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Dependent Records has maybe found a new diamond. The American mind.in.a.box-duo consisting of Stev (music & vox) and Msh (lyrics) emerges out of the blue with the fascinating “Lost alone”-album. The production sounds like a forum to express fictional stories surrounded by a modern approach of music writing where different ideas ranging from EBM to cold future-pop are crossing each other. Both guys already knew each other for more than 20 years, working together in a bunch of projects to finally set up mind.in.a.box. (By Stéphane Froidcoeur)

SL. Your debut album “Lost alone” has been released on Dependent. How did you get in contact with them and what were your expectations?

S: More than three years ago, I sent several songs to Dependent Records, and Stefan Herwig called me back soon after. I only had expectations of myself, and wanted to be completely satisfied with the quality of the album. But now I am really pleased with the result. Still, all the really great responses are exceeding our expectations by far. Unbelievable!

SL. I have to say that musically speaking, this album impressed me for different reasons: originality of the style, complexity of the sound and structures… like a new wind that blows through the underground electronics! Tell us a bit more about each of these aspects?
S: Thank you! I think that my approach to making music has lots of different influences, but mostly unconsciously. I never tried to imitate a certain style, especially not just for getting a record label interested. Another part of the reason for the difference might be that I’ve been doing music for computer games for some time, which has definitely influenced the sound of mind.in.a.box. I’ve also been working for more than ten years with custom sequencer software that Msh wrote. This probably influenced my approach to music a lot.

SL. The production of the vocals is another interesting element, revealing a quiet, but spooky way of singing! How did you come to sing this way and what means the human voice in addition to the music?
S: I think vocals are extremely important to a song, and this is probably also just my way of singing. On “Lost Alone”, I’ve experimented a lot with different vocal styles. One reason for this is that I wanted to create a lot of variety, but I also wanted the vocals to correspond to and fit the surrealistic setting of each of the songs.

SL. I suppose that Dependent will probably release at least 1 maxi. “Change” sounds to me, as a real potential Mcd-song although I guess the choice will be difficult! What’s up?
S: The current decision is not to release a maxi, because no single song really represents the entire album. But “Change” was under consideration. As an example, the two songs “Walking” and “Lost Alone 2” are available as full-length mp3s on our web page, but they sound completely different.

SL. Maxis are traditionally filled with a bunch of remixes by other bands, so what are you plans concerning this aspect and the use of remixing. Do you already have some names to reveal?
S: Up to now I have very mixed experiences with external remixes of my material. It might not be very easy to remix, because the songs consist of many melodies that create the whole only when added together in the right way. But there are also several remixes that I did myself, which will be released over time in one form or another. In principle, I think the concept of remixing is very intriguing and it is very interesting to see how other artists view the same material.


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Posted by: mikurini on Jun 30, 09 | 3:02 am

"The American mind.in.a.box-duo"
they're from Austria!! o_O

Posted by: Seize_Rosie on Aug 25, 04 | 2:47 am

beautiful album, fresh sound!! I'm loving it more day by day!!! By the way, these guys are from Austria!!! ;o))

Posted by: strictmachine99 on Aug 21, 04 | 2:17 pm

better than awesome...

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