July 2011
Miserylab - 'This project is completely reliant on social media'

May 2011
What social media does a band like KMFDM use and how do they do it? We probed Sascha K.

December 2010
Obszön Geschöpf - at this moment the situation is: NO CONCERT = NO MONEY, it's simple
Tying Tiffany - The music scene is not easy for a woman

October 2010
Bel Canto - It's more like hitting the beats correctly
Neutral Lies - electronic Hexagone beats

September 2010
Gothminister - 'I wouldn't trade my life I have today for the status of a superstar!'

July 2010
Apoptygma Berzerk - Maybe I actually scare away a lot of people as well
Page - Swedish is a part of Page. It is part of the package, the concept.

June 2010
Cervello Elettronico - 'I like reading about chaos. It makes me feel more grounded.'
Front Line Assembly - 'Rhys is becoming less and less important'

May 2010
ADMX-71 - I want a tangible way for us artists to release our music
Diorama - Lack of sleep, self-doubts and very happy moments!
Lacrimosa - Of course I did stupid things, but at least I'm 100% free to do what I want as an artist
Resist - The variety that we present sometimes works for us but sometimes has worked against us.

April 2010
Babylonia - Facebook has the biggest impact !

March 2010
Recoil / Alan Wilder - I'm not naive
BOREDOMproduct - we only focus on doing good releases
Darkmen - Get an opinion of your own, don't follow the masses !
In Strict Confidence - 'Being number 1 is always a great thing for a band's ego'

February 2010
Chris Pohl - I think the bands I signed are quite good but don't understand the business
Nitzer Ebb - Working with Phil Harding on the 'That total Age' album was a constant battle
Black Lung - If the Devil invites you to dinner, do you accept? Of course you do!
Noorglo - A big 'fuck you' to all bands using playback at concerts

January 2010
Suicide Commando - I already got blamed for being the 'grandfather of hellektro' - enough is enough...!
Android Lust - Who uses DAT anymore?
3 decades of electronic music - massive scene interview

December 2009
[SITD] - Ultimately the most important thing is the result, not the fact if an artist makes use of popular software programs or good-old synths

November 2009
9 Elma - Most bands still use the same virtual synths, the same sound banks, the same distorted beat boxes...
My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult - Headquarters/Labels will be needed to keep the word going. A one-man band gets dull.

October 2009
Dupont - We are no tech aficionados!
Mesh - That new Robbie Williams single definitely has got a meshy feel to it, he must still be a fan !
MulpHia - I don't like this kind of music
Nachtmahr - I have absolutely no political message whatsoever behind my music...
Esplendor Geométrico - About becoming a cult band, if we actually are, it was neither intentional nor expected!
Cyclone B - even professional equipment will not help a zero make good music

September 2009
Tyske Ludder - Fuck yourself and beat the chart
Seize - We have always been aware that Seize is in a grey zone
Frontier Guards - There is no need to look back to our idols all the time
Second Disease - We're proud of being a part of Zoth ommog's great history!

August 2009
Leaether Strip - It was madness...
Tamtrum - It's well known: the more you sell, the better you are as an artist. That's why Britney Spears sells a lot.
Implant - I assimilate all that I see and hear, and incorporate it into my music
Empire State Human - You have to keep plugging away and trying to open new doors

July 2009
Sebastian Koch (Audioglobe) - It’s really a pain to work with unprofessional labels
Roger O'Donnell - I use the name The Cure whenever I can, but it doesn't help unless I release a goth album which I am not about to do.
BOREDOMproduct - The market trend never was a priority
Uberbyte - 'Do they get it? Do I care?'
Cat Rapes Dog - 'Going to a concert is something you can't download!'

June 2009
Noisuf-X - The main goal is that I have fun with this project... and that's it!
Richard Christ - Transsexual glamour and very ambitious!
AD:Key - I was fed up with electro-pop...
Supreme Court - Don't move your fat ass off the couch, do nothing and enjoy your fucking boring life!
A Different Drum - Good people always make my day
Funker Vogt - Nothing fits more to Funker Vogt than a military image. Why should we present Funker Vogt as something else?
The-Pulsar - We all live in the world of repetition!
Cygnosic - I feel like a painter having an exhibition!
Stefan Herwig - We will try to leave the stupid thumping faceless 'four on the floor' stuff to others

May 2009
The Neon Judgement - Reflecting today's society: dirty, corrupt and mind killing!
Millimetric - I am not a big fan of Depeche Mode so I've chosen DAF!
Komor Kommando - A scene which was on the forefront of sonic innovation and edge has now become its own joke of repetition and lack of creativity!
John Lord Fonda - French touch 2.0 isn't my cup of tea

April 2009
Orange Sector - Don't give things names... let it just be!
Leaether Strip - I might be somewhat "stiff" in the muscles and I got a sore throat, but I'm still floating
QEK Junior - Many of the so-called actual 'Hellectro-acts' sound quite similar, and for me it's just boring
Depeche Mode - Since Martin quit his drinking about 3 years ago he got a new addiction: eBay
Force of Nature - IDM and Experimental have almost no meaning anymore

March 2009
:Wumpscut: - I hate arrogant musicians that think that the world would immediately stop if they stopped making music!
KMFDM - There's no formula !
Assemblage 23 - I've never been fond of the 'future pop' moniker
The Crystalline Effect - Europe is great for inspiration!
Zeromancer - Being on a major label is not a bad thing, but you need to sell lots of albums and hit the charts or you're going to be kicked from the label
Elegant Machinery - Something is missing in the music scene today...
Combichrist - You make the music cause its good music you don't make music for whatever clothing they wear!

February 2009
Rajna - "Duality" is much more 'open-minded'!
Project Pitchfork - It's not the fact WHAT you do, but THAT you do something that triggers gossip
Orphx - Raised on blues and rock, I discovered electronic music as something that sounded totally alien and thrilling
L'Âme Immortelle - We came back with the biggest bang in the band's history!

January 2009
Apoptygma Berzerk - I never thought Apoptygma Berzerk was an industrial band
Massiv In Mensch - Our Goal is to Surprise
C-Lekktor - I don't need an intermediary between god and myself as religion was created to give hope to the people...
A Spell Inside - I think nowadays there are too many bands making synth-pop music!

December 2008
Wynardtage - The main factor today is to bring some famous or well known bands to your remix-line up...
Metal Music Machine - Do it the handy way without nothing to loose or fear
Latexxx Teens - Black metal is too settled and non experimental
Bahntier - We feel a little PUNK inside!
Manufactura - The Saint of Violence
Hanzel und Gretyl - The Internet is a double edged sword!
Die Form - I was always isolated and independent in my approach and my daily lifestyle!
Mirror - There was not a big budget and a big budget wasn't needed

November 2008
PreEmptive Strike 0.1 - The Greek dark scene has been stagnating
Modulate - Sample. Loop. Fuck. Eat. Repeat.
Integral - The mind is a terrible thing to taste...
sToa - Emotion and ratio are most often enemies that eliminate each other
Impact Pulse - Never give up
Ionic Vision - Modern EBM begins where 'That Total Age' stops
KLOQ - Everything seems to be governed by budgets and finance
The Sisters Of Mercy - We're very much involved in writing the new material.
S.A.M. - World of shit
Fractional - Eat shit !!
Turnbull A.Cs - Good equipment, experience and a good musical ear
Foretaste - Something different and catchier
Ayria - The absurd theme of glamorous violence

October 2008
Project Blue - Keep the scene alive
Deadjump - No more drugs...

September 2008
Nordschlacht - The more I see, the less I Bill Leeb
Revue Noir - in the spirit of Marlene Dietrich
Sara Noxx - Its all about xx

August 2008
Sigsaly Transmissions - It's been difficult from day one
Industrial Strength Nightmares online radio - It's very easy to bite off more than you can chew.
Front 242 - I want a new Front 242 album because it is a challenge
Greifenkeil - Who can live without blood?
Straftanz - We googled it and got no hits. It had to be good!

July 2008
X-Fusion - Sometimes I miss the old days
Sadman - I have never been a great fan of Swedish synth bands

June 2008
Nebula-H - I am not against a good remix
Fixmer/McCarthy - People have misjudged the 'Big Hit' album

May 2008
Yazoo - It wasn't a well keened out marketing ploy!
Adam-X - A new beginning
Ad.ver.sary - I did download it, and that's why I bought it
IC 434 - back after 6 years of silence
Run Level Zero - Fill The World with Noise
Yendri - Yendri is even sadder and darker than me

April 2008
Juno Reactor - Touring is very expensive when you have to fly over up to 15 people
Tzolk'in - The cinematographic power of Tzolk'in...
Memmaker - Destruction is imminent!

March 2008
Wavefall - "From Russia with love !"
Anne Clark - I have never had a child but I can only imagine likening giving birth to getting this album out!
Angie Damage - "I'm a bit of a homebody and a dork"

February 2008
Recoil / Alan Wilder - 'Music For The Masses - I think not'
Hooverphonic - "I'm a gearslut!"
Gary Marx (ex-Sisters Of Mercy) - "The Nowhere Exhibition and a Then and Now"
DEKAD - "Music is definitely a therapy"

January 2008
Y-luk-O - "Too many people are just imitating the one successful pioneer"
Die Krupps - "Just shut yourself out!"
Michelle Darkness - "From drugs to silence"
Nachtmahr - "Thomas and the quest for the perfect beat J"
Schallfaktor - "A new love is in sight"
[:SITD:] - "Shaking out the Savage"
Magica - "Goth greetings from Romania"
Painbastard - "Between rage and melancholy"
Sinamore - "Life of sins"
London After Midnight - "Beauty can also reside in violence"
Leaether Strip - "Long live the past vs future"
Projekt Records Being Sam Rosenthal
Octolab - "Swedish kling klang"
Intuition - "Strength Through Faith"

December 2007
Narsilion - "Medieval, folk or neoclassical music? You choose!"

November 2007
Helalyn Flowers - "Fighting the morning coma via fashion"
Heimataerde - "Give and take life"
Emilie Autumn - "If you want something done right, do it yourself"
Black Strobe - "Your strobe or my strobe?"
Elis - "Staying faithful to the legacy"
Covenant - "Back from transit"
Eisheilig - "Your world directs my way"
32CRASH - "Hello, is there anyone out there?"
Dismantled - Dead on Arrival

October 2007
Diary of Dreams - I feel better!
De/Vision - "The Good Old Days"
BlutEngel - "Interview with the Vampire"

September 2007
Modulate - "Fuck the skull"
Novus:UK - "The future finally redesigned"
Helalyn Flowers - "Music is Not a Hobby, It's a Lifestyle"
Mind.in.a.box - "The story's by far not over yet"
Mortiis - I'm a bit of a control freak
Pride and Fall - "Breaking Past the Silence"

August 2007
Rotersand - "The ingredients do it"
Silver Cross - "Listen to your memories"
Soman - "Behind the Mask"
Suicide Commando - "Two Decades Of Musical Mayhem"
Supreme Court - "Harsher with even more aggression"
X-Fusion - "Diabolus X-Machina"
Greifenkeil - "Shamanic rhythms and pentatonic sounds..."
Inertia - "This scene was made from Innovation..."
I:Scintilla - "Don't Look Down On Me, I Don't Look Up"
Kaos Krew - "Industrial sounds from the Finnish underground"
K-Nitrate - "A fair amount of creative friction"
Funker Vogt - "We love provocation !"
Anders Manga - "Never stop the flow of creativity"

July 2007
Aprella - "If you are only living to live up to an image you are missing out on your own life"
Cervello Elettronico "Industrial music with brain"
Crisk. - "From powerful EBM, head-banging punk to groovy house and big beat industrial"
Deine Lakaien - "20 Years of Electronic Avantgarde"
Deviant UK - "It isn't just a name - it's a lifestyle"
Edge Of Dawn - "Intelligent Emotions & Disordered Minds"
Fright Doll - "More 'Fright' than 'Doll'"
Ephel Duath - "Or how to become a do-it-yourself band"
32crash - "Our Future Imperfect"

June 2007
Recoil / Alan Wilder - "The Recoil trademark"
Type O Negative - "Reborn, but dead again"
Zombie Girl - "Horror, fears and gruesomeness, all mixed in with sex"
Derma-Tek - "Sing the Body Electric"
Grendel - "The harsh generation's unleashed"
Hex Rx - "Pick up your synths and abuse them!"
Wumpscut - "Passionately Counting Dead Bodies"
Diorama - "Use the system, fight the system, ignore the system"
Faderhead - "Fading the head, volume 2"
Heliosphere - "3 hands on one belly"
Fake The Envy - "A hidden Danish pearl"
Khavarena - "Music as a bridge between earth and sky"
Leaether Strip - "My dirty little secret !"
fetisch:MENSCH - "Getting back the magic of a musical moment"
Lamia - "Faith and music..."
Star Industry - "A world turning mad"
VNV Nation - "Cruising To A Planet Near You"
Skinny Puppy - "The Key to Making Myths"

May 2007
Annick Honoré / Joy Division - "Truth hits everybody"
Mentallo and the Fixer - "Your demand is my command"
Necro Facility - "As long as there Is beer"
Neongrau - "Thank you spam!"
Reaper - "To Hell and Back"
SAM - "Be open minded to other genres"
Sirenia - "From gothic doom metal act to gothic metal leaving the doom behind"

April 2007
The Crüxshadows - "Stations of the Cross"
Alien Produkt - "Not a clone"
Angels & Agony - "Unison in heart and mind"
Angelspit - "Gothic is the bastard child of a punk and a cool haircut"
Assemblage 23 - "We are human not machine"
Autoclav1.1 - "It makes complete sense"
C/A/T - "100% control"
Celluloide - "Analogue Synthpop Par Excellence"
Cruciform Injection - "Get injected or crucified"
Zombie Girl - “Once a zombie, always a zombie”
The Retrosic - “Beyond the borders of endzeit-electro”

March 2007
Sophya - "The 4AD ghost"
Skink - “Dark electronic complexity”
Siva Six - “Love, sex, magic and horror”

February 2007
Seabound - "Crossing the line, twice"
Re/move - "Re/Move. Sun Kissed EBM"
Ran - "Ran = insanity"
Rabia Sorda - "Driven by His Curse"
Sero.Overdose - "Smiley Happy Synthpoppers"

January 2007
Neikka RPM - "Bloody noses and medicine"
Portion Control - "Pure portion control"
NVMPH - "Call them 'nympf'"
Nurzery [rhymes] - "Something Wicked This Way Comes"
Noisuf-X - "Tinnitus - [b]ring the noise"

December 2006
Mind:State - "This is just the beginning"
Memento Materia - "Blowing the candles one by one"
Leaether Strip - "Mister Tovey is to blame"
Laibach - "If he is good enough for Madonna, he should be good enough for Laibach as well!"
And One - "BodyPop for the masses"
FGFC820 - "Never Forget, Never Surrender"
Coil - "Live continues in Asia"
Dystopiate - "The feral city… "
Anders Manga - "Welcome to the pleasuredome !"
De/Vision - "Memories From The Past? Experiences For The Future!"
Electro Synthetic Rebellion - "Real Musical Passion"
Audacity - "Raw breakbeat power"
Conetik - "Norvegian tech-pop"
AWAX - "Progressive electronics coming from a visual stand point"
Unter null - "The mystery of the twins revealed"

November 2006
Rein[Forced] - "Appreciated by all dark electronic music lovers"
Unterart - "Noise, grace & complex emotions"
Midnight Syndicate - "Fascination for horror movies transposed into gothic music"
Implant - "Opinions are like assholes, everybody has one"
Mediavolo - "Melancholia and solitude vs. magic"
Trisomie 21 - "We are all happy with a mix"
Terrorfakt - "Grinding Teeth on Cold Steel"
Nude - "Getting hurt is vital"
System - "Playing music with machines for machines"
Vampirefreaks.com - "Minimal design for maximum content"
Code 64 - "Departing Earth"
Sang.rael - "Positive dark ebm"
Cryo - "Frozen in the Moment"
I:scintilla - "I've been perpetually hungry!"
Combichrist - "TBM or Techno, LePlegua Does It His Way"

October 2006
Asseptic Room - "Pain, agony, hunger, war, apocalyptic visions"
Welle:Erdball - "C like c=64 and like chaos"
Oil 10 - "Beyond all"
HIV+ - "You can't get more positive than this"
Audio War - "Awaiting the 2nd full length cd"
Heimataerde - "Deus lo vult!"
Camouflage - "Successful relocation"

September 2006
nEGAPADRES.3.3. - "Vive Charleroi ! This is not a fucking side-project"
Snakeskin - "No commercial ambition"
Brain Leisure - "After the hibernation..."
Technoir - "Requiem for a comeback"
Front Line Assembly – “Full force ahead”
Grandchaos - "Old-school ebm"
Proyecto Mirage - "A combination of terror, surrealism and fetishism"
Dawn Of Ashes - "An ebm tribute to horror"
Jerico One> - "The blues exterminator!"

August 2006
Brainclaw - "Tapping The Well Of Shadows"
Militant Cheerleaders On The Move - "Efficiency in bass lines, drums and vocals…"
El Barön Brissetti - " Electronics that make shake the knees"
Bunker Soldier - "An Artist At Peace With The World"
Ven Bravo - "Supressed feelings"
Frozen Plasma - "Artificial Intelligence"
Hype - "Believe the HYPE"
Monolith - "A talisman for Christmas parties"
Zombie Girl - "Sweet, yet sexy and evil"
Provision - "The Consequences of our Actions"
Minerve - "Fictional senses"
Mentallo and the Fixer - "Divining an Algorithm for Enlightenment"
Tyske Ludder - "A Union Of Old-Skool-Modern Music"
Tolchock - "KMFDM meets dance or die"

July 2006
Android Lust - "I'd like to just make music exclusively"
Die Form - ''Erotism submerged by pessimistic and violent visions, within the confines of madness''
Artica - ''The impact of a sweet and extreme sensation''
Nerve Filter - ''Seducing the tweakers''
Panzer AG - ''Doing It For Yourself''
Wumpscut - "Don't follow stereotype schemes"

June 2006
Tactical Sekt - ''Awaken the ghost''
Die Form - ''Erotism submerged by pessimistic and violent visions, within the confines of madness''
Life Cried - ''Dismembering the Passive''
Tamtrum - ''Crazed Black Electronic Chaos''
Diskonnekted vs. Dive - ''Frozen meat made in Belgium''
Coinneach - "Art that reaches out from the depths of your very soul"
Saltillo - "Fear does funny things to you"
Zentriert Ins Antlitz - "Giving a sock in the kisser"
Clan of Xymox The point of no return
Plastic Noise Experience The recognition first came from Belgium
Das Ich All the World's a Stage

May 2006
Klut Kluts got big balls
Suicide Commando Into the grip of serial killers.
Inure Dark & danceable ebm-complexity
Spies A tribute to von magnet
Faderhead From metal to electrohead
Solitary Experiments Melody & Accessability
Feindflug Tackling the Taboo

April 2006
De/Vision "Youve got me under your skin"
XPQ-21 Rocknroll made by electronics
Mesh The four Ws
Anneli Drecker Peace and Love XX
KMFDM Heavy ho!
Temple Of Tears Melodic gutwrenching ebm
Nitzer Ebb The neverending story

March 2006
The Frozen Autumn The Beauty & Poetry Of Metaphor
Unter Null Whats a man without a woman?
Negative Format An Exploration Into the Electronic
Ah Cama-Sotz We are all heretics!!!
Tristraum Shivering synthpop
Naio Ssaion Energy and optimism
Com.pulsion Beers, dogs, cats and electropop
Dunkelwerk Praising the Fallen
Schattenschlag Deep from the inside
The Neon Judgement Boxed, not caged
Tannhauser Calling All Musicians
Empusae Appealing for your imagination

February 2006
Ionic Vision Actual sounds actually
Headscan Pattern deciphers
Rose et noire "Mystery"
Nouvelle Culture Non stop electronique cabaret
MXD Fun, darkness and friendship
Kiew Insane electronics from the asylum
x** Time keeps on ticking...
Fields Of The Nephilim We used to mock around
Empire State Human Cycling the empire of the human state
The Pain Machinery - Destroy the clones!
Ayria A Liking For Extremes

January 2006
Covenant Shaping the sky without limit
Agonoize Evil gets an upgrade with Agonoize
Neuroactive Gentlemen, Start Your N-Gins
Painbastard From metal to electronics
Andy Bell Solo at last

December 2005
Blue October Precious commodities - The Rebirth of Blue October
T.Raumschmiere Ich bin der King of Gnarz
The Tara King Theory Avenging sounds from France
Pail A wink to David Lynch
Apoptygma Berzerk - I'm not a sell-out
Decoded Feedback The travelling decoders
Funker Vogt Reviving your heroes
Remain Silent vs. Kompleet "3D-visions of the future"

November 2005
To Avoid Old school shouldnt be avoided
Ministry Taming the old demons
Noisuf-X A new noise hybrid
Iris Hells Coming With Em
Heaven 17 Your lucky number
Reaper Out of the ashes of the Phoenix
Depeche Mode From rockstar attitudes to quality songs
Sulphuric Saliva "Bulldozer poetry"
Ven Bravo Changing the world is just a first step
Goethes Erben Inbetween the best
Foretaste Beautiful sounds from beautiful creatures
Leaether Strip Im back for some more electronic mayhem

October 2005
Culture Kultr Todo est bien
Diskonnekted Rekonnekted for good
Diverje I distort, you distort, we distort
VNV Nation The right balance
Soman Technobilly on the move
TET - Travailleur En Trance - EBM as the anti-rock thing
The Mission - "Mission accomplished"

September 2005
Rotersand Extermination almost completed
Noise Unit Where is Bill?
Cyclone B Dont be afraid of us
Virtual Embrace Return of the Hellektronic Assault
Psyclon Nine The new industrial messiahs
Regenerator Earth, wind and fire and a tiny bit of snow
Dark Territory House or EBM, its all about good music
Project Pitchfork A second breath
Lycia Some endings have a meaning
Corvus Corax 1 and 1 makes 3, also in medieval times
Dax From porn to ebm

August 2005
The Breath Of Life A new breath
Stark Cheap ladies of the evening, the cheaper the better...!
Alien Produkt Awakening the consciousness
Temple Of Tears The future from downunder
O.V.N.I. Experimentation From The Dark Side
In Slaughter Natives The king has returned
Bak XIII Swiss sophisticated sounds
Kutna Hora El sol, Buenos Aires y la msica dark folk
Adam X Restless sounds from NYC
Audio War Heavy and fucked up!
Midnight Syndicate Success comes from within yourself
The Dreamside Magical sounds spinning around

July 2005
Goteki Rewired Phuture Revolutionaries
Accessory All access area
The Mercy Cage Message transmitted
Retractor Harsh sounds from Puerto Rico
Leaves' Eyes Norways pride sails out to new land
Nexus Tv-whores and drugs
Y-Luk-O Its all about electricity
Necro Facility Sonic orgies still exist
Deine Lakaien From new wave followers to dark wave icons
Diorama From wordplays to studiogear
Decence Sounds from constellation Gemini
Observe & Control Philosophic sounds from the underground
Siva Six New flesh from Greece

June 2005
Syrian The infinite loneliness of space
Mechanical Moth Schizophrenic light in the night
Cancerbox Fine arts with an industrial edge
SubSonic Symphonee 7 minds on one stage
Fischerspooner Eating fish with a spoon you said?
Autoaggression - Im not interested in copycats
Neues Kombinat It's A Family Thing
Glis Catch the demons
Skorbut Caught in the act
The Eternal Afflict 3 desperados united

May 2005
Dekad Viva the eighties!
Fake Under the Los Angeles synthetic sky
Lacrimosa Thankful and honoured
Visage Out of the ashes of life
Colony 5 Colonisation has begun
[:SITD:] From out of the shadows, comes a dark electro storm
Redzone Intimate Creative Relationship
Mlada Fronta The CD is dead, long live the DVD
Dupont Elvis Presley and Ian Curtis decided to make an EBM album together
Wumpscut Blondi or was it the beast?
Neuroticfish The honesty of being serious

April 2005
Amduscia A dark Mexican vibe invasion
X-Fusion Your demons have arrived
Klaus Schulze Down to earth
Implant Your implant in the shell with apocalyptic noises
Combichrist Whores, sex and babies
Megadump Polarity
Girls Under Glass The cycle of innovators
8KHZ Mono Self-Made Success
Angels and Agony Purveyors of Positive Thinking
Cruciform Injection Angry Americans
Implant Get your ass on the dancefloor
Underwater Pilots Complexity doesnt bore

March 2005
Psyche - The inner psyche revealed in the 11th hour
Ultraviolence Success through crisis
The Azoic Obsession through creativity
Virgin Prunes Like a chewable virgin prune
Lowe Ahead Of Their Time
Umbra Et Imago Your room? Or my stage?
The Birthday Massacre Beauty from the Canadian woods

February 2005
Laibach Shopping with Laibach
Wai Pi Wai Kicking beats and crystal clear sounds
Polytune The rage for poptunes has begun
Vendas Novas Cooking never was so musically spiced
Violent Entity The dark electro troopers have landed
Funker Vogt Live transmission
Flesh Field Returning From Duress to Success
Pressure Control The pressure is on the kettle
Sol Ixent A coincidence without limits

January 2005
Juno Reactor The beats that rock the Hollywood cradle
The Invincible Spirit Invincible yet not invisible
The Hacker From computer world to tuning cars
Unter Null The female touch in macho land
Hocico A way of living
Fektion Fekler Two faces in one
Dither DTH XXX
Sero.Overdose Better than best? This the proof!

December 2004
Mono Chrome Collapsing systems
OneTwo The best of two can only be an item
Levinhurst Techno bleeps cure the past
Glis Dancing on borrowed grounds
UV Rise up your dead!
Clan Of Xymox Tribal senses united
Interlace From innuendo to imago
Casualty Park From the cold winds of Alaska
Mortiis Fighting old demons

November 2004
Agonised By Love The white horizons of Poland
Trisomie 21 This was not the last song
Miss Kittin Grab that pussy!
Nebula-H No remix abuse in the nebula
MXD "The Swiss league of electrodevilmetalmen"
Blank - Italian sonic food with an attitude
Diary Of Dreams Volcanic beaches on Icelandic plains
Client Satisfaction guaranteed

October 2004
Dive Beyond the sun
Monolith The mind that rocks the electronic cradle
Mindless Faith Gaining Momentum
Absorber Through the optimistic/pessimistic eyes
The Parallel Project Exploratory Fusion Of Minds
Blue Birds Refuse To Fly In the shades of the Acropolis
Virtual Embrace Fertile loneliness in Berlin
Black Tape For A Blue Girl Sparse and sensitive
Hungry Lucy Killing a king never sounded so beautiful
Assemblage 23 A Storm Is Brewing

September 2004
Displacer Exploration between sound and atmosphere
Inertia On the Road Again
Swarf The Process
Pow[d]er Pussy Milk, mice and music
De/Vision Unputdownable
The Mirror Reveals Introspection
The Pain Machinery Dirty music in a nasty world
Panzer AG Panzer Kreuzer LaPlegua
Aiboforcen Bringing Chaos To Your Life
Fixmer/McCarthy Continuity assured

August 2004
Stochastic Theory Mindless Candy Pop It Aint
Cesium 137 EBM hasnt died. it just grew up
C-Drone-Defect Freedom of thinking
Virtual Embrace Fries, sigs and lager
Run Level Zero Dark & hard but cute electronics
Lowe The ballet pupils of the Royal Swedish Opera
Skinny Puppy We have only been scratching the surface
OTX The soundtrack of our world, lives and secrets
Einstuerzende Neubauten This is only the beginning
Freezepop Random Absurdity
Mind In a Box Metaphors

July 2004
Monofader Frostbitten In Fredrikstad
Genetic Variation No stereotypes under the Greek sun
Provision Charisma To Spare
Insekt The Insekt, 10 years later
Blind Faith and Envy Charming Debut For Talented Songwriting Duo
Portion Control Purely PC
Any Questions? The truth is out there
Pandique Weltklang
The Retrosic The Calm Before The Storm

June 2004
Final Selection Heading For The Promised Land
Jean-Francois Soyez Integrity and finesse
Inure What comes out naturally and we feel strongly about
DJ Hell Pushing the limits
Moon Rock Out Of This World Electro-Pop
Schattenschlag A picture of feelings
Punto Omega Epic EBM
Dunkelwerk Defeat! Not Victory
Omnicore An auto-destructive and suicidal French touch
John Fryer - 'Something to talk about...'
Angel Theory Cinematic dark electronics
E.R.R.A. Whatever it takes

May 2004
In Strict Confidence Protect the Eye Of Heaven
Stereoskop Electricka made in Spain
Agonoize - "Slaves to evil"
Alien Sex Fiend "Godfathers of gothic? "
Bunker Soldier Bunker electronics
Mnemonic Broadening Minds to the New Art
Project Pitchfork What we do ourselves, we do better
Null Device Sublime Moments Of Maturity
H.I.V.+ - The pulse of the last breath before death
Collide The Inspiration and the Inspired...
Epsilon Minus Re-Initializing a Brave New World
Die Form Meets Function

April 2004
Restricted Area Fearless EBM vets display versatility
Manufactura Reconnect yourself
Fairlight Children No nailbiting this time
Tristraum e-pops future?
Haloblack Come alive
Dismantled Grows teeth and bites
The Azoic A heavier illumination on the horizon
P.A.L Face the Present
Ministry Relapsing is NOT an option
Unitary An explosive coktail of genres and influences
Distain! Rediscover the German electropop legends

March 2004
Front 242 A New Aesthetic
Minimal Compact Returning wheel
Renee Cooper Stories in single images
Recoil aka Alan Wilder On hold for the time being
Predella Avant Disturbance Below The Surface
Code 64 The decent descendants?
Plastic Noise Experience - "Old-school - maschinenmuzik"
Say Y Why?
Fiction 8 The electronic purgatory
yelworC Slave To A Dark Passion
Front Line Assembly The all terrain sonic war vehicle
Lethargy In touch with new tendencies

February 2004
Declaration 21st century pop music?
Holeg & The Spies A cinematic feeling
Paul Kendall Wetty sounds from Paris
Endanger Motion:reloaded
Tristesse de La Lune An Innocent Love
Front 242 Noisy and powerful
Celluloide "Viva la France!"
Neikka RPM Sonic intercourse with the goddess
Karl Bartos I believe in the popsong
Tankt "Get rid of the gold leaf"
Icon Of Coil - We will never sell out

January 2004
Grendel - Channelling boiling emotions
ThouShaltNot An epic feel
Narr! Dark elektro for flying souls
Deine Lakaien True indie stars
Ah Cama-Sotz - Follow your senses
Rotersand Whats futurepop all about???
Iris The future of synthpop is assured
Pzychobitch Never look back on something
KMFDM Rip the system!
Punch Inc. - "The rush hour"
Hocico - "10 years of Hell on Earth"

December 2003
Seabound - "Travelling Beyond Flatline"

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