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How to Attract Girls at Music Festivals

Sep 5,2016

Common tastes, especially cultural and musical, make people closer. If somebody likes to visit music concerts, shows, and festivals, it is a good occasion to meet there a soul mate with the same hobbies and preferences. To start a dialogue, there is no need to think about how to make acquaintance. The first subject to discuss is very obvious: music, songs, singers, bands and so on. Then, all atmosphere at such events is wonderful and contributes to getting new relationships and to meet new interesting people. So, the music can easily bind young hearts together.

It doesn’t mean that a boy is able to charm every girl at the music festival. Maybe, the girl came with her boyfriend, or she is not good for the boy, or he doesn’t simply like her. The boy should trust to his first impressions and act accordingly. The first look and the open smile can play a big role.

The eyes contact is willing, but not compulsory. If she didn’t notice the boy yet, the boy may attract her attention some ways, by dancing, singing or making fun. If she looked at him and her eyes have shown interest and sympathy, it’s high time to come closer to her and simply say “Hi!”. In the crowd and big noise around, the boy is naturally very close to her cheeks and ears. Isn’t it a good chance to say something fun or kind to her?

Standing and dancing in the crowd, she might have difficulties to see properly what is going on the stage, because she is not as tall as people in front of her. The boy can offer his shoulders for her to sit on. Many young people do it.

The boy has surely come to the festival not alone. He may offer the girl to meet his friend or friends. Having fun altogether is more amazing. In addition, the contact with the girl in a big group of well-known friends becomes stronger. She could know the boy better in judging who are his friends and how he communicates with them.

Dancing together is a very romantic beginning of relationships. Being on the same wave with the same emotions are important to feel pleasure from each other. The hands and bodies can say much more than words usually do.

Very often, various drinks are available at musical festivals. To make a pause and to share with emotions, the boy may show his generosity by buying her something to drink. The girl will appreciate such behavior and won’t be mind to drink even some light alcohol drink. That will enhance the good impressions.

The show is going to be over and all is fine. The boy, being interested in continuing relations with this girl, should accompany her home or they may visit a café nearby or on the half road to her home. It is a good time to arrange next meeting or to exchange with phone numbers. Sitting face to face, the boy can understand whether she would agree to come to the boy’s home. It can happen, but it is not advised to hurry up with the physical intimacy at the first day.

Near her home, the farewell kiss will consolidate the established favorable relationships. That night, she will go to bed smiling. She will quickly get asleep and see this boy in her sweet dreams. Next day and the whole life is ahead.

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Dronny Darko & Utu Lautturi – Rites Lost (CD Album – Sparkwood Records)

Dronny Darko & Utu Lautturi – Rites Lost
Harold Nono – Ideeit

Harold Nono – Ideeit (CD Album – Bearsuit Records)


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