'The Machinists of Joy'
Resurrection Eve to complete material after death songwriter Mark Railton
A Kickstarter project that is worth checking out: the CS X51 USB/Midi Control Surface
Aesthetische delivers a new single that should please every Front 242 fans out there
80sObscurities presents: Peter Godwin Interview (Part 3 of 5)
Spotify lands in more countries and launches real mailbox
Electro Spectre finally release 'lost' 2007 album 'Pop Ghost'
80sObscurities presents: Peter Godwin Interview (Part 2 of 5)
Diskonnekted launches fresh 10-track EP and new video
80sObscurities presents: Peter Godwin Interview (Part 1 of 5)
Nachtmahr contest: be part of the artwork of the new Nachtmahr album
Plastic Noise Experience returns with 'Control' EP and video
VNV Nation offer free download from track of new album 'Transnational'
Hussalonia Hops the Night Vale Train with
New Freakangel video promises to be quite hot...
New single for FTANNG: 'Meaning' released in normal and audiophile version
The Clash tell their story on Spotify's 'This is Radio Clash'
New Broad Bean Band video 'Courtship Costume (Colm K Remix)' hits the net
The Knife announce new single 'Let's Talk About Gender Baby, Let's Talk About You and Me' (Planningtorock Rework)
Simi Nah release 'Dressing Room : The Naked mix' and video
Autechre to release new EP 'L-event'
80sObscurities presents: The Arch - 'Stay Lay'
The [Elephant] Revival of Americana Folk
80sObscurities presents: Ornamental - 'No Pain'
Tactical Module launch 'Into Exile' pre-sales via Bandcamp
Der Blutharsch returns with 'The Cosmic Trigger' and a re-release of 'Der Sieg des Lichtes ist des Lebens Heil!'
Solitary Experiments announce new album
Stockholm is the 6th destination for Sonar 2014
All About Eve singer teams up with Tenek and The Last Cry to record a Sophie Lancaster Foundation charity single
Plastikman show at at Guggenheim Museum in New York
Architect joined by Paul Kendall for new 'Mine' album + video
New video, errrr, infomercial from Angelspit: 'Apothecary'
Andy McCluskey (OMD) talks about new track 'Kill Me'
Aengeldust lands debut EP and immediately gets the :Wumpscut: remix treatment
Side-Line presents: Elektrostat 2013 - the 15th anniversary edition
Free Helgritt track
Esplendor Geometrico return with 'Ultraphoon' LP
Armor debuts song samples from 'When Have I Ever Been Okay?' LP
Heaven 17 to perform for 1st time ever in Paris
80sObscurities presents: The Silencers - 'Painted Moon'
Side-Line went checking out Arne Nordheim's Dråpen installation
Freakangel previews first tracks new 'The Ones To Fall' album - listen now
Zeromancer goes best of on 'Something for the Pain (Best of)'
Page returns home with new album 'Hemma'
Tolchock launches 'Selfextractor' single
Blancmange announce 'Happy Families too...' UK tour and album
Tweet @numanofficial or Facebook #AskGaryNuman and attend exclusive Gary Numan album playback
Morten Harket (A-ha) performs with the Scorpions in Greece (video) and joins Night of the Proms Tour
R.I.P. Ray Dolby, inventor of surround sound
Former members Code 64 return with Xenturion Prime project and play Elektrostat in Oslo
We Are Scientists to launch 'Business Casual' EP in October - watch video trailer
80sObscurities presents: Fad Gadget - 'Under The Flag I'
Totem Obscura vs. Acylum launch hardhitting debut EP 'Waldgeist'
Brand new dark wave radio/metal program launches tonight on Belgian Radio Scorpio: 'switchbLack'
Juggernaut Services launches record label
!distain re-releases 'America' EP with bonus tracks
Nobless Oblige launches brand new video for 'Hotel California'
80sObscurities interview with Ginger to the Rescue - 'Don't Say Na Na Na'
Morrissey to release '25 Live' DVD/Blu-ray - watch trailer
New Psyche rarities compilation on Bandcamp
Sol Invictus returns with 'Mr Cruel' 7inch
80sObscurities presents: Imagination - 'Body Talk'
Exclusive: New OMD single Night Cafe - Metroland's Nighthawks Remix premiers on Side-Line with exclusive download
Infest 2014 will take place after all
Neon Electronics compiled on '99TO12COMP'
Erasure release more details christmas album 'Snow Globe'
80sObscurities presents: Nick John - 'Planet Nine'
Virgin O.R Pigeons announce winners remix contest
Lovelorn Dolls return with brand new video 'No Life' and tackle the Facebook-only life of some people
Order the new Freakangel album via IndieGoGo and fund the band's new video
Vicious Circle promo company debuts in Stockholm with Henric De La Cour, Cryo, Necro Facility and Emmon
Back catalogue Ego Likeness reissued
Goldfrapp release new short film: 'Annabel'
80sObscurities presents: Split Enz - 'I Got You'
Meet the newest music patent troll: Ministry of Sound
Rammstein frontman Till Lindemann publishes poems
Pixies release new 4-track EP
Mark Railton (Resurrection Eve) passes away
First official live DVD for In Strict Confidence
Ludovico Technique returns with 'We came to wreak Everything'
Howard Jones launches new radio series on Absolute 80s + exclusive download new tracks
Olivia Louvel plays live at Brighton Dome

August 2013
Ex-Welle:Erdball vocalist contributes to new Nachtmahr album
Trent Reznor: 'It (his album) costs 10 bucks, or go fuck yourself'
Moby announces 'The Perfect Life' single featuring Wayne Coyne (The Flaming Lips)
Tanzwut returns with 'Hoellenfahrt' album
OMD releases video for new Edward Hopper inspired 'Night Cafe' single
Mecano no techno pop? We beg to differ.
Gary Numan to release 'Love Hurt Bleed' single on September 23rd
Simon Fisher Turner records 'The Epic Of Everest' OST featuring Cosey Fanni Tutti
Cryo returns with 'In Your Eyes EP'
Alison Moyet announces new single 'Changeling' out October 14th
80sObscurities presents: Troy Tate - 'Love Is...'
Clawfinger split up
Flux Fin returns with new single including remix from Neuroactive
God's Own Medicine complete new album and reissue back catalogue for free
First trailer for legendary CBGB club biopic
Madness of the Night launch 'Taste the Madness' video
Diskonnekted announces fall release for 'Yesteryears' EP including remixes by This Morn' Omina, Neuroticfish and Edge of Dawn
A tribute to Borghesia hits the online download shelf
The Peoples Republic Of Europe scheduled to play at big mainstream dance festival Q-Base
Electropop outfit Erotic Elk return with brand new single 'What you give is what you get'
Pride And Fall offer new free download
MMX might be the best of Keane and Editors in one
Flesh & Fell lands on Out Of Line for debut album after years of singles and live concerts
Tristesse Contemporaine aim for November release 2nd LP 'Stay Golden'
Front 242 announce string of live shows around Europe
Brand new Inertia 'Lies (S.O.P.H.I.E Mix)' video available now
80sObscurities presents: Thirteen at Midnight - 'Time Is Tight'
Gothrock project Rot On The March to land 'Era Of The Penultimate Steps' LP in September
Noir return with new 'Darkly Near' album in October
Diverje kickstarts new album
I:scintilla releases 'Live On JBTV' EP
80sObscurities presents: The Maxx - 'Cocaine'
Channel Zero put 'Angel' video online as a tribute to their recently deceased drummer Phil Baheux
2 more re-releases by Garden Of Delight
Terminal State returns after 13-year hiatus
Letzte Instanz compiled on '15 Jahre...'
Previously unreleased material from Diaframma finally out on vinyl
Lycia returns with their first album since 2003 - brand new interview
#366: A Life Lived release EP in October, new video 'Exit Saved' out now
80sObscurities presents: Tracie - 'The House That Jack Built'
Godflesh will release first new material in over 12 years via Decibel Magazine
Watch the new Henric De La Cour video for 'Shark'
Full details new The Mission album 'The Brightest Light'
New VNV Nation album 'Transnational' - here are some more details (UPDATE)
Trailer Wax Trax! Records Documentary pops up online
New trailer for 'Deranged' ahead of Blu-ray debut
80sObscurities presents: Charlie - 'Spacer Woman'
The Charlatans drummer Jon Brookes dies aged 44
80sObscurities presents: Two People - 'This Is The Shirt'
80sObscurities presents: Spoons - 'Nova Heart'
Full Leaether Strip catalogue re-released on Bandcamp in HQ audio download
Henric De La Cour goes 'Mandrills' in September
Caustic Records signs Fragile and Har Belex debut split LP
Parralox to release cover album 'Recovery' in September featuring Depeche Mode, Front 242, Erasure, ...
80sObscurities presents: Dalek I Love You - 'The World'
Channel Zero drummer Phil Baheux passes away
More details on new Pride And Fall album
Love Spirals Downwards founding member re-records instrumental from 1994 album
Iron Sky director goes crowdfunding for next album of Alymysto
Editors release new single 'Formaldehyde' with video directed by Ben Wheatley
80sObscurities presents: Little Nemo - 'Seconds'
Needle Sharing release new video 'Whorenado'
Neofolk project Har Belex holds members of electro acts Culture Kultür and Pail
New 'Feel The Power' album by The Peoples Republic Of Europe out now
80sObscurities presents: Fuzzbox - 'International Rescue'
New smashing video for The Synthetic Dream Foundation
SA42 finally returns after finding some inspiration
Mexican Mecanica label releases Tying Tiffany 10inch
Chile's Die Braut returns with 3rd album 'Heridas del Pasado'
Another electronic project from Egypt: Hussein El Sherbini
IAMX cancel August Festival dates due to sickness Chris Corner
New Ministry single 'PermaWar' out now
Full Unter Null catalogue re-released on Bandcamp in HQ audio download
Cat Rapes Dog to release vinyl version 'Life was sweet'
OMD-member had cardiac arrest just before show was to start in Toronto
Bandmembers drunk Daan Stuyven cut concert short
Apoptygma Berzerk returns with new single 'Major Tom'
Machinista have just released a new song 'Take Comfort In Being Sad'
Free Cynical Existence track for download
20 years of Hocico celebrated on 'Los Días caminando en el Fuego'
Tyske Ludder return with 'Bambule' EP
The Department debuts with 'Transformed EP' - listen now
80sObscurities presents: Tones on Tail - 'Christian Says'

July 2013
Dismantled drops material lost project DFEKTiV on BandCamp
Chamaeleon debut with 'SicK | perVerTed'
Gary Numan announces new 'Splinter (Songs From A Broken Mind)' album and tour - listen to first track !
Out now, new Die Rostigen Loeffel album feat. Chris Peterson (Front Line Assembly, Ohm, Decree) on co-production
80sObscurities presents: Force Legato - 'System (v.1.0)'
M'era Luna to take place on August 10/11
Alison Moyet 'Live At Bush Hall EP' feat. Yazoo classics out now
Infest 2014? The 2013 edition probably will be the last one.
Remix contest Virgins O.R Pigeons - enter now !
80sObscurities presents: Network - 'Remote Control'
OMD launch new single 'Night Café'
John Foxx and Jori Hulkkonen release 'European Splendour' EP featuring David Lynch remixes
Vólkova launch debut single on Tacuara Records
Individual Totem returns with 6th album, 'Kyria 13'
'Russian Industrial Tribute to Die Krupps' out soon via Artificial Sun
Debut album from Nova State Machine out now
New Hurts single/video 'Somebody To Die For' out now
Skinny Puppy's cEvin Key joins up with former member of The Legendary Pink Dots to form Dubcon
October release for new Hanzel und Gretyl album 'Für Immer'
New and old BeNe GeSSeRiT and Pseudo Code material released/reissued
A Flock of Seagulls gets van stolen, gear gone too
A-ha songwriter penned newest Backstreet Boys single 'Breathe'
80sObscurities presents: Martin Gore - 'In A Manner of Speaking'
Sonik Foundry launches 'Twisted Remixes'
Live CD and DVD for Staubkind: 'Wo wir zu Hause sind: Akustik Tour - Live'
Empire State Human announce new album: 'Soul of the Machine'
Neon Electronics compiled on '99TO12COMP'
Dark EDM act KPT returns with 'Something went wrong' single
Code 64 split up, 2 members start new band
80sObscurities presents: Manufacture - 'As The End Draws Near'
Reissue for eponymous Der Feuerkreiner LP with bonus tracks
Dead Voices On Air compiled on 'Bundle 1995-2013'
Kevorkian Death Cycle returns with 'Mind Decay' single and 'God Am I' LP
The DJ scene post-MacBook invasion
80sObscurities presents: Форум 'Давайте
More details new Covenant album 'Leaving Babylon'
Attrition revisits past with 'The Cage studios - the first 20 years - the collection'
New live album for Steve Roach: 'Live Transmission'
Black Lung 12 inch vinyl 'The business of selling' out on M-tronic
Double CD reissue for 2 since long deleted albums by Forrest Fang
OMD cancels all remaining shows 'English Electric' tour due to illness drummer
Vince Clarke launches the first International Synth Gurning Competition
Bomb The Bass returns with 'Time Falls Apart' EP
Attrition releases 1994 live session on 'The Electronica Sessions'
Dependent compiled on 'Dependence 2013'
Burzum frontman Varg Vikernes no longer in French prison
Expanded reissue for Northaunt album 'Barren Land' on Infinite Fog
Fatal Casualties present 'A very strange shortfilm'
Moby launches new video for 'A Case For Shame'
Former Apoptygma Berzerk guitarist returns for European shows
Soundpool is dead, long live The Stargazer Lilies !
The Protagonist debut with 'Hyperreal' video/single
Supermale return with 'I do however recognize the cultural and social importance of dance' single
Virgins O.R Pigeons return with new single, 'Bleed To Lead'
Google to remove ads from pirate websites - they can start with their own Blogger platform
Junksista returns with hot electro summer single 'Naked Wet Hot'
Burzum frontman Varg Vikernes arrested in France for mass murder complot
Kraftwerk to play 3D-show in Eindhoven on October 17 and 18
Here's the artwork for the new Solitary Experiments album 'Phenomena'
Is Thom Yorke's rant against Spotify inspired by the visibility of the number of plays?
Goldfrapp release short film for 'Drew'
[:SITD:] signs with Dark Dimensions
Deacon Blue sees limited edition vinyl run on Demon Records
Felix Da Housecat offers 'Frankie Meets Pauline' (Clandestin Edit) for free download
Industrial act DarkC3ll launches new single 'Exorcist'
Cryogenic Echelon signs with Static Distortion Records
Alan Wilder's Mercedes up for grabs
Erotic Elk to return with new single 'What you give is what you get'
Maps launches video for new 'A.M.A.' single
80sObscurities presents: The Truth - 'Playground'
'Iron Sky The Coming Race', the sequel to the Nazi pastiche 'Iron Sky', reaches funding goal on IndieGoGo
Dark Dimensions releases vinyl of new Spetsnaz album
New Danish synth pop act deZeption launching newest video later this week
Henric de la Cour returns with new CD and limited picture-vinyl
80sObscurities presents: Fockewulf 190 - 'Gitano'
Sweden has a new female fronted electropop act: Co|de
Celluloide opens video archive and releases an unreleased version of 'Seven and Forever'
Mexican shop Mecanica starts record label Mecanica Records
80sObscurities presents: XTC - 'Senses Working Overtime'
ScoreCleaner Notes app writes music after you hum it
Dawn Of Ashes launch 'Poisoning The Steps Of Babel' video
Vinyl release for new Escalator album 'Let there be Lie'
80sObscurities presents: Screaming Blue Messiahs - 'I Wanna Be A Flintstone'
Gitane Demone returns with new solo album 'The Reflecting Shadow'
Thomas Rainer & Sonja Kraushofer unite for 'Dark' videogame soundtrack
Frozen Plasma offer 'Herz' remix for free download
7inch for Dutch early 80s minimal wave project The Actor
Early material Belgian 80s synth pop act Polyphonic Size united on 'Earlier / Later' LP
Sopor Aeternus returns with 'Poetica' LP
Hooverphonic joined by 3 extra singers for new album
Klute prepares 7th album, 'The Draft'
Krystal System video for 'Rage' programed on french TV channels D17 and Canal+
Tim Simenon powered project Ghost Capsules to return with new EP 'Magnetic Fields'
David Lynch launches 1st single, 'Are You Sure', from new 'The Big Dream' album
Psy'Aviah releases brand new music video for 'Letting Go'
Noblesse Oblige launch 'Chasing Shadows' videoclip
Cult greek dark wave act Insomnia to see lost 1992 LP 'Days of Alcyone' finally released
Cat Rapes Dog unveil cover and track list new 'Life Was Sweet' album
Amduscia return with new album, 'Filofobia' + listen here
Did you already join our Side-Line Spotify playlist?

June 2013
Blixa Bargeld has just released a collaboration album with Teho Teardo
Pixies release new song 'Bagboy' as free download
Oslo festival Xelabration kicks off on 03/08 with Kirlian Camera, Henric De La Cour, NorthBorne and Cynical Existence
David Bowie to play in 'Hannibal'?
Blutengel single 'Kinder dieser Stadt' out next month
Nine Inch Nails gets David Lynch to shoot video for 'Came Back Haunted' - watch it here
Hearts of Black Science offer 'B-Sides & Remixes' on Bandcamp
Pride And Fall return with new album after 6 years of silence
Spotify launches 'Discover' for its desktop and mobile based app
New Deathline International single - get it here for free
80sObscurities presents: Axodry - 'Surrender'
Ex-Devo drummer Alan Myers has lost the battle with cancer
Cynical Existence remixes Public Enemy's 'Get up Stand up'
No More re-records cult hit 'Suicide Commando'
Calva Y Nada sees back catalogue reissued - first reissue in pre-order
Covenant releases limited 7 inch vinyl single
Pet Shop Boys unveil video new single 'Vocal'
2 new Robert Marlow CDs in the pipeline + exclusive remix by Vince Clarke (Erasure, ex-Depeche Mode)
Mesh to release 'Adjust Your Set' as new single in the early Autumn
Celldweller scores new 'Pacific Rim' trailer + free download of 'First Person Shooter'
Laibach to score OST for 'Iron Sky The Coming Race', the sequel to the Nazi pastiche 'Iron Sky' - time to invest!
Miss FD launches 3rd studio album 'Comfort for the Desolate'
Psy'Aviah takes you behind the song 'Our Common Future' feat. Kyoko Baertsoen (ex-Hooverphonic, Lunascape)
Mute announce a series of Cabaret Voltaire releases
80sObscurities presents: Shatoo - 'Overload'
Essence Of Mind sees new single 'Escape' + complete back catalogue made available on Bandcamp
Sebastian Komor launches 2nd volume instrumental music for Film/TV/Video Games
Armor, the new dark synth project from Rexx Arkana (FGFC820/Bruderschaft) and Brendin Ross (Frontal Boundary)
Distorted World delivers 'Personal Necropolis' single
Former Sting and The Police manager Miles Copeland speaks out on Syria policy United States
Editors release 'The weight' video
80sObscurities presents: Midnight Passion - 'I Need Your Love'
Vinyl reissue of classic Hector Zazou album 'La Perversita'
Kim Deal leaves the Pixies
Daft Punk's 'Doin' It Right' gets smashing bootleg remix by Montmartre
Free download album by Caroline Jago (Seventh Harmonic, Sol Invictus)
#366: A Life Lived release 'Demo 2013' demo
80sObscurities presents: Cry Before Dawn - 'Gone Forever'
Finnish 'Pohjola' gothic compilation by Club Bella Morte
Listen to preview new Goldfrapp album 'Tales Of Us'
Kraftwerk working on new album, Metroland tracks traded as being Kraftwerk material
Jean Michel Jarre elected as new CISAC President
Full list Nine Inch Nails live dates in USA
Funker Vogt return with brand new album 'Companion In Crime'
Snog launches 'Adolph's Library' single
Swedish shoegaze act Reveries back with new single 'rvrs'
Norwegian synth pop act Clockwork Orange re-releases 1985 single 'Sensation Boys'
WANT/ed returns with 'Show Me' single
Technoir single 'We came for love' launches today
Dependent to release new Front Line Assembly album 'Echogenetic' in July
Listen to the new Nine Inch Nails single 'Came Back Haunted'
Covenant return with 'The Last Dance' EP - listen and order now
New Russian techno-industrial act Electric Resistance launches first single 'S - Boyeustoychvost'
80sObscurities presents: The Wake - 'The Old Men'
Sold out Front 242 albums 'Moments...' and 'Geography' available now on Bandcamp in HQ audio format
Nitzer Ebb album 'Industrial Complex', finally also available in FLAC and other high quality audio formats
Apple's 'iRadio' might be the best iTunes sales generator ever
Monophona offers free download of 'Shades of Grey' track - recommended!
80sObscurities presents: Orup - 'Stockholm'
Joy Division classic 'Love Will Tear Us Apart' turned into a game
Does BassBoomz deliver the big sound it promises? We tested it for you
Faithless 'Insomnia' gets new vinyl only edit
Vivien Glass release electropop debut 'Awake, My Sleeper'
Genre Peak release ambient collection '9 Microspheres'
Swedish electro act Lissi Dancefloor Disaster launch video for 'Shy'
O-Live 'Past Future' EP out now
Remix contest for Controlled Collapse
The Department debuts with'Take My Hand' video
80sObscurities presents: A Certain Ratio - 'Forced Laugh'
Free download single from Vanguard - get it now
Technoir returns with brand new video 'We Came For Love'
Lovelorn Dolls present new EP 'After Dark' including remixes by Kant Kino, Aesthetische etc.
Dark Entries Records compiles Algebra Suicide on 'Feminine Squared' LP+DVD
Ex Machina release 'No one' video
Celldweller remixes I See Stars 'Filth Friends Unite'
ThouShaltNot member to publish critical study of industrial music in Oxford: 'Assimilate: A Critical History Of Industrial Music'
Music streaming in Europe on the rise
Co-founding member of Propaganda, Andreas Thein, dies of cancer

May 2013
Halo In Reverse sends a drone your way with 'King O' EP, and it's a direct hit
Psy'Aviah release new video, 'Circles' and releases 'Future Past' EP
Final live DVD for Ministry 'Enjoy The Quiet - Live At Wacken 2012'
Machinista soon to release new track 'Pushing the angels astray' plus more
All stars band Primitive Race starts crowd funding campaign to fund new release
80sObscurities presents: Avalanche - 'Johnny, Johnny Come Home'
Star World presents: Depeche Mode VIP Afterparty with Douglas J. McCarthy (NE) live
DI*ove returns with new single and video 'ADT' (feat. Lady Funck)
Spotify launches 'Discover' for its browser based app
80sObscurities presents: Cenotype - 'Hit That Perfect Beat'
Psy'Aviah returns with a gorgeous new EP, launches videotrailer
Facebook rolling out restricted promoted post options: promoted posts 'fans only' option has been removed
Nine Inch Nails signs to Columbia, new album finished
Clock DVA to release first new material in 20 years on 'Post-Sign'
Ghost Capsules announce live dates via video
80sObscurities presents: Blue Murder - 'Talk Talk Talk'
Spotify reveals number of plays of Top 10 tracks for each artist
Old mugshot David Bowie re-surfaces
Popular belgian comic Amoras gets pure electropop OST by Maya's Moving Castle powered by former Hooverphonic and Technotronic members
A-ha member finishes Gumball 3000 race in a... Lada!
De/Vision sees Strange Ways era albums re-released on 'Strange Days' 4CD box
Vision Talk says 'Hello Goodbye' on new compilation
First ever Leaether Strip USA 25 anniversary tour
Electropop project Noirway launches first single 'Miami Mizzle Love Theme' featuring Karen Jo Fields
SonicAngel goes Titanic and the rats are leaving: Maurice Engelen resigns
Ayria returns with new 'Plastic Makes Perfect' album, 5 years after 'Hearts For Bullets'
Ghost & Writer calls it quits
Metallica launches trailer 3D-film 'Through the Never'
John Foxx releases 3 disc 'Metadelic' compilation featuring BBC sessions
Cassette release for A New Life
Nouvelle Phenomene 'Caresse' 2-track single on Bandcamp
Soft Riot launches 2-track single 'Your Own Private Underworld'
Noblesse Oblige return with rather juicy 'Mata Hari' video
Alkemic Generator joins Nilaihah Records and preps 2 new releases
80sObscurities presents: Danse Macabre - 'The Spirit of Bulgaria'
Pet Shop Boys release Boys Noize remix 'Axis'
Fraudulent Tsunami of asian likes hits Facebook band pages - and Facebook knows it
Hurts goes 'Blind' on new single
New free single for Distorted Memory
Swedish electro pop band Selected Area returns with 'Need You' single
Electronic Saviors donates 10K to charity and announces 3rd volume charity compilation
Dirk Ivens collaborates with Jenn Vix for 2-track single
Miss FD releasing 3rd studio album 'Comfort for the Desolate' in mid-June
Sonik Foundry remix contest - join in now
The Doors' keyboard player Ray Manzarek dead at 74
Ex-Swarf member returns with Luuma project and first release, 'The Tessera E.P.'
80sObscurities presents: Ruins - 'Fire'
First Annual K.O.M.A. Festival to launch this summer in Oslo
Morten Harket (A-ha) performs 'Take on me' on Billboard Music Awards
Aesthetische launch free track for reaching 1000 fans on Facebook
Sunday Times features house Alan Wilder (ex-Depeche Mode) as 'Celebrity Home of the Week'
Nine Inch Nails bassist Eric Avery quits band
Leftfield returns with new material for the first time in 15 years
Side-Line presents Peter Murphy in Belgium on 3/06, celebrating 35 years of Bauhaus
Google launches streaming music service in US (to start with)
Monophona, a trip-hop band you should check out - and here's how we discovered them
Finish electrorock quintet Zarthas back with second album, 'Spit/Ignite'
80sObscurities presents: Miko Mission - 'Two For Love'
Siva Six strike further with 15-track EP 'Superstition'
Cynical Existence returns with 6-track EP 'Beholder'
Schwarzblut offers studio reports on new 2014 album via video
80sObscurities presents: Kissing the Pink - 'One Step'
Side-Line goes Depeche Mode in Nice - here are the pictures !
A new Bruderschaft track pops up out of the blue: 'Falling'
Sleepwalk and No Comment members create Nine Seconds project and launch first album 'Poladroids'
Israeli EBM outfit Your Bunny Rot debuts on DSBP with 'Error Injection'
Marc Houle presents newest project: La Folie
80sObscurities presents: The Short Wave Mystery - 'Pilots'
Neutral Lies announce new 'Decipher Me' video as teaser for new 'Cryptex' album
Freakangel release video teaser new single 'The Book Of Violence'
80sObscurities presents: Bruderschaft - 'Falling'
Midlands Goth Festival 2013 + 3 pairs of weekend tickets to give away !
Marc Houle and Miss Kittin join up for 'Where Is Kittin' EP
Visage is back with a new album, 'Hearts And Knives'
New Hunger Games trailer feat. Tying Tiffany's T.T.L. project
Re-issue of Nitzer Ebb live double-vinyl with 3 different A-sides
More details on new Pet Shop Boys album 'Electric'
Dutch Chrome extension Downloadify briefly was able to download MP3s from Spotify
80sObscurities presents: Art Fine - 'Dark Silence'
Daemonia Nymphe release new album 'Psychostasia' feat. ex-Dead Can Dance Peter Ulrich
Second digital EP release by Xerxes & Phoenix: 'First Ray of Light'
The Arch release 'Beating the Balance' EP
New Alison Moyet album 'The minutes' out now, and it's a good one
3rd album by Polish electro-industrial act Controlled Collapse
Cedric Gervais and pop icon Howard Jones team up on 'Things Can Only Get Better' - and we wish we hadn't heard it
Shatoo launch 'Nothing That I Wouldn't Do' video and single
80sObscurities presents: The House of Love - 'Shine On'
Editors debut new single 'A Ton Of Love' - and will probably lose a ton of fans
El Chopo aka the biggest indie bootleg and piracy market in Mexico + Mecanica
Cat Rapes Dog album 'Life Was Sweet' set for September on Artoffact
New 4-track 'Seconds' single for Glis out now
I:Scintilla return with 8-track EP 'Marlow 2'

April 2013
Legendary synthesist behind Oppenheimer Analysis, Martin Lloyd, passes away
80sObscurities presents: Cold Phoenix - 'The Greatness of Love'
Siouxsie adds 2nd show to Meltdown festival
Line-up complete for Amphi Festival 2013 edition
Dope Stars Inc. announce 'Ultrawired Generation' 2013 North American tour with The Rabid Whole
Project launches Erik Wollo EP 'Celestia'
80sObscurities presents: Cranes - 'Joy Lies Within'
Vince Clarke reveals more details on new Erasure album, an EDM album and more - interview
Vince Clarke Q&A at the SAE Institute
DI*OVE launch 'DI*ode' album preview trailer
Kubo release debut single 'I Dream Electric' on Vocoder Tapes May 3rd
The Klinik eats your heart out and Dive gets compiled
80sObscurities presents: Fair Control - 'Symphony of Love'
The Human League pull out of The Regeneration Tour
New Carlos Peron (Yello) LP out now on Zone 30 Records
Free download from Mick Harvey taken from new solo album 'Four (Acts of Love)'
80sObscurities presents: Scarlett & Black - 'You Don't Know'
Noblesse Oblige return with Chris Corner directed 'Runaway' video and single
New single for Tolchock: 'Down in the hole'
New NordarR album 'Hass' out next month on emmo.biz Records
Diamanda Galas 'screams' on a track of die Rostigen Loeffel
80sObscurities presents: Hithouse - 'Jack to the Sound of the Underground'
Vince Clarke (Erasure, ex-Depeche Mode, ...) to play special special DJ events in Mexico
Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark see 'Dresden' remixed by John Foxx And The Maths
Jode launch 'Heartstarter' video
80sObscurities presents: Tuesday Blue - 'Tunnel Vision'
Bootleg markets flourishing in Mexico, but Spotify greatness lays ahead
MOON.74 new video and single 'How I Feel'
Haujobb goes vinyl for the very first time
Pre-listen the new HIM album 'Tears on Tape'
A-ha's Magne Furuholmen to score music for Norwegian 'Beatles' blockbuster
80sObscurities presents: Decadance - 'On And On (Fears Keep On)'
Earthquake minutes before The Cure concert in Mexico City
Implant launches 'C.C.C.P.C.C.T.V.' to coincide with announcement new 'The Productive Citizen' album
Erasure to release Christmas album - work in progress in Brooklyn
Depeche Mode London O2 Arena pre-event in Basildon (UK)
US electronic cult act Dominion returns with first new album in 12 years on Wave Records
New Kirlian Camera album plus re-release 'Eclipse' as 2CD set
Iconic Pink Floyd graphic artist Storm Thorgerson dies after battle with cancer
New Front Line Assembly album 'Echogenetic' should be yours in July/August
Velvet Condom signs with Rustblade and releases 'Vanity and Revolt' compendium
Boyd Rice compiles Coil collaboration Sickness of Snakes on 'Nightmare Culture' EP
Solitary Experiments to land 'Trial and Error'
Welle:Erdball present '20 Jahre' anniversary release on 2CD+DVD
AV debuts French electropop EP 'Venus Bar'
Pouppee Fabrikk goes old school again on their new album 'The Dirt'
Spotify launches in Mexico, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Iceland and Asia
When art becomes a crime - the Jan Fabre case (Update)
Liquid G. back with an 'Overdose'
Jode prepare 'Heartstarter' single produced/mixed by Christoffer Berg (Depeche Mode, The Knife, Massive Attack)
VUZ Records announces several new releases from Fatal Casualties, Unter den Linden and Warszawa
Industrial metal act Vein Collector to sign with Beyond Therapy Records
The 'Dune' OST that Pink Floyd was supposed to make
Deftones Bassist Chi Cheng dead at 42 after 5 years of coma
Twitter enters the music streaming and download discovery arena
Kinetik Festival 5 photo book available now
80sObscurities presents: Voyou - 'Germany Calling'
Kokeshi label hits back with Compa double A side record
Ordo Equitum Solis return with 'Killing Time killing Love', their first new album in 13 years
Storung release new 'Circus Time' single feat. Sadhana Lila
The Ultimate Indie Bundle, a guide for bands and labels
80sObscurities presents: Swans Way - 'Soul Train'
Watch stream of Depeche Mode showcase show in Vienna
80sObscurities presents: 84 Ahead - 'Get On Up'
Legend prepare remix EP
Here's why resale of digital purchases is a no-go (for now)
X-Fusion to release new album on May 24
The Synthetic Dream Foundation to score OST fantasy series 'Mila's Fountain'
Olivia Louvel sees recent album nominated for Prix Ars Electronica 2013
Cryogenic Echelon launches new side project fusing synth pop and dubstep
Project Records bring free compilation 'XiX'
Machinista offer sweet electropop track 'Love And Hate Song'
80sObscurities presents: The Europeans - 'Animal Song'
Polly Scattergood launches video 'Wanderlust' track
80sObscurities presents: George Kranz - 'Trommeltanz'
Xotox celebrates 15th anniversary with 'Schwanengesang' LP
Siouxsie plays live again after 5-year hiatus, but where is that new album?
Listen to the new Blank album 'Dark Retreat' - exclusively on Side-Line
Vinyl release for new Skinny Puppy album 'Weapon'
Juno Reactor lands 8th studio album 'The Golden Sun of the Great East' in May
Extra CCTV footage attack on Inertia's Alexys B appears online
80sObscurities presents: Styloo - 'Pretty Face'
UK Police will record attacks on punks, emos and goths as hate crimes
Ghost & Writer return with 'Red Flags' LP + we give away 5 copies
Alison Moyet returns with first single 'When I Was Your Girl' from new 'The minutes' LP
New Blind Passenger album 'Zeitsprung' out now
Morten Harket 'I'm the one' video selected as 'best music video' at the Transgender-Filmfestival 2013
Marilyn Manson, Sonic Youth singer and Courtney Love in new Saint Laurent campaign
80sObscurities presents: Humpe Humpe - 'Memories'
New Peter Ulrich studio album 'The Painted Caravan'
Helalyn Flowers to release 'White Me In / Black Me Out' in May - pre-orders available now
The Mission UK sign to The End Records + Summer North American tour
80sObscurities presents: A House - 'Call Me Blue'
Inertia launch video new 'Streaming' single
Free album from Kris Kylven (UX, Ex-Killing Joke, Faithealers, EON Project, Juno Reactor,69 Eyes)
MyParasites sell car and more in Indiegogo fundraising to finance tour van
80sObscurities presents: Agentss - 'Cidade Industrial'
Revolutionary music investment app iAgree launches in Beta - we have 250 invitations
Suicide Commando finishes work on new album 'When Evil Speaks'
80sObscurities presents: King Missile - 'Jesus Was Way Cool'

March 2013
Kraftwerk not welcome in China due to pro-Tibet concert in 1998
80sObscurities presents: EBN-OZN - 'AEIOU, Sometimes Y'
Depeche Mode launch 'Soothe My Soul' video + unofficial Dominatrix remix
Ministry announces new album 'From Beer To Eternity' and biography
Kant Kino release video 'Just For The Comfort Of Sleep' feat. Karine Kristiansen
The Plugin launch music video for their latest single 'Parquet'
Billie Ray Martin launches 'The Crackdown Project (Remastered)' album
Electro-pop/dance-rock outfit Splintered In Her Head launch debut release
Black Tape for a Blue Girl present kickstarted video 'Marmalade Cat (Milly Mix)'
Attrition reveals details new album 'The Unraveller of Angels'
Gary Numan tribute album 'The Replicon Project' available now
Arovane returns with remastered version of 'Cycliph' EP
Press Gang Metropol return with new EP 'Fictions'
Only album Seven Trees 'Embracing the Unknown' re-issued and re-mastered
80sObscurities presents: Radar - 'China Darling'
Pouppee Fabrikk return with unexpected 4-track EP download 'Bring Back The Ways Of Old'
Kant Kino releases first single 'Just For The Comfort Of Sleep' taken from their new album
Out now, Desireless & Operation Of The Sun album 'L'oeuf du dragon'
80sObscurities presents: Shelleyan Orphan - 'Shatter'
New Sex Gang Children album 'Viva Vigilante!' out in May
Bella Lune returns with 3rd studio album 'Secrets'
Miss Kittin back with new EP 'Bassline' + new double album 'Calling From The Stars'
80sObscurities presents: The Armoury Show - 'Castles In Spain'
Win the Depeche Mode 'Delta Machine' 2LP/2CD/single packet !
Pink Floyd celebrate 40th anniversary 'Dark Side Of The Moon' with their own dark moon
De/Vision launches Pledge Music campaign to fund tour DVD
Moby and Mark Lanegan collaborate on exclusive 'The Lonely Night' 7 inch
80sObscurities presents: SSQ - 'Synthecide'
Alfa Matrix releases 35 minute trailer new 'Absolute Grrrls Manifesto [chapter 1]' 4CD box set
Viviana Ball joins Side-Line team
OMD's 'Metroland' track gets videoclip holding remix by... Metroland
Project-X returns in it's original line-up
Inkubus Sukkubus return with 'Queen of Heaven, Queen of Hell' album and remix old hits
Ian McCulloch releases 'Live at Liverpool Anglican Cathedral' and 'Pro Patria Mori' albums in normal distribution
80sObscurities presents: K.B. Caps - 'Do You Really Need Me'
SNOG present 'Everything Is Under Control' video from new 'Babes In Consumerland' album
Howard Jones Announces 30th Anniversary UK Concerts + free limited edition CD
80sObscurities presents: Vitamin Z - 'Burning Flame'
Phutureprimitive to return with new album, 2 years after 'Kinetik'
Waiting For Words supports De/Vision in Paris
Krystal System launch 'Rage' video
Stream the complete Depeche Mode album 'Delta Machine' on iTunes
80sObscurities presents: Dark Day - 'No, Nothing, Never'
Peter Murphy arrested for alleged drunk-driving related hit-and-run
Synth Radio presents new compilation 'Synth Radio Russians Vol.4'
The Synthetic Dream Foundation returns after 2 1/2 years of silence
80sObscurities presents: Trevor Herion - 'Dreamtime'
New Neuroticfish song 'Former Me' pops up online
Rob Zombie releases new 'Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor' album and movie in the same week
Side-Line launches new Android App - please update now
Desireless returns with smashing reprise 'John' and goes electro again
Juggernaut Services releases 'Foundations' compilation CD
Ghost & Writer release 'Never take Fire', ltd CD single + free dowload
Covenant return with 'The Last Dance' EP in June
80sObscurities presents: Gleitzeit - 'Ich komme aus der DDR'
Infographic on the evolution of music
Australian Guns N'Roses fan looses 2 teeth after Axl Rose tosses mic into public
Garbage enters Summer with 'One Mile High... Live' DVD/Blu-ray
Junksista goes 'Paranoid' on new EP - listen here
Aesthetische launches 13-track EP 'Nachtbrenner' on Bandcamp + limited EPCD
Pet Shop Boys leave Parlophone, post teaser 'Electric' album online
80sObscurities presents: DOF - 'Codo'
Hurts release 'Exile' album as download, CD, CD/DVD and vinyl
Dutch new-wave/ postpunk band Vandel release Zeitgeist inspired 'Denial' videoclip
Litro launch delicious 'Schmetterling' video - recommended
80sObscurities presents: Strawberry Switchblade - 'Since Yesterday'
VNV Nation announce first tour dates to support 'Transnational' album release
Container 90 returns with 'Working Class Hero' album - watch the video
Entire Depeche Mode 9-track 'David Letterman' webcast performance hits Soundcloud
Depeche Mode announces North American dates for upcoming tour - here they are
Tying Tiffany releases new 'One' EP + video and discovers USA
Gothminister reveals album cover and tracklist of 'Utopia'
80sObscurities presents: Neeva - 'Blue Star'
New Christopher Anton (ex-Information Society) EP 'In Silence' + video
Martin Skold (Kent) to release electronic music 'The Fire Is On Me' 10 inch
Synth Pick-Nicks in Sweden and Denmark
80sObscurities presents: White China - 'Smiles & Jokes'
Exit to release 'The Blind Alley' album in April
Peter Murphy announces EU and more North American dates for '35 years of Bauhaus' tour
Re-releases for Ego Likeness
'Tenderotics ' remix album for Black Tape For A Blue Girl on Bandcamp
Bella Morte to release best of later this year
80sObscurities presents: Sensitive - 'Driving'
YouTube to launch 'Spotify' like service + Apple too?
Atrocity cover album 'Werk 80 II' re-released on vinyl (Depeche Mode, A-ha, Talk Talk, Simple Minds, etc.)
80sObscurities presents: Jungle Brothers - 'I'll House You'
Peter Murphy celebrating '35 years of Bauhaus' with tour, but without original line-up
Kryptic Minds give away 'Varia' - and you'd better make sure you have it!
Dead Can Dance to release live album 'In Concert' + live edition 2CD version of 'Anastasis' album
Nine Inch Nails vs Carly Rae Jepsen mash-up big hit online
80sObscurities presents: GO - 'Let Your Love Flow'
Wumpscut returns with brand new album, 'Madman Szpital' - listen to previews
Autodafeh goes for a 'Blackout Scenario' - listen to first new song
Attrition gives away free 'Narcissist' single
Machinista launch 'Molecules And Carbon' video
Ricardo Autobahn goes Jean Michel Jarre on new 'Rasterscan ' album and video
4CD tribute box to Kraftwerk and D.A.F. producer Conny Plank
New Dunkelwerk album 'Operation: Duesterland' released as CD, 3CD and download
80sObscurities presents: The Housemartins - 'Sheep'
Monstrum Sepsis see back catalogue and more released on Bandcamp
Cynical Existence launches official video for 'I'm broken'
Lovelorn Dolls launches brand new video: 'Purple'
80sObscurities presents: Krisma - 'Nothing to Do with the Dog'
Anton Corbijn's source for Depeche Mode's 'Songs of Faith and Devotion' cover : a Mark Rothko painting
Beatport sold for 50 million US dollar to SFX Entertainment
Daniel Darc (Taxi Girl) dies of drug overdose
David Bowie streams complete 'The Next Day' album on iTunes

February 2013
Junip present brand new video 'Line Of Fire'
The Knife launch new single 'Full Of Fire' + video
Swedish dark electro project Cynical Existence 'Come out and play' debut album out now as CD/2CD and download
Bands will love the new Spotify 'Follow' tab + revamps iPhone app
80sObscurities presents: Xex - 'Svetlana'
80sObscurities presents: Nick Heyward - 'Blue Hat for a Blue Day'
2 new Depeche Mode bios annex compendiums to reach the market
Lisa gerrard (Dead Can Dance) pops up on 'Bible' soundtrack
Rainbow Down, an electro/homo/solo project from Nottingham, launches 'Blades' EP
Khaidian goes electro metal on 'Reflections' EP
80sObscurities presents: New Models - 'Stranger In Disguise'
Daft Punk stay on Columbia Records and reveal new image
Last July have joined AFMusic
Alfa Matrix has launched pre-sales for massive 4CD box set with 111 tracks by female fronted acts: 'Absolute Grrrls Manifesto [chapter 1]'
80sObscurities presents: New Scene - 'Out of Control'
Wumpscut celebrates 14th anniversary 'Boeses Junges Fleisch' with special editions
Nine Inch Nails touring arenas this year and in 2014
French electropo act Foretaste revisits catalogue on 'American Terrorist TV-show' album
#366 A Life Lived project resurrects members from swedish acts Slug and Headtrip Inc.
Out now, new Kant Kino album 'Father worked in industry' as CD, 2CD deluxe box or as download
Twitch The Ripper launch 'Safe House' live music video
Chaos All Stars release 'I Need It All - Addendum'
New D8 Dimension EP 'Octocrura' out now
The Young Gods see debut reissued as 2CD deluxe set
Machinista offer brand new track 'Molecules and carbon'
Electro-punk-cabaret act KatzKab launch 'Objet No. 1' album
Clearside release 'Shape_Shifted' album
Die Krupps to release vinyl versions 'Risikofaktor' - order here
80sObscurities presents: BPM AM - 'Come To Me'
Depeche Mode drummer Christian Eigner launches own website + promises to upload unreleased tracks from collaborations
Norwegian cult synth pop act Shatoo prepare comeback
Pre-Erasure project from Andy Bell, Dinger - have a listen
Covenant prepares new album, 'Leaving Babylon', for September release
80sObscurities presents: Lasse Holm - 'Canneloni Macaroni'
Haujobb member launches DSX solo project debut mini-LP 'Anonymous'
SPK start series of previously unreleased soundboard recordings
New live DVD Nine Inch Nails 'Closer' out now
2 earlier Alien Vampires albums back available on iTunes, Amazon MP3, etc.
Inertia crowd funding USA tour on Indie GoGo
Meller meets Jean-Claude Van Damme (kinda) in 'Cyborgs: Rise of the Slingers' trailer
Convergence 19 festival with Mentallo & the Fixer + Contaminated Intelligence
Alfa Matrix lands on streaming service Yandex in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Turkey
Martin Gore (Depeche Mode) records track with Frank Ocean
Laibach resurface first video ever from 1983: 'We are Forging the Future!'
Brand new single for My Empire Sound: 'Autobahn Lullaby'
Diverje announces new album with 'War within me' EP
SNOG return with 'The Plug-In Drug' vinyl 12 inch
80sObscurities presents: Die Werkpiloten - 'Days In Grey' + interview !
Electro Spectre launch exquisite 'Tokyo Shuffle' video
Tracklist for ltd edition new Mesh album 'Automation Baby' revealed: 8 bonus tracks instead of 5
Apparatjik suite opened at The Thief hotel in Oslo
Broad Bean Band release excellent debut album 'Broad Bean Band'
80sObscurities presents: Blue Zoo - 'Cry Boy Cry'
Erasure have started work on new album
Douglas J. McCarthy (Nitzer Ebb) finally releases debut album 'Kill your friends'
Olivia Louvel sees 'I Wish I Could' remixed by Daniel Myer
Cult act Stress sees 'The Big Wheel' out on Other Voices Records on CD and audio cassette
Alison Moyet giving away free song 'Changeling' - returns to electronic roots
BMG to acquire Sanctuary Records (The Sex Pistols , The Fall, ...)
80sObscurities presents: Picnic At The Whitehouse - 'We Need Protection'
Goethes Erben's Oswald Henke returns with new Henke single 'Zeitmemory'
Deconbrio launch 'Scream' video on BlankTV! - watch it here
Vanguard offers new single 'Goodbye' for free download (in case you missed it)
Needle Sharing has live video at Infest 2003 up for sale
X Marks The Pedwalk present new video, 'Tormented skin'
What was the SSV project by Andrew Eldritch (Sisters Of Mercy) all about?
RIP Peter Bellendir (X-Mal Deutschland, SSV, ...)
Stahlman launches 'Suechtig' single (mixed by Jose Alvarez Brill)
Thousands of industrial cult hits never made it to iTunes, why?
And we are back on the iOS and Google app store!
80sObscurities presents: For Against - 'Echelons'
Depeche Mode release live studio version new single 'Heaven' - hear/watch it here
What happened to the Side-Line app for iOS and Android?
Melotron to return with new single 'Stuck in the mirror' in early March
The Horrorist offers free previously unreleased free download 'Never Go Away'
Tenek release new EP 'Another Day' on March 11
Vote for best I:scintilla 'Skin tight' remix and support a charity
Ayria returns with EP 'Plastic and Broken' EP feat. remixes by Project Pitchfork, Daniel B. Prothese (Front 242), Junksista, Komor Kommando and Dimension Flux
80sObscurities presents: Carmody - 'Messengers of Love'
Martin Gore (Depeche Mode) featured on James Benitez track 'Martin Gore' for 'Sound of Cologne' compilation
Miss FD releases single and video for 'Cry For You (Haunted)'
Ayria to support Project Pitchfork on USA tour
Tim Simenon returns with Ghost Capsules project and first 'Inside' EP
Paul Kendall launches 2nd podcast episode
Kraftwerk to play T in the Park 2013
Morten Harket (A-ha) working on new solo-album with Peter Kvint
80sObscurities presents: Nitzer Ebb - 'Faded smiles'
Crime & The City Solution return with brand single 'Goddess' and album 'American Twilight'
Apparat to release theatre piece music 'Krieg ind Frieden (Music for Theatre)'
Spektralized launch 'In Between the Opposite' in March
Syrian return with new song, 'Fire in your eyes'
80sObscurities presents: Keine Ahnung - 'Plastik'
Severe Illusion return with 'Psychosurgery' EP
Auto-Auto launch 'The skies are your hunting ground' EP
OMD launch new single 'Metroland' - listen now !
Northern Sadness returns with 'Fear To See' single
80sObscurities presents: Captain Mustard - 'Funky Burger'
Win 1 of 5 Karl Bartos' 'Atomium' 7inch singles !
Metroland to support OMD in Belgium and The Netherlands
Psy'Aviah reveals first concept sketches 'Letting Go' music video
Diffuzion reveal first new track since 'Winter Cities' album
Diary of Dreams create .com/kill project
Ayria returns with 'Plastic and Broken' EP feat. remixes by Project Pitchfork, Daniel B. Prothese (Front 242), Junksista, Komor Kommando and Dimension Flux
Rabbits in sight! Blackburner return with 'Drop Bass Not Bombs'
80sObscurities presents: 23 Skidoo - 'Coup'
Radiana's Steven Deal passed away from cancer
Marilyn Manson collapses onstage during show in Canada.
New OMD single 'Metroland' to debut on BBC6 next Monday
Esplendor Geometrico member launches debut Biomechanica project
Exclusive Daniel Miller Blueprint mix pops online - listen
Liars present new video for 'WIXIW'
Gareth Jones gives seminar for studio professionals in The Netherlands
80sObscurities presents: Peter Richard - 'For You For Only You'
Kant Kino offer first glimpse new album with 'My sweetest crime (feat. Hanne Haugsand)'
Polly Scattergood returns with delicious 'Wanderlust' free download
Neon Electronics to launch 'Toyboy EP' + The Neon Judgement recording again
David Bowie sees 40th anniversary remaster of 'Aladdin Slane' album
Code 64 returns with new EP 'Accelerate' - covers U96
80sObscurities presents: In Trance 95 - 'Desire to Desire' + interview
First unofficial remix in for Depeche Mode's 'Heaven' track... by Dominatrix !
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds reveal 'Jubilee Street' video
Simple Minds 'Celebrate - The Greatest Hits' with 2 new tracks
New Helium Vola album 'Wohin' and re-release 'Liod & In lichter Farbe steht der Wald'
Parralox covers and remixes new Depeche Mode single 'Heaven'
80sObscurities presents: Da! - 'Dark Rooms'
Diskonnekted launches 1-track single remix 'Justify (Diskonnekted VIP mix)'
Technoir returns with brand new track 'Always' on '4.4U [2013.02]'
'Untold ' debut single and video Jode out now - co-written by Christoffer Berg (Depeche Mode, The Knife, Massive Attack)
Listen to audio preview new Lovelorn Dolls album 'House Of Wonders'
Depeche Mode documentary 'The Posters Came From The Walls' gets another London screening tonight
New double album by Pankow: 'And Shun The Cure They Most Desire'
80sObscurities presents: Baby's Gang - 'Happy Song'
Here it is: the official video for Depeche Mode's 'Heaven'
80sObscurities presents: Ronny - 'To Have And Have Not'
Trent Reznor's hobby project How To Destroy Angels drop new video online
Dismantled's 'Can't See The Top' music video fundraiser hitting final days

January 2013
Krystal System launch pre-order new album 'Rage'
DarkDriveClinic ceases to exist
80sObscurities presents: Trees - 'Shock of the New'
Leaether Strip covers Depeche Mode's 'Heaven' - released before original
Gothminister participating in this year's Eurovision song contest in Norway with 'Utopia' single
New Technomancer promo-video for upcoming 4-track 'Drift' single
Swedish industrial band Interdictor debut with 'Noumenon'
Glis returns as a Phoenix with new album
Mute logo still appearing on new Sony released Depeche Mode single
New Love Is Colder Than Death album 'Tempest' to be released in February!
Ad Inferna launch video for 'Eternity Regained (feat. Melissa Ferlaak)'
Infest 2013 announces first details
'Futronik Structures Vol. 6' out now on DSBP
Alfa Matrix announces 4th issue Matrix Revelations including interviews with Alan Wilder (Recoil), Daniel B. Prothèse (Front 242),...
New Daybehavior video out for 'A Train to Moscow' + free download for first 100 readers !
Become part of the next Krystal System video clip !
Happiness Project returns with '9th heaven' video and single
80sObscurities presents: Informatics - 'Proximity Switch (Accidents in Paradise)' + interview
Cat Rapes Dog announce new album and single for 2013
Cat Rapes Dog singer John Lindqwister back with new band, Machinista
Scanner signs Spetsnaz - listen to first new track 'Fake!'
Rammstein and OOMPH! on 'The forbidden album' of Heino
Full details new Depeche Mode album 'Delta Machine' and single 'Heaven' - order now
80s Festival Rewind Scotland confirms 2013 Line-up
Remix contest for new Nilaihah Records signing Alkemic Generator
Inertia start crowdfunding campaign to finance USA tour
Error in first batch new Die Krupps CD-single 'Risikofaktor'
80sObscurities presents: Aimless Device - 'No Friend of Mine'
Mesh launch video 'Born to Lie' single
80sObscurities present: Endgames - 'Waiting For Another Chance'
Blutengel returns with 'Monument'
80sObscurities presents: Pleasure Zone - 'All The Kings Horses
Men Without Hats announce first European Tour in 20 years
80sObscurities presents: Partenaire Particulier - 'Partenaire Particulier'
Stream now: Radio Special Edit of 'A Strange Hour' by Recoil
80sObscurities presents: Chico Johnson - 'Do The Hula Hoop'
Noisuf-X goes into 'Warning' modus
OMD release more details 'English Electric' album
Electro Spectre return with new single and video 'Tokyo Shuffle'
Illusion of Light launch new video 'Kannst Du Verstehen'
80sObscurities presents: Lead into Gold - 'Idiot'
Radio Special Edit of 'A Strange Hour' by Recoil airs on Side-Line on Wednesday 16/01
I:Scintilla 'Skin Tight' remix contest - send your remix!
80sObscurities presents: Modern Eon - 'Child's Play'
Dunkelwerk launches 'Operation: Duesterland' on CD and 3CD deluxe boxset
Cynical Existence debutes on Alfa Matrix with 'Come out and play' album
80sObscurities presents: Cee Farrow - 'Should I Love You'
12 year old goths tend to become more criminal then 12 year old Bieber fans - a scientific study gone haywire
80sObscurities presents: Indochine - L'Aventurier
Free 'Swedish electro vol 1' compilation out now
David Bowie celebrates 66th Birthday with release 'Where Are We Now?' - his first single in a decade (and new album 'The Next Day')
Diorama comes with 'Even the DEVIL doesn't care' album and tour
Kant Kino launch new album 'Father worked in industry' - mastered and mixed by Leaether Strip's Claus Larsen
'Gangnam Style' parody 'Whitby Gothic Style' goes over 230.000 views on YouTube
80sObscurities presents: Liaisons Dangereuses - 'Los Ninos Del Parque'
Virgin Megastore closes down in France, FNAC also in difficulties
Hearts of Black Science announce new 'We Saw the Moon' EP
First video for Minneapolis synth pop duo Duck Duck Punch
Depeche Mode to release first new single 'Heaven' on January 25th
Deathstench returns with 'Massed in Black Shadow' album
80sObscurities presents: Negrosex - 'God & Evil'
Details new Depeche Mode video-shoot with Anton Corbijn end up on Instagram
Collide give away free song + release instrumentals back catalogue
80sObscurities presents: The Units - 'A Girl Like You'
Google finances illegal download sites
MRDTC project launches debut featuring PNE-singer + Synapscape and Unisono remixes
An hour of free music from Projekt Records
80sObscurities presents: Cloud Nine - 'Fraction of a Second'
Tycho Brahe launch 'Sex Rocket' Lego video
80sObscurities presents: Numero Uno - 'Tora Tora Tora'

December 2012
A Happy New Year + the best releases according to Side-Line !
Audioglobe announces end of year statistics 2012 and the winners are...
Kant Kino reveals teaser new 'Father Worked In Industry' album
Die Apokalyptischen Reiter release new videoclip 'Wir Reiten'
Suicide Commando offers insight new album with MP3 snippet
80sObscurities: Young Marble Giants - Brand New Day
New PR/management company launches: Juggernaut Services
Front 242 side-project Nothing But Noise releases live video Joy Division cover 'Love Will Tear Us Apart'
Metroland launch free download single (or pay what you want): '2013'
OhGr see first 'Welt' album reissued on vinyl in January
New 'Rise before the fall' album from Neurobash out now
80sObscurities presents: Fraktus - 'Affe Sucht Liebe'
Cinemascape release music video for 'Frozen Ground'
Daemonia Nymphe recording new album in London, Athens and Thessaloniki
Helalyn Flowers join 'The Greenlight Bundle' game/music charity campaign
80sObscurities presents: Dave Howard Singers - 'Yon Yonson'
Ad Inferna cover Jean-Michel Jarre hit 'Equinoxe 4' for new single
Spin Magazine ceases publication and in return ships a car magazine to subscribers for remaining issues - what?
Covenant and Second Decay rarities auctioned for SOS Kinderdoerfer
Aura Noctis returns with 'Vitae Proelium'
80sObscurities presents: Thomas Dolby - 'Leipzig Is Calling'
IAMX launches first new material with 'Quiet The Mind' video
Moby spams Twitter followers with Christmas tweets
Chaos All Stars release 'Defenses' video
Goteki is dead
80sObscurities presents: Mad Matrix - 'Men Alone'
80sObscurities presents: Suicide - 'Girl'
Side-Line wishes you a Merry Christmas
2004 Ordo Funebris album 'Songs from the Enchanted Garden' re-issued
Sion Orgon offers Peter Christopherson collaboration on 'Into the Dark' vinyl 7inch
Grabstein returns after 4 years with new 'The Mixes' album
Mike Scaccia (Ministry/Revolting Cocks/Rigor Mortis/...) collapses on stage and dies
Swedish electro pop duo Jode in studio with Christoffer Berg (Depeche Mode, The Knife, Moby etc)
New 7 inch single from all female dark synthpop act No Mas Bodas
Leaether Strip releases 25th anniversary digital single 'In Broken Homes / Paranoia nr. 13'
Daniel Myer leaves Covenant to focus on own projects
Kraftwerk win court case against producers using 2 second Metall auf Metall sample
'Why do I make art? (and a free download album)' - an email from a label boss
Mute catalogue comes into BMG hands
80sObscurities presents: Landscape - 'My Name Is Norman Bates'
Noblesse Oblige release excellent cover of Rolling Stones' 'As Tears Go By'
Schizoid launches 'Epitaph' EP
Gothminister releases trailer upcoming concept album and film 'Utopia'
80sObscurities presents: No More - Suicide Commando
Sigur Ros' 'Valtari Mystery' film experiment to be released on DVD/Blu-ray
Assemblage 23 vinylized on 'The Vinyl Sessions'
Hanzel Und Gretyl drop 'Born to be heiled' on Europe as well
New Khemique EP '2012' features ex-Ministry singer Chris Connelly
More Machine Than Man releases new album, 'Dark Matter'
Zeromancer return with 'Bye-Bye Borderline' album on Trisol
Greens Resturant album 'The Non Essential' debutes on sub label Progress Origin of Progress Productions
Gary Numan releases iPad app which includes free download remix
80sObscurities presents: Yazoo - 'Only You'
80sObscurities presents: Falco - 'Jeanny'
Looking for a good mailing tool for your band or label? Look no further (reduction code)
The XX cover Wham! classic 'Last Christmas' in BBC Radio 1 studios
Hurts release 'The Road' track in advance of 'Exile' album
Former Sigue Sigue Sputnik drummer Ray Mayhew to release Mayhem Deranged '50 Megaton Love' single
Karl Bartos returns with new 'Atomium' single and 'Off the Record' album - listen
Cyclic Law celebrate 10 year anniversary with label sampler - listen
80sObscurities presents: Modern English - 'Someone's Calling'
Marilyn Manson has ear stitched after drunken fight in Switzerland
Junksista releases a dirty christmas single - free download
Valerio Visconti aka K presents 'Speedway EP'
De/Vision release 'Popgefahr - The Collection [limited]' 4CD box set
Trial Of Tears sign with Massacre Records
Combichrist announce details for 'No Redemption', the official DMC (Devil May Cry) soundtrack
Chandeen release bonus version Shaded By The Leaves debut album on Bandcamp
Die Krupps return with 'Risikofaktor' single on Synthetic Symphony
Klaus Schulze returns with new album, 'Shadowlands'
The House Of Love return with 'She Paints Words in Red' album in 2013
Dave Gahan (Depeche Mode) in 30 minute live concert video of Soulsavers - watch here (if you really need to)
Stereospread joins Fanattac social network for release The Heart & the Thief EP
'Industrial Soundtrack For The Urban Decay' documentary needs your funds
80sObscurities presents: Nash The Slash - 'Swingshift'
Miss Kittin releases 'Life Is My Teacher' single - free download
Autechre announce new album 'Exai'
Glis returns as a 'Phoenix' after 7 years of silence
How do some bands generate those enormous number of YouTube views? By cheating the system
Coming up on Side-Line: 80sObscurities hosted by DJ Rexx Arkana
Side-Line Twitter with complete Twitter Card markup
Dropbox acquires music streaming company Audiogalaxy - a new music streaming service? Probably not
New I:Scintilla download EP Skin Tight - order now
Another Front Line Assembly member co-produced single for Die Rostigen Loeffel
Nitzer Ebb Live At Markthalle Hamburg vinyl - order now 500 copies only
Ushersan & HIV+ release joined album 'Wide Lights from Hatred Springs' moniker
Ad Inferna return with new single 'Moira', album and video
Give away time: 5 tickets for Recoil Blu-ray screening in London - tomorrow December 13
Kickstarter project for 'Beautiful Noise Music Documentary' with Cocteau Twins, The Cure, NIN, etc
Old Nitzer Ebb demo tape Basic Pain Procedure resurfaces on vinyl
Depeche Mode sign to Sony (Columbia)
Metroland launches special remix download for the 1 million METRO newspaper readers
Nine Inch Nails Best-Of in the making featuring 2 new songs - but be patient, it's only for 2014
Radiana debuts on Projekt Records
Brotherhood record alternative version Depeche Mode track 'Photographic'
Happiness Project release video live set on French radio show
10 Spotify myths debunked
New Rammstein single 'Mein Herz brennt' + 'Videos 1995 - 2012' DVD/Blu-ray collection
Here's what Spotify's newest discovery tool means for bands
Rajna returns with 'Babel' album
Mind.in.a.box & Ray Koefoed join for 'World Without A Sky' single
The Azoic present new video for 'Corruption'
M83 release new video for 'Wait'
Alien Vampires, amGod, Glis and Cynical Existence united on '4.4U [2012.12]' download EP
Spotify launch video to showcase new Discovery service
Follow the Spotify press conference live
Full details Simon Beckett inspired In The Nursery soundtrack 'The Calling'
Rabia Sorda launch videoclip for 'Eye M The Blacksheep'
Metroland launch video for London underground tube mapping engineer 'Harry Beck'
Douglas J. McCarthy (Nitzer Ebb) releases debut album 'Kill Your Friends'
Final goodbye message from A-ha
How To Destroy Angels present new video 'Ice age'
Mylene Farmer returns with 'Monkey Me' album (Blu-ray, CD, Boxset, ...)
iTunes to launch in Russia? - you'll know tomorrow
Junksista launch 'Cunt Rocker' video
Babylonia returns with new album 'Tales Of Loving Hearts', 1 year after death member
Rare Mortiis material hits eBay - get them now
Joakim Montelius (Covenant) and others featured on charity compilation 'Friends of Electronically Yours - The Seventies Revisited'

November 2012
Grooveshark to shut down - make sure to close your account before they're off with your money
Dero (OOMPH!) and Chris Wolff launch new project: What About Bill? and cover Depeche Mode, Radiohead, Marylin Manson - Side-Line exclusive!
Royksopp cover Depeche Mode's 'Ice Machine' for NRK's Lydverket music program
The Cult unveil video for 'Elemental Light' (Salem Remix)
Erotic novel for Black Tape For A Blue Girl's Sam Rosenthal
Tympanik Audio releases 5th anniversary 42-track compilation as download
Is the scene dead? Surely not after having heard the 'Fearless' debut by Legend
Peter Hook tells stories behind some of Joy Division's biggest hits
DarkDriveClinic releases Depeche Mode cover 'Walking in my shoes' next to REM's 'Losing my religion'
'Benefit for Animals in Need' Compilation to help animals victim of Hurricane Sandy
Contaminated Intelligence EP 'Shutting Down' out now
Other Voices Records offer free label compilation
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds return with 'Push the sky away' album - watch the album trailer
Side-Line invites you: Recoil screening invitation Amsterdam (Holland): 'A strange hour in Budapest' Blu-ray
Depeche Mode collaborators duo Eigner/Clayton release 'Wasp' video
Olivia Louvel offers free download 'oki yo yo' in a remix by Paul Kendall
Simon Cowell attacks 'weirdo' Martin Gore of Depeche Mode after Gore claimed he wanted to see him 'shot'
New Ex Machina album expected for 2013
Prikosnovenie label collects old celtic and nordic ballads
Limited 'Der Maschinist' MCD for Orange Sector
Blutengel present new video 'Save Our Souls'
Mesh readies new single 'Born To Lie' for January release - listen to the new track
BBC Radio 2 to broadcast Philharmonic concert with Pet Shop Boys
Laibach goes Leo Tolstoi
First volume live bootleg box set Tangerine Dream to hit the shop shelves
Listen to the podcast by Vince Clarke and Martyn Ware on The Illustrious Company
Electro Spectre shoots new video packed with Norwegian celebrities
Project Pitchfork returns with 'Black' album
Re-issue of Download album 'Furnace' in 2CD package
CD re-issue for Akubi Object project featuring Rozz Williams, Eva O and Gitane DeMone musicians
Siva Six announces new 'Superstition' EP
Is Zola Jesus the next revelation in electro land like NME says?
Merciful Nuns return with 'Goetia IV' (2012) and 'Goetia V' (2013).
Parralox return with 2 new Eps: 'Sharper Than A Knife' & 'Creep'
FAX label boss Pete Namlook dies aged 52
Legendary Pink Dots offer 2 ltd editions new 'Chemical Playschool 15' album
Dead Can Dance return for more EU dates
New Psy'Aviah album in the making feat. former Hooverphonic and Ashbury Heights singers
Garten der Asche returns with 'Nemesis' EP, their first new release since 2006
Vomito Negro release new album 'Fall of an Empire' on the EK Product label
Ex-NIN drummers Chris Vrenna and Josh Freese join on debut EP WVM
EK Product label announces new Combat Voice album 'Chaotic Universe' - listen now
KMFDM prepare US tour for 'Kunst'
Dave Gahan (Depeche Mode): 'Alan was vital to the sound of Depeche Mode'
Ambassador21 returns with 11-track 'FAS' EP feat. Hocico, Cubanate, Diskonnekted and Red City Noise personnel
Junksista release debut EP on Alfa Matrix: 'You're my favourite thing to do'
Autodafeh completing recordings 4th album
AD:Key return with double album 'Astrogator'
INXS calls it quits
Second Decay sees re-release 1994 album 'Taste' as double LP
Side-Line start playlist on Deezer - subscribe now
Freakangel launch new video for 'Used'
Simple Minds and DEVO go instant live during Australian tour
TweakerRay wins Gary Numan 'When The Sky Bleeds, He Will Come' remix contest
Cazzette first band to launch career exclusively on Spotify - interview
Kraftwerk to give 8 shows in hometown Düsseldorf - after 20 years of silence !
Nachtmahr release free download of 'Ich Bin' - download now !
Depeche Mode sign with Sony Music (Columbia) - Side-Line Exclusive
Danish ebm acts united in BrainCorp Records powered 'Cyberworld XX' compilation
Vince Clarke remix of Kidnap Kid track 'Lazarus Taxon' available for... free
Morten Harket (A-ha) pleads for more guidance of talent during acceptance speech The Royal Order of St. Olav
Pink Floyd guitarist releases live concert as standalone iOS app (world exclusive)
Front 242's Daniel B. returns as Daniel B. Prothèse on 4.4U [2012.11] mini-compilation EP next to Metroland, Aesthetische and Mentallo & The Fixer
New TraKKtor album 'Halo Of Lies' to be released as double CD set
Digital Deformation to release 'Digital Deformation' EP
Sleepwalk returns with 'Nibiru'
Hocico announce one off 2013 UK show
Tycho Brahe returns and get remixed by Parralox, Psyche and Neuropa
Sonik Foundry release their new 'Slipping Away' music video on YouTube
Controlled Collapse return with free EP 'Judgement Day'

October 2012
More Recoil 'A strange hour in Budapest' Blu-ray screenings coming up
Leather Strip returns with 'Object ÆP' 12 inch + CD
Mari Chrome returns with 'Toxic EP'
Star Wars finds new home at Disney and plans 3 new films
Listen to the speech by Mute label boss Daniel Miller after being honored with Pioneer Award at AIM Awards 2012
Tommi Stumpff's 'Niemals Mehr' gets video treatment after 26 years
Special 'Sirius Carmanor' 12 inch for Nordvargr
M83 releases video for 'Steve McQueen?'
New Janosch Moldau electro album 'Lovestar' - watch the video
Morten Harket (A-ha) launches new single & video 'I'm the one'
Ladytron member Helen Marnie to release Marnie solo album via Pledge Music
Dope Stars Inc. present official video of 'Better not to Joke'
Interpol's Paul Banks releases video for 'Young Again' from 'Banks' album
00tz 00tz launch 'Alter Eden' album on Nilaihah Records
Apparatjik (A-ha, Coldplay, Mew) join up with Sølvguttene for 'I wish this was a song' experiment
Megaherz to release deluxe edition 'Götterdämmerung' album adding the 2012 Wacken live recording as bonus DVD
DI*ove sign with EK Product
Von Thronstahl returns with ':Corona Imperialis:'
Cronos Titan announces new album 'Titans Remain!' after 16 years of studio silence
Simple Minds go on 'Greatest Hits Live' UK tour
Listen to the first new Depeche Mode material + all the EU tour dates
Follow the Depeche Mode press conference right here
Depeche Mode to call it quits with final tour and album?
Can the real New Order stand up?
Diary Of Dreams returns with an acoustic album, 'The Anatomy of Silence', omitting the 11th track
Crime & the City Solution return with first new album in 23 years
French Dehn Sora joins the Cyclic Law family with solo project Treha Sektori
Poly Crystal Diamonds (PCD) presents 'Come on' video
Sting covers The Human League's 'Don't You Want Me Baby'
Suicide Commando front man knocked down on stage at Das Bunker in LA
Tangerine Dream goes 'Under Cover' covering Depeche Mode, Kraftwerk, Alphaville, ...
Limited digipak first edition of new Sebastian Komor-produced project Dead Musician
Popular Top Of The Pops presenter Jimmy Saville turns out to be child abuser
Win the new album by Dead When I found Her !
Pankow announce new 2013 album with 'Hogre EP'
Hocico return with new single 'Vile Whispers' - watch the video trailer
Suicidal Romance to release digital EP 'Burning Love/Remember Me'
New 'Somebody' remix Depeche Mode vs Scala pops up online
Marilyn Manson and Rob Zombie have catfight at Michigan Concert
John Foxx releases his first ever DVD
I:Scintilla returns with acoustic download EP 'Marrow 1'
The Clarke & Ware Experiment box set 'The House of Illustrious' in the making
Get featured in Junksista's 'Cunt Rocker' video - submit your smartphone videos now !
Psychic TV 'Live At Thee Ritz' out on Cold Spring
Claudia Brucken (Propaganda) to release solo cover album 'The Lost are Found'
SoldOut presents new single 'Off Glory'
Nitzer Ebb frontman Douglas McCarthy returns with new track, 'Move on'
Unreleased Skinny Puppy track covered on new Dead When I found Her album 'Rag Doll Blues'
Emilie Autumn returns with 'Fight like a Girl'
Baseball success A-ha's 'Take on me' might lead to reunion of the band
Yazoo's megahit 'Don't Go' gets dubstep treatment - and it's a good one!
Depeche Mode reveals new logo - parodies pop up
Cynical Existence releases 'Ruined Portrait' digital EP
Win a studio session with Moby - we have 5 free tickets to enter !
Star Trek legend William 'Captain Kirk' Shatner features on Blackburner album 'Planet Earth Attack'
Halo Effect to release new album in December
Boyd Rice aka NON goes 'Back to mono'
Free The Birthday Massacre track for download: 'Down'
'Kraftwerk: Publikation' , the ultimate Kraftwerk biography?
Gay sex music from Hirsute Pursuit on 'Tighten That Muscle Ring'
M83 returns with new single, 'Steve McQueen'
Alfa Matrix launches discovery download EP via Bandcamp
Miss FD releases music video for Halloween single 'Down in the Dungeon'
Nightwish singer replaced by ex-After Forever singer (for the moment being)
Junksista joins Alfa Matrix label
Kosheen returns with 'Independence' album
New God Module single 'Doppelganger' up for free download
Finland's Flux Fin return with 'Defences/All Out' EP
Cease2Xist debut 'You Are Expendable' out now
Inertia release video for forthcoming single Alive
Backscatter Media label closes doors after 18 years
SoldOut announce new single: 'Off Glory'
Metroland unites download only EP's on EPCD 'Mixing The Gap' (plus bonus tracks)

September 2012
Female voices compilation 'Absolute Grrrls Manifesto [chapter 1]'- submissions wanted - deadline October 30th 2012
Freakangel joins up with Psy'Aviah singer for 'Porcelain Doll' EP
Mesh announce new album 'Automation Baby'
Depeche Mode to announce dates world tour 2013/2014 in October, in Paris
Nachtmahr gets the Anti Nachtmahr T-Shirt treatment
Trent Reznor announces more How To Destroy Angels albums
Mentallo & The Fixer return with 'Music From The Eather' as 2CD album (and 3CD limited box)
Game over for And One - the band calls it quits !
Supermale launch 'Fashion Moves' EP and videoclip
2nd free download from Daybehaviour : 'No more minutes' (only 100 available!)
And One leaves SPV and... goes back to Out Of Line
Charles Manson pissed off with Marilyn Manson - writes a postcard
Myspace is back, and it might be REALLY cool this time
The Prodigy music video director shoots Coldplay live DVD 'Live 2012'
20th anniversary compilation Culture Kultür in the making
Dead When I Found Her release 'Rag Doll Blues' also as a 111 copies counting limited 2CD edition
Metroland launches 2nd download single: 'Enjoying the View'
Member German Pirate Party tries to stop pirate distribution of her new book 'Click Me: Confessions of an Internet exhibitionist'
Diamond Version release splendid 'Technology At The Speed Of Life/Empowering Change' EP
New Order start work on new 'electro-synthpop' album - next year that is
Kiethevez offer demo excerpt from forthcoming album + 1991 demo tape for free download
Side-Line presents ElektroStat Festival 5-6/10 (Oslo, Norway)
Nastassja Kinski and Pulcher Femina join on 'Mirror' debut Pavla Mikulasova
Cinemascape returns with new single 'Boulevards In The Rain'
Attrition launch full length movie score 'Invocation' in October
HIM compiled on 'XX - Two Decades Of Love Metal'
Dawn Of Ashes dumps metal for industrial again on 'Hollywood made in Gehenna'
Recoil Blu-ray screening in Oslo + interview
The Rammstein live date you weren't supposed to know
Provision's upcoming 5th LP 'A New Revolution' out in early October - listen now
Junkie XL digging up unreleased Editors material on Facebook
Live teaser up for Mexican concert Lore
Einstuerzende Neubauten plan Australian tour 2013
Linea Aspera to launch debut album on Dark Entries label
Vince Clarke returns with cover Depeche Mode penned track 'Fly On The Windscreen'
Miss FD's New Halloween Single 'Down in the Dungeon' - out now
Lovelorn Dolls sign to Alfa Matrix
Industrial music labels to land on russian 'Spotify' like service of Yandex
Mortiis joins up with filmmaker Reinert Kiil for short film 'Vardøger'
Chiasm returns with '11:11'
A-ha to receive The Royal Order of St. Olav
New Velvet Acid Christ album 'Maldire' now available
Morten Harket celebrates 53th birthday with concert in Oslo, an impression
OOMPH! replaces live-drummer
Front Line Assembly release first snippets upcoming 'AirMech' album
Cervello Elettronico launches Women Should Not Drink Alcohol side project
Get 1 of 100 free downloads of the new Daybehavior song 'Godspeed' !
DarkDriveClinic offers various tracks for free download - get them now
Nine Inch Nails producer Bill Kennedy dies at age 49
The best electropop album for 2012 ? 'Dangerous Game' from Electro Spectre is your best bet !
Nero releases album re-pack 'Welcome reality' + new original material and Skrillex/Nero remix
Pet Shop Boys contest : get 1 of the 15 copies of the new 'Elysium' 2CD ltd edition - join our contest !
Massive Attack re-release 'Blue Lines', remixed and remastered
Cryonica Music Summer 2012 sale - go and have a look !
Twitch The Ripper contest - enter now !
Anton Corbijn bio pic goes 'Inside Out' - watch the trailer + Depeche Mode feature
Excellent unofficial Depeche Mode Video for 'Route 66' hits the web
Nachtmahr album 'Veni Vidi Vici' gets the erotic picture book treatment
And One release new video: 'Aigua'
Spotify to launch browser-based version, Apple goes radio (streaming) as well
Edward Ka Ka-spel (The Legendary Pink Dots) presents 'Ghost Logik' solo work
Caroline Jago (Seventh Harmonic) and Monica Richards' (Faith & the Muse) release 'Agnus Dei' single
Chemical Sweet Kid announces 2nd album 'Broken Wings' - watch the trailer
Out tomorrow: Metroland debut 'Mind the gap' - in 2 different versions incl. Komputer remix
Clan Of Xymox cover Depeche Mode, The Cure, The Sisters Of Mercy and Nine Inch Nails
Rammstein gets cover treatment by popular German singer Heino

August 2012
Covenant debut 'Dreams of a Cryotank' re-released on vinyl with extra extended booklet
The Blind call it quits, for the moment being
A-ha singer Morten Harket wins the 'Green Music Award'
Zero Absolu reissues 'Automn' album - recommended !
Alfa Matrix launches pre-sales 'Endzeit Bunkertracks 6' 4CD Boxset (and more)
Do you want to hear Covenant's 'Like Tears in Rain' in an a-capella version?
Recoil to embark on 'A Strange Hour In Budapest' screening events tour
Black Rain to release new Lakeside X album 'City of Red Lights'
The Prep School Tragedy cover The Insane Clown Posse song 'Nothing's Left'
New albums for Isis Signum and side-project Firemensch
In Black launches debut EP - first 200 downloads are free !
Randolph & Mortimer offer free download and video for 'The Markets'
Former Marilyn Manson member sells guitar with 2 Marilyn Manson picks
Up to 30% of Twitter followers from official band accounts are fake
WARNING - Fake Depeche Mode vinyl promo holding 18 demos being sold on eBay
Depeche Mode 3-track demo - listen now
Re-issues for solo work The Clash frontman Joe Strummer and The Mescaleros
RIAA in bad papers: budget cut in half + 40 percent staff cuts
New De/Vision album Rockets & Swords out now
Nolongerhuman crowd source Thoughtcrime tour 2012 - join in the chant !
Velvet Acid Christ launches 'Maldire' video clip
Inertia signs with Metropolis Records
Angelspit return to UK
'Pro Patria Mori' solo album Echo and the Bunnymen frontman delayed
Cradle Of Filth returns with 'The Manticore & Other Horrors' album
Marilyn Manson launches 'Slo-Mo-Tion' video
Alfa Matrix signs Cynical Existence
Country star Corb Lund goes goth on 'The Gothest Girl I Can'
New line-up and free live EP for Red Industrie
PA Tronic release debut album that was 28 years in the making
Tamtrum announce 'Last Cumshot' farewell tour
Laibach return with 'An Introduction To... Laibach / Reproduction Prohibited' compilation
Pussy Riot members sentenced to 2 years of jail - found guilty of hooliganism
Megadeth frontman claims Obama 'staged' shootings in Aurora and Wisconsin
Ego Likeness present new video and song 'Treacherous Thing'
Interpol vocalist launches solo 'Banks' album + free track for download
Marilyn Manson offers free MP3 of 'Slo-Mo-Tion' (Dirtyphonics Remix)
'Lawless' soundtrack with Nick Cave and Warren Ellis
Kaltherzig change sound and image - and explain it in a video
Uberbyte to release 'Five Year Plan' this fall - listen to first new track
Lightshifters launch delicious first song 'Luminous'
Ex Machinae release 5-track 'Spinning' EP
Pouppée Fabrikk member finishes Nexus Kenosis project's 'Elsewhen' album
OMD post 'English Electric' album status update
Peter Gabriel to release 'Live In Athens 1987' DVD for the first time
EKP has officially signed Red Industrie
Killing Joke's Jaz Coleman resurfaces... in the Western Sahara
Google updates search algorithm to demote (music) piracy sites
David Guetta shamed and memed after playback gig at Tomorrowland
SoundCloud goes BandCamp with Adyen powered monetization scheme
Zeromancer / Seigmen musicians in - yummie - buttermilk ad campaign
Beautifully animated video for Psy'Aviah's 'On My Own'
Robert Smith (The Cure) records new 'Witchcraft' track for 'Frankenweenie' compilation
The XX unveil 2 brand new songs 'Chained' & 'Angels' - listen now !
De/Vision offer free download 'Brotherhood Of Man (Radio Edit)'
Video for Recoil cover of Talk Talk song 'Inheritance'
Tomorrowland 'pooh' babe real hit on the internet - but not because of her beauty
Louise Rutkowski (This Mortal Coil & Hope Blister) launches Pledge Music campaign to finish new album
Ambassador21 sign to Alfa Matrix
!distain to release 'Live in cologne' EP
New Charles Manson vinyl album, 'Songs From The Sick City'
And the prize for worst Eagles cover ever goes to Marilyn Manson
[A]Brilliant Massacr[E] release 'Science Fiction' debut on Negative Gain label
The Azoic are finally back - help kickstarting their 'Corruption' video
This is how majors will lose all credibility
Dido finishing new album - Twitter says so
Listen to new Icon Of Coil name-your-price comeback single 'PerfectSex'
Curiosity landed safely on Mars - 1st picture now available !
Klutae compiles Zoth Ommog years on 'EXEcution' 2CD
Ghost In The Static go into 'Fallout' modus
Covenant on 20-date August tour through North America
Front 242 announce M'Era Luna 2013 presence
Terror Mexican legend returns to Universal Studios Hollywood in 'La Llorona: Cazadora de Niños'
Mute label boss Daniel Miller to be honored with Pioneer Award at AIM Awards 2012
No Use for a Name frontman Tony Sly passes away
Ultimate Frankie Goes To Hollywood remix collection 'Se* Mix' out next month
Twitch The Ripper announce Mark Saunders produced 'Colorblind' album for August release - stream new single
Killing Joke singer Jaz Coleman goes missing
The-Pulsar to release 'Transformation Of The Flight' in August - video trailer online

July 2012
Götterdämmerung release brand new 'Skincree' video
Shaun F launches 2-track download single 'Drty Fckn Dsko'
Spotify has over 15 million active users, over 4 million paying subscribers
Trial band members female punk band Pussy Riot start - with love from Russia (not really)
Rewind 80s Music Festival sells out in Henley-on-Thames (UK)
Die Rostigen Löffel release 'Wer schoener ist als ich, ist eh geschminkt' video
Collide kickstart 'Bent and Broken' remix album
Imiafan 'Neurozone' vinyl out feat. Borghesia singer
Measuring the evolution of contemporary industrial music - there is none
Ministry front man Al Jourgensen collapses on-stage in France
Madonna fucks up royally in France, again (part 2) #MDNAParis
Stream the new Delerium track 'Monarch' now via Side-Line - EXCLUSIVE
THE smartphone browser every musician / music fan needs on his mobile or tablet: Puffin
MAGT present first official video 'Overcast Sky'
Metroland 3-track single 'The passenger' available now for download !
September Mourning featured in official 'Hardcore Justice 2012' TNA-Wrestling commercial
EMI to release low-price 'Electrospective - The Remix album' 2CD
Vince Clarke & Martin L. Gore project VCMG returns with 3rd EP 'Aftermaths'
Best of S.P.O.C.K 'The Best of the Subspace Years' out on double transparent vinyl
Pet Shop Boys cover Bee Gees' 'I Started A Joke' for 'Winner' single
Contaminated Intelligence release 'Tracks' album as digital download - mastered by Dwayne Dassing
Robert Smith (The Cure) scores: 'The British monarchy are fucking idiots'
Mute to buy back its catalogue from EMI thanks to Universal ?
Neuroticfish prepare comeback
Female voices compilation 'Absolute Grrrls Manifesto [chapter 1]'- submissions wanted - deadline October 15th 2012
Music on bones - a true story of piracy behind the iron curtain
Der Blutharsch returns with 'The End of the Beginning'
Severe Illusion returns with 'Psychosurgery' EP and 'The Legacy of António Caetano de Abreu Freire Egas Moniz' CD
Swedish band Vacuum returns with brand new single 'I Loved You' - watch the video
Lacrimosa return with 'Revolution'
Pok3mon Reaktor sign to Black Rain
A Greek goth crisis - Brussels calling Athens
Alan Wilder to rejoin Depeche Mode ? We tried asking him...
Marilyn Manson and Rob Zombie together on tour in the UK supported by solo project KoRn frontman
Laibach to release 'An Introduction To... Laibach / Reproduction Prohibited' in September
Client fashion label re-launched
Madonna fucks up royally in France by spitting on 20% of her (Le Pen voting) french public
Should artists be angry with the latest EC directive on Collective Rights Management ? You bet !
1982 recordings from Robert Marlow pop up on 'The Blackwing Sessions' EP produced by Vince Clarke / E.C.Radcliffe - ORDER NOW !
Live solo acoustic set by Robert Smith during The Cure concert at Bilbao BBK Live festival
New Delerium album, 'Music Box Opera', in the making
Czech electro/wave act A Banquet debut with 'Breath EP' as produced by Steve Albini (Nirvana, The Stooges, Pixies)
Kokeshi label to release 'Kompilation' sampler 12 inch
'People for the Ethical Treatment of Musicians' (PETM) launches
Original Apoptygma Berzerk drummer Ted Skogmann back in the band for upcoming festival gigs in Germany
Nine Inch Nails' Trent Reznor pens 'Call of Duty: Black Ops II' theme song - listen to it!
Depeche Mode re-enter studio for 3rd recording session
Essence Of Mind release video for 'Indifference'
The Cure's Robert Smith is writing a soundtrack
Call for Google Moog Doodle open-source coders
'Angleterror' by Paul Kendall is now available on i-Tunes
Claudia Brücken's career celebration at The Scala in London out on 'This Happened' DVD/CD
New De/Vision track 'Kamikaze' available for streaming from new 'Rockets & Swords' album
Stream the Morten Harket (A-ha) live concert at Summer Open Air in Germany
M83 partner with Converse for design contest
Watch the Duran Duran live concert 'Screening of A Diamond In The Mind' online
Unconfirmed Depeche Mode world tour 2013/2014 EU dates pop up online and spread like a virus
Peter Hook to release Joy Division memoir 'Unknown Pleasures - Inside Joy Division' in October
And One frontman starts own label, but has no label manager - interested?
Tremor Low launch new video 'Kingmaker'
Electro pop act Shine gives away 'Broken Hours' album - get it here
Wes Borland (Limp Bizkit, ex-Marilyn Manson, Skrillex) to release new album under Black Light Burns moniker
Kalabalik Synthfestival in Bländinge, Sweden on august 17-18
Officers and Gary Numan discuss 'Petals' collaboration on video
Pet Shop Boys release 'Winner' single today - watch the video
Glis returns with 2-track single 'Apocalypse parties'
Smashing Pumpkins reissue 'Pisces Iscariot' album in extended 2CD/DVD version with cassette
The Soft Moon vs John Foxx And The Maths : 'Evidence' - Free download
Celluloide prepare 'Numérique(2)'
Signifier signs Antigen Shift and USHERsan/HIV+
M83's 'Midnight City' goes gold - over 500,000 downloads
Vanguard debut with 'Sanctuary (Expanded Version)' album
Ambassador 21 present brand new video 'Hack All Systems' feat. Anonymous vs. Spicy Box

June 2012
Schizoid to release first solo CD, 'The Next Extreme', in 12 years
The Blind release 'Without You' video
The Crüxshadows return after 5 year hiatus with 'As the Dark against My Halo'
Dpoint launch 'Love belong to the living' video
iTunes launches in 12 Asian territories
Cesium_137 returns with 'Science and Sound' album + free mix
Aesthetic Perfection return with brand new 10-track EP 'A nice place to destroy'
Side-project The Synthetic Dream Foundation, Ephemeral Mists, launches new EP, 'Illusions Blooming Softly'
Stream the new Dead Can Dance album 'Anastasis' on Side-Line + order
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In The Nursery featured artist at the John Peel Record Archives
Ultra Sheriff EP 'Deception, Oil and Laser Beams' number 1 on Beatport after just 1 week
Amphi Festival (DE) on 21/22 July 2012
The Cure live 70 minute webcast available from Southside Festival on June 23rd
Godlike vaults compiled on 'The Director's Collection'
New Velvet Acid Christ album 'Maldire' out in September
Heimataerde goes 'Gottgleich' - order the limited edition now
LSD Project returns with 'Dangerous sounds' - album trailer available
Steven Severin (Siouxise & The Banshees) presents Vampyr album
Revamped website for Mikela Jay + new MAGT video in the pipeline
RIP - Jamie Duffy (Acumen,Ministry, Pigface, ...) passed away
Pet Shop Boys to release new 'Elysium album in September - listen to new track !
Angelspit launch 'Violence' music video trailer
Metroland launches 'Mind the gap' album in 2 different versions incl. Komputer remix
Dismantled to release 'Whole Wide World EP' as special package via official website
The Mystic Underground return with 'Dreamers And Lovers'
Promo trailer new Modern Cubism CD '...tout le firmament autour' hits the web
Aghast View side-project Aesthetische launches debut album 'Powerswitch' - listen to previews
Spotify launches free ad-supported mobile radio in the US
'Prometheus 2' rumored to be already in development
Happiness Project present 'Desillusion' video
'Melancholia' album teaser for September Mourning
Seigmen present advance screening concert film 'Seigmen i Operaen' in Tønsberg, Norway
Caroline Jago releases 2 solo mini-albums 'MMXII' and 'MMXII-II' on Bandcamp
Ayria returns with 1-track single 'Hunger' - first new material since 2008
Hultsfredsfestival in Sweden - June 14-16
Smashing Pumpkins' Billy Corgan will piss on Radiohead and streams new album online
New 'Hey' EP from Nitzer Ebb's Douglas J. McCarthy available now
Happiness Project launches 'Desillusion' debut single on BOREDOMproduct
The Rope signs to Spiralchords Music
SN-A Solo project X Marks The Pedwalk mastermind returns with second song, 'Transmission 350-100-2'
After S.P.O.C.K Diskodiktator Electric Orchestra goes after Elegant Machinery
Helm back with 'My Passenger' EP + free download
Smashing 'Helioscope' video project by Studio Murmur with music by Vessels
The RaZor Skyline to release first new album in 9 years: 'Dark Water Oasis'
Free download from My Empire Of Sound's debut EP 'For the lovers you left behind'
No Comment keyboarder Thomas Kowa to publish debut thriller with Luebbe, the publisher of Dan Brown
Dead Leaf Echo release 'Act of Truth' single (mixed by John Fryer)
What was the first CD/tape/vinyl you ever bought ?
Ray Douglas Bradbury, author of 'Fahrenheit 451' and 'The Martian Chronicles', dies
Der Plan reissues out for 'Geri Reig' and 'Normalette Surprise' with bonus tracks
Lights Of Euphoria return with 'Schwarze Sonne' MCD
Aesthetic Perfection to release 'InHuman' 7inch
New S.P.O.C.K compilation: 'Another Piece of the Action: Best of the SubSpace Years' - Star Trek fans, be warned !
Propaganda's 'Wishful Thinking' album reissued with bonus tracks
Early Mortiis recording 'Ånden som Gjorde Opprør' receives exclusive vinyl reissue treatment
Download a live version of the classic Skinny Puppy song 'Worlock' for free
In Strict Confidence present videopreview new EP 'Morpheus'
Dekad returns with 'Strange situations - The singles' CD
Beläten to release 'A Somatic Response' mixtape curated by Soma Sema
Color Theory releases new EP: 'Adjustments Pt. 1'
The Smashing Pumpkins need your 'Oceania' artwork
Patenbrigade: Wolff to release 'Gastarbeit' 2CD and 'Der Brigadier trinkt Bier' MCD
Grendel CD 'Timewave Zero' goes vinyl
Underwater Pilots return with 2nd album 'Endless' 8 years after debut album - on CD that is
KMFDM pulls out of Infest, but the show goes on
Recoil Blu-ray 'A strange hour in Budapest' sells out in record time - new 'Red edition' made available
Phil Western projects compiled on 'Laborandum'
Orders now accepted for the Recoil limited edition Blu-ray 'A strange hour in Budapest'

May 2012
New M83 video for 'Reunion' out now
More details leak out from forthcoming Talk Talk tribute album 'Spirit Of Talk Talk'
Polaroid Kiss debut with 'Weakness of the Beautiful Souls' album holding massive collaborations
New EP's for !Distain and Arsine Tibé solo-project
Kryptic Minds prepare new 'Askum' 2-track for Tectonic label
Sadman start work on new 'King of A' album - exclusive video preview on Side-Line
Desdemona launch official trailer for upcoming album 'Endorphins'
Egyptology debuts with ambient 'The Skies' vinyl/download
The Prep School Tragedy present 'Thought I Toldja' video
Sonar returns after 6 years hiatus with 'Cut us up' CD
Views on a scene in distress (guest post by David Benoy)
Ad Inferna present new video for second (black) edition of 'Ultimum Omnium'
My Woshin Mashin debut with 'Mawama'
Fatal Casualties release their debut EP after 26 years
B-Movie are back with new 3-track EP 'Echoes'
Sonik Foundry return with 'Explosive' on Nilaihah Records
Faderhead against the world (and Nachtmahr and VNV Nation)
Spit Hot Fire turns The Police hit 'Bring on the night' into dubstep cover
Belgian 3-day festival Shadowplay canceled
Google Doodle celebrates the 78th anniversary of Robert Moog with Moog emulator
MiXE1 set to release 'Module 02' on June 16th via Static Distortion Records
Modern Cubism release '...tout le firmament autour' as CD and Boxset
Celldweller offers free 'Unshakeable' download from new album 'Wish Upon A Blackstar'
New best of for Psyche: 'As the brain collapses'
Fredrik Croona and Engraved Ritual present 'Fight, Survive and Live'
Parade Ground see previously unreleased album 'The 15th Floor' (1989) out on vinyl
'Electronic Summer': New 2-day festival in Gothenburg, Sweden Aug 31st + Sep 1st
VNV Nation launch free EP 'Crossing the Divide EP' - get it now
Complete Control Productions (CCP) sign Belgian band Organic
Uberbyte signs with dPulse
New M83 single EP 'Reunion' out on May 29th
Stream Dave Gahan collaboration with Soulsavers now - order now
Dead Can Dance announce releasedate and name new album: 'Anastasis' and out August 9 2012
Diary Of Dreams release 'Dream Collector II'
Electro Spectre musician produces WANT/ed debut - free track for streaming !
Kirlian Camera back with 'Immortal' EP
Re-release on CD for Raison D'Etre tape 'Après nous le Déluge'
Kickstart the DarkDriveClinic tour now !
Front 242 singer Richard Jonckheere (R23) collaborates on making new SoldOut album
Psy'Aviah launch urban sharing project in Antwerp - parcels spread allover town
Alfa Matrix to release Recoil Blu-ray 'A Strange Hour In Budapest' in EU/USA
Suicide Commando hits the USA - including a one-off vintage set
Olivia Louvel relaunches albums on iTunes
Torul launches 'Glow' single
Freakangel premiers 'Porcelain Doll' video
Free 'Invisible Force' download single from Reizstrom
Sonik Foundry sees 'Explosive' CD out on Nilaihah Records in late May
Empusa release new 'Closer' EP
Atari Teenage Riot return with new single: 'Collapse Of History'
Grendel present 'Timewave Zero' video
Electro Spectre launch new single 'Dancing Girl'
Funker Vogt's Gerrit Thomas launches Gecko Sector project album 'Enter'
Goteki release the final remix EP (in a series of 4)
Canadian industrial project X.A.O.S lands 'Psychomachy' CD
New video/single from Man.Machine.Industry with guest appearance
Dive is no more
New release from Swedish electropop trio Futuro
Get your name spoken onto the next Color Theory release
Vinyl release for Saltillo's 'Monocyte: The Lapis Coil' album + free track
Plastic Noise Experience launches videos from live concert for free online
Alfa Matrix launches bonus tracks versions of new albums on iTunes at discount price
Desdemona return with 4th album 'Endorphins' and 'Bring in All' video
The worst Music Dracula ever heard, on CD

April 2012
O. Children return with 2nd album, 'Apnea' + free download
Out now is the new Morten Harket album 'Out of my hands' with exclusive iTunes bonus track
Funker Vogt does it the 'Hard way' on new single
Tying Tiffany releases new 'New Colony' video - Side-Line exclusive
Roadrunner Records closes doors in Europe
Kant Kino goes 'LRSBSS' on new DJ EPCD
New DJ only EP 'Ok/Virtual Gods' by Psy'Aviah packed with well known Belgian dance DJ remixes
Angst Pop - the band that never existed - launches 'Ødipus Rex 2012' CD
New Ljungblut single, 'Norway has not yet died', available for download on May 1
Meet the Egyptian electro clash outfit: Wetrobots <3 Bosaina - free EP download
Canadian new wavers Men Without Hats to release new album 'Love in the Age of War' in May
Order your Kinetik Festival 4 Photo Book now !
Desire Records announce Newclear Waves debut album
Kraftwerk releases 'The Catalogue' boxset on 2000 numbered copies only
Sinead O'Connor cancels 2012 tour due to breakdown
First ZX Spectrum computer release celebrated with 'Space Invaders' single
Miss FD Releases music video for electro-rock single 'Infatuated'
Neostalgia - Nostalgifest in Malmö (Sweden) on 28/04
Norwegian romantic folk from Eliwagar enters the rest of Europe
DI*ove release new album, 'DI*rection'
Die Krupps release first track of new album: 'Industrie-Mädchen' - listen at Side-Line
New OOMPH! video, meet and greet + pre-listening
The Blind release yet another video, this time for 'A Million Miles'
And One returns with 'S.T.O.P.' feat. Nitzer Ebb and Covenant frontmen
Men at Work's Greg Ham found dead
Diskonnekted launches 'Neverland' video
'Incantations' album by Mentallo & The Fixer side project Benestrophe hits iTunes
Zeitgeist Zero launch The Blackout EP including cover 1980's hit Self Control
Gary Numan to release 'Machine Music: The Best Of Gary Numan' DVD
Facebook launches 'Listen' button on Facebook pages for bands
Editors lose guitarist Chris Urbanowicz
New Kraftwerk album in the making says Ralf Hütter
Deadline closing in for submissions Endzeit Bunkertracks volume 6 !
Stockholm/Gothenburg based Moonlight Cove return with second album 'Hearts of the World'
New Recoil trailer pops online for 'A Strange Hour in Budapest' Blu-Ray
Out now: Front 242 side-project Nothing But Noise - 'Not Bleeding Red' vinyl and CD
Diskonnekted to launch 'Hotel existence' in May - listen to the previews
Metroland video for 'The Passenger' surfaces - Kraftwerk fans, pay attention !
Paul Hickey dies after a long battle with illness
Empire State Human release 6th studio album 'The Art'
Can the real Kraftwerk please stand up ?
The Police movie in the making ?
Helalyn Flowers launch preview new 'Before the Sunshine' track from new album
Portion Control to release 'Pure Form' CD next week - listen to the preview
'Se fosse per me' single from Italian ambient electronica artist Elisa Luu
Kickstarter campaign for new Android Lust album 'Crater vol.1'
Alfa Matrix launches low-priced 19 track 'Sounds from the Matrix 012' compilation as download
Re-release for D.A.F.'s 'Ein Produkt der Deutsch Amerikanischen Freundschaft'
Ministry DVD 'FIX - The Ministry Movie' out now
Dependent Records announce track list 'Dependence 2012' comp + listen to the previews
Assemblage 23 previews new 'Bruise' album - listen here
Teaser for new Dismantled EP 'Whole Wide World' available
Die Rostigen Löffel release new video teaser for Chris Peterson (FLA) produced song
Essence Of Mind return with 'Indifference' album + 'Indifference' video
Android Lust live video for 'Man Descends' released
Mari Chrome brings electropop with strong female vocals on debut album 'Georgy#11811' - listen to the audio previews
The Seance Tour: God Module with Twitch The Ripper & Mordacious
Dismantled announces 2012 Tour
Moby to release 'Destroyed Remixed' in May as digital and limited edition physical
New Vive la Fête album 'Produit de Belgique' produced by Jo 'Technotronic' Bogaert
OOMPH! reveals new 'Des Wahnsinns Fette Beute' album cover
Liars announce new album 'WIXIW' for June release
Inferno Metal Festival 2012 next Easter weekend in Oslo (4-7 April)
Ultravox return with new album 'Brilliant'
Xperiment offer 2 free remixes for download
Aghast View / Biopsy launch 3 backcatalogue albums (+ bonus tracks) as digital download
Justin Bieber goes futurepop by covering VNV Nation's 'Tomorrow Never Comes' - listen to the preview

March 2012
Alfa Matrix launch 4 new EPs from Alien Vampires, Essence Of Mind, 32Crash and Komor Kommando
Seventh Harmonic launch video for 'Valensanimi'
Celldweller releases live album 'Live Upon A Blackstar'
New Forestate single 'Alone with people around' available
Psy'Aviah announce mini concert tour and 'Virtual Gods' videoclip
Sigur Rós return with 6th studio album 'Valtari'
Collide remix contest + 'Bending & Floating' video
Siva Six release video for 'Valley Of The Shadows'
Dead Can Dance announce North American Tour 2012
Johnny Depp plays drums and guitar on new Marilyn Manson album 'Born Villain'
Brian Botkiller releases the Bot Box
Twitch The Ripper sign to Metropolis records
Tommy Noble + Celldweller release Beatport exclusive 'Meteorite'
Infest line-up completed - start ordering your tickets now
Unter Null project Stray returns with massive 3CD packet - only via the label's website
Trisol goes on re-release spree with Rome, Spiritual Front, Project Pitchfork, Sopor Aeternus, ...
L'Ame Immortelle launch remix contest
Classic Talk Talk albums re-issued on vinyl with a DVD
Skinny Puppy goes live on 'Bootlegged, Broke And In Solvent Seas' album
Faderhead album 'The World Of Faderhead' now available as download + video
First video for debut solo project Douglas McCarthy (Nitzer Ebb): 'Death is king'
Accession Records artist Sinine release theme song for theatre piece
Alien Vampires strike back with 'Clubbers die younger' EP
VCMG goes Sssssnakish on debut album - out now
2LP vinyl set out for Mentallo & The Fixer's 'A collection of rare, unreleased & remastered'
Essence Of Mind present 'In The Night' EP videoteaser
3 Cold Men back with 'A Cold Decade', their 3rd studio album
X-Fusion wants 10.000 Facebook likes before it launches new album
Genre Peak back with 'Redux' on Gonzo Multi Media
Dark Side Cowboys are back after 6 years of silence
Recoil live concert film 'A Strange Hour in Budapest' - update
New A-ha photo book and exhibition + Morten Harket b-day concert in Oslo
Listen to the new Marilyn Manson single 'No Reflection'
Massive compilation 'No red seas' out now
Howard Jones offers free download to concide with UK tour
Mentallo & The Fixer returns with massive 4CD boxset including rare projects recordings
Schwarzblut previews new 'Maschinenwesen' material bit by bit
VCMG return with 2nd EP 'Single Blip'
Anne Clark guitarist Jeff Aug sets new world record for the category 'the most concerts performed in different countries in 24 hours'
Ambassador21 members launch Suicide Inside project album 'Homicide' in 3 CD formats
Die Rostigen Löffel launches free 4-track EP co-produced by Chris Peterson (FLA)
Impakt! (featuring ex-Advanced Art members) launch on EKP label
Angelspit launch the iSpit app
Psyche releases 'All Things Pass Into The Night' on vinyl / digital
My Empire Of Sound bring gospel electronica from Sweden
nolongerhuman releases 'Depersonalization' video teaser
Limited DVD release for Freakangel (100 copies)
Pogo (Marilyn Manson) launches new - yet to be named - project
The Blind launch second track, 'Ultimate Rain'
Promo trailer launched for Cronos Titan album 'Total Titan!' - Watch it on Side-Line

February 2012
Spektralized returns after a silence of 6 years (if we don't count the CDr)
Massive Clan Of Xymox vinyl box on Dark Side Records
Grendel to release 'Timewave zero' album - trailers available
Pink Floyd re-release 'The Wall' today !
Dead Can Dance announce dates first leg of new World Tour
Polish electro-industrial act Controlled Collapse goes on Monster Tour
Lestat return with 'Arisen', their first full album in over 15 years
A new label sees the light of day: Squarewav
BitRobot goes emo-bitpop on 'Clamos'
Human Decay announce 3rd album 'Credit to Humanity'
Invisible Limits singer launches new project: Mari Chrome (production by John Fryer)
Rachael Please returns with 'The Corruptor'
The Blind debut with 'Safe tracks' single
De/Vision return with 'Rockets & Swords' album in August 2012, tour in September - order your concert tickets
Ghost & Writer are working on their second album 'Red Flags And Sick Mirrors'
New KMFDM single 'Amnesia' from 'WTF?!' album
Kraftwerk goes bio-racing in Belgium
It's EBM-day today : 24/2
(Oswald) Henke returns with 'Herz' EP
Olivia Louvel covers Cole Porter's 'Night and Day' - watch the video
Cabaret back with new single 'Digital Claustrophobia'
Canal Pop returns with 'High Class Girls & Lo Fi Boys' EP on Eternal Sunday Records
Lacrimosa re-release double live album 'Lichtjahre'
New [de:ad:cibel] EP 'Self-fulfilling Prophecy' out now
Underwater Pilots return after 8 years of silence
Node (Flood, ...) back with first album in 17 years - send your money
Forgotten Sunrise announce 'Samewonder' video taken from 'Cretinism' CD
The Mission Veo hit the studio, new EP to come
Douglas McCarthy, Gary Numan, Martin L. Gore etc. on new Motor CD 'Man Made Machine'
Best of Q4U out on Wave Records
mind.in.a.box goes into 'Revelations club.mixes' EP-mode
Social Ambitions release 'Anticipation' EP on February 27
3 'new' Psychic TV live CD's hit the market
'Electronic 80s with Howard Jones' airs on Absolute 80s
The Cure to cover track for new Paul McCartney tribute album + more concert dates
Decoded Feedback finish tracks for new 'disKonnekt' album
Be part of the 'Minus Habens - 25 Years - 1987-2012' book
'Kraftwerk - Retrospective 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8' at the MoMa in New York
Cultural Amnesia returns with new album 'This Is Not Your Shape' - their first since 1983
William Faith (Faith and the Muse) launches new project The Bellwether Syndicate
More details on forthcoming Talk Talk tribute album and book
Non-story - UK chef Jamie Oliver did NOT find Joy Division / New Order master tapes
UK chef Jamie Oliver finds Joy Division / New Order master tapes
XMH start recordings new album
Inertia launch new video, 'Anticulture'
First 'Lightning' single Morten Harket's new album 'Out Of My Hands' airs on Norwegian radio, second single 'Scared of Heights' announced
:Wumpscut: offers various free exclusive remixes of new 'Women and Satan first' tracks
Alfa Matrix launches massive sales - not even 10 EURO per CD (all in)
New Zeromancer-video for 'Industry People' - better late than never
Lords Of Acid return with 'Deep chills' in April
C-Lekktor prepare 'X-Tension In Progress' for April release
'Just Can't Get Enough - The Making of Depeche Mode', this time by Simon Spence
Erasure return with 'Fill Us With Fire' video and single
Metropolis Records to release 'Electronic Saviors 2' 6CD box - or 8CD box !
Lullacry returns with 'Where Angels Fear' album, listen to first single 'Bad Blood'
Final 2 Sol Invictus re-releases out in March
Lacrimosa in the studio working on a new album
nolongerhuman presents new album 'Depersonalization'
Fad Gadget/Frank Tovey (FGFt) tribute in New York City this March
Soulsavers joined in studio by Depeche Mode vocalist Dave Gahan
Cynical Existence, a new project by Fredrik Croona (Project Rotten, ex-Menschdefekt)
Spiritual Front present new videoclip 'Odete'
Man.Machine.Industry return with new album 'Lean back, relax and watch the world burn'
Henric de la Cour release video for 'My Machine'
Cronos Titan returns after 15 years of silence with 'Total Titan!' back catalog 2CD
Muztec, a new blog on social media and more for bands and labels
Lou Reed announces 'From VU to Lulu' European tour
Ad Inferna announce new 'Ultimum Omnium' album
C-Drone-Defect debut reissued as 'Neural Dysorder Syndrom ReduX' 2CD
New trailer for Morbid Angel remix album 'Ilud Divinum Insanus - The Remixes' - 3 copies to win !

January 2012
The Stranglers announce 'Giants' album
18 Summers return with 'The Magic Circus' after 10 years of silence
The Cult announce new album 'Choice of Weapon'
Miss FD releases electro-rock single 'Infatuated'
Les Discrets laucnh 'Ariettes Oubliées' videoclip
New Depeche Mode album out by 2013
Septic X compilation hits stores
First 2 Rabia Sorda albums reissued as 'The Art of Killing Silence' 2CD with bonus tracks
Kids and Depeche Mode - it does work out
32CRASH releases ultra limited 'Hyperreal' vinyl mini-LP
Ministry releases tracklist 'Relapse' and DefibrillaTour dates!
New Talk Talk book 'The Spirit of Talk Talk' & website – register now
L'Âme Immortelle launch 'Wie Tränen im Regen' video
Saint Etienne return with 'Tonight' after 7 years of silence
The Cranberries play The Smiths classic on OuiFM - view the video on Side-Line
New The Pain Machinery video for 'Hard Cash' + new album on vinyl
Velvet Acid Christ side project Toxic Coma launches 'Satan Rising' album
Front Line Assembly re-release 'Plasticity' single
Front 242 take a break, cancel concerts
System to release limited MP3 player Edition of upcoming 'Evolution' album
DeadStar Assembly record fourth album 'Adorned In Thorns', video teaser 'Blame It On The Devil' available
V2A reissue 'Mechanized Infantry' on Noitekk/BlackRain
Schizoid release 18-song remix album 'The Next Extreme Remixes'
Apollo 440 return with 5th studio album 'The Future's What It Used To Be'
Saltillo presents OST to Monocyte comic on Artoffact Records
New Tying Tiffany album 'Dark Days, White Nights' + videoclip
DJ Tiësto launches new behind-the-scenes digital series 'In the Booth'
The Front 242 helmet - it did exist
L'Ame Immortelle present 'Banish' single and video trailer 'Wie Traenen im Regen' video
Marilyn Manson has a new drummer : Jason Sutter
The Cure to hit the EU road again? - Confirmed
Ooberfuse back with yet another free pearl: 'Summer Skies'
Tom Shear's Waveformless Soundware company releases 'Omnisphere Encompass' sound set
Austra releases video for 'Spellwork'
Spark! launch new old school EBM assault with 'Hela Din Värld' album
Brand new 'Discover' electropop compilation series from Conzoom
TraKKtor welcome new member and announce 'Blitzkrieg Galaxy' single and 'Halo of Lies' album
Atomic Neon guitarist Sascha Fahlbruch passes away
Mind.in.a.box announce video teaser new 'Revelations' album
Das Ich singer suffers and conquers severe brain hemorrhage
Marilyn Manson and Nine Inch Nails 'told' woman to burn the house down
PiL frontman John Lydon blames X Factor for not having found a record label sooner
Spiritual Front back on tour + 'Odete' video and single
Suicide Inside release new 'Snake H' video
Subscribe to the Side-Line Magazine playlist on Spotify
Here's how to get that New Order MOJO tribute CD easily
Why do Amazon, Fnac, etc sell illegal DVDs in large quantities ? Part 1: the EU
Carter Tutti Void to launch 'Tranverse' on Mute in March
Alter der Ruine call it quits and torpedo brand new releases 'Son of a Bitch' and 'Thereʼs Always One More Son of a Bitch' on the way out
Nitzer Ebb singer Douglas McCarthy announces new solo project for 2012
After planking and owling, there's now goths up trees
Depeche Mode live DVD 'Feel you (Live 1982)' to be released? It's a bootleg
The Cruxshadows upped 3 free Christmas songs - just a few days left to download
Smashing Pumpkins' Billy Corgan announces 8 cd's with bonus material for 2012 reissues
New Order MOJO tribute 'Power, Corruption & Lies' - Listen now
Dead Can Dance re-confirm new album and tour
Proyecto Crisis to release 'Made In Remix' CD next week
Tympanik Audio has 3 new releases coming up from Access To Arasaka, c.db.sn and Known Rebel
And the winners of the Side-Line Awards 2011 are...

December 2011
DM Baar in Tallinn (Estonia) - THE Depeche Mode bar in Europe
Happy New Year from Side-Line
Seventh Harmonic release video for 'Mabon'
Apoptygma Berzerk remix of Goteki's 'Freebird' - listen now
Brand new Collide song 'Intruder' included on 'Underworld: Awakening' soundtrack
Faith and the Muse singer Monica Richards releases 'Naiades' book and CD
Artwork new Wumpscut album 'Women And Satan First' revealed - too sexy for Facebook?
Celldweller releases music video for 'Frozen'
Freakangel announce new 'Let It All End' album
Praga Khan goes ghostbusting with Zak Bagans from Ghost Adventures
The 10 most read reviews on Side-Line in 2011 were...
The 10 most read news articles on Side-Line in 2011 were...
Deine Lakaien prepare new acoustic tour for May 2012
Encyclopedia Gothica, a book presenting the goth band family tree
Space nazis attack with a Laibach OST - view the trailers
Noisuf-X offers unreleased cut 'Open Window' as free download
Detroit Diesel offers 'Take Me (To My Fall)' as free download
Nocturna Festival 2011 (Barcelona) DVD in the making
Chaos All Stars release a neverending cover album starting with Depeche Mode's Enjoy The Silence
MOTOR feat. Martin L. Gore video for 'Man Made Machine' out now
Suicidal Romance return with 'Memories Behind Closed Curtains' album
New Order release recording of London concert as live 2CD live and download
British dark electro-pop trio Nedry announce new 'In A Dim Light' album with 2 advance tracks
TECH-TALK: Thomas Rainer (Nachtmahr, L'Âme Immortelle)
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Side-Line Awards 2011 - Vote now for the final winner !
Emil Jensen & Familjen join for duet - view the video now
Say Just Words offer 'The perfect killer' EP on DSBP/Engraved Ritual
NON SONOIO remix album available featuring Recoil, Daniel Myer, ... + free download
Ambassador21 side-project Suicide Inside signs to Alfa Matrix
Neon Electronics to release 'Keylogger' album end of January 2012
Kim Ljung fans release 'Under a migraine sky' tribute
Aghast View side-project Aesthetische signs to Alfa Matrix
Goteki releases 'Disco muerte one, under desert stars' EP as free download
Reissue Hybryds album 'Soundtrack for the Antwerp Zoo Aquarium'
'The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo' OST available now
VCMG EP 'Spock' download and vinyl available now - Martin Gore & Vince Clarke
Morbid Angel remixed by industrial electro cohort
Apoptygma Berzerk releases 20th anniversary edition 12 inch of 'Ashes To Ashes'
Tiësto remixes 'Mission: Impossible Theme' - download it now for free
TECH-TALK: Philippe Fichot (Die Form)
What happens when an Einstürzende Neubauten guitarist and an ex-Die Krupps drummer start a project?
The Cure re-release 'Wish' and a 'Friday I'm in love' + 7 inch to raise funds for the Teenage Cancer Trust
Sinead O'Connor offers two new songs for streaming - listen now
Babylonia video for 'Io sono il deserto' from forthcoming collection
TECH-TALK: Oliver Chesler (The Horrorist)
Marilyn Manson drummer Chris Vrenna leaves band
Industrial tweet of the week from Angelspit
Ladytron and Recoil remix SONOIO - listen to a preview
Chaos All Stars back with 'Autumn Nights' video featuring Kari Berg
MUSIC-MONDAY: Ljungblut - 'Adelsten'
Mystigma loses drummer
Grinderman are over says Nick Cave
And One looking for female guest vocals for 'STOP' album
TECH-TALK: Leif Holm (Pouppée Fabrikk, CAP)
Goldfrapp best of 'The Singles' on its way with 2 new tracks
New Mute Records sampler, get it for free
Underworld appointed Music Directors for the Opening Ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games
TECH-TALK: Gin Devo (Vomito Negro)
Tiësto to launch line of clothing inspired by electronic dance music, we missed the point
Trent Reznor starts work on a new Nine Inch Nails album in 2012 - it now also hit the mainstream press
Mindless Faith plan new 'Just Defy' album for early 2012 release
New Release By VNV Nation/mindFIELD keyboardist Gabriel Shaw
Prikosnovenie celebrates 20th anniversary + announces new releases for Christmas from Artesia & Mediavolo
Exclusive download only 'Melanom' album from Acylum
Amduscia singer completes new 'Death, Thou Shalt Die' album after death musician
TECH-TALK: Daniel Myer (Haujobb, Destroid and Architect)
Exclusive Psy'Aviah EP 'Contraspection' available now via iTunes and Amazon MP3
Side-Line presents: Front 242 live in London on December 11th
Side-Line 2011 awards : nominate your favorite band, release etc NOW !
Skold returns with new 'Tonight' download only single
Wayne Hussey (The Mission) and Julianne Regan (All About Eve) release 'Curios' collaboration
Nine Inch nails offer free 'The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo' sampler for download
Darrin C Huss (Psyche) releases 'We Are Bradley Manning' tribute album
Josh T. Pearson offers 'O holy night' as free download and more
Stream complete VCMG track 'Spock' - Martin Gore & Vince Clarke

November 2011
Wumpscut remix contest for 'Women and Satan first'
Kent busy recording 10th studio album
Neikka RPM send 'Chain Letters' your way in 2 formats
Depeche Mode plan new album and tour - recordings to start in March?
Howard Jones announces 2012 UK Tour and radio series
Side-Line launches own Spotify playlist
The music industry mobilizes to create apps during the Midem hack day
SNOG re-unleashes 'Buy me... I will change your life' CD on Advoxya Records
Controlled Collapse returns with 'Distorted Dreams' album
Music Monday: IC 434 - 'Anhedonia (version)'
Miss FD releases official music video for 'Moment of Fade', from the album 'Love Never Dies'
Morten Harket (A-ha) announces Russian dates
TECH-TALK: Roel Van Espen (Vive La Fête)
People with disabilities no longer welcome at Belgian music festivals
PressGangMetropol find 'Answers' in video
Minusheart release new 'Inglorious Bang' videoclip
Foretaste's 3rd album 'Love On Demand' is out!
TECH-TALK : Rudy Ratzinger (:Wumpscut:)
Gary Numan auctions 'The Fall Remixes' test pressing on eBay
Last call for 'Face the Beat vol. 2' submissions !
Aiboforcen release extended download only EP 'L'errance'
Mesh update: new album and Mechanical Cabaret collaboration
Vince Clarke and Martin Lee Gore aka VCMG announce 'Spock' EP for December release
TECH-TALK : Dirk Da Davo (The Neon Judgement, Neon Electronics)
De/Vision release 'The Mix 3.0' - order it here
Pet Shop Boys B-sides united on 'Format'
Google Music launches in the US - December for EU launch?
L'âme Immortelle returns with 'Momente' after 3 years of total silence
Female fronted act Diffuzion return with 'Winter cities' electropop album
TECH-TALK : Eric Van Wonterghem (Monolith / The Klinik / Dive / Sonar / Insekt / Absolute Body Control)
New Order to release left overs 2005's 'Waiting for the Sirens' Call'
Merzbow returns with 'Lol Pop'
Converse announces footwear collaboration with Gorillaz
U2 tribute featuring Nine Inch Nails, Depeche Mode, etc available now via iTunes - if you find it
TECH-TALK : Felix Marc (Frozen Plasma/Diorama)
OOMPH! have written more than 60 songs for new record
Amazing 120-track charity compilation hits download stores
Santa Hates you launch 'Raise The Devil' video
Watch the new videoclip for Blutengel's 'Nachtbringer'
Faderhead knows how to fuck God
Haujobb's newest 'New World March' also available as 2CD special edition
!distain return with new single and new band member
Clannad plan first live DVD
Last days to download the free Alfa Matrix 10th anniversary compilation 'Matrix downloaded 001' on Facebook
Side-Line hits Google+ - sign up now !
Dismantled remix contest for EP-track 'Disease'
Indie labels raise red flag on Universal and Sony bids for EMI
Morbid Angel remix album with Laibach, Skinny Puppy, Nachtmahr and The Horrorist
Hurts sold almost 1 million copies of their debut album Happiness
Mute Records to release 'The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo' OST in Europe
Mindless Faith remixes Jane's Addiction 'Irresistible Force' and wins $1,000
New !distain solo-project release under the Arsine Tibé moniker
Neurobash returns with 'Stereotype' CD
Siouxsie and the Banshees prepare massive 20-disc box set
VNV Nation remix vinyl box set in the making
Cabaret Voltaire see back catalogue reissued on Mute
Watch all the promo videos for the upcoming Rammstein single/video 'Mein Land'
The Cure albums get Rubik Cubed by Space Invader
Aesthetic Perfection present 'Inhuman' video
Massive BBC Peel session rarities 'Movement - The Peel Sessions 1977 - 1979' 2CD released
DarkDriveClinic debut 'Noise In My Head' out now - recommended
The Cure to release 'Bestival Live 2011' on December 5, 2011
Out now: Recoil Collected + DVD / Calendar
Elsiane finally to release second album, 4 years after smashing debut 'Hybrid'
Brian Molko is NOT on Twitter - Ooops
In The Nursery release rare unreleased live recording 'Live at Camden Palace'
'Girl With The Dragon Tattoo' viral hunting game has started
Suicide Inside (Ambassador21-project) sign to Alfa Matrix

October 2011
Rammstein's 'Mein Land' just won the 1st prize for most ridiculous cover ever
Leatherman, a somber musical project by Jean-Marc Lederman and Jacques Duvall
Kari Berg returns with a deep, dark desire
Xiescive chooses for 'Nexus'
Morten Harket working with Pet Shop Boys and Kent on new solo album
Culture Kultür looking for fans to appear in My Voice videoclip
Listen to Nine Inch Nails' cover of U2's 'Zoo Station'
Listen to Depeche Mode's cover of U2's 'So Cruel'
Music Monday: P24 - 'Geh' (StaticViolence – Remix)
'The Complete Color Theory' released on an 8 GB USB key
Successful fan petition for Seigmen (pre-Zeromancer) to release Opera House concert
New Blutengel album 'Nachtbringer' comes in 3 versions
FGFC820 escalate to 'Defense Condition 2'
CD-format to be abandoned by major labels by the end of 2012
'Icon:Koru' album and limited 15th anniversary box set for [:SITD:]
Psy'Aviah album 'Introspection / Extrospection' delivers 2 club hits before it is even released
Dave Gahan shot down in new 'Superstar' video by Foretaste?
Complete line-up Sinner's Day 2011 with Front 242 - Recoil - The Cult, ...
Submissions for 2nd volume 'Face The Beat' being accepted now!
Belarus act Diffuzion return with 'Winter cities' electropop album
New album 'Places' by Russian electro band Absent One
Side-Line news delayed with 2 days due to internet problems at Belgian ISP Telenet
Front 242 video 'Funkhadafi' rages the internet after death Khadafi
New 'Alan Wilder Collected +' DVD (and calendar) for Recoil - 1000 copies only
M83 present video 'Midnight City'
IC 434 returns after 3 years of silence with 'Anhedonia'
Flood to produce new Orbital album - watch the video
The Stone Roses to reunite? Yes, and they are marketing it as well.
Nachtmahr launch stunning Can you feel the beat? video
Kollector, a groundbreaking worldwide realtime radiobroadcasts tracking system
Alfa Matrix celebrates 10th anniversary with free compilation 'Matrix downloaded 001' on Facebook
ElektroStat 2011 - Side-Line diary (Part 2)
ElektroStat 2011 - Side-Line diary (Part 1)
Peter Murphy offers 'Gaslit' as free download
XTC vinyl box coming up? Maybe, if EMI finds the masters back that is!
Man.Machine.Industry guitarist knocked out in car accident
In Slaughter Natives returns with 3CD box 'Insanity & Treatment' after 7 years of silence
Erotic Elk goes 'Solitary' on Friday
Sarah Fimm launches 'Everything Becomes Whole' video
Red Basement Records opens its doors
Blind Passenger return with 'Electrocop' single and video
Celldweller releases 'Own Little World (Klayton's We WIll Never Die Mix)' video and single
New issue of BEAT magazine comes with 1.2 GB of drum sound and FX samples by Apoptygma Berzerk, KMFDM, Rotersand, Ian Boddy etc.
Massive Mortiis auction
Q releases track list U2 tribute album 'AHK-toong BAY-bi Covered' featuring Nine Inch Nails, Depeche Mode, Garbage, Depeche Mode, ...
Editors' frontman and Razorlight drummer cover Yazoo on Christmas album 'Funny Looking Angels' - get free track !
Miss FD presents new music video for 'Love Magick' single
Recoil live film, Talk talk covers, remixes for Alessandro Cortini (ex-NIN) coming up
ElektroStat festival (NO) today with Recoil, Nachtmahr, ...
Funker Vogt 'Blutzoll Tour 2011' cancels all US dates for North America
Rest in peace Steve Jobs (1955-2011)
Sisters Of Mercy cover for free download from Latexxx Teens feat. Chris Harms (Lord Of The Lost)
Pouppée Fabrikk (SE) replaces Suicide Commando at ElektroStat 2011
Fields Of The Nephilim to release 'Ceromonies' live album and DVD
Here's how the new MySpace will be like - in their pitch that is
A-ha's Magne Furuholmen coach on 'The Voice' talent show
Alan Wilder 'Collected' film to be reissued with extra's on DVD - sign up for a copy!
Sopor Aeternus releases 3rd and final part of the 'Ghost' trilogy: 'Children of the Corn'
Ex-Ashbury Heights singer announces new band Javelynn
Haujobb return with 'New World March' 8 years after their last album
'Who's afraid of the Art of Noise' reissued
Music Monday: Aiboforcen - 'Crysis' (Kant Kino mix)
Moby announces deluxe version of latest 'Destroyed' album + new single
New Erasure album 'Tomorrow's World' out this week
Cause And Effect launch 'The Happiness EP'
ElektroStat festival (NO) with Recoil, Pouppée Fabrikk and so on
Paul Kendall releases 'Angleterror' album as download

September 2011
Collide posts brand new video 'Mind Games'
Miss FD releases kitschy new single 'Love Magick' as a seasonal treat
Aesthetic Perfection reveals details 'All Beauty Destroyed' album + tour
'EA Sports FIFA 12' game features new track from Tying Tiffany
Susan Boyle vs Depeche Mode's 'Enjoy the silence' - listen now !
Wumpscut finalizes demos for new 'Women and Satan First' 10-track album
Kirlian Camera announces more details 'Nightglory' album
AD INFERNA returns with digital single 'eXsangue'
Side-Line has 100 downloads from new 32CRASH track 'Dawning sun (the sound of 32C)' - get it now !
Tenek prepare EP2 release for early October
The Cure announce more Reflections concerts in the UK and USA for November
The Sisters of Mercy hit the road again in Europe starting November 11th
New Billie Ray Martin video for 'Anatomy of a plastic girl'
Watch Pink Floyd's 'The Greatest Gig In The Sky' concert in its entirety on Side-Line
What should admins from Facebook band pages do after f8 ?
Side-Line website down after database outage at 1and1
Roger O'Donnell drops 'little tiny piano exercises' on SoundCloud
Funker Vogt announce 'Blutzoll Tour 2011' for North America
Lowe back with 'Evolver' album and USA tour
Opera Multi Steel sees re-release 1996 album 'Histoires de France'
Music on Facebook after the f8 developer conference, what can you expect?
Chandeen announces new album 'Blood Red Skies' - watch the video
OMD 'History of Modern Tour - Live in Berlin' - out now on iTunes
Zeromancer-songwriter goes vinyl with Ljungblut - 7inch for Christmas and reissues
R.E.M. stop, split, call it a day
Auto-auto new album inspired by anything from Haddaway to Blutengel
32CRASH release party / gig in Berlin at K17 on October 15th
This Mortal Coil 4CD box set and 'Tears in the Dropbox' Blu-ray lands in November
Susan Boyle covers Depeche Mode's 'Enjoy the silence' - horror oh horror
Buttfuck-o-rama on Twitter with Sinead O'Connor
Video interview with Eskil Simonsson (Covenant) - in a taxi in Dublin
Evanescence return with eponymous album on October 10th - here's the first single 'What You Want'
Henric de la Cour debut lands in October
IAMX announce new single 'Volatile Times' - watch teaser online
Dependent announces 2 newcomer releases for October
M83 looking for LA-based musician for new tour - apply if interested and multi-instrumentally talented
Skullline to launch 4th volume in 'Minimal Electronics' series
Pink Floyd collectors boxsets and more - order them now
Brutal Resonance editor launches first single futurepop/EBM project Kontaminant
Pecadores complete 2 new video clips
Speeding with Ronny Moorings (Clan Of Xymox)
Depeche Mode's 'Devotional' drum kit back on the market
Free digital release from Undermathic: 'Deleted (1999-2006)'
Aghast View returns as 'aesthetische'
Kraftwerk edit 3D issue of Wallpaper magazine - buy it here
Cubanate laid to rest for good?
Acylum returns with 'Karzinom' - free download available exclusively on Side-Line
Download Simple Minds' latest single 'Stagefright' for free
Lords Of Acid launch porn video and remix contest
3 new Releases out on Vendetta Music
Stahlnebel & Black Selket launch 'Bloody Rain' attack
When a free x0xb0x drops in your mailbox, it did happen to Psy'Aviah!
GLIM Records welcomes TYPE001 to its roster
Tobias Bernstrup goes androgynous on 'Sing My Body Electric' album
Cryo returns with 'Beyond' on October 26th on Progress Productions
Twisted Flesh Recordings close their doors
32CRASH (feat. members from Front 242, Implant) return with new album, 'Y2112Y'
A-ha member has opened art gallery 'Stolper + Friends'
Eleven Pond sees 'Bas Relief' reissued on CD for first time
Depeche Mode covers U2's 'So cruel' for 20th anniversary 'Achtung Baby'
Side-Line launches Music-Monday in October
M83 announces 'Midnight City Remix EP' for September 26 - free download and preview
Raison d'Etre's Peter Andersson back with 'Music for Film and Exhibition I/Natura Fluxus' 2CD+DVD set
New Order reform (75% of the band actually) for two benefit shows
Can's 'Tago Mago' gets a 40th Anniversary 2CD edition + preview
Hardboiled Wonderland launch 'As Small as a World and Large as Alone' debut
Side-Line presents: Sinner's Day Festival (Belgium) on Sunday 30th October 2011
Aiboforcen returns with new 'Dédale' album after 7 years of silence
Final prices Depeche Mode auction in Manchester
'Collected' event, the ultimate Depeche Mode auction - Day 2 - September 3, 2011
Engelsstaub announces details on new 'Nachtwärts' album
Depeche Mode guitar goes for a whopping 10.400 UK Pound at Depeche Mode auction
Placebo in pieces... on their new DVD and Blu-ray at least
'Collected' event, the ultimate Depeche Mode auction - Day 1 - September 2, 2011
Side-Line presents : ElektroStat festival (NO) with Recoil, Nachtmahr, Suicide Commando, Vision Talk, ...
New Marilyn Manson track 'Born Villain' debuts in Shia LaBeouf directed short film - watch it on Side-Line

August 2011
A-ha singer Morten Harket prepares solo album - Update
80s rarities on new vinyl compilation only
Apoptygma Berzerk to release 'Black EP Vol. 2' featuring remixes by Essence Of Mind, Client, ... - preview!
Voltaire releases 9th album 'Riding a Black Unicorn Down the Side of an Erupting Volcano While Drinking from a Chalice Filled with the Laughter of Small Children' + US tour this Fall
Trakktor goes 'Force majeure' on debut album
Apple's iCloud won't be streaming music after all
Skinny Puppy - finally - sets release date for new 'Handover' album
Panzer AG keyboardist Lauren Krothe offers webcast solo-performance this week
Severe Illusion returns with double A-sided single 'Clear Head / The End Of Flowers'
Secret Recoil gig at the Alan Wilder/Depeche Mode auction confirmed
Mute launches 'An Introduction To...' compilation + get an exclusive free Komputer remix !
VNV Nation reveals snippets new 'Automatic' album + tour dates
Ministry reunion, new tour + new record in 2012
Bon Harris (Nitzer Ebb) starts new project The Shadow Bureau
Conrad Schnitzler (Tangerine Dream, Kluster, ...) dies after battle against cancer
minusheart releases new videoclip + album - Side-Line exclusive
More Alan Wilder 'Collected' print catalogues available for purchase
New Marlow album 'The Future' out on Electro-Shock-Records by end of 2011 + Depeche Mode cover
Remix contest for Xiescive, time to join!
Tom Waits 'Bad as me' album previewed during online listening party
Imperative Reaction offer free download of unreleased song 'Siphon'
Pukkelpop camping looted - videos show devastating storm raging over festival
Crunch Pod quits after 13 years in business
Children Within sees previously unreleased EP issued on Progress Productions
OMD 'History of Modern Tour - Live in Berlin' CD/book - out now
Video : A-ha bringing 'Stay on these roads' during national memorial service at Oslo Spektrum
Calva Y Nada to release picture vinyl 'Dias Felizes'
U2's Bono rushed to hospital with heart palpitations
Best of à;Grumh... out on Infacted in September
Excellent Spotify guide launched for Kindle users
Inferno destroys Zwischenfall Club building in Germany
A-ha to perform 'Stay On These Roads' in national memorial service in Oslo
Belgian Pukkelpop canceled after 5th festival-goer dies in storm blast
Boyd Rice comes to France for Etrange festival
Tori Amos premieres video 'Carry' + exclusive bonus track
How well/bad is the industrial music scene doing in the digital download/streaming market? We found it out for you.
Official full color catalogue Alan Wilder's 'Collected' auction now available for free download
Alfa Matrix 'Matrix revelations' magazine reaches 1.000.000 views
Moby releases new single 'Lie down in darkness' with remixes by Paul Van Dyk, Chris Liebing and Michael Mayer - watch the video
Junkie XL launches teaser new album
Nachtmahr announces tracklist 'Can You Feel The Beat?' MCD
David Lynch to launch solo debut LP 'Crazy Clown Time'in November
Spotify well adopted in US according to Onavoa stats
Alexander Hacke (Einstuerzende Neubauten) releases Zebra soundset
Side-Line presents: Until Death... US-festival taking place this weekend !
And One, or how to fail in your PR - Part 2
Mute, 4AD, ... stock probably destroyed in London riots fire
Dark Dimensions presents 3 new releases in September
De/Vision reveals details of 'Popgefahr - The Mix' remix album
Even more Depeche Mode acetate vinyls from Alan Wilder private collection end up on eBay - get them now
Alex Møklebust (Zeromancer) talks about Oslo murdering
Miss FD releases music video for 'Negaverse'
22Hertz release debut EP 'Is This Real'
Mega limited picture vinyl release for Frontline Assembly's 'Hard Wired'
Noisuf-X announces details 2 formats 'Dead End District' album
Cryogenic Echelon see debut EP 'Fall of the Reptiles' released on Crunch Pod
First part Alan Wilder's 'Collected' film now on-line
Nachtmahr launch 'syncro' contest / video clip / new EP
Crunch Pod protects animals on 'Justicia Pro Bestia' - get it here
System Syn enters Fall with 'All Seasons Pass' CD
Goteki release entire back catalog for free
Rational Youth release 2nd remix EP 'City of Night / Cité Phosphore 2011'
Dunkelwerk working on 3rd album, 'Die unglückshaften'
Face 38: Notstandskomitee - 'Floating Point' (Germany)

July 2011
Face 36: Corporate Soldiers - 'Give it to you' (Feat. Ayria) (USA)
Face 35: Freakangel - 'My Darling Bullet' (Estonia)
Biosphere re-releases 'Substrata' re-mastered by Stefan Betke aka Pole
Alfa Matrix starts own 'Matrix Revelations' magazine, first edition out now
Roberto Rosa from Babylonia passed away
Face 34: Harvey & The Moon - 'The Actor & The Thief' (Foretaste Remix) (France)
Face 33: Armageddon Dildos - 'House of pain' (Germany)
An open letter to Morrissey
Face 32: Diffuzion - 'One way' (Belarus)
More Swedish mayhem from Agent Side Grinder on 'Industrial Beauty' 2CD
Absolute Body Control release remix vinyl 'Mindless Intrusion'
Face 31: amGod - 'Fight!' (Breakdown Mix) (Germany)
Aiboforcen returns with first teaser upcoming 'Dédale' album
Unofficial biographies from industrial bands? Meet the scam book factory
William Orbit in studio with Star Trek's William 'James T. Kirk' Shatner
Björk presents official video 'Crystalline'
Front 242's Patrick Codenys presents workshop 'How to build an EBM track' in Lille (France)
Laibach covers Dylan's 'Ballad of a Thin Man' for US Embassy in Ljubljana tribute CD
The Oslo bombing, Norwegian bands and readers talk
Digital Factor announce new 'Trialog' album and video-single 'I Have To Hit You' - Watch it now !
Face 30: Distorted Reality - 'I Knew It Was Wrong' (USA/Germany)
Face 29: Malakwa - 'Monster' (France)
EX.ES commemorates Love Parade disaster victims with free download
And One ends tour with Unheilig 'because the audience sucks'
iVardensphere welcomes Frédéric Scarfone (Katastroslavia, Iszoloscope, Memmaker)
Project releases meditative 2CD 'Ananda Nidra : Blissful Sleep' feat. Black Tape For A Blue Girl and Steve Roach
Code 64 returns with 'Deviant EP'
Acretongue releases debut album, 'Nihil', as a free download.
Face 28: The Adamski Kid - 'I Dance Alone' (UK)
Face 27: Human Steel - 'Leatherface' (Poland)
Former Trisol label-founder launches own project: Fernthal
Mac OS X Lion - first impressions from Roger O'Donnell (The Cure)
Face 26: Umilenie - 'Metakognition' (Argentina)
Face 25: DRIL - 'Excelcior' (USA)
Google+ Side-Line Page Sign Up Form
Ninja Tune name and shame German Backspin magazine journalist
Bulb 'Tenderness/Heartless' 12 inch out now - recommended
Björk's 'The Biophilia Ultimate Edition' is yours for 500 UK Pound
Side-Line presents: Shadowplay Festival - 3 days of black fun in Belgium!
Get new M83 'Midnight City' single as free download
Face 24: Empusa ft Miss FD - 'Burned' (Netherlands & US)
Face 23: P24 - 'Geh' (Germany)
Ostia side-project Friends of Alice Ivy releases its second EP, 'In the Gloaming'
Drama after Keith 'Mina' Caputo outs herself as transgender
Side-Line presents: Music For A Darkened Theatre - Saturday 13th August 2011
Face 22: My Secret Machine - 'Everytime' (Denmark)
Face 21: Electro Spectre - 'You Wear The Jesus (Sapphire Mix)' (Norway)
Vinyl release for Parade Ground on Dark Entries label
For the industrial college students reading the Side-Line newsblog, check 'Fix of Awesome'
Pakt. celebrate And One departure with debut single 'Freiheit'
Zeromancer bassist re-launches Ljungblut project and 'Over skyene skinner alltid solen' album
32CRASH return with 'Y2112Y' album
Face 20: Schwarzblut - 'Das Mandat' (Holland)
New Midnight Syndicate CD 'Carnival Arcane' coming August 2nd
Face 19: DarkDriveClinic - 'Breathe Shallow' (US/Norway)
Neuropa return with 'Fashion War' digital single and it is up to the fans to realize a CD Ep
'The truth is, Bernard's a twat, and he always has been' - Peter Hook on Bernard Sumner
Rational Youth electro pioneers returns with 'Dancing on the Berlin Wall' remix EP
Evanescence post 'The Other Side' teaser for new 'Evanescence' album
Sean Parker, he single-handed killed the old music business model and now applauds Spotify
Morrissey, you made an ass out of yourself - ban us too please!
Face 18: Decayed Reflection - 'Pray Into Sin' (United Kingdom)
Face 17: Siva Six - 'Valley of the shadows' (Greece)
dAVOS returns with 'Tender Loving Care' MCD - synthpop made in Austria
Spotify goes live in the USA
Face 16: In Black - 'God Bomb' (USA)
Twitch The Ripper joins Imperative Reaction on tour / Imperative Reaction launches 'Surface' video
Face 15: Bête Noire - 'Kall, Elak' (Sweden)
Ivan Iusco's 'The Synth' travels from Los Angeles to London
Bigmouth Morrissey bitten by dog
Face 14: Kommander D - 'War' (Sweden)
Face 13: Chaos All Stars - 'Forget Them (featuring Kari Berg)' (Sweden)
Cause and Effect release 'Artificial Construct Part Two'
Crunch Pod signs two new artists: Cryogenic Echelon & Ascension EX
Xan Tyler (Technique) joins Client
Face 12: SMP - 'The Knife (64K Mix)' (USA)
Face 11: Reizstrom - 'Its your turn' (Germany)
Apoptygma Berzerk guitarist back with 2nd album The Anix
Face 10: [de:ad:cibel] - 'Selektionsfunktion (Reproduktionsversion)' (Germany)
Face 9: H.EXE - 'Crown Thy Oppressor' (Poland)
Recoil unveils new 'Collected' trailer + extra details auction
Side-Line hands out Google+ invitations
Dean Garcia (Curve) signs The Black Holes / SPC ECO / Morpheme to XD Records
Face 8: Psy'Aviah - 'Anger Management' (Belgium)
Battles release Gary Numan collaboration 'My Machines' as next single
Face 7: DI*ove - 'Take Care (Plastic Noise Experience Remix)' (Belgium)
Slipknot to webcast Knebworth (UK) performance on Sunday, July 10th
Survey - Side-Line mobile app
Official video Yann Tiersen's 'Monuments' single available - updated
Face 6: Doom Generation - 'Possessed' (Side-Line Mix) (USA)
The Mission release 'Crusade' VHS on DVD (actually they already did in 2008)
Face 5: Novakill - 'CRASHINGdown Crushed' (Australia)
Decoded Feedback finish 'disKonnekt' album for a late 2011/early 2012 release
Face 4: TourdeForce - 'Masterplan' (remixed by Foretaste) (Italy)
DSBP launches Schattenschlag on US market with 'Psychosis' CD
Face 3: head-less – 'Punish Your Head' (Raul Parra 1st Mix) (Germany)
The Jesus and Mary Chain reissue all 6 albums
Face 2: Blackhouse & Hypnoskull - 'Yaam (I Proclaim Your Name)' (USA /Belgium)
Minerve 'Forbidden Love' remix contest
Face 1: Canal Pop - 'Electricity' (Argentina)
Minimal Wave launches Philippe Laurent full length vinyl 'Hot-Bip'
Erasure 2CD/DVD reissues for 'Wonderland' and 'The Circus' out today !
'Face The Beat Vol. 1' available now... for free !

June 2011
VNV Nation and Scooter to remix Within Temptation
Watch The Smashing Pumpkins' female wrestling video !
Roger O'Donnell (The Cure) offers exclusive track to comic
Cylab launches new video for 'Skin'
Virgin Media to go hand in hand with Spotify?
MySpace sold to ad network Specific Media for US$35 million
I:Scintilla present new video for 'Swimmers Can Drown'
Live concert Jean Michel Jarre in Monaco broadcast Euronews
Crunch Pod releases 'Justicia Pro Bestia' compilation in August
Two new Ninthwave releases from Kyle Brylin & Aidan Casserly
Side-Line adds interactive hotspots on images
Manufactura announce best of: 'The Pleasures of the Damned'
Angelspit rages through Europe this August
New God Module 'Séance' CD to be released in mid-September
Top ten industrial songs to listen to while Gambling
Arvika files for bankruptcy - edition 2011 is a no-go
Throbbing Gristle to release final record 'Desertshore' on re-activated Industrial Records
New Bjork album 'Biophilia' equals 10 iPad apps - listen to new single
The Birthday Massacre announce mid-August releasedate for 'Imaginary Monsters' EP
Nick Cave joins Neko Case for The Zombies 'She's Not There' for 'True Blood' - listen!
A-ha member Paul Waaktaar-Savoy starts new Weathervane project with Jimmy Gnecco
Book from manager (and ex-partner) Erasure's Andy Bell, Paul Hickey, out now
Zeromancer cancels all shows for 2011
Correction - The Human League announce North American Tour
Alien Vampires gets blocked on Facebook - Side-Line threatened to see page closed
Diary Of Dreams' 'Ego:X' album released in 4 different versions
U2 reissue 'Achtung Baby' and 'Zooropa' as deluxe (twin) sets
Tori Amos announces more details on her new album 'Night of Hunters'
Mute to release 'An introduction to' series on The Balanescu Quartet, Konnecting... I Start Counting, Fortran 5 and Komputer
eBay auctions Trent Reznor's teens bicycle - very industrial, isn't it?
Alien Vampires on tour in the USA, Mexico and Australia
Peter Murphy (Bauhaus) launches official video for 'I Spit Roses'
Project Pitchfork returns with 'Quantum Mechanics' on Trisol
Lords of Acid release 'Little Mighty Rabbit' EP in September
Magne Furuholmen (A-ha) opens art gallery on Tjuvholmen in Oslo - former art CD release worth 3600 EUR
Best of Client in the making on Mute? Perhaps an introduction to...
Behold, the Rob Zombie Woolite commercial !
Erasure tickets for US tour on sale now !
Krystal System launches video for 'Nuclear Winter'
Limited edition vinyl for Olivia Louvel's 'Doll Divider' available now
Goldfrapp remixes Lady Gaga
Suicide Commando launches 'The Suicide Sessions' 6CD box
Free download leadsingle German IDM artist Apparat
Side-Line cancels Blackberry app development
S.P.O.C.K debut album re-recorded by ex-member under Diskodiktator Electric Orchestra name - free download
Erasure returns with brand new album 'Tomorrow's world' and US tour in Fall 2011
Video: Daniel Miller interviewed by Richie Hawtin at IMS:2011 Keynote
Artists, time to move to Facebook: launch Music Dashboard incl. Spotify imminent
Moby live tweet on Amy Winehouse in Serbia: 'Get her some help. It's truly heartbreaking'
Side-Line launches built-in QR Scanner in Side-Line mobile app
Neon Electronics release new 'Keylogger' album on M-Tronic
Re-issue for The Soil Bleeds Black 'Quintessence' album
L'Ame Immortelle prepares comeback with first new album in 3 years
New XTC boxset in the making?
Mike Oldfield to re-release 'Incantations' as deluxe edition
Lou Reed completes album with Metallica
Cyanotic co-produced debut electropop collective The Prep School Tragedy
De/Vision 'Popgefahr' remix album out in September
Details on forthcoming collaborations between John Foxx, Theo Travis and Harold Budd (feat. Ruben Garcia)
Komor Kommando to tour Europe in July
2 live Mute Studio performances for Josh T. Pearson hit YouTube
Abscess returns and offers old demo-files for free streaming - recommended!
Duran Duran offer live 'sorry' album for free download - get it here !
Roger O'Donnell (ex-The Cure) working on David Lynch remix
Depeche Mode label-less after remix album 'Remixes 2: 81-11' - Live Nation the next partner?
Kite go Chinese
Even more Duran Duran concerts canceled - MRI scan for Simon Le Bon
U2 delay new album until 2012 - Lady Gaga producer dropped
The Pain Machinery unleashes 'Surveillance Culture' on Complete Control Productions
Hurts remix Mylène Farmer for new 'Lonely Lisa' single
OMD announce 'History of Modern Tour - Live in Berlin' CD/book
The Human League release 'Live at the Dome' CD/DVD
Details and questions regarding Apple's iCloud and iTunes Match - is there a catch?
Frontman of Das Ich, Stefan Ackermann, seriously ill
Lady Gaga caught shoplifting in Holland
Umbra Et Imago cover Nazi favorite Zarah Leander for new single 'Davon geht die Welt nicht unter'
Corde Oblique return with new album featuring Radiohead, Ashram and Daemonia Nymphe
Cousins Nephews of Depeche Mode's Martin Gore go Basic - and it's rather bad, really bad
Tears For Fears force English Defence League (EDL) to take down 'Mad World' video
Indians In Moscow re-release debut EP on Other Voices label
Kirlian Camera launches video for 'Nightglory'
'Human Centipede' sequel barred from UK distribution for being 'too obscene'
Out now: 2nd and final volume in Depeche Mode tribute series from Alfa Matrix label
Give-away: 2 tickets for Compact Space album launch in Hamburg !
2 members quit And One and form PAKT
Nine Inch Nails and Nasa Cassini spacecraft photos star in stellar video
Electro Spectre record cover Elvis classic 'Suspicious Minds'
Gary Numan to release new album 'Dead Son Rising'
Unreleased William Orbit remixes of Madonna's 'Gone' and 'Cyberraga' pop up - download them now
Sopor Aeternus returns with normal version 'Have you seen this Ghost?' in August
Absolute Body Control return with MCD 'Surrender no resistance'
Compact Space 'Nameless' album launch in Hamburg - get tickets now !
Digital Factor joins Black Rain + on tour with Front Line Assembly
'It's the production stupid' - This is how Depeche Mode sounds like with Alan Wilder
Manufactura collected on 'The pleasures of the damned'
The next revelation from electro land: Austra
Full details on new Haujobb 'Dead Market' CDEP - audio & video preview

May 2011
David Byrne presents live concert film 'Ride Rise Roar'
The Cure plays 44-song 'Reflections' concert with former members Lol Tolhurst & Roger O'Donnell
Moby electrocuted during Amsterdam mini-concert
Mexican act C-Lekktor for the first time on tour in Europe
No horse sausages (or no Morrissey) during Belgian concert
Side-Line Music exclusive : download FREE Depeche Mode remix on Side-Line Facebook page
Alan Wilder auctions Depeche Mode collection, historic equipment, vinyl & memorabilia
A-ha nominated for Norwegian 'Hall of Fame'
Trent Reznor and Karen O record Led Zeppelin cover for 'The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo' trailer - listen now !
Deadmau5 wants you to design his mouse head
Ooberfuse, a UK band to keep in mind - check their The Cure cover
Side-Line Facebook compilation - first inclusion requests sent out!
And behold: Facebook and Spotify are to launch a streaming music service - says Forbes
If it were your child, what would you do? Pay the $250,000 bill? Here's what happened to Charles Rehill of Lost Signal
Recoil goes Vintage
Daybehavior release new single 'Silent Dawn' - album date set
FTANNG! offer free download new 'Waves' single
Black Tape For A Blue Girl goes on European tour - wanna kickstart them?
The Pain Machinery return with remix album 'Auto Surveillance'
Martin Lee Gore joins Compact Space on 'The Unstoppable Collision' - watch the video
The Cranberries announce new album for Fall/Autumn 2011
Billy Corgan to release pre-Smashing Pumpkins material?
Marilyn Manson posts preview new studio album - listen to it on Side-Line
Scott Weiland (Stone Temple Pilots) covers Depeche Mode's 'But not tonight'
Apoptygma Berzerk singer's brother joins Komor Kommando for Depeche Mode cover
Displacer returns with 1st album in 5 years: 'Night Gallery'
Electribe 101 to release John Peel session CD
Black rain releases Apoptygma Berzerk vinyl box
The Smashing Pumpkins record video feat. you and a bunch of wrestlers
Attrition release 'Demonstro 1981 - 86' double vinyl
The Mute Short Circuit festival - a Side-Line Twitter impression (Day 2)
The Mute Short Circuit festival - a Side-Line Twitter impression (Day 1)
Tears For Fears member to sing on new Junkie XL album - Side-Line exclusive
70 minute documentary about Richie Hawtin hits YouTube
Null Factor releases 'Anticitizen' album
Post-Yazoo act The Assembly re-unite at Mute Short Cicruit festival for first time in 28 years
31 years ago Ian Curtis died - new compilation 'Total: From Joy Division to New Order'
Rob Zombie films Woolite laundry detergent advert
Josh T. Pearson covers Mute classics during set at Mute Short Circuit
Blackberry testers wanted for upcoming Blackberry Side-Line app
5 new Alfa Matrix releases hit iTunes
'Depeche Mode did not steal any samples from Einstürzende Neubauten' says Gareth Jones
Morrissey compares British Queen to Colonel Gadaffi - he is our hero again!
Ladytron launch 'White Elephant' (audio) video, kinda...
Dead Can Dance returns for a second reunion album and tour
Side-Line talks with KMFDM on social media
VNV Nation announces 'Automatic' + tour
New Haujobb EP 'Dead Market' available now via Bandcamp
New give-away track from Peter Murphy
Killing Joke cancel US tour
Mega-limited Tangerine Dream box set of 'Zeit' to be released in late June/early July
Accessory goes 'Underbeat' on 2CD
Motor feat. Martin Gore on 'Man Made Machine' track - listen to the track
Spotify for Electro-Heads
Free exclusive Necro Facility remix
Mute announces more details on extra's for premium ticket holders
Peter Hook's '1102/2011' EP of Joy Division covers 'legally' delayed
May issue Sonic Seducer + exclusive 5-Track-EP by Leaves' Eyes + Cold Hands Seduction CD
Ikon album reissues: 'In the Shadow of the Angel'/ 'Flowers for the Gathering'
Here's the new Depeche Mode video for 'Personal Jesus' (Stargate Remix)
Ladytron filming video new single 'White Elephant'
Dismantled replacing Die Krupps for the Front Line Assembly USA-tour
Nachtmahr remix contest winners announced
Talk Talk tribute album featuring Alan Wilder (Recoil), Anthony and the Johnsons, ... UPDATE
Depeche Mode frontman Dave Gahan covers Joy Division, Bowie and Damned classics at MusiCares MAP FundSM benefit concert
Roger O'Donnell and Lol Tolhurst reunite with The Cure for Sydney 'Reflections' concerts
Vintage line-up Smashing Pumpkins in a coma, at least for Billy Corgan
New Tying Tiffany remix album 'Peoples Temple Remix Edition' + videoclips - Side-Line exclusive
The Lilla Sällskapet 'Genova' video you'd better not play at work...
ohGr returns with an undeveloped album
Spotify gets massive upgrade, launches own downloadservice
Kokeshi label launches new smash hitsingle: Irrelevant feat Brad Sucks - 'Better Off In Me'
Mesh changes tracklist for first limited edition 'An Alternative Solution' 2CD set
New John Fryer powered project DarkDriveClinic launches video for 'Silhouettes' - Side-Line exclusive
Lamb unveils '5' limited edition album to fans - full details and pictures
DSBP presents 100th release: Andro-Dioxin's 'Dioxin City'
Mysterious Recoil video pops up online
Olivia Louvel wins Electronic Music Awards QWARTZ in the album category
Breathe is dead, long live The Laughing Dolls
Front Line Assembly, Die Krupps and Cyanotic embark on US tour
Siva Six returns with 'The Twin Moons' album in June - free download
Osama Bin Laden - What do Side-Line readers think about his death?
Compact Space signs with Ferryhouse Productions in Hamburg - video trailer
Do you want to remix Howard Jones? Here's your chance!
Crunch Pod signs Blackcentr
Free download from Krystal System's upcoming 'Nuclear' album

April 2011
Swedish SGA Festival cancelled - update
Stum covers Kings of Leon 'Sex on Fire'
Alfa Matrix launches 2nd and final volume in Depeche Mode tribute series
Sopor Aeternus video for Marianne Faithfull cover 'It is safe to sleep alone' available
Bank moloch loses out against goth entrepreneur Patrick Rodgers (Dracula's Ball, Dancing Ferret, Isotank, ...)
The March Violets set to release 'Love Will Kill You' EP before tour starts
X-Ray Spex singer Poly Styrene loses battle with cancer
Dave Stewart (Eurythmics) to release 'The Blackbird Diaries'
EMI to re-release back catalog The Smashing Pumpkins + new album
In bed with Depeche Mode - literally
Out now, the TrakProDJ, an iPad/iPhone Traktor touch control system - free promo codes!
Former Atari Teenage Riot frontwoman Hanin Elia returns with solo album
Lthrboots launch 'My Salvation' video
'Short Circuit' sampler for 2 Days Of Mute event in London
Pony Pony Run Run single 'Hey You' gets Star Slinger remix treatment - Free download
2 new Sol Invictus albums in the making: 'The Cruellest Month' & 'The Collected Works'
Terminal State announces new 'Illegal Space Activity' CD via Facebook
ITN album 'Blind sound' finally available
PFQ to release debut album 'Future Songs' on Ninthwave records
Former 'Doctor Who' star Elisabeth Sladen loses battle with cancer
Depeche Mode fan video launched for 'Ghost'
1985 live CD for Attrition out soon on Other Voices label
Google Music and MySpace Music to go under? At least one of the two is.
Suicide Commando frontman starts up new label and compilation series
Atari Teenage Riot releases 'Digital hardcore' mini-album in Japan
Free download: Scissor Sisters vs. Boys Noize mixtape
Növö releases 'Excerpts from... Live in Rotterdam 2006' video
New video electro-rock act Malakwa banned in Germany
New Depeche Mode single 'Personal Jesus 2011' available now as download
Free Psyche track for download - new version 'Secret Angel' (100 free downloads available)
KieTheVez working on new material - Side-Line exclusive
Travis drops the beat for Lucozade YES film - must see video
Dance Or Die prepare comeback
Seventh Harmonic signs to Out Of Line for 'Garden of Dilmun' CD
Interpol to launch Remix EP - free remix available now
Fliehende Stürme waiting for rockets
Sonic Seducer reveals April 2011 issue
The Neon Judgement to release early tapes plus extra as download
Leaves' Eyes offer 'To France' videoclip
Monody debut with 'Of Iron And Clay' - free streaming available
Pail has put its faith in the void
Side-Line Facebook compilation - 4 more days before we close the submissions deadline
The Cure cover Paul McCartney song
Page releases video for 'Alla som väntar'
New album from Chris Peterson (Delerium, Front Line Assembly) under Decree moniker
First collaboration between Imogen Heap and fans available now on iTunes and Amazon
Two limited vinyls from Esplendor Geométrico!
Shiller returns with 'Breathless' featuring Midge Ure, Klaus Schulze and more
Apoptygma Berzerk remix on Lost In Desire single 'I Am You'
Kraftwerk ? No, Craftwife !
Apparat joins Mute label - free download track
Dark Colour delivers video for 'Don't Let It Stop'
Pre-Erasure track Andy Bell re-released for charity
Elegant Machinery split not politically inspired at all says Richard Jomshof
Did Elegant Machinery split up due to political reasons?
Is there a need for labels these days?
Video for Emmon's delicious 'Distance' single - view it exclusively on Side-Line
Yazoo sampled by Snoop Dogg - your verdict?
Free Karl Bartos iPhone app available
New Apoptygma Berzerk video for 'Asleep Or Awake' (RealityBeatsFictionByFar's Red Pill Version)
Reissues for the A Flock Of Seagulls albums 'Dream Come True' and 'Same'
New 'Can't Sleep' album from dubstep kings Kryptic Minds out now
Smashing remix treatment for Depeche Mode's 'Never Let Me Down Again'
The first electropop Twitter song is a fact: Spray's 'Twitter Campaign'
Side-Line's April 1st jokes: the results are in !
Out now: A-ha live DVD/2CD 'The Final Concert'
Psy'Aviah post work in progress video new album
Reformed The Mission celebrate 25th anniversary with special one off UK show with Fields of the Nephilim
Side-Line starts adult section - not work safe - get your access code !
American-Libyan electro band إنها محاكاة ساخرة looking for a label contract
Side-Line to close website - goes smartphone app only

March 2011
Side-Line exclusive: In The Nursery video for 'Artisans of Civilisation'
Listen to Depeche Mode's 'Personal Jesus (Alex Metric Remix 2011)'
Ex-This Mortal Coil vocalist Louise Rutkowski releases 'Mimi'
The Legendary Pink Dots offer 'Paris in the Fall' live DVD
Skold kicks 'Anomie' on the street via Dependent
Zynic release debut single 'Dreams In Black And White' (incl. remixes of Assemblage 23, Leaether Strip and Iris)
Daft Punk's 'Tron Legacy: Translucence' 10 inch vinyl canceled
Diary Of Dreams tweet progression report on 'Ego:X'
Ad Inferna drops 'There Is No Cure' album at the end of April
V2A returns with 'Machine Corps' on Noi Tekk
Moby wins Beatport award for 'best electronica track'
Vevo approached to buy Myspace according to Reuters
Nachtmahr 'Can you feel the beat' remix contest
Testube launches its newest 'Unintentional' baby via Glim Records
Amateur industrial music composers - here's the software you have been waiting for: Nanostudio !
Chaos All Stars feat. Mona Roukachi deliver smashing reprise of Psy'Aviah song
Recoil adds WGT, Tallinn, Paris and more to its 2011 tour + new videotrailer
More details new Dismantled album 'The War Inside Me'
In Strict Confidence back with new EP 'Set me free'
Stream 2 tracks from new album Peter Murphy (ex-Bauhaus)
Vince Clarke (Erasure, Yazoo, Depeche Mode) pays musical tribute to Bob Moog
Duran Duran unstaged with naked Barbie, saussages etc.
MySpace dying faster than ever now - bands, it's time to jump ship
Color Theory announces extremely limited edition CD
Edge Of Dawn present 'Lucid Dreams' video, based on a true horror story
Tracklist Depeche Mode remix album 'Remixes 2: 81-11' - out June 6
Moby joins OMD on stage at SXSW
De/Vision remix contest
New 'Blood In My Eyes' single Atari Teenage Riot tackles human trafficking
Daft Punk's 'Tron: Legacy' remix album is music for airports stores says ex-manager
Alfa Matrix announces a string of new digital releases
Side-Line presents: Infest 2011 with VNV Nation, Alien Vampires, ...
Kraftwerk release demo video for iPhone/iPad app 'Kling Klang Machine No1'
!distain present new album 'On/Off' and single 'Mein Weg'
Clan Of Xymox to release new album 'Darkest Hour' in May
Hocico release video for new single 'Bite me!'
Win a Sopor Aeternus white label 12'' limited to just 3 copies
Baking eggs with Wayne Hussey - or the truth behind The Mission hoax
And One singer Steve Naghavi didn't go missing in Moscow - he just canceled 2 And One concerts at the last minute
Moby announces release new single 'The Day' - out may 9th
Felix Da Housecat's new album 'Son Of Analogue' with new issue of Mixmag
The Prodigy to release 'World's On Fire' concert film in cinemas on March 31 2011 - check the trailer !
Björk takes 'Biophilia' on the road with special show
Korg founder Tsutomu Katoh has lost battle against cancer
Faithless calls it quits
Facebook compilation alert - sign-up now
Kraftwerk launches iPhone app - get the details here
David Lynch directs Duran Duran live stream
Olivia Louvel nominated for Qwartz Awards
Japanese electro artist releases free song to encourage victims in Japan
Mercedes commercial features Alice in Videoland track
Alec Empire fulminates against western musicians who were paid by Libyan leader Colonel Gaddafi
Why donating to the Red Cross is better than an industrial music Tsunami Relief Compilation project
The Mission reunite and announce 'Jokerman' album
Kate Bush releasing'Director's Cut' album in May, new single in April
'Shipwrecks', Ghost & Writer first album is finally out
Nine Inch Nails tweet status update on 'The Fragile' reissue
Facebook bands survey
Re-edition Roger Waters 'The Wall - Live in Berlin' , tickets new tour available now
Trent Reznor not in 'Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter' after all
Depeche Mode frontman Dave Gahan honored by MusiCares MAP FundSM - order your tickets now!
Former Strangler frontman to release Ltd Edition album on UK tour
Combichrist remixes b-side new Morbid Angel single
A-ha end on a high note with release live DVD/2CD 'The Final Concert'
Ex-Alice In Chains bassist Mike Starr died
Marilyn Manson offspring Pogo launches debut MMII single - a Killing Joke cover
Null Factor launches 'Anticitizen' pre-orders
And One goes label shopping
New Haujobb in the making
New mix for Delerium hit 'Silence' by David Esse & Antoine Clamaran
Autotune killed the radiostar - New Order vs. George Michael
Nine Inch Nails Next in the making
Previously unreleased Yazoo takes surface
Recoil announces new shows for 2011
Ayria announces (East Coast) tour
A-ha awarded the Spellemann Award of Honor
Dolls Of Pain fight 'The Last Conflict'
New Alphaville single and video 'Song For No One' out now
DarkDriveClinic, new project for producer John Fryer, launches first video 'Noise In My Head'
Depeche Mode 3-track demo surfaces, hoax or the real thing
Trent Reznor to score and play in 'Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter' OST ?
Hurts release 4th single: 'Sunday' - video
Special limited USB stick release for Mesh
Tracklisting Mesh remix album released, limited 2CD edition announced
New Order's 'True Faith' hit covered by George Michael
Within Temptation back with 'The Unforgiving'
Tits, guns and gasoline on Malakwa video 'Make up your rules'
Official Marilyn Manson biography coming up
The Examiner calls Trent Reznor / Atticus Ross Oscar win a debacle

February 2011
Uncensored version of Combichrist video 'Throat Full Of Glass'
Nordvargr launches iPhone app, get it here
Submit your pictures for the upcoming Apparatjik events in Berlin
Side-Line Magazine iPhone/Android app grows at record speed !
New Depeche Mode remix album to hit stores in April 2011 delayed until further notice
Nine Inch Nails' Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross grab Oscar
Mr Jones Machine returns
Synth Radio Russia release free download compilation 'Synth Radio Russians Vol.2'
Morrissey to release previously unheard 'Viva Hate'-era songs
Krystal System presents two previews from their upcoming album 'Nuclear'
Juno Reactor remix contest
Martin Gore / Vince Clarke project almost complete
Lords Of Acid plagiarized by Rihanna and Lady Gaga Kirsten Collins
Front 242 video for 'Funkhadafi' massive hit on YouTube
Side-Line hits the 15,000 mark on Facebook
Italian producers back on the nicking game, victim Kevin Saunderson reacts
In The Nursery back with new 'Blind sound' album
Spotify and Facebook? MySpace film in the making?
New smashing video from Diffuzion
Side-Line launches Android app next to iPhone app
FTANNG! unites former Jesus On Extasy and The Eternal Afflict members for free download
Ex-Alice In Chains bassist Mike Starr behind bars for drug possession
Smashing Pumpkins bassist is girl on 'Siamese Dream' cover
Komor Kommando boxset 'Oil, Steel & Rhythm' on itunes and boxed
From the Depeche Mode archives: 'Nothing' demo and 'Strangelove' acoustic
Sheep On Drugs go for 'Medication Time' - preview on Side-Line
The National Enquirer throws illness Steve Jobs on the street: '6 weeks left'
Re-issues for The Mission on Edel
Howard Jones remasters 2 more back catalogue albums
Red Industrie signs to Sigsaly Transmissions
Autechre release 'EPS 1991 - 2002' bundle
Winning video for 'History Of Modern (part I)' announced
Moby 'Destroyed' photo book/CD out mid-May - free EP for download now
Protest Side-Line readers forces Saintpaul DJ to adapt 'Skinny Puppy' pages
Pet Shop Boys to release 'The Most Incredible Thing' 2CD ballet score in March
Miss FD album 'Love Never Dies' - Out now !
Italian house DJ 'Saintpaul DJ' (ab)uses Skinny Puppy logo
Drug abuse wrecks ex-Smashing Pumpkins bassist D'arcy Wretzky
Martin Gore (Depeche Mode) apparently invited as guest for Erasure gig at Roundhouse 2 days
New Erasure album to be released in Autumn and not in Summer, 5th episode Analogue Monologues online
!Distain prepare May release for 5th album 'On/Off'
Mick Harvey announces details 'Sketches From The Book Of The Dead' album
IAMX goes for March release of 'Volatile Times'
Necro Facility in 'Wintermute' mode
Spotify in talks with Warner Music? Stateside launch imminent
New Joy Division video for 'Transmission', made with Playmobil
Visit the studio of Trent Reznor (Nine Inch Nails) - video
The Cure and The Editors frontmen on new The Japanese Popstars album
Combichrist returns with 'Throat full of Glass' MCD
A-must-know for 'Mute at Short Circuit' premium ticket holders
:Wumpscut: presents 'DJ Dwarf 11'
Neurobash release video for 'Breaking Patterns'
'Label Noir Vol.1' compiles cult acts from eighties
Aghast View returns with remastered version 1994 debut
Hot Chip and Spiritualized release About Group album in April
Deine Lakaien to release limited 'One Night'
Mute announces line-up Short Circuit Electronic Music Festival '2 Days of Mute'
Re-release for back catalogue Terminal Choice
KMFDM 'WTF?!' album cover artwork pops up online - stolen from record companies website says label
Acylum remix contest, get your remix out on Alfa Matrix
Vinyl release for Borghesia on Dark Entries Records
New album And One 'Tanzomat' with extra bonus live CD
'The Insanely Happy EP' 7 inch vinyl EP out on 7 February 2011
4CD boxset 'Electronic Body Matrix 1' out now, we had a look
Unter Null serves Unterbites, yummie !
3 new A-ha books in the making
Project Pitchfork offers 'First Anthology' as a 2CD
Culture Club reforming - new album and world tour
A-ha member presents 'The Apparatjik Light Space Modulator'
OMD release 'History of Modern (part I)' limited edition collectors digipack
Goethes Erben is dead - long live Henke
New Atomic Neon album "Change" and more in the pipeline
Video Violence launch official music video 'Video Violence'
Black-Head Agency announces 3-day 'Industrial Booom! Festival' in Budapest (Hungary)

January 2011
Free download Halo In Reverse - get it at Side-Line
Angelspit to tour with Lords Of Acid
Gang Of Four: 'Red Hot Chili Peppers obviously based their career on ours'
John Foxx and The Maths to release limited deluxe edition 'Interplay'
Vertical Section launches promising debut EP 'Death Throes'
Ticket sales have started for 'Rewind - The 80s Music Festival Scotland'
Malakwa prepare new video and it won't be safe for work !
Minus Habens label owner Ivan Iusco receives 'Los Angeles Cinema Festival of Hollywood 2011' award
Vince Clarke remixes new single Billie Ray Martin
Trent Reznor to get an Oscar next to his Golden Globe?
Get a free download from Ghost & Writer !
Vigilante founds 'The New Resistance' with the help of members of Clawfinger, Public Enemy, Atari Teenage Riot, Leaether Strip, Die Krupps
Die Sektor returns after 4 years of silence, new album 'Applied Structure in a Void'
Police advise Nick Cave to take driver training after car crash
Red Industrie: new album, Nitzer Ebb support, ...
4 re-issues for Kate Bush in the pipeline
To sync or not to sync: fees falling, especially for indie labels
Ikon returns with 2 limited releases: 'Torn apart' and 'Split'
Side-Line presents Combichrist live in Antwerp on 3 February
Liquid Divine returns with 'Sojourner EP'
Hypnoskull and hip-hop musicians Kubus and Rico record one-off collaboration 'Kapuzenpulli'
New Ultravox album and live EP to be released
Spotify signs agreement with Sony US
Scandal alert! Oakenfold, Van Buuren and Van Dyk accused of stealing music from EBM band for Love Parade single
Dependent to release biggest club hits in label history
Blutengel release new album 'Tränenherz' in three different formats
Mesh announce remix album 'An Alternative Solution'
New Mindless Faith tour, album and remix LP planned for 2011
Hermanos Inglesos unleash new single 'Take Me Down'
Trent Reznor wins Golden Globe for 'The Social Network' OST
Sadman sign to French label Keffren Productions
Love Like Blood call it quits with final gig at Wave Gotik Treffen festival
Patenbrigade: Wolff compilation 'Verbundstoff' out this week
Depeche Mode's Andy Fletcher gears up for DJ tour
US major labels demand Spotify cough up US$100 million in royalty pre-payments
Nine Inch Nails to appear on 'Guitar Hero: Warriors Of Rock'
Frankie Goes To Hollywood's album 'Liverpool' to be re-released as deluxe-edition 2CD set
Full feature description Side-Line iPhone app
Side-Line Android app test users sign-up
Broadcast frontwoman dies of pneumonia, aged 42
Massive 4CD EBM box set from Alfa Matrix available now from label's stock
The amicable split according to Interpol's Paul Banks: 'Carlos D is an arsehole'
Ladytron to release greatest hits LP, new EP and new studio album
Gothminister sign to Danse Macabre
Track on Covenant's new album inspired by 2009 film 'The Road'
Faderhead looking for dancers to feature in 'The Way To Fuck God' video
'It was a dispute between Sony and Rammstein' says Apocalyptica
Alice In Videoland covers Neneh Cherry's 'Buffalo Stance' on new album
March 2011 release for X-Fusion's 'Thorn In My Flesh' CD/2CD
Music sharing website BlueTunes to close down on 31 January
Trent Reznor to score 'The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo' English remake
Andy LaPlegua's Scandinavian Cock reveals new 'Uncut' EP
Psy'Aviah presents '[Y]Our Music Contest'
MySpace to lay off up to 600 workers tomorrow - countdown to the end
Malakwa unleash brand new video 'Gimme danger'
Apocalyptica fined 45,000 euros for miscrediting Rammstein in album
Psychic TV 'Themes' 6CD box set out end this month
Sex Pistols may reunite again - for the money
Miss FD releasing 'Love Never Dies' on Valentine's Day
The NO's from Portishead
Sarah Blackwood leaves Client - female vocalists wanted
Side-Line iPhone app hits 1000 user mark - interview
Mick Karn, bassist for Japan, dies of cancer
Side-Line 's exclusive trip to the A-ha exhibition in Oslo, Norway
KMFDM announce first single in nine years, 'Krank'
Flesh Field stops all activity
J.Hookens 1965 - 2010

December 2010
Sweden's synth pioneers Adolphson & Falk perform 1st electronic concert
New Claudia Brücken 'Thank You' video introduces best of
Mindless Faith complete remix for Daft Punk's 'TRON Legacy' theme music - Free download
Video trailer new Blutengel single 'Reich mir die Hand' hits the net
Side-Line Music Awards 2010: and the winners are...
New 'Dark Passages' video by Leaether Strip goes live
Progress Productions announce signing Titans
Merry Christmas !
The Kick gives away 'Anomalies' album for free !
KMFDM Wikileaks tribute song gets over 75.000 streams in 48 hours
Arvika Festival sizes down, apologizes and announces 2011 edition
MoMT presents its final release ever: 'Replicate 02 - A Tribute to Front Line Assembly & Projects'
Millimetric album 'Reconfiguration' available now
No music subscription service for Google after all?
EU debut The Mission Veo to be released in February
New C/A/T album produced by Unter Null
Individual Industry returns with 'Dreams never end' album
Uberbyte signs to Pray Silence Records in Europe
Brand new label: Twisted Flesh Recordings
Art Of Empathy launches new album 'Posthuman Decadence'
Free remix download of 'Sister Marie Says' from OMD
New Lords Of Acid album and tour in the making for 2011
Rammstein to release concert DVD and best-of
And One returns with new single: 'Zerstörer'
Charity version Erasure track 'A Little Respect' available now
Dual Density calls it quits despite promising debut album
K-Nitrate release 'Voltage' on Advoxya Records
LPF12 album 'Bacterial' finally available in digital format - for free
Mortiis joins Combichrist for a European tour
Alfa Matrix releases exclusive compilation incl. Aiboforcen, Komor Kommando etc.
Lovac debuts on Soleilmoon with 'Apes of a Cold God'
Armageddon Dildos come back with 'Untergrund' - free download available
Out this month is the 'The Exquisite Mix' compilation
END:theDJ launch anti-BP oil spill EPCD 'Fires on the Shore'
Five free Alfa Matrix downloads from Komor Kommando, Armageddon Dildos, Studio-X, etc.
Ambassador21 to release 'Power Rage Tour 2010: Live At Kinetik Festival 3.0' full-length movie
AD Inferna 'Resurrection' remix contest
Malakwa signs to Alfa Matrix - free download available
Nick Cave mows down speed camera in the UK
More details on 'Alien' prequel en 'Trainspotting' sequel
Out in December and sold out already: a Joy Division 10 vinyl disc box set, simply named '+-' (plus minus)
Studio-X launches 'Neo-Futurism' debut + 'Studio-matriX' remix compilation 2CD feat. exclusive Nitzer Ebb remix
Mute Records announces details of their new structure
Red Zebra terminates collaboration with singer, but not on friendly terms
Members of Marilyn Manson, Apoptygma Berzerk, KMFDM form new supergroup Doctor Midnight And The Mercy Cult
Slipknot confirm they'll continue seven months after Paul Gray's death
Morrissey gets pathetic as well, supports Johnny Marr in political tweet nonsense
Adolf Hitler rages against Side-Line Music Awards
New 'Bleu Noir' album Mylène Farmer out now - co-written by Moby
New Edge Of Dawn EP 'Stage Fright' out now - free download available
Alien Vampires get own guitar series made by Vampire Guitars + US/MX tour
Kryptic Minds announce new 'Can't sleep' album and tour
And the nominees for the Side-Line Music Awards 2010 are...
Pathetic: David Cameron 'forbidden' to like The Smiths by Johnny Marr
Recoil's 'A Strange Hour' gets a special screening in Budapest + possible live DVD release
'2 Days of Mute' at the Roundhouse in London - tickets on sale now
RevCo World T-shirt contest (girlies!) - join to win!
Tycho Brahe release Moroder-style single '1985 - GM '85 Remixes'
Obsküre Magazine plants first issue on French magazine market
REPOMANagement and Funker Vogt to go separate ways in 2011
The French act Noir Désir break up
The Human League announce further 'Credo' album details
Hurts return with 'Stay' single + Christmas single in the pipeline
Alfa Matrix announces plenty of new iTunes releases
Free '7 Year Itch' compilation out on MoMT Records

November 2010
Einstürzende Neubauten cancel North American 30th anniversary shows
I:Scintilla return with new album 'Dying & Falling' - OUT NOW
System returns with 'Circle Of Infinite Radius' album early January 2011
Twitch The Ripper launch electro debut 'Bodiless'
Pirate Bay founders lose appeal
Side-Line iPhone app testing sign-up
Sara Noxx joins forensic biologist Mark Benecke for 'Where the wild roses grow'
Editors to release career-spanning box set 'Editors: The Complete Collection' in February 2011
Psy'Aviah launch EP 'Into the game' featuring Ayria
Saint Etienne to release Christmas album - 3000 copies only and not via shops
Duran Duran remix 'Personal Jesus' for upcoming Depeche Mode remix album
Throbbing Gristle / X-TG issue statement on death Peter 'Sleazy' Christopherson
Massive EBM 4CD boxset 'Electronic Body Matrix 1' to be released
Peter 'Sleazy' Christopherson's sudden death shocks industrial world
Laibach announce December EU tour
Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds to release new album in 2011
Primal Scream releasing 'Screamadelica' remastered by Kevin Shields
New PiL album postponed as John Lydon mourns Ari Up
Out now on Alfa Matrix: Razorfade and Haushetaere
'Electronic Saviors' donates over $20,000 to the Foundation for Cancer Research and Wellness
Out now ! Nine Inch Nails reissue of 'Pretty Hate Machine' with Queen cover as bonus track
The Prodigy remix Jay-Z's '99 Problems' - download it here for free
Covenant's 'Modern Ruin' - the full details !
Kryptic Minds remixes Lung for brand new 'Afterlife' 12'' - recommended!
Jarre Technologies launches first product: AeroSystem
3 new releases from Force of Nature label
La Femme Verte's 'Small Distortions' covers Depeche Mode, Nine Inch Nails, ...
Side-Line.com launches survey on the current state of the industrial / gothic scene
No more Dead Can Dance, Prodigy, ... tracks on eMusic as labels pull out
Lakeside X announce new album release, 'City Of Red Lights', with Paul Kendall as sound engineer
Recoil returns to Europe - video advert online now
Heaven 17's 'Penthouse & Pavement' UK tour starts 22nd November
Alien Produkt releases remix EP 'The Next Chapter'
7 inch EP for David J. (Bauhaus)/Shok + video featuring 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer' actress
Leaether Strip announces new live member debut for Danish Synth Festival 2010
Klaus Schulze live 2CD/DVD 'Big in Japan' out at end of November
Covenant's new album 'Modern ruin' has a solid release date now: January 17 2011
Psyche to re-release 'Insomnia Theatre' - tour with DAF
Attrition release 'Dreamtime Collectors 1980 - 2010'
No More career overview '7 years (1979-1986)' out now
Daybehavior launch new single 'It's a game' - for free for the first 50 Side-Line readers !
Freakangel goes on Russian/Baltic tour
Diverje launch 'Burn Away' CD - cover artwork NOT worksafe !
Final day to vote for Side-Line Music Awards 2010 !
Alan Wilder to remix Depeche Mode track for new remix album
Out today: Leaether Strip soundtrack 'Dark passages' plus extra album 'Seasons change - I Don't' feat. Mortiis
Grave of Slipknot bassist Paul Gray vandalised
Provision returns with 'Paradigm Shift', harder and darker
PitchBlack Inc. debuts with 'Alles ist gesagt' album
Black Rain goes into Christmas mode with 'Black Snow Vol.2'
Condition One returns and goes 'Running'
Human League release New Single 'Night People' On Wall of Sound
Side-Line Music Awards 2010: get your favourite band nominated
Deconbrio and Miss FD offer free 'Ghostbusters (Not Afraid of Ghosts)' MP3 for download
New Einstürzende Neubauten compilation 'Strategies Against Architecture IV' out now on iTunes
Inertia to launch new album 'Deworlded'
Plastikman 11 disc boxset 'Arkives' expected in a made-to-order edition
De/Vision announce Baltic, Russian, German.... and US live dates
Out now: Depeche Mode DVD 'Tour Of The Universe: Barcelona'
LCD Soundsystem release live album 'The London Sessions' on iTunes for limited time only
Noémie Wolfs new singer Hooverphonic - new album 'The night before'
Happy Mondays' dancer Bez on the run from Police
Exclusive Depeche Mode live teasers on Side-Line - 'Question of Time'
Free Bleak compilation 'Why be Blake when you can be Bleak?' - 36 tracks by Coil, Attrition and many more
Welle:Erdball singles (1993-2010) boxed on 10 CDs
Members Throbbing Gristle lash out at Genesis P-Orridge after sudden departure
Faith And The Muse DVD 'Shoumei' gets US release
Genesis P-Orridge waves Throbbing Gristle goodbye
Spiralchords inks deal with The Mission Veo
Ah Cama-Sotz announces 'Blood Will Tell' CD release + free download
Side-Line welcomes 13.000th member on Facebook - still mostly male and between 25 and 44 years old
Absolute Body Control issues 'Tapes 81-89' 5CD box and new 'Shattered Illusion' album
Six new albums on Hands Productions
C/A/T brings 'Music To Piss You Off'
Suicide Commando returns with 'Death Cures All Pain' 8-track MCD
Deadmau5 announces '4×4=12' album release date and tracklisting
La Roux's Elly Jackson: 'Synth music is so over'
SPECTRA*paris return with 'Christmas Ghouls' on CD and vinyl
Prikosnovenie announces 3 new releases

October 2010
Garbage reunite for new album, says Shirley Manson
Recoil in Toronto - Side-Line speaks exclusively to Alan Wilder
Deluxe Rozz Williams' biography 'Le Théâtre des douleurs' out now
Leaether Strip on UK soil for exclusive three-concert series + exclusive tour only vinyl release
Exclusive Depeche Mode live teasers on Side-Line - 'Personal Jesus'
New darkwave group O. Children present eponymous debut next week
Die Krupps return with 'Als wären wir für immer' MCD - first new material in 13 years
Daft Punk release new music video - a trailer to new Disney film 'TRON: Legacy'
OMD release video for 'Sister Marie Says' single - watch it here!
Time to clear up your CDs that are collecting dust: post your eBay listings for FREE on Side-Line.com
Anne Clark to release brand new greatest hits record, with remixes and live tracks
Recoil 'Selected Events' Santa Ana video report / Toronto tickets
Diorama launch special video ID for first ever show in Estonia
Promo video clip for Front Line Assembly's 'Angriff' surfaces
MELT signs to Metropolis Records
New video out for Recoil's 'Intruders' track (by Peggy Johanson) + be sure to pick up your Toronto tickets !
Celluloide's 'Hexagonal' album available on limited edition
Exclusive Depeche Mode live teasers on Side-Line - 'Never Let Me Down Again'
New Empire State Human album 'The Art' to be released in 2011 - single out now
Debut Polluted Axis album 'The Trepanation Nation' out in November
Moby goes naked for Belgium's Snoecks Magazine
Soman returns with much delayed 'Noistyle' CD
Nagamatzu's 'Sacred Islands Of The Mad' finally on vinyl
The LoveCrave cover Michael Jackson's hit 'Thriller'
Recoil and Massive Attack in joint Selected gig in Colombia
Stepdaughter of John Lydon (Sex Pistols and PiL) dies
Pixies give away 20th anniversary live 4-track EP - download it now
Sex Pistol's John Lydon to release 'scrapbook' and nursery rhymes
Siva Six joins Alfa Matrix label
Side-Line goes purple with Throbbing Gristle, Essence Of Mind, Psyche, Kant Kino, Parralox, Leaether Strip, ...
Hot Chip collaborate with New Order's Bernard Sumner
The Awakening to release new album in March 2011
Euroshima prepares comeback
Tracklist 'Advanced Electronics Vol. 8' 2CD/DVD announced
Bel Canto confirm that they are working on new album - exclusive
Veil Veil Vanish present debut 'Change In The Neon Light' in December, and you might just like it very much
Edge Of Dawn announces tracklisting new 'Stage Fright EP'
Former Ashbury Heights frontwoman distances herself from accusations ex-bandmember
Alice In Videoland returns with 'A Million Thoughts and They're All About You'
New Recoil release available today: 'Want' (the Architect mixes) - FOR FREE and lots more...
Side-Line against homophobia - here's what you can do!
Martin Gore biography hits the stores
NUDE (ex-Sabotage q.c.q.c.) to perform 'Souvenir' in a live version
Wire announce 3 UK show + ticket details
Skinny Puppy album set for February 2011 release
Collector's alarm: Hocico misprinted CD-labels - get them before they are gone!
Anne Clark to release brand new best of holding exclusive remixes and live tracks
Ashbury Heights blames label, The Simpsons, in short the whole world for not having success
Martin Gore (Depeche Mode) joins special Recoil event of former bandmate Alan Wilder on Oct. 24 - reminder
Trent Reznor's take on Facebook falseness - yes he talks about YOU !
VNV Nation fanvideo for 'Illusion' removed after 3.4 million views
Rammstein to give first show in 10 years on US soil - 2 months to go
Pouppée Fabrikk play reunion show at Bodyfest 2010 in Stockholm
Artoffact releases 'Triton Festival 2010' sampler
EE Tapes label releases first ever vinyl: The Misz - 'The EE EP'
Hocico returns with 4 double-CD anthologies: 'Crónicas Letales: A Music Collection'
A-ha performed first 2 albums with classical concert at the Royal Albert Hall - recorded by BBC
Lola Dutronic video 'Whisper' pulled from YouTube - but streaming from Side-Line
Goteki go for 'Santa Muerte' November release
Daughter Police frontman releases synthpop album 'The Contestant'
Wynardtage goes for november release of 'A flicker of hope'
Swedish synthpop pioneers Adolphson-Falk return with '101010' 4CD boxset
Der Blutharsh releases 'Live in Praha' DVD boxset
A-ha gets 'Hunting High and Low: 25 Years with A-ha' exhibition in National Library of Norway
Dido in rough landing after being sued by astronaut on 'Safe Trip Home' album cover
Mortiis releases 'Perfectly defect' album for free !
Side-Line give-away: FREE tickets to European kick-off Suicide Commando tour
Former Coil members (aka Cyclobe) release 'Wounded Galaxies Tap at The Window' album
Dupont launch new EP 'Dope Of Love' in October
Placebo cancel Spain and Portugal shows - Brian Molko taken ill, again
Ambassador21 returns with 'Riot Death (Face Your Future Dealers)'
Nick Cave's Grinderman copied a Frankie Duffy song, so the singer claims
Roger Waters responds to 'The Wall' anti-Semitism claims: come to watch the show instead !
Trent Reznor working on HBO series based on Nine Inch Nails album 'Year Zero'
The Young Gods return with new album 'Everybody knows'
Opera Multi Steel return with 8th studio album: 'La légende dorée'
Front Line Assembly cancel US tour
Olivia Louvel offers free MP3 'Doll Maker'
Halo In Reverse catches up were Nine Inch Nails left with 'Trials and tribulations' album
Einstürzende Neubauten prepare their 30th anniversary campaign
Massive Attack donate Lincoln car commercial income to clean up operations in the Gulf
Roger Waters' 30th anniversary show of Pink Floyd's 'The Wall' anti-Semitic - so some people say
Alien Vampires sees cover 'Harshlizer' album refused by magazines for being too explicit - not worksafe
Side-Line presents: Front Line Assembly live in Antwerp this weekend!
Kant Kino 'gravedigger' singer featured in visual story about ordinary people with unusual jobs
Deathwatch Asia releases 'Asia Matrix - non stop mix by DJ Taiki' on double CD

September 2010
Elektrostat 2010 festival on 1-2 October in Oslo, Norway with Mesh, Essence Of Mind, COX, ...
Unter Null to support Front Line Assembly on US-tour
Sopor Aeternus has 'A Strange Thing To Say'
Martin Gore and Vince Clarke have a complete dance album in the making
Side-Line went down after implementing a service... to stay up - UPDATE
Watch the official trailer for the upcoming Depeche Mode DVD 'Tour of the Universe - Live In Barcelona'
Nachtmahr returns with 'Semper Fidelis' album in 3 formats
New 6comm label side project Schräge Musik for WW2 inspired work
Industrial music streaming service MOG - sign up now for a 14-day FREE trial
Covenant delivers 'Lightbringer' EP feat. Necro Facility
Erasure want YOUR video for the new track 'Symphony', band happy to be away from EMI
Blind Passengers back with new track, 'Don't Drag Me Down'
Pet Shop Boys announce (not so) 'Ultimate' best-of tracklisting, new single 'Together'
Depeche Mode to release 'Tour of the Universe - Live In Barcelona' DVD/Blue-ray on Nov. 8th 2010
Side-Line welcomes Disqus and Evernote, kicks out Flattr
Forthcoming Fire return with 'Set the World on Fire (Mixes, Hits and Last Temptations)' collection
There is a new album from Lisa Gerrard: 'Departum' - but it's not really well distributed
Mute to go independent again - Depeche Mode stays with EMI
Collide announce new approach in music model and give some insightful (sales) figures
Depeche Mode fans release 'an urgent and important message' to the band - will they listen?
Funker Vogt announce details forthcoming 'Blutzoll' album
Robert Smith (The Cure) fights 'West Memphis Three' miscarriage of justice
Vision Talk resurrects and signs to Conzoom records
Previously unreleased Yazoo track 'Get set' surfaces - order it right here
Front Line Assembly release special video message to announce upcoming tour
Is the free Reznor EP for Facebook any good? We weren't all that impressed, were you?
6CD boxset for Psychic TV in the making - indeed, 6 and not 4
Medical emergency forces The Charlatans to pull US tour dates
NIN's Trent Reznor to give away 5-track sampler Facebook Movie Soundtrack
amGod returns with 'Dreamcatcher' album in 2 different versions
A-ha give concert with Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra to benefit Mercy Ships
Another gothic pic in the making: 'Priest'
Spray convinced that 'Everything's Better With Muppets'
Legendary Pink Dots re-release defect DVD 'Live at La Luna'
French industrial (print) music magazine D-Side calls it quits
Marilyn Manson debut film shelved after poorly received trailer
Laibach present multimediashow, 30 years after initially being banned
'I'm so sorry Peter[Hook]', says Mani
Re-releases Death In June in the pipeline + details new 'Peaceful Snow' album
No More compiled in '7 years (1979-1986)' set
Wonderland label welcomes I'm A Lion and releases double A-side
Special CD 'Johnny, Remember Me' single for London show Inertia vs Mechanical Cabaret
Front Line Assembly to release exclusive tour EP, 'Angriff'
Söderut fights against homophobia with 'Dansande Homofober'
Front 242 frontman holds OuLiPo conference
Freakangel release excellent official 'My Darling Bullet' video
Freebass calls it quits - Primal Scream bassist Mani accuses Peter Hook (ex-New Order / ex-Joy Division) of 'living off Ian Curtis' money
The Durutti Column's Vini Reilly suffers stroke
Official Death In June biography (incl. CD) finally announced... in Italian, dammit !
Slipknot likely to call it a day says band member Corey Taylor (for the moment that is)
Culture Kultür release 'Spirit' album on Caustic Records + cover Joy Division's 'Love will tear us apart'
Vince Clarke (Yazoo, Erasure) remix of Goldfrapp track 'Believer' out now
NUDE record Heaven 17's 1982 classic 'Let Me Go' (and Human League's 'Being Boiled')
Manager U2 opens old discussion again about ISP's needing to stop illegal downloading
Google to launch music service around Christmas
OMD's new single 'If You Want It' out now
Theatre Of Tragedy turns possible DVD release into a real shameless tragedy
EMI to release an introduction to Syd Barrett (Pink Floyd)
Sold out 'Liberation' EP Razorfade makes it way on iTunes
Video for new Iris single 'Closer To Real'
First shots from Freakangel's 'My Darling Bullet' video
Morrissey quote 'Chinese are a subspecies' a storm in a glass of water? We think so
Side-Line co-chief editor Stephan(i)e Froidcoeur gets married
80's cult artist Peter Godwin urges fans to join his Facebook page to get his back catalogue released
Factory Records designer Peter Saville creates new England football shirt
Tracklist new The Human League album revealed
The Sex Pistols launch their own perfume
No further collaborations planned between Vince Clarke and Alison Moyet
Side-Line presents: Bodyfest (Stockholm - SE) with Front 242, Pouppée Fabrikk and more
Où Est Le Swimming Pool release debut album 'The Golden Year' despite suicide frontman Charles Haddon
Andy Bell (Erasure) presents new solo single 'Non-stop'

August 2010
15th anniversary of Solitary Experiments in K17
Former Hooverphonic / Lunascape singer joins Conjure One on Recoil dates
Leaether Strip announces first UK shows ever and more
Martin Gore (Depeche Mode) / Bomb The Bass track 'Milakia' finally released
Vince Clarke (Erasure) and Martin Gore (Depeche Mode) collaborate on 'techno-ish track'
Side-Line presents: Triton Festival in New York (Labor Day weekend) feat. Icon Of Coil, APB, Ayria, Komor Kommando, ...
OMD's new album 'History of Modern' to be released in 5 formats
Ex-Happy Mondays dancer Bez jailed after being convicted of assault
Full details Apoptygma Berzerk live DVD/CD 'Imagine there's no Lennon' and more...
Faderhead to launch 'Black friday' album early October feat. a string of guest vocalists
Deine Lakaien announce more details on new 'Indicator' album
Android Lust returns with 'The Human Animal' - listen to the preview at Side-Line
Benefit event for Franck Huyghes (Franck H-Bomb)
Vince Clarke (Yazoo, Erasure, Depeche Mode) starts video doc 'The Analogue Monologues' + webcam
Atari Teenage Riot frontman joins new project White Moth feat. Pyramids, Dälek, Lydia Lunch and more
Front 242 change concert venue due to Duisburg disaster
6comm & Freya Aswynn release 'Yggdrasil Night' live album
BIMFEST 2010 welcomes Laibach and DAF
Turkish female electropop act Kim Ki O launch debut 'Dans'
Yazoo 'Reconnected live' video trailer
Sigsaly Transmissions signs Blackcentr
Mike Cadoo (Gridlock) returns as Dryft
Où Est Le Swimming Pool singer Charles Haddon commits suicide
DAF announce new single 'Du Bist DAF'
The Orb to release new album 'Metallic Spheres' featuring Pink Floyd and Killing Joke members
Hands Productions to release new '2010 Hands' compilation
Mind.In.A.Box join Front Line Assembly live on October tour
Reaper back with 'Dirty Cash' MCD
New single Alphaville 'I'll die for you today' finally to be released
Faithless premiere Fiat music video for 'Feelin' Good'
Soft Cell founder Dave Ball presents debut single of new band Celine And Nite Wreckage
The Smiths' Andy Rourke leaves Freebass
The 'Video Killed the Radio Star' Buggles reunite for one-off gig
Side-Line introduces Flattr on Side-Line.com and invests in charity
Meat Beat Manifesto & Bass Kittens members start new project The JD's
Anthology of early Foetus singles 'in the works'
ASCAP fighting the wrong fight by attacking Creative Commons ?
Belgian press group Concentra sends out fake Lords Of Acid news - update
Prager Handgriff to release new album 'Arbeit, Sport & Spiel'
Stayte (feat. Revolting Cocks members) to release 'The Two Sisters' album in Europe September 3rd
Mute adds Yann Tiersen to its label roster
Exit to release 'Three' EP featuring Reagan Jones (Iris)
How to ruin your ongoing new album promotion. Does Rob Zombie give the bad example?
New Erasure demos in hands of Mute boss Daniel Miller
Diskonnekted to present new sound live in Belgium
Bit Riot artists added to 'Afterparty Massacre' movie soundtrack - not worksafe
Antony & The Johnsons EP 'Thank You For Your Love' featuring covers of John Lennon and Bob Dylan
Previously unreleased tracks by Dwayne Goettel (Skinny Puppy) and Psyche out soon on 'Re-membering Dwayne'
Trailer for Apoptygma Berzerk live DVD/CD 'Imagine there's no Lennon' available
A Different Drum launches new VIP subscription program
Fear Factory's tour bus ablaze - video footage surfaces
New boxset from The Moon Lay Hidden Beneath A Cloud is illegal says band member
Correction regarding 'New VNV Nation remix-album 'Crossing the Divide' finally announced' article - UPDATE
Exclusive: Side-Line gets hold of first names S.G.A. Festival
Black toilet paper? Yes, it does exist and it's f*cking expensive !
Das Ich reveals more details of 'Koma' album
First 2 The Neon Judgement tapes re-issued on 'Early Tapes' vinyl
Diverje back with 'Evil never dies' EP
Gary Numan tells critics to 'fuck off'
Deadmau5 collapses onstage in Washington DC
[:SITD:] announce remix contest for 'Rot'
The Chemical Brothers launch new single (and video) 'Another World'
Prometheus Burning offers a 'Displacement Disorder'
Leaether Strip reveals new track 'It's real' for upcoming Skinny Puppy concert in Denmark
Time to clear up your CDs that are collecting dust: post your eBay listings for FREE on Side-Line.com
Unter Null Detox tour continues with August dates
Finally: Apple to address complaints about iOS4 and iOS4.0.1 on iPhone 3G
The Cars hint at a reunion on Facebook fan page
Hermanos Inglesos launch quite creative 'Wanderland' video

July 2010
Limited Raison d'Etre triple CD 'Live Archive'
Parralox to launch 'Supermagic' single including Assemblage 23 edit
Hurts joined by Kylie Minogue on debut album 'Happiness'
21 victims in Duisburg died in silence, whilst standing - No more Love Parades
Imperative Reaction / System Syn member Clint Carney joins God Module
Hurts prepare release first album 'Happiness'
6 Russian Satanists slaughter and eat 4 teen Goths
Love 'Death' Parade organisers ignored Police warnings
6 new Daft Punk 'Tron: Legacy' tracks emerge online
Facebook and Spotify to enter alliance?
Video for Miss FD track 'Enter the Void'
New Death In June material surfaces on limited 7 inch single Peaceful Snow / The Maverick Chamber
Das Schwarze System 'Electrobeat Vol. II' out now
Front 242 announce a string of concert dates for fall 2010
Download a free Freakangel track from 'The faults of humanity' album
A-ha member Magne Furuholmen struck with heart disease - The real reason behind the end of A-ha?
20 killed, 340 wounded in mass panic at Germany's Love Parade - updated
New 'Tron Legacy' trailer released
Video foottage of Smashing Pumpkins' Billy Corgan passing out onstage
Recoil & Gary Numan double bill in Chicago / Numan to play 'The Pleasure Principle' in full
Former Information Society frontman Christopher Anton releases solo debut 'Destination: X'
Nilaihah Records releases Silent Auction album 'H on Earth'
machineKUNT label succeeds in financing 'Sanity is Slavery' compilation with Kickstarter fund
New Color Theory album, 'The Sound' (incl. A-ha cover), available for pre-order
Dr. Martens celebrates 50th Anniversary with covers of cult classic tracks
Free 'Happy' download from Cause and Effect
The must have release for you according to Side-Line
Marc Almond celebrates 30 years with 'Varieté' album
John Fryer launches new project DarkDriveClinic
Mikela Jay releases debut solo album 'The Distance'
Synthpop act Iris return with new album 'Blacklight' in September
More details new Combichrist album 'Making monsters'
Placebo release new track 'Trigger Happy' in collaboration with Atticus clothing label
First version from A-ha's 'Take On Me' recorded in 1981 - hear it at Side-Line
Apple fucks up again in less than one month: iOS4.0.1 delivers no cure for over 15 million iOS4 infected 3G iPhones
Limited Combichrist single 'Never Surrender'
DieHard Battery vs. Gary Numan
Recoil heads to USA, Canada and South America with 'Selected Events' 2010 + launch iPhone app
Apple's iOS4 wrecks 3G iPhones - Apple and Mobile carriers play ping pong with customers
New A-ha single 'Butterfly, Butterfly (The Last Hurrah)' available now
Meet the director of the forthcoming Depeche Mode live DVD, Russell Thomas
New PiL record powered by butter and little Britain
Morrissey to re-release 'Bona Drag' with unreleased tracks
John Foxx presents 'The MOJO Lifetime Achievement Award' to Jean Michel Jarre
NordarR launches 'Freunde' video
2009 mix by DJ Hell of 'U can dance' finds its way to new Bryan Ferry album 'Olympia'
Suicide Commando working on a new single 'Death cures all pain'
Aerial FX publish unreleased material from the 80s on 'Same River Twice'
'The Dark Snuggler' by DJ Wool remixed by ex-The Smiths member
Dead When I Found Her launches 'Harm's Way'
Exclusive download for live version Editors' 'No sound but the wind' - Belgian fan for next video
Pregnant miss Reznor delays release How To Destroy Angels debut album
Open letter war between Peter Murphy (Bauhaus) and Brendan Perry (Dead Can Dance)
Bella Lune to release 'Synesthesia' album
Apoptygma Berzerk album '7' to be relased as picture LP on Black Rain Records
Alfa Matrix artists available on fairsharemusic - the new ethical music download site
Project Pitchfork presents 'Beholder' video
New Tenek single 'Blinded By You' out now
Twitter users announce death DJ Tiësto
Urbcom label owner J. Hookens diagnosed with a brain tumor
Front Line Assembly in Billboard charts - no live DVD
Track list Yazoo 'Reconnected Live' announced - DVD is a no go
MySpace to stop free music streaming - the end is near
Pink Industy remastered on 'New Naked Technology'
Swedish Pirate Party to run Pirate Bay from parliament servers
Ad Inferna presents video clip of the song 'Verklärte'
Rotersand returns with 'Waiting to be born' EP and cover Bauhaus
Duran Duran gives update on forthcoming album and goes back to roots
Heathen Harvest webzine closes its doors with issue 84
Trent Reznor scores Facebook movie OST 'The Social Network'
Antony & The Johnsons team up with Bjork on new album 'Swanlights'
Gary Numan to perform 'The Pleasure Principle' in full on North American tour
Portishead to begin work on new album this summer, signs to new label
More soundboard recordings of Depeche Mode's 'World Violation Tour' pop up
Crunch Pod not dead - goes digital download only
New Diary Of Dreams album expected in November

June 2010
Legendary Swedish festival Hultsfred calls it quits after 24 years
Sexy SuicideGirls get the boot at Comic-Con
Nine Inch Nails and Massive Attack join new Arizona immigration law boycott, under 'The Sound Strike' moniker
Grinderman release new single 'Heathen Child' at the end of August
Slipknot might call it quits after bassist Paul Gray died of an overdose
Listen to the new A-ha single 'Butterfly, Butterfly (the last hurrah)'
The Birthday Massacre announce details 'Pins and Needles' album + tour
mSpot debuts cloud-based music streaming service for Android
Tympanik Audio announces 4 new CD releases: Zeller, Lucidstatic, Totakeke and Anklebiter
Legendary Swedish new wave label Stranded Rekords resurrects
Propaganda to release deluxe 2CD edition 'A Secret Wish' album
Side-Line presents: Projektfest'10 - get your entry at $10 instead of $39 !
And the 5 winners of free tickets to the Gothicfest (Netherlands) are...
Side-Line Twitter goes to... MySpace - Twitter domain DNS hacked
Björk and Dirty Projectors announce tracklisting collaboration EP 'Mount Wittenberg Orca'
Royksopp announce release date for 'Senior' and tracklisting
UK supermarket Tesco goes after iTunes with own download service
Heaven 17 classic 'Let Me Go' retuned by Nude
New Instans EP 'Nuke Fight / Leading the Way' soon out on Advoxya
Google to launch music download service - MySpace heading for the deadpool - Facebook in love with Spotify
Division Kent singer dies after battle against cancer
Deine Lakaien to release new album 'Indicator' on own Chrom Records again
Alfa Matrix announces new 4CD box compilation project - submissions accepted now
Unter Null and Cyanotic announce 2010 Detox tour dates
Synthetic Symphony updates its release-schedule for Die Krupps, Covenant, Funker Vogt and Skinny Puppy
Side-Line Magazine's favourite albums of the moment
Maltese Depeche Mode musical 'Playing The Angel' in the making - UPDATE
1986 'Body of a Crow' tape by Premature Ejaculation finally released on CD
Complete your Wynardtage collection now for free
Visuals Recoil's 'Selected' 4 disc box released
Original Bel Canto line-up reunite for first gig together in 20 years
Stockholm goes alternative with huge open air synth festival
Can to release deluxe Vinyl editions of classic albums + previously unreleased studio recordings
Babylonia release new single and support Pet Shop Boys
Ridley Scott announces 2 'Alien' prequels
Lady Gaga pulls out of cover project - Depeche Mode songwriter loses half a million in royalties - exclusive
Leaether Strip video for 'Love Me or Die' goes silver at Indie Gathering Festival
Live DVD 'Visual journey' by X Marks The Pedwalk in the making
Dismantled live on tour in Europe + download demo from new forthcoming album 'The War Inside Me which'
Null Device are 'Suspending Belief' on Nilaihah
SAM returns with a 'Brainwasher'
Dual Density debut with 'Soul Ecstasy' on Conzoom Records
'Electro Tribute To Oasis' released on Eternal Sunday Records
Recoil's 'Selected' 4 disc box being shipped this week
The Ludovico Technique release selfitled debut EP on CrunchPod records
Evil's Toy releases best of 'Organics'
Neutral Lies makes its debut on BOREDOMproduct with 'A deceptive calm'
New Daybehavior song 'City Lights' for FREE download for the first 100 Side-Line readers !
Ex-Virgin Prunes singer Gavin Friday announces new album + Suicide cover with Dave Ball
Kirlian Camera 'Not of this world' boxed on 3 CDs
Devo to star in 'nerd' series Futurama
Cyanotic set to release 'The Medication Generation' album via Bit Riot Records
Goethes Erben's carreer oversight on 'Zeitlupe' 2CD
Ex-Japan bassist Mick Karn fighting cancer
Leaether Strip release 'Mental slavery' delayed
Project Pitchfork return with 'Continuum Ride'
Yazoo to release 'Reconnected live' 2CD late September
Trent Reznor's new band How To Destroy Angels to release debut album early 2011
Free Lakeside X track 'Bloodflies' available via Side-Line
Spectraliquid label says Goodbye (2007-2010)
Eldar's 'Amaterasu Shiroi' reissue released as a mega-limited collectors edition of 50 copies only
John Foxx releases new double disc set (CD & DVD) 'D.N.A.'
Lady Gaga plans to record Depeche Mode classic 'People are people'
My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult retrospective comp 'Sinister Whisperz - Volume One: The 'Wax Trax' Years (1987-1991)' out in July
Crab key Records launches electronica act Electro Spectre
Irmin Schmidt (CAN) conducts own work at closing gala of The Schloßfestspiele Ludwigsburg in Germany
Hocico return with new single 'Dog Eat Dog', first single from new album 'Tiempos De Furia'
Orbital's double A-side single 'Don't Stop Me' and 'The Gun Is Good' first new material in 6 years
Goth act Thora calls it quits with final 'Scars' album

May 2010
Trent Reznor's new band How To Destroy Angels to give away debut six-track EP on June 1 - sign up via Side-Line !
911 audio footage confirms - Slipknot bassist Paul Gray died of overdose
Depeche Mode - "Sister of night" (Ida Engberg's Walking Through The Light Dub) remix - Tweet to download !
Jay Ashton (Gene Loves Jezebel) survives air hell
Psyche singer featured on new Red Industrie album, remixed by Joris Voorn and Spun by Sven Väth
Andy Bell: 'My solo album sounded too much like Erasure which led to a change of producer'
Morcheeba video 'Even Though' shot by publicity director
New band for Dave Ball (Soft Cell / The Grid): Celine and Nite Wreckage
New 10-track Autechre release 'Move Of Ten' out mid-July - Free streaming available
Grinderman announce new album 'Grinderman 2'
Slipknot bassist Paul Dedrick Gray found dead in hotel
Free download from Familjen: 'När planeterna stannat' (John Dahlbäck remix)
Urbcom launches free limited time only 'Hi-Techwars V/A 2' download compilation - get it now !
Total Pain Kollapz returns with 2nd album 'Survive The everyday'
Adam Ant troubled by bipolar disorder - sectioned under the Mental Health Act
Lung delivers strong 'Afterlife' 12'' on Kokeshi label
Testube album 'Off Purpose' out now on Glim Records
Original OMD line-up return to studio to record 'History of Modern', first new album in 24 years
New Mondkopf EP 'Deaf House' is a real bomb
Sonic Seducer presents June issue + 15-Track CD + 4 Stickers (Diorama, Eisbrecher, Placebo, Saltatio Mortis)
Arbeid Adelt! returns for reunion show at Sinner's Day
Joy Divison tribute 'Ian Curtis Transmission 80-10' out on Infrastition
Ace of Base reform and record new album - neonazi past member resurfaces
Marilyn Manson to star in Hollywood slasher flick 'Splatter Sisters' - own project in the fridge
Universal Poplab prepare 'The DVD' launch
Underworld offer massive free download track, 'Scribble'
Side-Line presents: Leaether Strip live at opening night BBM Party 'The Bears Aren't Sleeping Tonight' - Paris (FR)
Polish Depeche Mode fanclub launches tasty Depeche Mode tribute video 'LipDub for the Masses'
'Something For Everybody', Devo's first new studio album in 20 years
The Cure launch 'Disintegration' website and stream 20 unreleased demos and live tracks
Tracklist massive A-ha deluxe 2CD editions of 'Hunting High and Low' and 'Scoundrel Days' revealed - order now
Upcoming releases 2010 on the Glacial Movements label
A-ha announce one-off show performing debut 'Hunting High And Low' in full at Royal Albert Hall
Free mp3 bundles from Dependent Records
Mona Mur composes soundtrack for 'Kane & Lynch2:Dog Days' game
All new 7inch single for Sol Invictus: 'The Bad Luck Bird' + 'Sol Lucet Omnibus' tribute album
Interpol bassist Carlos Dengler quits band
Apoptygma Berzerk pictured in 'Evolution has left the building... thank God'
30th anniversary tour of Heaven 17's 'Penthouse and Pavement' album
Poésie Noire to release lost album 'Sense of Purpose' - play live at Sinner's Day
'Hymns Of Sex' - the pictures you didn't see before - absolutely NOT worksafe !
Broad Bean Band launch 'OkiDoki' video and single
Spiralchords sign We Are Now Awake, album 'theImbalance' to be released in late Summer
Morrissey halts broadcast of unheard demo tape due to old dispute with producer Stephen Street
Nine Inch Nails is not dead - first single 'A drowning' by How To Destroy Angels, available now
The Neon Judgement doc '2010a1984vision' in the making - preview trailer available now
The first First Black Pope is a fact: 'Spiritual Spiral'
John Foxx 3 disc compilation album 'Metatronic'
Vision Talk call it quits
Singer Hungry Lucy publishes novel, 'Days with Indigo'
Zeitgeist Zero debut album soundtrack for 'Ingression' horror flick
The Mission return with new album, 'Dum-Dum Bullet'
In Strict Confidence joins delivers soundtrack to book of Stefan Heilemann
Placebo to release 'Covers' as standalone album
Thermostatic play final gig and call it quits
Uprotor back from the dead - returns with new material
Mysterious act NovProc releases 'Alias' EP as a free download - go grab it now
Leaether Strip launches 'Mental Slavery' album in various versions including a 66-track (!!) limited edition
Skinny Puppy, Leaether Strip, Lacuna Coil offer special items for charity auction
Projektfest! What am I going to wear?
XPQ-21's Jeyênne launches electronic music school

April 2010
Alfa Matrix launches pre-order Freakangel debut album 'The Faults of Humanity'
Interpol return with free download of new song 'Lights'
Black Rain to release exclusive Nitzer Ebb 12" Picture Vinyl
Trent Reznor rumoured to have launched new project together with wife: How To Destroy Angels
Spiritual Front announce new official videoclip + live news
Von Thronstahl super deluxe 2CD re-release of 'Re-turn Your Revolt Into Style!'
Artoffact Records present 'Kinetik Festival Vol. 3' 3CD and 'Kinetik Festival DVD Volume 1' DVD
Boyfriend of dead Milk Inc. singer arrested
Recoil tour continues despite volcanic air stop and traffic trouble
:Wumpscut: release ':Siamese:' in 4 different versions - out now
Kant Kino launch 'We are Kant Kino - You are not' CD and cover Nitzer Ebb
Page announces more details on comeback album 'Nu'
Milk Inc. singer dies of drug overdose
Exclusive new Editors track 'Last day' only available on Record Store Day - view it right here !
Engelsstaub album 'Ignis Fatuus: Irrlichter' re-released with previously unreleased bonus track
Yazoo live album in the pipeline for September 2010
Arcana vs Cold Meat Industry compiled in 'The First Era 1996-2002' 4CD box set - out now
Fractional goes for 'Blood'
Stuart Price produces new 'Aphrodite' album Kylie Minogue
Merciful Nuns (ex-Garden Of Delight) complete line-up and offer free download single
Legendary Pink Dots cancel all concerts
TourDeForce launches 'Colours in Life'
Wave In Head launches long awaited new album 'The Voice in me'
Joe Richardson special guest on Recoil 'Selected Events' in the US and Mexico
Projekt Records goes eco and dumps plastic packaging for CDs
Lacrimosa launch voting for 'Feuer'-fanclip competition
Turkish electro with Sadiztik:Injektion on 'Global Genocide'
Miss FD launches full-length studio album 'Monsters In The Industry'
Wave Records release newest Pecadores album 'Rogai por nós'
Watch teaser new Editors' video 'Eat Raw Meat = Blood Drool'
Type O Negative frontman Peter Steele dead
Seventh Harmonic release 'Equanimi' EP
LCD Soundsystem streams new album 'This Is Happening' due to press leak
Keane 'horrified' after Tories use band's song at manifesto launch
New project Comfortable Cave Goodbye by Markus Reinhardt (Wolfsheim) featuring Pascal Finkenauer offers free download 'Travel In Time'
Machineries of Joy label launches 'Hymns Of Sex'
Hot Chip cover Shakira's 'She Wolf' and it actually sounds good
Skinny Puppy and Leaether Strip on one stage
Information Society DVD 'It is useless to resist us: 25 years of Information Society' ready to hit stores
Cinderella Effect release 2nd album 'Cinderellicious' on Fear Section
Laibach Lodz exhibition catalogue released + more exhibitions planned
'Gothic Pussy' for Ext!ze
Eldar re-release 2 old releases on one album 'Amaterasu Shiroi' via Caustic Records
Cannibal goth duo kill and serve meat of 16 year old girl with potatoes
Sex Pistols manager Malcolm McLaren dies in New York aged 64
legendary heavenly voices act Dark Orange returns with 'Clouds, Paperships and Fallen Angels' CD
Lowe return with 'Mirage' single
New Decoded Feedback album, 'Aftermath', out on Dependent
Zwischenfall releases 'Heute' 12 inch EP on Dark Entries
'Dependence 2010' hits the stores
Leaves' Eyes to release "Njord" as a special fan edition
Ayria finishes tour with VNV Nation and heads off again with Project Pitchfork + plays Infest UK
Progress Productions signs Code 64
Schwarzblut finally launch long awaited debut album 'Das Mausoleum'
Moby to release remix album 'Wait For Me. Remixes!'
Leaether Strip opens gay Bear hotel in Brussels - update: this was an April 1st joke
Side-Line interviews Alan Wilder (Recoil), Paul Kendall and Gareth Jones
Tycho Brahe work with Giorgio Moroder programmer to release 'Moroder Style'
Industrial project Common Man Down signs to Chicago's Bit Riot Records

March 2010
Dependent announces hot Industrial Spring/Summer program: Decoded Feedback, Edge Of Dawn and Front Line Assembly in May/June
The Chemical Brothers announce new album details
Simple Minds frontman Jim Kerr releases solo album under the name Lostboy! AKA
Kystal System finalist in International Songwriting Competition with jury including Robert Smith (The Cure) and Francis Black (Pixies)
Wynardtage returns with brand new record in late 2010
Sex Gang Children members start new band, Fear Incorporated
Ayria and Front 242 singers featured on new 'Eclectric' album Psy'Aviah - out now
Marilyn Manson's Daisy Berkowitz joins forces with Kill Miss Pretty for new album
Mesh release new single 'How Long'
Amduscia member Edgar Acevedo dies
Erasure's Andy Bell to perform acoustic set + Motherboard video interview with Vince Clarke
Oldschool act Mekanik Disorder release first album 'Cold & Strong'
'4CD box' set for French Cold Wave legend Dazibao
German rapper Bushido busted AGAIN for stealing songs from a gothic act, this time the French band Dark Sanctuary
Trimetrick joins machineKUNT Records to release 'Forms of Blasphemy' CD
Modern Synthpop Vol. 1 is now available
Daniel Miller and Gareth Jones also present at Rome show Recoil's 'A Strange Hour' under the 'Sunroof' flag
Industrial label Artoffact Records signs symphonic-metal act Haggard
April issue Sonic Seducer offers the 14-track Cold Hands CD, a 15-track Middle Ages CD and a 37 pages special on the Middle Ages
Lacrimosa announce full details 'Schattenspiel [the unreleased tracks for the 20th jubilee]' CD
Deathwatch Asia releases exclusive 2CD editions new albums Unter Null and Acylum
More footage from the by now cult Recoil 'Selected' night at Hansa surfaces
Former members of Dubok and The Azoic debut with Access Zero and 'Living In Transition' CD on A Different Drum
Front 242 release (2) trailer(s) for new DVD 'Moments in Budapest'
Daniel Miller and Gareth Jones join Alan Wilder (aka Recoil) for Hansa Tonstudios show - inclusive fried Camembert
'Predators' trailer revealed
Storm Records announce Blood Axis' 'Born Again' album
Void Kampf release 'Severe Mais Juste'
Front Line Assembly joined by Ministry in studio
Re-release of classic Leaether Strip 'Solitary Confinement' album as 2CD set
Side-Line presents: Recoil feat. Alan Wilder & Paul Kendall at Trix XL (Antwerp) on 23/03
A-ha to release expanded deluxe editions of their 'Hunting High and Low' and 'Scoundrel Days' albums + live DVD and best of compilation
Watch the new De/Vision video for 'Rage'
Faderhead searching pierceless/tattooless girl for upcoming video project
Leaether Strip releases massive 19-track EP on iTunes for just 3,99 EURO
Recoil to release massive special edition 4CD box version of 'Selected'
New album from Cellmod 'Adevolve' available now from Sector 9 Studios
Sebastian R Komor to release 4 albums...
Big 'age labels' on new industrial music DVD releases? Here's why...
Theatre of Tragedy split up but want your photos !
Psychic TV launches 'Themes' 4CDbox on Cold Spring
Peter Hook showcases previously-unseen Joy Division footage on UK tour
Atari Teenage Riot reunite for London show + announce new single
Front 242 releases new DVD, 'Moments in Budapest' + get an invitation for the videotrailer
New Unter Null album 'Moving on' out now in 3 diferent versions
Faithless to release new album 'The Dance' on own label
Spiralchords sign DeadStar Assembly, new album 'Coat Of Arms' to be released May 7th
Lacrimosa to release new double album in May
Ultravox continues reunion tour in 2010 and aims for nr 1 spot in charts with 'Vienna'
Funker Vogt reissue VHS-tape 'Live Execution '99' on DVD
I:scintilla present brand new video for 'Ammunition'
Painbastard declares war on 'Kriegserklärung'
Portishead and Goldfrapp members unite for 'Joan Of Arc' film score
Chris Vrenna (Marilyn Manson, Nine Inch Nails) dives into the DJ circuit
Captain Trip Japan to release two Esplendor Geometrico boxsets
Black Rain launches digital store and 10 years of French industrial rock band Porn on best of 'A decade in glitter and Danger'
Alan Wilder posts first video on upcoming Recoil 'Selected' album and tour
Cervello Elettronico delivers 'Process of Elimination' and limited spin-off 'Bipolar'
March issue Sonic Seducer comes with exclusive In Strict Confidence EP + 10 track CD
Current 93 announce anniversary gigs
Noisuf-X wants 'Excessive Exposure'
Impact Pulse delivers 'Remix Module's' EP
Quartersized launches 'Industrial Cliché' EP
Dean Cook's alter ego Machine Boy has a first ep out, 'People'
Side-Line reaching 25.000 people on a daily basis
Alan Wilder to talk about future plans on YouTube
Brian Eno working on new Coldplay album
!distain release video for 'Hole in the Moon'
Waiting For Words presents 'The Curve' EP

February 2010
Diorama goes 'Cubed' in 2009 or is it 2010 ?
Hiding Man label debuts with synthpop duo Monotone DC's 'Lola Electronia' album
Sellaband files for bankrupcy after burning 5 million dollar - sold to German investors - site still closed
Current and former Depeche Mode and The Cure personnel form We Collect Enemies label
How did we miss this one ? Depeche Mode interviewed by The Big Ones
Download full live recording from Nocturnal Emissions and Konstruktivists for free at Bleak
Merciful Nuns (ex-Garden Of Delight) announces 'LIB.1' trailer
Resist launches 'I Am Not The Enemy' single
Rajna returns with 'Offering'
Act Noir back with 'Shape a New Start'
Candle Nine debutes with 'The Muse In The Machine' on Tympanik Audio
Project-X returns with 4-track Joy Division tribute 'Needles and control'
Ego Likeness goes 'Breedless'
'Old School Electrology Volume I' massive 4CD set ready for pre-order
Pixies reunion shows all about the money now
Stephan Eicher (Grauzone) sees old material re-released
Alan Wilder joins Depeche Mode on stage for 'Somebody'
Malaise Music to release Rozz Williams' 'The Lost Recordings'
God Module release 'The Magic In My Heart Is Dead' EP and go on tour in US
Skye rejoins Morcheeba
In The Nursery collects 1983-1985 on 'Aubade'
Rachael Please announces 4th album 'I, The Depressor'
Tony Wakeford (Sol Invictus) celebrates 100th release on Tursa label 'With Friends Like These' 2CD comp
Dismantled to release new album 'The War Inside Me' later this year
New series of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds collectors editions
Faderhead releases best of compilation, 'Trilogy'
Nitzer Ebb album 'Industrial Complex' out on Alfa Matrix with lots of bonus tracks + free CD
Man and Machines working on new album 'The New Flesh'
Out now, 'Electronic Aid To Haiti'
Once A Barge returns with 'Skoll' album
Hungry Lucy return with 'Pulse of the Earth' CD
Erasure's Andy Bell releases new (and final) single 'Will You Be There?' under Mimó flag
NTRSN debut with 'People like Gods' on Sigsaly Transmissions
John Foxx releases rare material on 'My Lost City'
Von Thronstahl releases previously unreleased material on 'Conscriptvm'
Tracklist limited edition Recoil's 'Selected' CD revealed
US Military Authorities censor interview on Side-Line - update
Olivia Louvel releases new album 'Doll Divider', supports Recoil on tour + photo shoot by Alan Wilder
Peter Hook opens new Manchester club FAC251 with New Order and Joy Division songs
Massive Attack commissioned short film as tribute to porn star (explicit content)
KMFDM presents new single 'Day Of Light' in a very limited quantity (even in terms of industrial music...)
The Dielectric announces release complete trilogy series of 'Rapid-Eye Assemblage'
Men At Work face multi-million dollar bill after judge rules Australian band copied 'Down Under' melody
Killing Joke announce US shows and details 'Feast Of Fools'
X-Divide debut EP 'X' produced by Vasi Vallis (Frozen Plasma / NamNamBulu)
Borghesia returns with new album, releases '20th Century Selected Works' anthology 2CD set
Massive Attack planning new EP following 'Heligoland' release
Attrition completes back catalogue reissues, announces new album
Apparatjik featuring members of A-ha and Coldplay releases debut album 'We are here'
Projekt releases 'Under the weight of light' budget priced compilation
NEVA vinyle picture disc on Brouillard Definitif records
Mesh announce the release of 2nd single 'How Long'
Vince Clarke and Martyn Ware create special 3D Soundclash installation
Keyboard player of MyParasites dies, aged 26

January 2010
Alan Wilder announces several dates for the ''Selected' events 2010 - A Strange Hour with Alan Wilder & Paul Kendall'
Devo to perform at 2010 Winter Olympic Games
Inertia release 'Kloned' cover album
Tenek to tour with De/Vision
Hot Chip launch 'One Life Stand'
LCD Soundsystem's James Murphy sends home movie from the studio
SOW returns after 12 years of silence with new album, 'Dog'
Tracklist Pet Shop Boys' 'Pandemonium Live' CD/DVD revealed
Limited 2CD set for In Strict Confidence' 'La parade monstueuse' album
3 new Enfant Terrible releases in the pipeline
Former Velvet Acid Christ member releases album under The Twilight Garden moniker
La Roux changing her voice for 'completely different' second album
OOMPH! to release English sung best of album
Android Lust interview online on 'Resolution' box-set
Terminal Choice returns with 'Übermacht'
Out now on Future Noise Music: 'Bustin' Out, The Post Punk Era 1979-1981'
Swans return with a new album and tour and go handmade to fund recordings
Keane to release new eight-song EP 'Night Train' in May
Autechre announce new album 'Oversteps' and European tour
First video clip for IKON
Sonic Seducer presents 2009 Retrospective + 33-track DVD in slimcase + VNV Nation cover story
Rammstein concert censored in Dortmund's Westphalia Hall
Cryo to release second album 'Hidden Aggression'
Wax Trax! Records co-founder Dannie Flesher dies of AIDS
La Roux's album blocked from free Spotify service
More details on new Goldfrapp album 'Head First'
De/Vision quit E-wave and start up own label
Exclusive digital release for 'Back yard' album by Neon Judgement's Dirk Da Davo
Morrissey drops management and remains label less
5 exclusive Martin Lee Gore backed remixes on Belgian edition new Nitzer Ebb album 'Industrial complex' + massive download from Nitzer Ebb back catalogue
Combichrist also on 2nd leg for Rammstein's European tour
Zeromancer sets March release for 'The Death Of Romance' album
Suicide Commando launches extra single 'God is in the rain' along with new album 'Implements of hell'
Wonderland Records adds electro punkpop act Alice In Videoland to it roster
Die Form vinyl on demand box-set 'Chronology' out in January
Nine Inch Nails to record new material - NIN fans complete massive free live DVD/Blu-ray 'Another Version of the Truth: The Gift'
Neverdice release 'I am happy' album and go on tour
Necrotek's 'None More Black' digital EP available now
Side-Line publishes massive electronic scene interview
Diorama go 'Cubed' in March 2010
Recoil to release new album 'Selected' in Spring 2010 + Tour
Leaves' Eyes & Atrocity guitarist leaves band
Out Now: Other Voices compilation CD
Caprice releases concept release '6 secret words'
Pet Shop Boys record 'Pandemonium' show for CD and DVD release
Duran Duran releases 'Duran Duran' as 2CD, 2CD/DVD, download
Trent Reznor remixes U2 for special fanclub only release
SPV finally announces new releases for Welle:Erdball, Covenant, Die Krupps, Skinny Puppy and Funker Vogt
The Azoic 'Corruption' remix contest
Birthday Party and Boys Next Door guitarist Rowland S. Howard Dies

December 2009
The Synthetic Dream Foundation return with 'Mechanical Serpent'
Tracklist and pre-orders for 5th volume 'Endzeit Bunkertracks' 4CD box
More details on forthcoming :Wumpscut: album 'Siamese'
Svartsinn presents 'Elegies For The End' 2CD on 26th Cycle Records
Mnemonic release 'Denkmodell' album on Halbsicht Records
Welle:Erdball release 'The adventures of Commander Laserstrahl' radio play as 2CD set
Mute releases 2 new Nitzer Ebb boxsets
Second Decay 'La Décadence électronique' debut re-issued on LP
Skinny Puppy speak out on delayed CD release of 'In Solvent See'
Morrissey previews autobiography with essay relating to Moors Murders
KMFDM announces new remix album 'Krieg'
Vomito Negro returns with 'Skull and Bones'
Rammstein replacement keyboardist in car accident on way to show
The Human League have signed record deal with 'Wall of Sound'
Unter Null returns with 2nd album, 'Moving on' in 3 different versions
Can offer 'Silent Night' as a free download
Nilaihah welcomes LEVEL 2.0 to their roster
First single for Miss FD, 'Together Forever' available now
Fire destroys studio Virgins O.R Pigeons
Persona release 'Ruïnes' on Marbre Negre.
Free shipping today on US/CA orders for Side-Line merchandise ! - Get your coupon codes !
De/Vision face pop danger on 'Popgefahr' + tour
Billy Corgan regrets splitting up the Smashing Pumpkins
Depeche Mode does charity concert for Teenage Cancer Trust at Royal Albert Hall
Umbra Et Imago call it quits but release final album 'Opus Magnum'
Severe Illusion has new EP 'Infidelity to Ritual' coming up
Gothic Festival 2010 announces more new names
Free Alfa Matrix CD compilation for everyone attending next weekend's BIM Fest !
AMUL9 signs to Latex Records
Tricky and Massive Attack back on speaking terms, planned collaboration aborted... for now that is
Stella McCartney denies Morrissey collaboration on leather-free shoes
Portishead release new song 'Chase The Tear' for Amnesty International
New video and remixes for Leaether Strip - BIM fest
Moonshot to release 'No Sign of Morning' through EML Recordings
Santa Hates You delivers best trailer ever for a new industrial music album
Mind.in.a.box announce 'R.E.T.R.O.' album for February
Morrissey cancels gig after 'blowing out his voice'
Swedish synthpop veterans Page work on new album
Echo And The Bunnymen to play 2 first albums in full
Sigur Ros singer Jonsi announces details debut solo album 'Go'
Babylonia back with strong new album: 'Motel La Solitude'
Leaether Strip offers free EP for download: 'It's who I am'
Marilyn Manson dropped by Interscope due to low sales 'The High End of Low'
Video question and answer session with Alan Wilder at screening Depeche Mode fan doc. 'The Posters Came from the Walls' film
Editors finally announce North American release date for 'In This Light And On This Evening'
Autodafeh to present new album 'Identity Unknown' in February 2010
Sonic Seducer 12/09-01/10 + DVD + CD with 15 tracks
Alan Parsons Project member Eric Woolfson dies
Morrissey tabloid trash - 'Suicide is honourable and I understand people who do it'
HIM announce new album 'Screamworks: Love In Theory & Practice'
Diskonnekted featured on soundtrack 'Defcon 2012'
Santa Hates You launch the 'Rocket Heart' EP
Force Of Nature label offers 3 new releases of which 1 for free download
Keane announce new EP, UK tour and ticket details
Nine Inch Nails auctions tour equipment on eBay + new iTunes live tracks
Special live Coil video boxset sold out 4 months before release date
Yazoo singer re-releases solo albums as 2CD sets
Nachtmahr wants YOU!

November 2009
Elizabeth Fraser releases new single, 'Moses' + starts work on first solo album
Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark (OMD) offer free download an announce new album 'The History Of Modern'
Pulcher Femina returns with 'Darkness Prevails' after a long period of silence
Das Ich lands in Japan again
Gone Missing: First official Depeche Mode megamix from Blank & Jones 'so8os (so eighties)' 3CD compilation
Lullabies on 'Berceuses des fées' book/CD
Lowe release 'Kino International' in Europe
New website up for classical music downloads
Death In June land the 1,4 kgs stone box 'Symbols and Clouds'
Depeche Mode songwriter Martin Gore subpoenaed by crazy gamer in 'World of Warcraft' lawsuit
Black Rain launches Christmas compilation
Erasure doing first recording session new album in New York
Massive Attack's newest album 'Heligoland' out in February 2010
Alan Wilder to attend Depeche Mode documentary screening in London
Rare Coil related items hit eBay
Depeche Mode to release double A-side 'Fragile Tension / Hole To Feed' - tracklist + video available
Interpol prepares new album for early 2010
Suicide Commando reveals details new 'Implements of hell' album
I:scintilla goes more electronic on 'Prey on you' EPCD
Enfant Terrible issues 2 new albums by Agent Side Grinder
New live DVD's for Marilyn Manson and The Cure: 'Australia 99' and 'Paleo Folk Festival 2002'
Heimataerde launches 'Dark Dance' MCD
Prodigy fans complain about high price limited edition photobook 'Invaders must die...'
PiL definitely to record new material... if they get enough (advance) money!
Orchis record new album and re-release 'A Thousand Winters'
Split release for Arditi and Signa Inferre on 10 inch 'Statues of Gods / Invictis Victi Victuri'
Life's Decay present 6th album 'Dysrieuses'
First edition Neotek album 'Se*, Murder and Rock'n'Roll' available with bonus DVD
Second Sadman album '9th and Last Life' out in January 2010
More Muslimgauze reissues on Soleilmoon: 'Alms for Iraq', 'Uzi Mahmood' and 'Mazar-i-Sharif'
Side-Line sponsors South American girl + donates 878 dollar + continues Facebook action
Ladytron to launch 'best of' compilation and aim at (new) Christina Aguilera fans
Mashup New Order's 'Blue Monday' with Depeche Mode's 'Lilian' song hits YouTube
Bernard Sumner's Bad Lieutenant cancel US gigs
Container 90 unite 4 Swedish EBM bands on vinyl + show you how the EP physically got assembled
Morrissey reschedules show after being 'bottled' off stage + videofoottage
Nine Inch Nails drummer completes new version 2008 solo album 'Coup'
E-mail of the week - how NOT to try and grab the attention of a magazine
Monstrum Sepsis compiles back catalogue tracks on 2 new releases 'Primordial Notions Gamma' and 'Primordial Notions Delta'
Die Brücke present their 'Exhibition'
Hateful release from Drained Scorn
Yes, it's true, Echo And The Bunnymen canceled their US tour
Chaos/Order strikes back with 'Significance Of Blood'
Depeche Mode's 'Personal Jesus' mixed by Discobar Galaxie for 'Inside the Soundsystem'
Simple Minds launch 'Live Concert' USB sticks - Exclusive
Listen to new single Delerium, 'Dust In Gravity' at Side-Line + acoustic and remix best of in the making
Lacuna Coil releases new MCD for 'I Like It' featuring Interface remix
DJ Hell teams up with Bryan Ferry on 'U Can Dance'
Neurobash release free 'Antitype RMX' remix EP
Label compilation 'Post alcoholic body syndrome vol. III' out now via Advoxya records
New Rammstein album added on black list in Germany
Apoptygma Berzerk releases new single 'Green Queen'
Pet Shop Boys to release 'Christmas' EP with Madness and Coldplay covers
Mesh hits German Media control Charts at spot 89
Larvas newest album 'The hated' out now on Advoxya records
Diskonnekted completes remixes for Wynardtage and Solitary Experiments and prepares new album
Human Puppets present debut album 'Future from the Past'
Florence Foster Fan Club launch coldwave / ebm album 'Everyday Theatre'
Beatport selling Martin Gore 'Pre-show Music Pt. 1' mixtape
Neu! member Michael Rother defends Oasis for 'Brand Neu!' compilation beating
Helalyn Flowers return with 'Stitches Of Eden' album
Depeche Mode to release Manga T-shirts? Not exactly
Interview with My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult online now
BOREDOMproduct to release singles catalogue as download only
Black Sun Productions and Bahntier collaborate for 'Enoeraew' album
Side-Line to donate 1 dollar to charity per new Facebook friend
Leaether Strip to play BIM festival 2009
Belgian collecting society for composers and music publishers Sabam beaten by former Gothic event organiser
Rammstein dildo collection available for pre-ordering
'My Despair' video by In Strict Confidence finally online
Compact Space release debut single 'Push Push'

October 2009
Krystal System goes Depeche Mode and more on new 'Underground: VooDoo Night Sessions' DJ EP
Blutengel presents double album 'Soultaker'
Echo And The Bunnymen to release live album 'Live At The Royal Albert Hall'
Terminal Choice powerless due to new single, 'Keine Macht'
Dust Of Basement return with 'Epitaph' live DVD
In Strict Confidence breaks the silence with 'My Despair' MCD but keeps the details a secret
Einstürzende Neubauten release live DVD 'Elektrokohle (Von Wegen)' + exclusive trailer
Faderhead returns with ballad driven 'Horizon Born' MCD
Bernard Sumner's Bad Lieutenant to support Pet Shop Boys on UK tour
Acylum releases exclusive iTunes bonus album to acompany 'The Enemy'
U2 went YouTube with complete concert - record sales last album disappointing says band
!Distain to release 'Anthology 1992-2010' including rare early demos and 3 new songs
Morrissey discharged from hospital after collapsing onstage
Where is that Depeche Mode 12" for 'Peace' ?
Moby concert at Rough Trade now streamed online
Morrissey taken to hospital after collapsing on stage during concert
Fake Bollock Brothers on tour
Pale Music Int. label night in Berlin on 19th November
Prodigy offer free 'Invaders Must Die' download
Cocteau Twins reunion canceled at the last minute
We Got This Far supply music for free online game 'Vector Conflict: The Siege'
OMD and Simple Minds to perform Kraftwerk's 'Neon Lights'
Alfa Matrix reacts furiously in allegations murder case of Carly Ryan vs Zombie Girl
Anders Manga signs to Dance Macabre for European release
Kraftwerk busy recording new album in Kling Klang studio
Nitzer Ebb cover + video (not work safe - nudity included)
Moby goes 'Unplugged' during London show
Hooverphonic to recruit new singer (m/f) on 'Muzikantendag'
Nitzer Ebb to support Depeche Mode for all of their Jan/Feb 2010 dates
Black Rain and Promofabrik launch charity project 'Help can't wait'
A-ha splits up - 2010 farewell tour
Dave Gahan (Depeche Mode) in Peru: 'Thank you very much, Chile!'
Dildo boxset for Rammstein's sixth album 'Liebe ist für Alle da'
Collide covers Depeche Mode, The Beatles and more on 'These Eyes Before'
French Cortex label resurfaces with Stupre's 'Priceless' CD
Killing Joke launch 'Requiem' live DVD+CD
Two (new) releases for Steve Roach: 'Destination Beyond' and 'Terraform'
Dave Gahan (Depeche Mode) featured on Fryars 'Visitors' track
Ikon release 'Love, Hate and Sorrow' on Apollyon
John Foxx to release live album 'In The Glow'
Zombie Girl returns with Halloween EP - now available on iTunes
Side-Line staff launches new online magazine: Muztec.com
Der Blutharsch is dead
Electro act Frightdoll's career made impossible due to ongoing feud with United Arab Emirates based company
Velvet Acid Christ returns with 'The Art of Breaking Apart' - first new studio album in over 3 years
Covenant delays 'Modern Ruin' album
Nine Inch Nails offer HD footage from their last UK show
Daft Punk go Disney in 'Tron Legacy' film
Marilyn Manson does NOT cancel Swedish dates - yes, he does!
Peter Hook (New Order) guilty of autograph fraud and more...
Killing Ophelia singer guest vocalist for The Dielectric
Adam X returns under ADMX-71 moniker and 'Luminous Vapors' album
Dutch Buma/Stemra losing the pedals, wants to charge music blogs ridiculous sums for embedding videos
Quartersized goes for Robotic Funk
Moby to donate concert profits to domestic violence charity
Leaether Strip releases 5th volume 'Yes I'm Limited' incl. remixes by Project Pitchfork and Die Krupps
Live DVD for And One featuring no less than 54 tracks
Side-Line presents: VNV Nation's 'Faith, Power and Glory' EU-tour + FREE tickets !
Manson is a lying pig: he has no swine flu
iTunes LIVE from Glasgow with Echo & the Bunnymen
New official Depeche Mode video for 'Hole To Feed'

September 2009
Get your favourite band a label contract at Alfa Matrix
ASP release new single 'Wer Sonst?/Im Märchenland'
Energy Rekords re-releases Elegant Machinery's 'Yesterday Man' album
Dupont presents 'New dawn' EP and video
Solitary Experiments unveils tracklist limited edition 'In the Eye of the Beholder' album
Combichrist did NOT cancel Rammstein tour
Portishead plan alternative release for new album
Attrition present cover album 'Wrapped in the guise of my friend'
Nine Inch Nails' Trent Reznor to collaborate with Gary Numan
The Birthday Massacre cancel tour
Marilyn Manson has the swine
Side-Line presents: 15 years The Black Cave - September 26th, 2009
Kraftwerk remastered boxset... delayed again
Do music publishers understand digital retail? Apparently not all of them
Devo to re-issue albums + North American tour
A 'Sink Or Swim' for Bernard Sumner's Bad Lieutenant
The best electropop release for 2009? Has to be HairGlow !
The Dielectric release new EP 'Rapid-Eye Vol-3'
Frightdoll releases new single, 'Cackling 'round the Cauldron'
Helalyn Flowers kicks in with 'Spacefloor Romance' EP
Smashing Pumpkins return with free download album 'Teargarden by Kaleidyscope'
Black Tape For A Blue Girl presents 'The Pleasure in the Pain' video
Arcana vocalist joins Seventh Harmonic + free downloads
Morrissey denies Smiths Andy Rourke postcard sacking
Birthday Massacre singer sings song for female WWE wrestling star
Wayne Hussey (The Mission) releases solo debut 'Bare', covers The Cure and more
Irmin Schmidt (CAN) releases 'Filmmusik Anthology Vol 4&5' 2CD
Pet Shop Boys return with 3rd single 'Beautiful People'... but only in Germany
The Crüxshadows return with 'Quicksilver' EP
Nick Cave's sideproject Grinderman completes second album
Underworld recording with Brian Eno
New Massive Attack album 'LP5' delayed
Legendary 80's band Handful of Snowdrops prepares comeback
Two new digital releases out on Intuition Records
Become a Mesh victim and win a hand signed single and t-shirt
Loewenhertz signs with Media Records
Dunkelwerk presents second album 'Höllenbrut'
Parralox go even hotter on new EP
iTunes has become the biggest music retailer worldwide
Tracks for Morrissey's 'Swords' B-side collection announced
Marlow to perform exclusive show in Germany
Thompson nazified by The Sun
Sinéad O'Connor records new version of 'This is to mother you' for GEMS and prepares new album - exclusive
Public Image Limited aka PiL return
Nick Cave releases soundtrack for novel 'The Death Of Bunny Munro'
Former Echo and the Bunnymen keyboard player Jake Brockman dies
Mortiis completes 2 new videos
Acylum launches 'The enemy' as single and double CD
EBM is alive on vinyl under the 'EBM Collection Vol. 1' flag
ESA to call it quits
Alison Moyet reinterprets Yazoo tracks for new compilation
Rammstein announce new single, 'Pussy'
Marc Moulin Best Of CD, 3CD Box and iTunes Best of incl exclusive remix CD on its way
'Tricky Tricky' Röyksopp contest
Johnny Marr says 'yes' to a Smiths reunion (in 2010?)
Madonna collapses on stage in Bulgaria
Depeche Mode to release live DVD in early 2010 - exclusive
:Golgatha: see 'The Waste Land' re-released
Apoptygma Berzerk announce names new live line-up
Massive Attack return with 'Splitting The Atom' EP - their first new material in three years
VNV Nation 'Faith, Power And Glory Tour' to start on September 2
Obscenity Trial announce details on Soulstrip album

August 2009
Solitary Experiments launch 'Rise and fall' remix competition
Ex-Stone Roses frontman Ian Brown names his 'price' for Stone Roses reunion
Modern Cubism release videoclip for 'L'importun'
Claire Voyant release 'Lustre' album after 6 years of silence
Madonna to release 'Celebration' - yet another retrospective compilation
GusGus announce details new album '24/7'
The Cranberries reform for US/EU tour
Isis Signum member launches debut album new Red Industrie project
're:lectro' MCD for Autodafeh
Sonic Seducer 09/2009 (+ Gothic Fetish Calendar 2010 + 16-Track CD + 1 Sticker Muse)
Side-Line offers 10% vouchers for CD WOW ! - only valid today
Pre-Erasure demo Andy Bell online
Slipknot cancel US shows - Joey Jordison hospitalised
New Order spin-off act Bad Lieutenant to play UK gigs
Nine Inch Nails play 'The Downward Spiral' in its entirety
OMD to play Night of the Proms
Pavla Mikulasova joins Decadance Records roster
Classic Godflesh albums reissued as box set
Ambassador21 releases video trailer for 'Power Rage (Face Your Future Killers)'
Alice In Chains add Elton John on new album 'Black Gives Way To Blue'
Rammstein complete mix new yet untitled album despite growing tensions
Depeche Mode to release 3rd single ('Fragile Tension'), from 'Sounds of the Universe' album
Durutti Column releases Factory Records 6 CD Boxset via Kooky Disc
MySpace cuts in functionalities to get streaming costs under control
Placebo singer Brian Molko recovers from Asian Virus - North American tour canceled
Alfa Matrix opens submissions for Endzeit Bunkertracks [act 5] - 4CD box (deadline October 1st 2009)
Blind Faith And Envy to release 'My life is ordinary remixed' on iTunes
Brand New Day releases 2nd album, 'Take Cover'
Julia Beyer (Technoir) joins Mesh on 'Who Says?'
A-ha releases second single 'Shadowside' from 'Foot of the Mountain' album
Rare Individual Totem tape only album 'Mumia Vera' re-released on CD for the first time
Yet another Depeche Mode concert canceled
Cradle Of Filth band member injured at Bloodstock after being hit by object from crowd
Tamtrum interview posted online - nudity included
Les Paul dies at age 94
Leaves' Eyes launches official 'My Destiny' trailer
Apoptygma Berzerk to tour North America with changed line-up
Exclusive: new Air video 'Do the joy'
New [:SITD:] album 'Rot' in October 2009
Out Now: Promo-only remixes of Erasure see light of day on 'Erasure.Club' MCD
Dependent announces Septic VIII compilation for September: 'Maybe the best to date'
Depeche Mode cancel yet another concert
Kraftwerk to finally reissue eight remastered albums
Morrissey solo singles vinyl box sets announced
Enfant Terrible Records announce 2 new 7 inches
EU re-release for Iris debut 'Disconnect'
Cesium_137 have found their 'Identity'
Esplendor Geometrico gets the 'Pulsión' on new album
Informatik resurface with 'Arena'
Red Voice Choir launch free 'Apparitions' EP and call it quits
Force Of Nature announce signing T-Faktor (Terrorfakt)
Mesh prepare for 'Only Better' MCD
Skinny Puppy announce new album and tour for 2009
OMD to record acoustic session for Absolute Radio
KiloWatts & Vanek prepare for Focus & Flow release - partnership with Motor Digital
Dependent on c/o Pop convention: Stefan Herwig participates in panel with German Pirate Party and Mark Chung (Einstuerzende Neubauten)
Men At Work accused of copying Girl Guides song... after 26 years
The Verve and Goldfrapp members team up for new band, The Black Ships
Frozen Plasma takes 'Tanz die Revolution' international
New Komor Kommando album 'Where flesh meets metal' announced + Grendel remix
Nine Inch Nails' Trent Reznor speaks out on Twitter black-out
Future Trail 'Breaking New Ground' with new album
Exclusive chat with Audioglobe's Sebastian Koch, the man who discovered Hocico
Side-Line presents: Front 242 in Paris together with Tamtrum and Mesmer's Eyes
State Of The Union announce 'Dancing in the Dark' single and remix contest
Industrial music on eBay - new listings
The Prodigy taken to hospital

July 2009
All star superband in the making.... featuring Phil Spector and Charles Manson
Goteki to release a collection of 4 new electro-industrial EPs
Duran Duran to release 'Duran Duran - Live In Hammersmith '82' DVD/CD and 2CD version of 'Rio'
Third Nachtmahr preview track 'Klingen' available now
Marilyn Manson threatens to 'murder' music journalists
Echo And The Bunnymen announce new album, 'The Fountain', featuring Coldplay singer Chris Martin
HairGlow, new project Alex Callier (Hooverphonic) , scores high with 'Let it go'
David Sylvian to release new solo album 'Manafon'
Talking Heads' David Byrne disses U2 tour spending
'Colin' zombie movie for 70 US$ ? No, it's a hoax
Mesh launch video message
A-ha cover Depeche Mode's 'A question of lust'
Stage roof collapses on Feindflug keyboardplayer at Amphi festival
Minerve to cancel shows after accident keyboardplayer
Angelspit release video teaser for 'Hideous & Perfect'
Sinine gives you 'Butterflies'
Second brandnew Nachtmahr track surfaces - win exclusive prices!
MySpace Music appears to be a hit, say the statistics
New Urceus Exit single 'The Worst that We've Become'
Blue Stone, the next Delerium? Judge for yourself
SPV problems push Leaves' Eyes to postpone new MCD 'My Destiny'
Benbecula Records calls it quits
The Cure split with Universal - 'Live in Paris 08' screening
Trent Reznor closes personal Twitter account - twitters live videos on band account
Ex-Cure keyboardist disses Robert Smith
Smiths singles box finally sees CD release as well
What were the 15 most popular stories on Side-Line for the past month ?
Der Blutharsch return with 9th studio album, 'Flying high!'
Industrial and gothic music down the drain, electro music on the rise
Side-Line presents: Gothic Festival Waregem 2009
'Immortal' video by Solitary Experiments
First new Nachtmahr song from 'Alle Lust will Ewigkeit' album premiers online!
Nick Cave set for 'The Death Of Bunny Munro' book reading
Cat Rapes Dog wish they had chosen a different band name
Yet another EP for Erasure: "Phantom Bride"
Nik Page presents video new single 'Voices From Outer Space'
Gary Numan Joins Nine Inch Nails on stage in London
Assemblage 23 returns with 'Spark' single
2nd edition of Neon album 'Memories'
Feindflug re-release 1999 album 'Feindflug [4.Version]' as a double vinyl with bonus track
Exclusive - watch official trailer first Anne Clark live DVD
Eric Alexander De La Cruz passes away
IC 434 against bull fighting - launches 'La Corrida De Toros' song
Dave Gahan injured - Depeche Mode cancel final 2 shows in Europe
Side-Line launches merchandise with YOUR user name on it - join the Side-Line Militia !
LSD / PCP to release 4 disc limited box set in fall 2009
'Okzidendalisches Grammophon' live album for Die Weisse Rose
French Industrial Rock formation Dexy Corp signs to Black Rain
NoiTekk strikes back with fresh young electro blood !
Wave Records releases 'Wave Sampler 2009'
Track Listing confirmed for 'Warp20 (Box Set)'
Death In June re-releases 'Braun Buch Zwei'
6 new releases for electronic / avantgarde label Bureau B
Rajna plan vinyl release, if you want to that is
Dolores O'Riordan (Ex-Cranberries) launches 'The Journey' single - watch her video !
Danse Macabre announces signing 3 new bands
X Marks The Pedwalk re-releases 'Abattoir'
A-ha to headline iTunes Live festival on 24 July
Rozencrantz releases new videoclip and DVD
Suicide Commando goes vinyl
KooLTURE launch electropop debut 'Uncovered' on Eternal Sunday
Trent Reznor honored by the U.S. Government for successful fundraising for Eric De La Cruz
Neuroactive goes for the 'Antidote' approach
Reprint for The Normal's 'T.V.O.D./Warm Leatherette' single
ShareThis via Side-Line
Side-Line presents free Moonlight Festival
Rotersand returns with 'War On Error' MCD on Trisol
Pirate Bay to be sold for $7.7 Million to Swedish software firm Global Gaming Factory X
Perfidious Words returns with 'Feel Like Me' CD+DVD

June 2009
Növö release 'Architecture & Severity' album
Black Lung goes US-Army friendly with 'Full Spectrum Dominance'
Pigface return with '6'
Sexshop for Schyzzo.Com
Janosch Moldau releases clubby remix-ep 'Clear. One with the sinner. Remixed'
Former The Orb member Andy Hughes dies
Microsoft lets you download a free Psy'Aviah MP3
European release date for We Got This Far's 'Blunt Force Volume' set
Marilyn Manson continues his promo talk: 'My walls were covered with cocaine bags nailed to the wall'
Stone Roses to release five singles this year
Peter Ulrich (ex Dead Can Dance) and Sara Wendt launch 'Hanging Man' single
Psyche frontman cancels Toronto concert and is to undergo open heart surgery
Angelspit to release remix album 'Black kingdom red kingdom'
Interesting audio interview with Vince Clarke (Depeche Mode, Erasure, Yazoo)
Out now, Haujobb's 'Homes & Gardens 2.0': remastered and reissued on 2CD
Chinese Theatre cease all band activity
The 7th Theatre of Tragedy album has a title: 'Forever is the world'
Air to release 5th album 'Love 2'
Side-Line Magazine closes forum with immediate effect !
Nachtmahr returns with 'Alle Lust will Ewigkeit'
Leaether Strip completes soundtrack for 'Dark Passages' movie
A-ha returns to synthpop with new album 'Foot of the Mountain'
Dependent reboots the 'Septic' series with volume 8
Pouppée Fabrikk reunites after 7 years of silence
Komor Kommando goes Japanese with special digipak edition 'Das EP' release
Antony and the Johnsons to release cover Beyonce's 'Crazy in Love'
Camouflage sees 'Spice Crackers' re-released with bonus disc
Mesh announce new single, new album and new tour
A viable download model in the making ? Virgin Media to offer unlimited Universal Music MP3 Downloads
Last-ever US show for Nine Inch Nails
New Order members form new band - without Peter Hook
S.P.O.C.K. member launches first album for Biomekkanik solo project
'We are deaf' say Xotox and Detune-x
Side-Line wants its vanity Url - sign up now !
Cycloneb returns with 'Evil' album on Advoxya
A different Drum label boss publishes thriller
Smashing Pumpkins hire 19-year-old Mike Byrne to replace Jimmy Chamberlin?
Warp Records celebrates 20th anniversary with mega 'Warp20 (Box Set)'
16volt release entire (7 album) back catalog for free
Twitter drama with Nine Inch Nails
Front Line Assembly postpones tour due to the delay of the album release
New 'Peace' single Depeche Mode ready for pre-order on iTunes
SNOG remix album 'Thirteen Remakes For The Rapture' out now
Short video for Black Tape For A Blue Girl's 'Marmalade Cat'
Mulphia's 3rd album 'Wartorn' out now via Advoxya Records
Depeche Mode and Dave Gahan return en grandeur in Leipzig
Snap! sued by Jocelyn Brown over hitsong 'The Power'
VNV Nation to launch 'Of Faith, Power, and Glory' - interview the band !
Marilyn Manson cries after being denied drugs
Vox Populi! collection 'Mystic Entertainment' out on Infrastition
Placebo boxset out now - new album 'Battle For The Sun'
Ex-Malochia members return as Contrast to release 'Antidote' CD
Sara Noxx to release 'In(t)oxxication' CD and split MCD 'Superior Love' in 2 formats
Apoptygma Berzerk sign to Columbia Records and release new single
K-Bereit prepares 'Distort Neural Unit'
Trent Reznor says Marilyn Manson has 'become a dopey clown'
Dismantled tours with Combichrist in North America - releases 'Standard Issue V2.0' digitally
Portion Control presents 'Crop' 2CD on Sigsaly Transmissions Media
Side-Line publishes exclusive comeback interview with Dependent labelboss Stefan Herwig
Alfa Matrix announces new releases via iTunes
Morrissey resumes world tour

May 2009
5 re-releases for Unheilig
Pandora's Black Book to release 'Black Brothel' on Tympanik Audio
Free best of from Action Directe, 'Under The Pavement, The Beach'
SPV initiates insolvency proceedings
Depeche Mode cancels Pinkpop, London, Hamburg, Dusseldorf and (1st) Leipzig dates - it's official
David Bowie's son Duncan Jones directs new sci-fi movie 'Moon'
GriffonVox to launch 'She's lost control'
Re-release for classic EBM release by Shift: 'Electrofixx'
Nine Inch Nails fan fundraise huge success
Morrissey cancels more gigs
Mara's Torment 'Across for show...' album re-released
Snowy Red frontman Micky Mike dies, aged 52
Front 242 members perform an Art & Strategy concert in Mons (Belgium)
Dependent releases Haujobb 'Homes & Gardens 2.0' as limited edition and swaps downloads with .wavs
A-ha releases 'Foot of the mountain' as download single only - except in Germany
Side-Line changes layout, IE troubles solved - update
Meet Nine Inch Nails backstage and help out Eric De La Cruz with a heart transplant
Erasure's 1988 album 'The Innocents' to get special 21st Anniversary remastered edition
Depeche Mode cancel 3 more concerts, London gig jeopardized as well?
Marilyn Manson to meet fans in London - and you can still be one of them !
MDM win award at Niagara Music Awards 2009
CatwalkTrash launches self titled debut album
1st independent Bodybeats Festival with The Neon Judgement, The Wheahermen, A Split Second, ...
Re-releases for Deutsch Nepal's 'Tolerance' and 'Erosion'
Deep Sleep release debut album 'Shadow of a Dream'
Depeche Mode frontman Dave Gahan diagnosed with cancer
Suicide Commando to release 'Implements of hell' album on Out Of Line / Metropolis Records
Progress Production signs EBM legends Dupont
Lady Parasyte signs to machineKUNT Records to release 'Abandoned Places' album
June issue Sonic Seducer with 17-track CD / Depeche Mode and Placebo A1 posters
Depeche Mode launches 'iDrum' iPhone App
Die Weisse Rose debutes with 'A Martyrium of White Roses'
Vince Clarke launches official website
Dependent reopens its doors in Summer/Fall 2009 and signs Mesh, Front Line Assembly and more
More details on forthcoming Andy Bell (Erasure) solo album
Clan Of Xymox return with 'Emily' single
Ad·ver·sary returns with a collection of remixes titled 'A Bright Cut Across Velvet Sky'
Biosphere releases 'Wireless - Live at The Arnolfini, Bristol'
Pirate Bay founder asks 'we-never-pay-anything' Pirate Bay users to cough up 2.7 million Euro
Marilyn Manson premieres 'Arma-goddamn-motherfuckin-geddon' video
4 More Depeche Mode shows canceled + gig in Athens to be rescheduled for July 2009 or May 2010 + more shows added
Leaether Strip tour only album 'Haervaerk' hits iTunes
Orbital to release greatest hits collection 'Orbital 20'
Become part of the Rename project 'Real Songs for Real People'
In Auroram goes Dead Can Dance on 'When Daylight Fades'
Dave Gahan hospitalised - 2nd concert canceled as well - Depeche Mode tour schedule jeopardised?
Implant working on new digital download only EP 'Violence' + remix contest
U2 release website only 2CD 'U2 Medium, Rare And Remastered', stream 'Magnificent' remixes and unveil new video
Depeche Mode to issue live sets complete 'Tour of The Universe 2009' - Confirmed
Wynardtage continue 'best of/rarities' series with 'The Forgotten Sins II'
Patenbrigade: Wolff launch 'The Enemy Is Listening' single
Frozen Plasma reaches out for a 'Monumentum'
New volume in the ongoing compilation series 'Auteur Labels' : 'Factory Records 1984'
Limited 'Immortal' single for Solitary Experiments
Illuminate releases 'Splitter' retrospective
Nick Cave's rejected script for 'Gladiator 2' leaked online... 1 year ago !
Ianva announces 2nd album, 'Italia: Ultimo Atto'
Echo And The Bunnymen launch 'Ocean Rain' album into space, literally
Dark Dimensions announces 5 all new releases to be released in late May and early June
Obscenity Trial vs. Tino Oac (Söhne Mannheims)
Massive Depeche Mode tribute compilation - OUT NOW
Ex-Morthem Vlade Art member launches In Broken English
BLC Music launches Mordacious' 'Necrolust' album
Komor Kommando (Zombie Girl, ...) launches debut 'Das EP' today + interview on Side-Line
This Morning Call signs to Substream and prepares 'Tides' EP
Human Decay side project mind.area announces debut EP 'thenceforward'
Theatre of Tragedy enters the studio for 7th album
Implant joined by Front 242 and Neon Judgement members on new album 'Implantology'
Nine Inch Nails' iPhone application gets the boot from Apple
A Spell Inside returns with 4th album, 'Loginside'
6comm re-records classic tracks on 'Like Stukas Angels Fall'
Tamtrum on tour to promote upcoming 'Fuck You I'm Drunk / Stronger Than Cats' album
Essence Of Mind back from successful tour with Zeromancer
C/A/T announces new album 'Chaos And Terror', tour with label mates [syndika:zero] and new side project Captive Six

April 2009
Combichrist does a PETA
Wanna remix Depeche Mode's 'Peace' single ? Then pay for it !
Erasure prepare new album
Die Form's 'Noir Magnétique' album available in various formats + some (vintage) videos
Null Factor announces 5th full-length studio release '(in)finite'
[:SITD:] to release new 'Rot' album in Autumn 2009
Available now: 'I Take Pictures: Photographic Pictures' compiles 500 pictures from electronic artists
Ravenland complete new album with collaboration of Moonspell producer and writer
New project for Peter Christopherson (Coil, Throbbing Gristle) and Ivan Pavlov (COH), Soisong
Brand new Depeche Mode documentaries 'The Dark Progression' and 'The Lowdown' to hit the market
Flatline Skyline deliver second album, 'All Sound / No Vision'
Psyche delvers new collection, 'Until The Shadows'
Moby announces details new 'Wait for Me' album
And another online scene store closes its doors
Sonic Youth give away 'The Eternal' album track 'Sacred Trickster'
Pixies reissue back catalogue under 'Minotaur' flag
The Blockheads headline London Electric Ballroom
Indigo Virus launches 'Head Space'
Sadman prepares 2nd album, tentativeley titled '9th and the last life'
Prikosnovenie to release debut solo album Luigi Rubino (Ashram)
Re-release for Tribantura's 'Lack of Sense' MCD
Simple Minds add OMD as special quest to their UK tour
Rozencrantz prepare video for new track 'Chase the Dragon'
Epica returns with live abum 'The Classical Conspiracy' featuring a 40-piece orchestra and a 30-piece choir
nEGAPADRES.3.3. working on no less than 3 new albums
Pirate Bay founders ready for prison ?
Babel 17 returns with 'The Ice Wall' on Infrastition and re-releases 'Shades'
Ultima Bleep returns with 'The vril rmx part one' EP
Fang Bomb releases Ronnie Sundin's 'Seven year silence' album
Depeche Mode has lost several demos, including the one for 'Personal Jesus' - exclusive
Lacrimosa cancels vinyl format new 'Sehnsucht' album
Enfant Terrible joins up with Dutch radio and television broadcaster VPRO for special 80's releases of Luc Van Acker and Kaa Antilope
Remix contest from Emmon and Wonderland Records
Depeche Mode - 'Sounds of the universe' order page
Zeitgeist Zero's second album 'Dead To The World' out now
Laibach side-project Volkswagner premieres in Ljubljana on the 18th of April 2009 + major exhibition in Poland
Venus Fly Trap release best of 'Metamorphosis-best of 1987-2007'
Action Directe reform and release teaser material for free
The Eastern Front prepares 3 full-length albums to be released in late Spring 2009
Nine Inch Nails 'The Day The World Went Away' in Terminator 'Salvation' trailer
'Kinetik Festival Volume 2' 2CD set out now
Russian dark electro / futurepop project D.J.GOLUBb releases 'Generation of Bastards' album for free
Massive news update from the Black Rain label group
Animal rights group Peta wants Pet Shop Boys to change name
Interlace returns with extremely limited 'Nemesis' single
13th Planet Records to release Prong remix CD 'Power of The Damn MiXXXer' incl. remix by Nitzer Ebb
Leaether Strip on double date in USA including a show with Ayria
Scottish Depeche Mode act Analog Angel sign to Rage In Eden Records
Sigur Rós side-project Riceboy Sleeps finally to see album released
The Neon Judgement 'smacks' a new album after 11 years of studio silence - explicit video content
Curve's Dean Garcia goes for SPC ECO
New album Nitzer Ebb on hold due to 'financial troubles'
Trail Of Tears back from the dead with 'Bloodstained Endurance'
Rupesh Cartel back with 3rd album 'Anchor Baby'
'Today is Your Lucky Day' with The Mobile Homes
Punish Yourself side-project '1969 Was Fine' presents debut album '1969 Was Fine... But 666 is alright'
Marilyn Manson to headline with 'The High End of Low' summer tour
Tamtrum come back with 'Fuck You I'm Drunk / Stronger Than Cats' album + have bonus disc reinterpretated by Claus Larsen
Dependent Digital re-releases Haujobb's 'Homes & Gardens 2.0' and single
My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult returns with new album 'Death Threat'
Seize returns after 5 years of silence with 'Constant Fight'
Spiralchords sign We Got This Far
VTG releases music video and latest electro-rock album 'Love is Letting Go' for free
Red Flag releases new single 'Run'
Peter Kruder to release 'Visions Ltd' EP on DJ Hell's International Deejay Gigolo Records
Rebentisch release new album 'Herz zerrissen'
Out of Line presents 'Electrostorm' compilation CD
Side-Line exclusive: The Sisters Of Mercy to lend out Doktor Avalanche to The Smashing Pumpkins
Implant invites several pioneering electronic music singers on 'Implantology'
Side-Line twitters on daily basis to over 600 people

March 2009
Scandinavia's premier electronic music event for the 10th and last time
Cabaret Voltaire delivers 'Kora!Kora!Kora! Cabaret Voltaire Versions'
French composer Maurice Jarre dies
Out now, the new Leaether Strip album 'Aengelmaker'
Killing Joke's 'The Gathering 2008' 4CD-Box soon out on Killing Joke Records
Vision Talk debut with 'Dirty Italo Disco'
Brand new UK club night launches: ::Purefuckingindustrial::
Spandau Ballet reunion tour announced
Re-release Xandria's 'Ravenheart' album on Artoffact
A-Ha announce arena tour
'No Talking Heads reunion' says David Byrne
Ex-Obsc(y)re singer returns with new project Wintry and debut album 'Atmosphere Around Us'
Infest 2009 is off
Patenbrigade: Wolff offers free download of new single 'Fein hoert mit!'
Ex-Kraftwerk member Wolfgang Flür on Empire State Human's 'Audio Gothic' album
New electro-pop 'electropop.2' compilation to be released by Conzoom Records
23db Records adds T.H.D. to their roster
Noyce TM return with 'Un:welt' on In-D-Records
Smashing Pumpkins' drummer Jimmy Chamberlin leaves band
Boytronic start recordings follow-up to 'Dependence'
Boredomproduct compiles on 'Auto-Reverse'
Nine Inch Nails and Jane's Addiction release free split EP 'Ninja 2009 tour sampler'
Human League founder-member Martyn Ware to explore the future of sound at London show
Frozen Plasma announces new 'Earthling' MCD
Rammstein complete new album
John Squire says 'NO' on Stone Roses reunion via artwork
Sonic Seducer announces content April issue + 2 CDs + Middle Ages special
'Two' joins Miss Kittin and the Hacker for a second time
Welle: Erdball 'Operation Zeitsturm' DVD postponed to June
Placebo announces details 'Battle For The Sun' album
Spiritualized to play 'Ladies And Gentlemen...' live
Schwarzblut to release 5-track debut EP 'Sehlenwolf'
TET feat. PNE video clip and free download single released
Ian Brown denies Stone Roses reunion reports
Combichrist returns with 'Heat EP: All pain is beat'
Rustblade to release 'A tribute to Pier Paolo Pasolini - Songs for a child'
[:SITD:] back in studio working on new album
Alfa Matrix releases massive Depeche Mode tribute compilation
No more Sisters Of Mercy 'Merciful Release' 3CD sets?
Trent Reznor twitters that Chris Cornell embarrassed himself, Chris Cornell responds
Komor Kommando hits hard with 'Das EP'
Von Thronstahl to release 'Germanium Metallicum' album
Jesus on Extasy issues statement about band status
Elegant Machinery's Richard Jomshof speaks out on being a member of the Sverigedemokraterna
Anni Hogan showcases debut double album 'Kickabye' featuring exclusive Nick Cave track
Nordvargr releases with 'Evolution' his last album ever
Sieben's newest album 'As they should sound' brings the best of Sieben in its bare necessities
Smiths' 'Singles Box' almost sold out
Karjalan Sissit launches 'F**king Wh**e Society'
Nine Inch Nails offers 'Toothful Voodooland' live DVD
A Different Drum releases new singles from Saudade, Disreflect and Rename
The Durutti Column returns with 'Love in time of recession'
Lacrimosa announces new album 'Sehnsucht'
DEVO to perform 1978 debut album 'Q. are we not men, are we DEVO?' in London
Garden Of Delight announces details 'Last Concert' 2CD/DVD
Splatterpunk launches 'Channel 83'
Erasure's Andy Bell: 'We are not very trendy in the eyes of many music fans'
Mindless Faith release 'Darkhall' video
Psyche releases 'Noche Oscura - Live In Mexico' live CD
Former In Memoria singer returns with new project Soul Stalker and album 'A Way Out' - update
Front 242 starts online sales double vinyl album versions of 'Moments 1'
Mute to release 'Das Beste Von DAF – 20 Lieder der Deutsch Amerikanischen Freundschaft'
Former Clock DVA collaborator launches Kibuka project
Noblesse Oblige goes 'faconnable'
Wilt releases 'Undercurrent/Floodplain' album for free
Death In June compiled on 'Lession 1: Misanthropy'
The Psychic Force and PP? resurface
The Pirate Bay sponsored by right-wing extremists
Color Theory named Grand Prize Winner in John Lennon Songwriting Contest
The Birthday Massacre to release live CD/DVD 'Show and Tell'
Robert Smith (The Cure) gives Radiohead the extra 1 finger salute for their 'free mantra'
Essence Of Mind launches 'Watch out' EP ready for Zeromancer tour
Bono feels hurt after being caught in a Dutch tax act - U2 prepares an extra album
Sparks to release 'Lighten Up, Morrissey' limited edition single
Alfa Matrix signs no less than 5 new bands
Pre-order your Depeche Mode deluxe boxset edition 'Sounds Of The Universe' right now !
Pet Shop Boys video for 'Love Etc.' released on YouTube

February 2009
Martin Hall and Leaether Strip record collaboration track 'Heart Laid Bare'
Nick Cave re-releases 'From Her To Eternity', 'The Firstborn Is Dead', 'Kicking Against The Pricks' and 'Your Funeral... My Trial' as double-disc collectors
Duran Duran and Mark Ronson record live version of 'A View to A Kill' together exclusively for War Child 'Heroes'
Lowe goes Universal and on tour
March release for Left Spine Down's 'Voltage 2.3: Remixed and Revisited'
Taliesin Orchestra pays 'A Tribute To The Hits Of Enya'
Ex-Smashing Pumpkins' James Iha announces details debut album Tinted Windows
Sonic Seducer 03/09 + 16-track CD + 10 Stickers + 2 A2-Posters
The Cure cover album 'Pictures Of You' free with this week's NME
CORRECTION: Al Jourgensen and Jello Biafra join up for new Lard album
Collaboration project for Peter Ulrich (ex-Dead Can Dance)
Suicide Commando reveals name new album: 'Implements of hell'
Front 242 to release limited vinyl release of 'Moments' during sold out concert in Belgium
Das Ich reissue 'Die Propheten'
Leaether Strip covers Depeche Mode and Lili Marleen on new album 'Aengelmaker'
Al Jourgensen and Jello Biafra join up for new Lard album
Massiv In Mensch 'Hands On Massiv' out on CD via Advoxya rec
Punto Omega album 'Noche Oscura del Alma' out on Vendetta Music for North America market
Deluxe boxset Depeche Mode 'Sounds of the universe' announced
Chrom Records back alive and releases new Helium Vola album 'Für Euch, die Ihr liebt'
Zeromancer choose support act for 'Sinners International' tour : Essence Of Mind
New CTRL album 'Lost in Static' on Diffusion Records
Mortiis drops mask and returns with 'The Great Deceiver'
Join the Side-Line Facebook group !
'Audio Gothic' video for Empire State Human
Com.pulsion strike back with 'Made in China'
Wrong cover art for 'Wrong' Depeche Mode single ?
3 new releases on the Eastern Front
Primal Scream and Miss Kitten cover Suicide's 'Diamonds, Fur Coat, Champagne'
The Stone Roses' debut to be re-released as boxset in June
Erasure's Andy Bell selling bread in south coast town of Hastings
O Paradis launches 'Pequeñas Canciones de Amor' including Bob Dylan cover
D'Agostino / Foxx / Jansen finally release 'A Secret Life'
A Different Drum presents 'A Different Mix Volume 6'
Project Pitchfork on sell out accusations in Side-Line interview
William Orbit returns with 'My Oracle Lives Uptown'
Tenek to launch new single 'Submission'
Simple Minds to release 15th studio album 'Graffiti Soul' in May
More details on VNV Nation's 'Reformation' release
Billie Ray Martin launches The Crackdown Project feat. Märtini Brös and Stephen Mallinder (Cabaret Voltaire)
Skink releases 'Live at the Global Cafe'
Ex-Hooverphonic singer Geike Arnaert completes ultimate wish cancer patient
3 formats forthcoming Depeche Mode album 'Sound Of the universe'
The Blockheads to release comeback album 'Staring Down The Barrel' via EMI
April release for Skold vs. KMFDM
Christian Death sees re-issue of landmark album 'Catastrophe Ballet' with bonus track
Funker Vogt goes into 'Warzone K17' in April
Kommando XY debutes with 'Welcome To Gestrikland'
John Foxx goes instrumental on 'My Lost City'
DJ Hell releases 'The Angst' to announce new album 'Teufelswerk'
Void Kampf Joins Sigsaly Transmissions
Sensor to release 'Naked' on Intuition
Extra picture vinyl disc for Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio's 'Onani' album
Brand new Depeche Mode single 'Wrong' spread allover the net ?
New Dismantled album in the making says Gary Zon
Dope Stars Inc. to release 'Criminal Intents/Morning Star' double EP
Specimen's 'Alive at the batcave' live album on Metropolis
Previously unreleased Bel Canto track to appear on Norwegian rarities double CD compilation 'Maskindans: Norsk synth 1980-1988'
Gun Records closes doors
The Cramps' frontman Lux Interior dies in hospital
Marilyn Manson names new album 'The High End Of Low'
Infrastition to release back catalog french new wave cult act Martin Dupont
Supreme Court's 'Keep Calm + Carry on' released on Cop Int'l and Infacted
Throbbing Gristle announces first US performances in 28 years
Patenbrigade Wolff announces 'Stalinallee' single
Tympanik Audio to release Stendeck album 'Sonnambula'
Re-release for Resistance' 'Between Two Lights' album on CD
Portion Control signs to Sigsaly Transmissions and prepares new album 'Witness'
First 2 Leaether Strip comeback live shows sold out
BoZo PoRNo CiRcuS returns after 5 years of silence
Art Of Infinity re-release debut album 'New Horizon' on Prudence/Rough Trade
Millimetric releases debut album 'Expériences Modernes' on M-tronic
New Uberbyte album 'DOS' scheduled for March release on Crunch pod
Oil 10 to release best-of compilation 'Retrofuture'

January 2009
In stock now - 4th volume 'Endzeit Bunkertracks' 4CD boxset !
Help Color Theory catch a big break
U2 to rescue London's Olympic Studios
Depeche Mode announce tracklist 'Sounds Of The Universe' album
Infrastition re-releases two Little Nemo albums
Red Flag Signs To Sigsaly Transmissions
V2A return with 'Mechanized Infantry' on Biohazzard Records
Sonic Seducer releases 2008 retrospective DVD
Spectraliquid Records launches A Wake A Week's 'Little Black Cloud' album
Proyecto Crisis to release 'Made in Chile'
Aesthetic Perfection release first video, 'The Great Depression'
Experimental and ambient electronica label Far Away Records announces new releases
Double vinyl for Lauri Saine album 'Break A Pattern'
Apoptygma Berzerk interview online - 'I never thought Apoptygma Berzerk was an industrial band'
Belgian goth Kim De Gelder kills 2 babies and 1 nurse, wounds 12 more in kindergarten
Leichtmatrose launches 'Sexi ist tot'
'Identity' behind The Crystalline Effect known
Noisuf-X sees 'Voodoo Ritual' album released as limited digipak
Neurobash to release 'Antitype' EP
Spiral Of Silence works on new album + try-out gig
iTunes finally fixes corrupt version Ayria download 'Hearts for bullets'
Re-release for Aghast's 'Hexerei im Zwielicht der Finsternis'
The Pussybats present their 'Famous last Songs'
Assemblage 23 releases 2nd volume 'Early, rare, and unreleased'
The Brotherhood Of Pagans return with new album 'Only Once'
In The Nursery release 'Music To Make Movies To' exclusively via own webstore
Side-Line presents: Beyond The Veil VI
Toxic Sonic splits up
Infacted Recordings welcomes Second Disease
Mona Mur and En Esch release collaborative album!
More re-releases for Wumpscut
Leaether Strip launches digital download only 'Diaegnosis' EP
Das Shadow launch new teaser for upcoming 'Slew' release
Digital download release Psyche's 'Disorder' album with extra remixes, live tracks, The Cure cover and more
Anima Virus to release 'End of the Eden' on Decadance Records
YouTube bans Psy'Aviah's 'Moments feat. Suzi Q. Smith' videoclip for being too erotic
New Depeche Mode album 'Sound of the universe' out on April 20th / 21st
Viktim announces addition of new keyboard and guitar player
Pilori release final album 'Until The Day Dawn' and splits up
Tympanik Audio release volume 2 in 'Emerging Organisms' compilation series
Black Tape For A Blue Girl in the studio with The Dresden Dolls' Brian Viglione
Remix contest for ex-Kraftwerk member Wolfgang Flur / Empire State Human collaboration
Post Death Soundtrack covers Dead can Dance song 'Anywhere Out of the World' - download for free
Gifts In Secret covers The Cure on digital download EP 'All This Love EP'
March release for 10th studio album Pet Shop Boys, 'Yes' featuring Johnny Marr + PSB penned song 'The Loving Kind' for Girls Aloud out now
Ionic Vision does a Luna Twist
Kobold returns with digital dowload EP 'Blowback'
Free 13-track ebm / industrial compilation 'Vade Retro Machina'
Bel Canto's Anneli Drecker on Röyksopp's Spring 2009 album 'Junior'
Ticketsales first Leaether Strip show in Denmark in over a decade starts today !
Nitzer Ebb joins up with Iron Maiden on UCNX's 'Run Your Body'
Massiv in Mensch return with 'Hands on Massiv: The Remixes'
VNV Nation about to finish work on 'Reformation' album
eMusic gaining in popularity in alternative scene - get 25 free downloads
Jesus and the Gurus return with 'Blood, sweat and tears'
Live album Attrition, 'Kill the Buddha!'
Nine Inch Nails give away free download... that almost nobody will download
Morrissey previews new single 'I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris' online
Terra Gotha stops organising concerts, festivals and Dance Macabre dance parties
Studio News from Mesh + remix for OBK's 'Siempre Tu'
Marilyn Manson wants Dita Von Teese and Trent Reznor (NIN) in court
Actus offers exclusive track on MySpace
Florian Schneider leaves Kraftwerk
Genre Peak's Martin Birke forms atmospheric ambient act MicroSphere
Sex Pistols under Irish investigation
Modern Cubism releases live album 'Live Complaints'
Apple dumps DRM but majors force new pricing
The Cruxshadows to perform on the 2009 Gothic Cruise
1st Lycia live show in 10 years
Orange Sector start work on 'Mindfuck' album
The new scam: booking fake Depeche Mode shows
Novakill complete new album 'I hate God'
NCIS soundtrack features Collide track and new Nitzer Ebb song
Electro Synthetic Rebellion releases 'Post Industrial' album featuring Depeche Mode cover
30GB Zunes fail simultaneously at 12AM, December 31st
Side-Line announces results 2008 voting best magazine and best label
Fire destroys Unter Null studio and new album

December 2008
First Leæther Strip concert since 1992 is now official
:Wumpscut: releases 'Fuckit' trailer on YouTube and prepares for 'Bunkertor 7 re-sample edition' release
US Music industry stops suing illegal downloaders - ISPs take over role of watchdog
Digital Factor returns to roots with 8th album 'Look back to go forward'
Infacted Recordings to start releasing backcatalogue Orange Sector and more digitally
Lexsine signs to Sector 9 Studios and releases 'Ecos' MP3 single
Lost album 'On The Screen' by Linear Movement (A Split-Second, ...) finally sees the light of day
Sturmpercht releases anthology 'A wilde Zeit'
Cellmod returns with MP3 single 'Trail Effect'
Project Pitchfork to release 'Dream, Tiresias!' in February 2009
Sebastian Komor launches industrial metal act Melt
Billie Ray Martin teams up with the Märtini Brös for new album and records Cabaret Voltaire covers
Kirlian Camera release 'Shadow Mission HELD V' album in two limited editions
Merry Christmas from Side-Line with Wallace and Gromit !
Leaves' Eyes finally releases 'En Saga I Belgia' live DVD in February 2009
machineKUNT Records signs Cindergarden
Free track from Röyksopp available for download
Fading Colours releases megamix to announce new album '(I had to) Come'
Post Death Soundtrack to film 'Euchreist' video later this month
DAC announces year results
Acylum joins Alfa Matrix
The Chronologic debut with digital EP
Legion Within offer free download 'Mouth Of Madness' title track
Vision Talk (feat. Chinese Theatre members) offers free Christmas MCD - download it now !
The Cure perform MySpace Secret Show in LA
Portishead announce 4th album plans
Morrissey reveals tracklisting 'Years Of Refusal' - Smiths reunion rumours trashed by Johnny Marr
Free De/Vision remix of 'Noob' track 'Life is suffering' by People Theatre available
Nine Inch Nails to split up
Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio releases new 'O N A N I [Practice makes Perfect]' album in 3 formats
Smashing Pumpkins will only release singles but no new albums in the future
Interface and The Azoic work on new material
New Apoptygma Berzerk single 'Apollo (Live on Your TV)' not welcomed by dark electro scene
Erasure fanclub to offer exclusive 4-track MP3 digital download with 'Total Pop! The First 40 Hits Deluxe' Box-set
Plasmodium to release 'Paradise under fire' debut album early 2009
Exclusive: Reduction vouchers for every BIMfest festival goer
Depeche Mode complete new album, (unofficially) enter Second Life and get (over)sampled by Hilary Duff
W.A.S.T.E. launches 'A Silent Mantra Of Rage' in March 2009 on Vendetta Music
Dismantled releases 'Standard Issue V2' for North America only as download
The Mission present 'The Final Chapter' 3 disc set CD/DVD
Cabaret Voltaire returns on Shiva Records with 'Kora!Kora!Kora! Cabaret Voltaire versions' and with new live shows
Side-Line presents: Electronic pioneers Click Click play two live shows in Germany in January 2009
Apoptygma Berzerk premiere 'Apollo (Live on Your TV)' video on MySpace
Members Italian goth act Soul Cry stab guitarist for playing badly + video
Junkie XL remix Madonna track nominated for Grammy Award
Dope Stars Inc. side project Epocate releases debut album 'Chronicles Of A Dying Era' on Metropolis
Coph Nia release cover MCD 'Qliphothic Phantasmagoria'
Toronto's Savage Garden Nightclub is closing its doors
Nickelback announce full 30 date US tour in support of 'Dark Horse' album
Broken Fabiola to release 'Severed' CD
Advanced Synergy records offers remix contest for new Isis Signum single
Live compilation '12th Elektrisch Festival' on Black Rain
Vote for best label and best magazine 2008 AND get free reduction codes !
Joy Division 'Leigh Rock Festival 1979' out on vinyl
Hungry Lucy re-release 'Glo' album
IKON releases new EP 'Amongst the Runes'
Tracklist 4th volume 'Endzeit Bunkertracks' 4CD boxset revealed
Erasure informs about stopping manufacturing singles back catalogue
Metropolis to release rarities album Seabound, 'When black beats blue (Rarities)'
Inline.SeX.Terror complete second studio album 'Distorted Life'
Free Xmas Recoil download - out now
Album Highlight: Die Form 'Best Of XXX' (3-cd-box Out Of Line)
Kommando XY release 'Welcome to Gestrikland'
Rajna returns with 'Duality' album on Holy Records
Sagittarius offers free download 'Fragmente II' + bonus song
Mediavolo returns with 3rd album 'Unaltered Empire'
Die Krupps have classic album 'Volle Kraft Voraus' remixed into 'Volle Kraft Null Acht'
Wynardtage returns with 4th album 'The Grey Line'
Bad Sector issues second chapter anthology: 'Storage Disk 2'
Juno soundtrack re-released with bonus disc
10 years Equinoxe/5 years E-noxe anniversary compilation 'Keep the Fire Burning'
Revolting Cocks aim for February 2009 release for 'Sex-O Olympic-O'
Zeromancer signs to Trisol and prepares for 'Sinners International' album release
Folkstorm release the forgotten tapes on Old Europa Cafe
2 re-releases from Death In June on Nerus
Cabaret presents two more songs from upcoming album 'Somewhere In Between'
Your chance to join Leaether Strip on stage !
Advoxya Records welcomes Larva
Alien Sex Fiend announce 'R.I.P. - A 12" Collection' Double CD
Leipzig welcomes PlanetMyerDay 7 in January 2009
Vinyl market in crisis - German distributor Neuton to announce insolvency
Side-Line interviews Mirror on Dave Gahan collaboration and more
Mantus returns with brand new album 'Requiem' after 5 years of studio silence
Strange Attractor 'Mettle' album features Bauhaus, Wire, Coil and Tuxedomoon members

November 2008
Depeche Mode collaborators start up new project Das Shadow
Justice fake DJ set - (false) panic in technoland
Checklined: Foretaste - 'Terrorist TV' (cd Boredom Product)
Simple Minds embark on '30th Anniversary Tour' performing 'New Gold Dream' in its entirety
Winterkälte departs on 'Do not vote for industry' tour in US and Canada
Brian Botkiller records 'Welcome to postwar USA' with En Esch (Slick Idiot / ex-KMFDM)
Blind Faith And Envy return with 3rd studio album 'Media Motel'
Recoil music on the new video game 'Need for speed - undercover'
Psy'Aviah plays in a banner
Erasure frontman Andy Bell featured on new Cindy Lauper's 'True Colors Live 2008' EP
Orbital reform for Big Chill 2009
Leaether Strip announces live plans for 2009
Court rules against Kraftwerk in sampling case
Cold Meat Industry presents new album 'Souyuan' by Atrium Carceri
Electronic pioneers Click Click announce two live shows in Germany
2007 debut album 'New Romantic Industry' by Halo Effect now availabe for free download
Zentriert ins Antlitz say '...NO' to Tympanik Audio
Free Xmas Recoil download - release date December 8th
Depeche Mode present birth first song in 3 video postings - update
Heaven 17 release new album 'Naked as Advertised - Versions '08'
Nitzer Ebb to join SPV roster
Special Side-Line deal for Conzoom Records compilation 'Electropop.1'
Janosch Moldau releases second album Motel Songs
MoMT Records celebrates 5 years with (free) 'Carry on Loving' compilation
Combichrist announces 'Today we are all demons' CD
Patenbrigade: Wolff EP 'Stalinalle' ready for release + free track
Listen to the new Guns N' Roses album 'Chinese Democracy' for free
New LCD Soundsystem album on the way
Lostprophets drummer Ilan Rubin joins Nine Inch Nails
Camouflage to release 'Live in Dresden' 2DVD/CD
Mythical Records to release 'Odyssey of Rapture vol. 1' compilation
6 disc boxset 'Cinemascope' for John Foxx
Vive La Fête to release best of CD '10 Ans de fête'
Ionic Vision interview online and collaboration plans with Orange Sector
Orphyx compiled on 'Teletai' 2CD
Color Theory to release 7th album, 'The Thought Chapter'
Illegal downloads 'Anchor Baby' CD no longer possible says Rupesh Cartel
Ashbury Heights splits up
Side-Line talks with Turnbull A.C's
Blixa Bargeld's 'The Execution of Precious Memories' to debut in the US
Kajagoogoo reforms, new album in the making
Heyaeb announces new album 'Close To Dawn'
First new tracks from Noir Désir since Cantat murder case
Plague Sequence release new single 'Novamancer'
The Mobile Homes return with new album and release 'I'm Phoning a Friend, and He Says That' single
Free Leaether Strip track 'Cast away 09 (Twenty mix)' to celebrate 20th anniversary Leaether Strip
Peter Gabriel launches 'free' music service We7.com - MySpace goes for iPod rival
Antony & the Johnsons unveil details new album 'The Crying Light'
New Smiths compilation 'The Sound Of The Smiths' remastered By Johnny Marr
The Prodigy collaborate with Dave Grohl
Danse Macabre announces the signings of Kadaver Acht, Volkmar, ForeSin and Without Recognation
3 vynils of Un Departement gathered on one CD 'Les III Vinyles'
Erasure to release 'Total Pop! The First 40 Hits'
Sandblasting returns with 'DNA Mutation'
Neon compilation 'Memories: 1980-1986' out on Intuition Records
The-Pulsar releases 'Never' on Advoxya
Side-Line interviewed The Sisters Of Mercy
Depeche Mode singer Dave Gahan invites himself as singer on 'Visitor' from Fryars debut 'Dark Young Hearts'
UX is back after 12 years of silence
Seelenzorn release free web-EP 'Keine Angst'
T.Raumschmiere returns with 'I Tank U'
Checklined: Project Blue - Duality (Mcd Urbcom Music)
L'Ame Immortelle releases 'Jenseits der Schatten' live DVD/CD set
Crunch Pod welcomes Prometheus Burning to their label roster
Psy'Aviah presents first video 'Moments'
Philosopher's Point release second album 'Sucht!' on Prussia
Black Rain news round-up from Jabberwock and Der Blaue Reiter
Goldfrapp releases 'Seventh Tree' in tour edition with bonus DVD
Double CD 'Música y electrónica' for Most Significant Beat aka M.S.B.
Rein[Forced] frontman speaks out against cancer
Deine Lakaien play exclusive acoustic set in Peking for 20th anniversary Goethe Institut China
Faithless release 'Live in Moscow' DVD
Standeg release limited edition 'Ultra high tech violet'
3 re-releases for Esplendor Geometrico: 'Veritatis Splendor', 'Balearic Rhythms' and 'Polyglophone'
Live album for Hocico: 'Tora! Tora! Tora! (Live in Japan)'
Get the coolest gadgets from Gadget Advisor
Diverje releases remix album 'Unleashed'
Holeg Spies and Yasushi Yamazaki aka Osho join up for road-movie soundtrack 'Holeg Spies & Yasushi Yamazaki'

October 2008
Vinyl 180 launches vinyl productline for Dead Can Dance, Bauhaus and the Cocteau Twins
Autodafeh to release debut album 'Hunt for Glory' on Sigsaly Transmissions
The Dielectric release 'Flicker of a eye' EP
Björk releases digital only single 'Nattura'
The Cure's Robert Smith allows The Cure music to be used in US advertising in order to pay back the control on back catalogue
Kirlian Camera announces release schedule for early 2009: 'Shadow Mission: Held V' CD/vinyl and 'Odyssey Europa' 4CD boxset
Cesium_137's 'Advanced Decay' album and 'The Fall' single re-released On Metropolis Records
December 1st release for Elegant Machinery album 'A Soft Exchange'
Amduscia returns with 'Madness in Abyss'
Compensation pending for lip butchery Pete Burns (Dead Or Alive)
'Sin-Tech' compilation featuring exclusive tracks from Kirlian Camera, ...
Ultravox reunion in the making ?
5th installment 'Saw' soundtrack series packed with scene bands
The Smiths to reunite ? Not really...
Psyche re-release 'The Sundial (Spring Leaves To Fall)' on upcoming Equinoxe label compilation
New Leaves' Eyes and Atrocity present new drummer Seven Antonopolous
Empire State Human add Wolfgang Flur (Kraftwerk) track on MySpace
Snowy Red frontman facing painful times
Seabound and De/Vision announce joined US tour
Click Click singles compilation finally available
Clint Eastwood picks out In The Nursery for film trailer 'Gran Torino'
Live album 'Live at La nuit des fées 2007' for Collection D'Arnell Andréa
2 gigs for Plastic Noise Experience
Dido returns with 3rd album 'Safe Trip Home'
'Lost' Madonna recordings posted onlinedo
Dead Marilyn Manson band member Gidget Gein appears in new film
Maple Bee presents 3rd album 'Home'
3 more re-releases of Marc Almond classics on Some Bizarre
Projekt announces 2009 release plans
Fictional book on A-ha member Paul Waaktaar released in English
The Plastic Noise Experience launches 'Reiz und Reaction' album and releases lost Sonic Unit recordings
DJ Rexx Arkana Resurrects Twitch Radio
Ambassador 21 presents 'Monsters, victims, and witnesses' DVD
Criminal Asylum return after 8 years of silence
Classic Leaether Strip album 'Science for the satanic citizen' re-released as 2CD boxset in 'Retention' series
Gitane Demone presents 'Life After Death' 3 disc digipak
VNV Nation and Glis on 2 exclusive dates in Southern California
Massiv in Mensch return with 'Meanwhile back in the jungle'
Iambia releases new album 'Provocateur'
Ataraxia release 'Oil on Canvas' hardcover book and digipack CD
Sector 9 Studios open new online digital store
Alfa Matrix celebrate 7 years with massive 'Re:Connected 3.0' 2CD and DVD compilation boxset
Psychic TV / PTV3 to release 'Mr. Alien Brain vs The Skinwalkers'
Classic 1998 Muslimgauze release 'Mullah Said' reissued
Hooverphonic front woman Geike Arnaert quits band
Ex-Marilyn Manson band member Gidget Gein found dead
American Memory Project on tour with Ohgr in US and Canada
Experiment Haywire releases 'Annihilation Chic'
Thomen Stauch (ex-Blind Guardian) joins forces with Seelenzorn
Two limited Der Blutharsch releases: Reutoff vs Der Blutharsch 'Kreuzung Drei' CD / Der Blutharsch vs Our Survival Depends On Us 7"
Burikusu!!! 'Year 2080' remix contest
Nadia Sohaei presents solo album 'Talking to myself' - update
Siva Six prepare November release for re-release 'Rise New Flesh (Flesh and will resurrected)' debut album as 2CD
The Sisters Of Mercy back on tour, no new album in sight
Caustic Records presents 'My dear freaks II'
Thomas Kroll back into Funker Vogt + announcement 'Warzone K17 - Live in Berlin' live DVD/2CD
Gothminister announces previews 'Happiness in darkness' album + cancel 2009 tour wih Tiamat
New 'Inside/Outside' album for Robert Marlow with extra production and remix work by Vince Clarke (Erasure)
Killing Joke classic live album 'The Original Unperverted Pantomine' reissued
ASP to release 2CD live album 'Akoasma–Horror Vacui Live'
Latexxx Teens present 'Death Club Entertainment' album on Decadance
Melotron cancel and postpone USA tour
Depeche Mode announce 'Tour of the Universe 2009' + new album snippets
German rapper 'Bushido' steals from American Gothic group Nox Arcana
Rare London show for Can founder Irmin Schmidt and Kumo
Side-Line presents presents : Noisuf X / Fabrik C / Becumin / Toxikka live in Athens (GR)
Depeche Mode's Dave Gahan contribution to Mirror album 'Mirror' out now
P.N.E. (Plastic Noise Experience) and Leaether Strip re-record Bronski Beat hit 'Smalltown Boy'
Telex member Marc Moulin dies at age 66
Free FRONT 242 release downloaded over 50.000 times
Eskil Simonsson (Covenant) brings mini Covenant live set in Tokyo, Japan
Psy'Aviah creates music with... you !
Obszon Geschopf returns from the dead
Bruderschaft returns !
New Art Of Infinity album 'Endless Future' out now
Enfant Terrible launches 7 inch EP's for Nosztalgia Direktiva ('Untitled') and Adolf Filter ('The Other Hand On The Knob')
Ostia side project Friends of Alice Ivy launches 'Hereafter Moth' EP

September 2008
Early Nitzer Ebb video material surfaces
Hardwire releases 'Konflict'
Dark Territory return with 'Schmerztanz' single
New solo-album Alexander Veljanov (Deine Lakaien), 'Porta Macedonia', released in 3 different formats
Free download from Krystal System + 'Underground' debut album on Alfa Matrix
Extreme Women in the Dark Future
Digital single for Bobby's 'So Many Scars' and for Sadman's 'Help'
Das Ich release 'Kannibale' EP as limited 'Schlachtplatte' EP version
Star Industry to release live album 'Black Angel White Devil' + remastered version sold out debut album 'Iron Dust Crush'
Live 2CD/DVD 'Rheingold' for Klaus Schulze / Lisa Gerrard project
Madre Del Vizio to release best of 'Un mondo dove...'
Side-Line presents: Front 242 live at Hop N' Roll on Friday 26 September, 2008
Back catalogue release 'Polaroïd/Roman/Photo' for French avant garde synthpop pioneer Ruth
Cult album Paul Roland, 'Danse Macabre & Burnt Orchids', reissued + new album 'Nevermore'
Wumpscut linked to Finish Matti Saari murdercase in Kauhajoki (Finland)
Faderhead returns with "F3"
Funhouse EP 'Don't Wanna Know Me' available for free
Clair Obscur sees reissue 'Antigone / Dédale' and 'The Pilgrim's Progress' material
D.Stop reveals past with 'Nouvelles du front / Images du front' release on Infrastition
2 live videos from Empire State Human live at Retrofest 2008
Limited 2CD edition The Chemical Brothers' 'Brotherhood' out now
Cabaret completes new album, 'Somewhere In Between'
Opéra Multi Steel compiled on 'Parachèvement de l'Esquisse' double disc set
The Last Hour joins Intuition Records
Free download album 'With a Single Step' for Pulse State
Submissions open for 4th volume 'Endzeit Bunkertracks' on Alfa Matrix
A-ha member teams up with Coldplay and Mew members for new band, The Apparatjik, and album
Smashing Pumpkins release their first live DVD, 'If All Goes Wrong'
Sports Ticket exchange service Viagogo, a legal way to sell and purchase your cricket and rugby tickets
Side-Line presents: Belgian Independant Music Festival 2008
Juno Reactor brings Japanese rock legend Sugizo (ex-Luna Sea) to North America for first US tour in 7 years
This Morn' Omina returns with 'Inferno' on Spectre
Recoil website relaunches with extra content
4th Wynardtage album 'The Grey Line' out by the end of November
FGFC820 returns with 2nd album, 'Law & Ordnance'
2 new albums on Recycling Records
Pink Floyd founder Richard Wright dies at 65
Re-release for Kid Montana material on 'Temperamental + Singles' double CD album
Ah Cama-Sotz returns with 'Declaration of innocence'
Debut Keller Kinder music video available on YouTube
Collide release 'Two Headed Monster'
Ryuichi Sakamoto goes on Greenland expedition
Refuse To Die releases 'Collection Of Agnostic Flies' on The Eastern Front label
Raison D'être releases live album 'The Luminous Experience' on Cold Meat Industry
Swarf prepare 2nd album
Hypnoskull returns with 'Industrial owes us money'
Celldweller to release 'Soundtrack For The Voices In My Head Vol 01'
November release for new The Untoten album 'Die heXe'
New Godhead album 'At the Edge of the World' out in October
Re-release for Ain Soph's 'Oktober' album on Old Europa Cafe with bonus disc
New (remix)album for The Azoic
Musician and producer Hector Zazou dies at 60
Håkan Ludvigson first 12" release for Jacques C on new Swedish label
John Foxx to release 2CD sets of 'The Garden', 'The Golden Section' and 'In Mysterious Ways'
Nitzer Ebb have left Mute Records
Decadance Records sign This Void Inside
Unreleased Folkstorm recordings released on 'The Forgotten Tapes (Archive Series 4 / 1997-2000)'
Genre Peak post video 'Hell on the Surface'
Enigma returns with 'Seven Lives Many Faces' after 3 years of total silence
Progress Productions add Kite to label roster
Want to be a songwriter? Contact The Star Faction !
Noblesse Oblige releases new video 'Tanz, Mephisto!'
First 'fake' tickets for upcoming Depeche Mode tour on sale
ANTIchildLEAGUE presents 'The Father', the first complete album in a decade
Side-Line presents Hyper Beat Festival
Interface complete new album 'Modern Life' and EP 'Destination Focus'
Morten Harket to appear at Norway's forthcoming Peace Summit event
'Lung Function', a new lifesign for record label Dependent and industrial pioneers Click Click
Rozencrantz to release new 'Romancer' EP
Lola Angst at World Premier Schwarzwald Ballet Soiree in Berlin
Templebeat reincarnate as Metal Music Machine
Anne Clark returns with new album 'The Smallest Acts Of Kindness' and first UK show in over a decade
Special Mute Records 'God is Electricity' event in Jerusalem
12" vinyl release for The Echoing Green 'Sanctuary' single
Jäger 90 unleash 'Muskeln & Küsse'
Displacer launch 'The Witching Hour'
sToa returns with first new material in 7 years
Man + Machines debut with 'Analog hearts, digital minds' on DSBP
A Spell Inside to release best of 'Essential – A collection'
New ohGr album 'Devils In My Details'
Side-Line presents Pragatown: Nebula-H, Nid & Sancy, The Subs, ... (September 12-13)
Goteki reforms, releases best of and records new material
Shinedown releases 3rd album 'The sound of madness'
Massiv In Mensch collaboration with mind.in.a.box now available
Free Standeg 'Rushing Pictures' EP download

August 2008
Morrissey 'Live At The Hollywood Bowl' DVD delayed
ESA (Electronic Substance Abuse) signs to Tympanik Audio
Jochen Arbeit (Einstuerzende Neubauten) launches 'Solo' album compiling 10 years of work
New studio album 'Zeitfäden' for Endraum
I:Scintilla on nationwide US tour with The Cruxshadows and Ayria
Die Form sign wih Out Of Line
'Tanz die Revolution' MCD and reissue 'Emphasize' CD for Frozen Plasma
'The PV Sessions' EP for Skinnerbox
Solo album 'The Valley' for Ashton Nyte (The Awakening)
Ticket exchange service Viagogo, a legal way to sell your concert tickets
Ultravox re-release 'Vienna' and 'Rage In Eden' as 2CD editions
Danse Macabre Records welcome Martin Bisi and Gothika
First new song Alexander Veljanov (Deine Lakaien) revealed
808 State release 4 best-known albums as 2CD packages
Beborn Beton write soundtrack to Vive Maria Forbidden Fragrance
Best of for QNTAL
Relaunch for Mayhem Deranged project former Sigue Sigue Sputnik drummer Ray Mayhew
Side-Line tested the AudioCommander audio converter
The Eternal Afflict to re-release 'San Diego' for their 20th anniversary
Diskonnekted wins remix contest Belgian rock legend Arno
Skink presents '5475 Days' EP
New double A-sided Emilie Autumn EP: 'Girls Just Wanna Have Fun' & 'Bohemian Rhapsody'
Second album 'Alphabetically Divided Highway' for Kino Oko
Side-Line tests Blaze Media Pro software
Music Non Stop is back
Limited tribute to Alphaville CD out
October release for new The Cure album
2 Depeche Mode tribute albums available now for free download: 'MODEified by 7' and 'MODEified by 7 Again'
Alexander Veljanov delivers new album 'Porta Macedonia' - correction
Rotersand sideproject Straftanz interview online
Bahntier return with 'Venal'
U2 to re-release early concert film on DVD
Fresh 'Moonstruck' album for James D. Stark
Trisol release Rotersand 'I cry' MCD and DVD
Obsc(y)re splits up to reform with new line-up
Small world tour for Snog
Soko Friedhof returns with 'Wer hat Angst vor...' album
CD Baby sold to Disc Makers
Morrissey's new studio album 'Years Of Refusal' delayed until early 2009
Live album for The Clash
Anders Manga release new single and album
'Electropop' compilation series launches first volume
Cyanotic presents 'Gears gone wild' compilation
Nebula-H - Secret free live performance
Untitled split EP for Boyd Rice and Z'ev
Ego Likeness presents new single and free downloads
Tympanik Audio presents new work from Endif and Lucidstatic
Depeche Mode leave Warner
X-Fusion interview online
Split EP 'Initialize' for Panic Lift / genCAB available for free
Late August release for Coil's 'The New Backwards'
Cult '23 Drifts to Guestling' tape compilation reissued on CD
XPQ-21 finishes new album and goes label shopping
Gothic rock act Lachaise announces 'Silent cries for help' debut album

July 2008
Blancmange reissue 3 studio albums
New album for Imatem, solo project Project Pitchfork frontman
Killing Joke to release album of radio sessions
Danse Macabre label welcomes Kontrast and Wertstahl
'Sixteen years of Video Material' DVD with rare Alec Empire and Atari Teenage Riot material
The Fossil Dungeon announces 2 new releases for July 2008
September release for Modulate's 'Detonation' album
New 'The Strip' single from Social Ambitions
Track listing Soft Cell remix album 'Heat: The Remixes' revealed
For Greater Good releases first full-cd
3 Cold Men return with 'Photogramm' album
Darkroom Magazine's first free-download compilation online
Psy'Aviah presents label debut on Alfa Matrix and offers track for free download
Win 1.500 US$ in cash when subscribing to the Side-Line newsletter !
Generator solo project for frontman Nitzer Ebb tribute project Muscle and Hate
Laibach returns with brand new album 'Kunst der Fuge'
Informatik returns with 'Beyond'
Fading Colours returns after 10 year hiatus with 'Come' album
Savak posts 3 new tracks from recent recording sessions
Intercity3 presents 'Love the way you are' EP
Manufactura thanks fans with limited bonus disc in 'Psychogenic Fugue' album
Sabotage forces Diary of Dreams and Digital Factor to cancel concerts - update
Project Blue presents 'Duality' EP
Ayria to release 3rd Sebastian R. Komor produced album, 'Hearts for bullets' - free track available
US Yazoo concert to be broadcasted on satellite radio
Game over for TarantullaShop mailorder
Checklined: Sadman – 'Cold In The State Of Me' (CD Memento Materia)
Racist Boyd Rice video interview causes controversy
Side-Line presents: Front By Front - A tribute to Front 242
Nine Inch Nails releases 'The Broadcast Archives'
Bitterness with the current EBM scene powers Ionic Vision's newest album, 'Bitter Isolation'
2 new videoclips for Olivia Louvel
Checklined: Patenbrigade: Wolff – Demokratischer Sektor (cd Zweieck Recordings)
Former Front Line Assembly, Skinny Puppy, Decree, Will... member Jeff Stoddard launches new album
BAK XIII works on follow-up 'Ultima Ratio Regum'
There's live after Stark: SHIV-R
Glenn Love with new album 'Cryptesthesia' and small european-tour
Ex-House of Usher guitarist signs to Danse Macabre with QEK Junior project
Israeli avant-garde project Refuse To Die to release 'Collection Of Agnostic Flies' album
New label Death Elektro releases 'Abominations Vol. I'
Dancing Ferret Discs goes Mo-Do
New Nahtaivel album 'Killer Speaks' launched by Wave Records
Skumlove to release debut album 'Songs of Lust and Corrosion'
US release for IAMX 'President' EP to coincide with mini tour
Out soon: physical versions Nine Inch Nails album 'The Slip'
The Prodigy reissue first 2 albums and play new songs live
2CD singles collection for Apoptygma Berzerk in September
Free 'Covert' EP from Testube
Corvus Corax to launch new album and DVD 'Cantus Buranus II' in early August
MySpace industrial darlings Angelspit lanch new album, 'Blood Death Ivory'
Zentriert ins Antlitz join Tympanik Audio
Die Krupps re-release their classic albums 'Volle Kraft Voraus' and 'I' with bonus-material
Eisbrecher returns with 'Sünde'
TET - Travailleur En Trance launches 'Cobra Coded Escalation'
Click Click back catalogue soon available via iTunes and other download platforms
Re-release for Sol Invictus' 'Lex Talionis' with bonus tracks
Foretaste returns with 'Terrorist TV'
Das Ich announces upcoming album 'Kannibale'
Noblesse Oblige joins RepoRecords
Brainwashed Archives launch Greater Than One reissues
Front 242 reveals massive live boxset 'Moments...' - UPDATE
Joy Division frontman Ian Curtis' gravestone stolen
Slipknot unveil new masks ahead of fourth album
Maschinenkrieger Kr52 and Disraptor debute with 'Audio-Phobie' album
Reissue for Ashram's self titled debut with bonus track
3rd edition for The Journal of Popular Noise
Tool drummer joins Collide in studio
Cradle of Filth bass player on Autoclav1.1's 'Love No Longer Lives Here' album
Hercules And Love Affair release new single, 'You Belong'
Former Glis member Andrea Ashdown dies unexpectedly
Wonderland Records announces Universal Poplab and Thermostatic videos
Viagogo, or how to legally sell your concert (and other) tickets online

June 2008
Reunited Simple Minds write new songs for next studio album
Severe Illusion release 'Armed evolution'
Fresh news from the Die Form camp
The Chemical Brothers announce 'best of' album
Ashbury Heights release new EP 'Morningstar in my black car' - now with video (updated)
Crunch Pod welcomes [syndika:zero] to its roster
Within Temptation to release 'Black Symphony' DVD
The Pussybats record new album with Chai Devereaux (Jesus on Extasy)
Elegant Machinery launches 2nd single in August
Download new Primal Scream track for free
Cellmod has completed work on debut album, 'Option One'
The Crystalline Effect 'Hypothermia'
Nebula-H interview online
Out now: 'New Order: Live In Glasgow' DVD
No live DVD from Yazoo's 'Reconnected' reunion tour
(Sexy) Halloween costumes for goths ? Here's an option to check out
Slovenian electro metal sounds from Noctiferia with 'Slovenska Morbida'
Doxa Sinistra's 'Conveyer Belt' album released after 25 years
Vampirefreaks launches online digital music store
4th volume 'Italian Body Music' compilation available for free download
Savak to record new CD with Nine Inch Nails, Skinny Puppy engineer
Bonus disc Death In June's 'The World That Summer' released as seperate disc
Limited release for Merzbow's 'Eucalypse' album
Re-releases for Juno Reactor
Remix battle for Alice In Videoland
DSBP launches V1rtual D3scent's 'Darkened Skies'
Down In June release 'Covers Of Death In June'
New Cold Meat Industry artist Passione Nera releases 'Research' EP
Sonic Seducer 07/08 with Blutengel cover story + DVD with exkl. Blutengel video + 30 min. interview
Advoxya Records releases T.W.Z's 'Evolution' album
Cryonica Records finally releases 5th volume 'Cryonica Tanz' 2CD
Front 242 free 2-track download massive success
Crunch Pod welcomes Uberbyte to the roster
2 new Nordvargr albums
Klanggalerie reissues Sprung Aus Den Wolken's 'Faux Pas 1' feat. Einstürzende Neubauten member
Side-Line presents: 'Machines against hunger' 2CD
Flint Glass presents remix album 'Circumsounds'
Out now: 'Feuer frei!' debut album Nachtmahr aka Thomas Rainer (L'Ame Immortelle)
New album 'Velocifero' and single 'Ghosts' by Ladytron
Debut full album Sol Invictus, 'Lex Talionis', reissued
Raison d'Etre side-project Necrophorus releases 'Moments of Sleeping Sadness'
Brume Records releases 2 new Fractional releases
Guitar World magazine launches Guitar World Tabs
Fixmer/McCarthy interview online
Turnbull A.C's side-project for Spetsnaz member
Infrastition Records launches Vox Populi! collection '1987-1990'
Yellow Magic Orchestra reunite for Massive Attack's Meltdown
Faderhead disillusioned by dark scene - calls it quits
4th volume of the 'Infacted' compilation
Vendetta Music welcomes Engelmacher to its label roster
Exclusive Human League fan mixes released
Psy'Aviah joins Alfa Matrix label
Genre Peak joins up with former Japan member
Ataraxia works on a 2009 release for new album and prepares back catalogue reissues
L'Ame Immortelle to release double CD album 'Durch fremde Hand'
Formerly Psyclon Nine member returns with new project Everything Goes Cold and new EP 'Prepare To Be Refrigerated'
Celldweller joins with True Anthem for brand new distribution model
Somegirl returns with 3rd album, 'The Velvet Hour'
The Neon Judgement releases live album 'A fashion party (Live @ The AB Brussels)
Rotersand sideproject Straftanz launches debut album 'Forward Ever'
Psyclon Nine release video for 'Parasitic'
Empire State Human have song in film and announce new band member
FuzeBoxMachine returns as EX.ES
Moby launches video competition for single 'Ooh Yeah'
Kiethevez returns with 'Non-Binary' album
Front 242 releases free 2-track download 'First moment'
Underground live and interview DVD out on Darklight
SAM launches 2nd album, 'Destruction Unit'

May 2008
Yazoo announces live album in interview with Side-Line
Israeli label The Eastern Front releases 3 new albums
The Pussybats return with new single and video clip 'No Romeo'
Full details Flood produced album from Sigur Ros, 'Meo suo i yerum vio spilum endalaust'
Vive La Fête launches new project, Vive Le Jazz
Portion Control releases new album, 'Slug', and 5CD-box 'Archive'
June release or Lowe's new album 'Kino International'
Original line-up Simple Minds to record once again
Exclusive Morten Harket (A-ha) concert for German Amazon clients
Checkline: Totakeke – Elekatota: The Other Side Of The Tracks (cd Tympanik Audio)
Misery releases new album as download
Old Europa Cafe releases 25th anniversary 7CD boxset
Njurmännen (pre-Deutsch Nepal) material gathered and reissued as 'Terror in the Dollhouse' album
Free download 'Xerotic' EP from Northern Kind
'Free Tibet Free' download sampler including Leaether Strip, !Distain, Fractional, ...
Ad.ver.sary interview on 'Bone Music'
Checkline: Recently Deceased - Cellardoor (cd Mental Ulcer Forges)
Hanzel Und Gretyl announce North American tour dates
KLOQ moves forward with Nitzer Ebb singer
Krystal System joins Alfa Matrix
Checkline: Juno Reactor Gods & Monsters (cd Metropolis Records)
Bahntier "Roots" single EP
Wynardtage releases its forgotten sins from 2002-2005 and records cover of Calva Y Nada classic
Ikon returns with 'The League of Nations' MCD for the EU-market
Endanger return with 'Revolt' album featuring Technoir singer
Dead Can Dance singer Lisa Gerrard joins up with Klaus Schulze for 'Farscape' album
'Schattenspiel' split release for Unheilig, F.A.Q. and goJA moon Rockah!
Some Bizarre label re-releases their most 'classic' re-release: VA - "Some Bizzare Album" CD
Brighter Death Now re-releases 1995 album 'Necrose Evangelicum' with bonus live cd
Deacon Blue joins Simple Minds on UK-tour
Side-Line presents: 32Crash live in Botanique (Belgium)
Details new Tricky album 'Knowle West Boy' revealed
DBS: Tisol's Russian answer to And One
The Skabs 'Content' album re-released on Hungry Eye Records
Collide announces new 'Two Headed Monster' album
Impact Pulse returns with 'Optimal Contrast' album
Combichrist to release summer EP 'Frorst EP: sent to destroy'
The Fossil Dungeon label goes entirely digital
Side-Line off air due to server maintenance
A Different Drum releases 5th volume 'Synthpop club anthems'
Prikosnovénie launches 'Fairy World 4' book/CD set
Lost Signal debut to be re-released digitally on 23db Records
To Mega Therion Legion gives away debut album for free
Cyanotic on Summer tour with 16 Volt + new material
New Junkie XL remix for Nike advert
Free to download EP 'Number 8 Wired' by N.U.T.E
M-tronic anounces new signing: Ex_Tension
The Cure launch '13' in September preceded by no less than 4 singles
Make your very own Neikka RPM video via Animoto.com !
Crunch Pod announces re-release Caustic EP 'I am on fire'
Yendri interview online now
Side-Line presents Delerium and The Wheathermen live at Hof Ter Lo in Antwerp (Belgium)
Garten Kirkhof returns with 'Le Dormeur - A Retrospective 1989-1994'
Fixmer / McCarthy to launch second album, 'Into the Night'
Parade Ground returns with 'Rosary' album
Reissue for Gestalt's 'Le sommeil du singe' album with bonus tracks
Bisclaveret releases remix album
Yet another free album from Nine Inch Nails: 'The Slip'
Remix contest for De/Vision
First two albums Psychic TV reissued
Xandria launches best of 2-disc set 'Now & Forever'
Free download from Syrian
Ex-Nitzer Ebb members Dave Gooday and Julian Beeston prepare new work
French electro band Justice boycotted because of 'Stress' video
Flood joins Nitzer Ebb to complete first album in a decade
Cesium_137 member produces new album Anders Manga
Mono-Amine launches debut album on Vendetta Music
Portishead fans flock together for early album stream
Black Rain news from Novalis Deux, Killing Ophelia, Rise And Fall Of A Decade and more
Cryonica Tanz v.5 ready for release

April 2008
Smashing Pumpkins not sure about making another album
Checkline: Yendri - Dreams Of An Undead Girl (cd Mental Ulcer Forges)
Denki Groove returns with first new studio album since 2000
Vocalist Love Spirals Downwards returns with 'Aitu' EP under Melodyguild monikker
Tristram Cary is no longer
Live in Glasgow DVD for New Order
Einsturzende Neubauten releases its jewels
Bill Laswell and Fanu join for 'Lodge' release
'Hyperactive', the Best of Xotox sees May release
The Hacker launches live 2-disc set 'X' in June
3 new releases for Hands Productions
Out Out releases 'Assumed Outrivaling' in various formats including a free download
Nine Inch Nails release brand new song 'Discipline' as free download
Gravemachine announces new release and vocalist
Neuroticfish ends with 'A greater good (Best Of)'
Agonised By Love returns with 'Lovesick Society' album
Exclusive Yazoo Video Clip
Ambassador21 members launch 3rd Suicide Inside album in Fall 2008
Unter Null side-project Stray launches debut album 'Abuse by Proxy'
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds release 'iTunes Live From London' EP
Junkie XL produces Electrocute EP 'On the Beat'
The Synthetic Dream Foundation launches 'Behind the gates of horn and ivory' album
Brand New Day launches 'Style' single
Smashing return for Nebula-H with 3rd album 'rH'
ArtOfFact announces two new singings: Prospero and Standeg
Sonic Seducer 05/08 including a boxed DVD with 23 tracks
Crunch Pod welcomes Alter Der Ruine to its roster
'The Sanguinarian' film taps Anders Manga
Endif to release 'Carbon' album on Tympanik
XPQ-21 celebrates 10 anniversary with free medley download
Lunascape lands 'Innerside' album
Blame re-release 'Water' debut album
Alien Sex Fiend to play 25th anniversary shows in Spain and the US
Debut album 'Macht durch Stimme' by MZ 412 re-released
Frederik Klingwall compiled on 'Chronicles in decay'
John Foxx releases live album 'A New Kind of Man'
Red Cell dumps metal sound for electronic approach on 'Lead Or Follow'
Art Of Infinity to release 'Endless Future' in September
Latin american tribute to Depeche Mode
Meat Beat Manifesto returns with 'Autoimmune' on Metropolis Records
The Crüxshadows get immortal
Orange Sector featured on new Ionic Vision EP 'Sweet Isolation'
Alien Skin (ex-Real Life) launches 'Don't open till doomsday'
KMFDM goes extras
Amnistia drops 2nd album 'Blackguard' on Scanner
Chris Pohl dumps Tumor for Miss Construction on 'Kunstprodukt'
Bad Sector goes into storage
Diskonnekted explains its 'Old School Policies'
Dark Territory re-releases debut album 'Libera me' with bonus track
Infacted Recordings launches Soman album 'Re:Up', Endanger's 'Revolt' and Vox Celesta's 'Via Regia'
Get your free NullRepublik Records Argentina compilation
Radiohead charges fans for nude remixkits
Fear Factory members start new project: Arkaea
Tyske Ludder return with 'Scientific Technology' EP
Shnarph! launches '[:laut:]LOS!' CD
'Wave Klassix volume 2' launched
Track list Yazoo 4 disc box set 'In Your Room' announced
Jabberwock debuts on Black Rain with 'Jabberwock' album
New EP for Rotersand side-project Straftanz: 'Tanzt Kaputt was euch kaputt macht'
New Russian rhythmic noise/Industrial label: Military Standard
Digital only EP Leather Strip, 'When Blood Runs Dark', available now from Amazon and iTunes
Checklined: Leandra - 'Metamorphine'
'Kinetik Festival Volume 1' 2CD to be launched
Ambassador 21 has justified its thirst for blood
Ex-drummer Kraftwerk dies
The Strand announce new album and line-up
X-Divide joins Infacted Recordings
Dark elecronic double CD compilation 'Emerging Organisms' from Tympanik Audio
Best of Neon compiled on 'Memories'
The Bollock Brothers' Mark Humphrey dead
Empire State Human joins up with Kraftwerk's Wolfgang Flur
New label launches: Thin Man Entertainment
Checklined: Qntal - 'Translucida'
Marilyn Manson undergoes sex change
Maschinenfest to call it quits after 2008 edition?
Checklined: Miss Kittin - 'Batbox'
Psyche video for Joy Division cover 'Disorder'

March 2008
Depeche Mode return to studio with U2 producer Ben Hillier while Gahan wants to stop old suicide rumours
Checklined: Isis Signum - 'Electrosensual'
Front 242 headlines Infest 08
First Enfant Terrible label night
Glis resurfaces with reworked album 'A shot and a bassline'
2 new releases for Brume Records from Fractional and Flint Glass
Subheim launches 'Approach' on Tympanik Audio
Bella Lune debutes with 'Abstracted Visions'
Founder Can launches 'Axolotl Eyes' with Kumo
Curious re-releases 2004 debut album 'The Intimate Stranger' as free download with bonus track
New Redzone live album only available in Second Life
Alison launches second single back by Yazoo cover
Label compilation for Punch Records
Join the Side-Line streetteam now !
The Dielectric prepares trilogy series of EP's
Datascraper offers 'Remnant' on Xynthetic Netlabel
'Black Angel Live' CD for Death In June
Neurobash delivers pro-Lars Vilks video soundtrack
Lacrimosa start work on new album
UK premiere of 'Deadly Cargo' with :zoviet*france: soundtrack
Absolute Body Control reforms and releases 'Never seen' EP and 'Wind[Re]Wind' CD
Moscow Electro pop duo The Light Panic releases debut album
Denergized releases 'VHS recall' on Advoxya Records
BLC goes Russia and announces new signing
T.W.Z. releases 5th album 'Evolution'
Empire State Human opens for Dave Ball project The Grid
'Psychonaut' album for Dooom
Sonic Seducer 04/08 including 2CDs + special on medieval music
Angie Damage talks with Side-Line about Moby and more
Celldweller reaches millions with 'Speed racer' trailer
Arditi prepares April release for 'Omne Ensis Impera'
New Greifenkeil track 'Imagination' for free download
And One back on tour
Mindless Self Indulgence release 'Never wanted to dance: the remixes' EP
ex-Cabaret Voltaire member presents live audio visual performance
3rd album for ex-Gridlock mastermind project Bitcrush
Kraftwerk announce US tourdates
Mt. Sims joins Hungry Eye Records
Reissue for 3rd Puissance album 'Mother of Disease'
Enfant Terrible plans two new releases
Junkie XL remixes Madonna and releases 'Booming back at you' on Artwerk Music
'So kalt' single for ex-Second Decay project Purwien
TET - Travailleur En Trance announce details new album
Ionic Vision return with 12'' Club Isolation featuring The Horrorist, David Carretta, ...
X-Fusion launches 'Vast abysm' in April
Alfa Matrix launches Playstation-line concept
Sol Invictus signs contract with Auerbach Tonträger
New home for The Mobile Homes
Lethargy launch new album 'Music biz'
Manic Depression Records launhes Camp Z's 'Violent Memories'
Founder Substream and Clubstream labels releases debut 12'' on Pearldiver Records
Kaos-Frequenz go on a 'Never Ending Torture'
Crunch Pod signs Bitch Brigade
Antimatter to release 'Alternative Matter', an expanded version of 'Unreleased 98-03'
Mechanical Moth side-project Novastorm launches debut album 'Bitch to the Bone'
Nilaihah records news round up
Seabound / Iris kick off their US Alliance-Tour
!Distain side project released
C/A/T goes instrumental on 'The Great Crisis'