‘Broken Memory: a tribute to Martin Dupont’ out now – watch brand new teasers and packagings!

Out now is a tribute to the pioneering Marseille based cult act Martin Dupont. “Broken Memory: a tribute to Martin Dupont” is out on vinyl too (including a version with a bonus audio cassette) and can be ordered right now from the BOREDOMproduct label.

The 11-track tribute to this pioneer electronic band from Marseille includes tracks from Dekad, Neutral Lies, Celluloide, Happiness Project, Auto-Immune, The Rorschach Garden, TourdeForce, Makina GirGir, Cyborgdrive, Müller Denscheidt and Sweater With A Hood.

The special LP edition is now available, as well as a a limited vintage pack edition with an 8-track bonus audio cassette including additional covers by Opera Multi Steel, Tiramist, Le Cliché, Solemn Meant Walks, Edw+Marika Divita, The Grilled Chicken Legs Brittanny Style, Oberkorn and Culcultura.

Here are some visuals which we received:

And we also got hold of brand new teasers!

Audio preview:

Audio preview of the bonus cassette:

The teaser itself for the album: