Kasper Hate – A Hunter Must Hunt (CD Album – Scentair Records)

By Sep 5,2017

Genre/Influences: Electro-pop.

Background/Info: This is the third album from the German formation Kasper Hate. “A Hunter Must Hunt” was already released a few months ago.

Content: I wasn’t totally convinced by the previous album of Kasper Hate. The new work moves on exploring electro-pop influences, but globally speaking the songs became more elaborated and accomplished with a nice, delicate touch. Some passages are even moving into pure reverie. The vocals are somewhat sensual.

+ + + : The global production has been seriously improved, revealing a band which has gained in maturity. Kasper Hate composes easy listening electro-pop, which now and then becomes pretty dreamy and even somewhat mystic on the great “Chor Javon / Falling Like Trees”. I also enjoyed “On Top Of The World feat. B. Infinite” for its carrying chorus and the instrumental “Stoked Up Void” for its bleeping sequences.

– – – : Kasper Hate is on the good path, but it sometimes feels like this band still can do better. Who knows, the best is yet to come?!

Conclusion: This Kasper Hate album is definitely not setting the world of electro-pop on fire, but it always is a good thing when you notice a serious improvement in the global production of a band!

Best songs: “Chor Javon / Falling Like Trees”, “Stoked Up Void”, “Woodpeople”, “One Way Ticket”.

Rate: (7).

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