Gothic deathrock model Razor Candi launches special Christmas update on

Update: The special Christmas update on is apparently getting quite some traffic and we have noticed that the website is difficult accessible right now, keep on trying though.

(By Jennifer Lawrence) This just came in and since I always loved her work, it was something I just couldn’t refuse :). The gothic deathrock model Razor Candi aka Kym has launched a special Christmas update on (NSFW, so don’t open the link it if you’re not at home – we wouldn’t like to get you fired).

Razor Candi is an artist, model, and designer with Ukranian roots currently working out of Transylvania, Romania. Over the past 10 years she has regularly popped up in the goth, punk and alternative scene with design and modelling work. Last year she launched her own website showcasing artistic depictions of what she calls ‘the eroticism of wild subculture’.

For those familiar with the gothic modelling scene, Razor Candi is quite a familiar name. She has been doing cover work for Dark Spy, Gothica, Unscene, and other magazines and even had a book dedicated to her called “Razor Candi: A Sensually Visual Collection“. Rumour has it that the crew working on the outfit and make-up for Rooney Mara in the US-version of the “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” movie were actually inspired by her looks.

The member section of her website offers super hi-rez 2048 pixel photographs, hands-free viewing, slideshow photos, behind the scenes & experimental videos, an intimate personal lifestyle journal and so on. As an extra perk you can make your own shoot suggestions.

To give you an impression what to expect, check the picture below taken from the Christmas photoshoot!