Excellent new ‘Kamikaze Angel’ single by Helalyn Flowers now also hits Spotify and iTunes

Helalyn Flowers fans, rejoice, “Kamikaze Angel” the newest single by the female fronted Italian electro-rock/electro-metal duo Helalyn Flowers, has hit iTunes, Spotify, Deezer, Amazon MP3 etc.. “Kamikaze Angel” was already available via Bandcamp as we reported before.

The single holds 4 very different remixes of the title track which were made by acts like the Italian aggrotech artist Adam Kult, German synth-pop act Six Faces (with a remix produced and mixed by Mario Ruhlicke, acclaimed producer from the Berlin based Fear In Motion – Blutengel, Massive Ego…), Funksista (the Funk alter ego of electro-punk act Junksista), and long-time label mates Psy’aviah.

Also present on this release is a second brand new song, “Beyond”, showcasing the more synth pop catchy side of the band’s classic sound-style. The EP is a first teaser for the band’s new album “Nyctophilia”, and if it is as good as this first single/EP then we have the winner for the best electro-rock album for 2018 by far.

Check the release below on Spotify or Bandcamp.